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Emaar South in Dubai is a popular residential area with 22,700 properties and 20 community parks. This development features ten different residential areas that offer a combination of apartments, villas, and townhomes. In addition, there are retail spaces encompassing an impressive 53,000 sq.m., as well as an 18-hole championship golf course. The northern boundary of Dubai South connects to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), while the southern border links to Emirates Road.

The neighborhood is situated on the outskirts of Dubai but has excellent connectivity with the city through Road E611.




Emaar South boasts a range of popular attractions worth exploring.

Additionally, within this neighborhood are indoor recreational spaces where inhabitants can engage in activities such as table tennis, squash, and other indoor sports.

Construction Update

By January 2022, a variety of properties are available for rent in certain parts of Emaar South like Golf Views and Golf Links that have already been finished. Other subdivisions are approaching completion, while newly launched phases of Expo Golf Villas continue to receive new properties.

Golf Views

Golf Views, which debuted in February 2017, comprises of one to three-bedroom apartments that were finalized in 2020. The rental options for these apartments are diverse and begin at AED 48k annually.

Golf Links

In February 2017, Golf Links was introduced as another development overlooking the golf course. The project was finished by 2020 and primarily consists of 4-bedroom villas that cover an area of 2,950 sq. ft. for purchase in Golf Links.


By 2020, all three stages of Urbana had been finalized, providing both tiered and standard units with two or three bedrooms. Prospective investors have the option to purchase homes in Urbana at prices ranging from AED 750k to AED 1.7M.

Expo Golf Villas

Emaar has released Expo Golf Villas in six phases, with completed construction for the first three phases (also known as Parkside 1, 2 and 3). Additional properties are being added to Parkside 3 (Expo Golf Villas - Phase III). As of January 2022, Expo Golf Villas IV is progressing steadily and offering Greenview townhouses for sale in both three and four-bedroom options.

The anticipated completion date for Green View 2, or Expo Golf Villas - Phase V, is in 2023. Additionally, Emaar Properties has announced the launch of Greenview 3 as its sixth phase with a projected handover date in October of 2025.


Emaar South features various sub-communities that accommodate a range of properties. These include over 15,000 residential units and more than 22,000 independent linear arrangements such as villas, townhouses, and tiered townhomes.

Emaar South Floor Plans

Bayut has developed both 2D and 3D models for every unit category. Potential renters and investors can examine the Emaar South 2D and 3D floor plans provided for each residential sub-community.

Rental Trends in Emaar South

For those searching for rental apartments in Dubai South, the residential units situated in Golf Views at Emaar South Dubai may be a suitable option. This complex consists of two buildings that offer 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats with an area of approximately 1,000 square feet.

If you're looking to rent a villa in Dubai South, take a look at Golf Links and Expo Golf Villas.

Similarly, Emaar South has 2-bedroom townhouses available for rent at an annual rate of AED 45k. Urbana I, II and III offer residential units spanning over 2,000 sq. ft., which include a parking garage and generous outdoor space. For those interested in renting a larger house, a 3-bed property in Emaar South can be rented for approximately AED 100k per annum.

Sales Trends in Emaar South

Potential buyers of Dubai South apartments may want to explore the residential complex located in Emaar South, which features advantageous payment plans and attractive returns on investment.

An Emaar South one-bedroom apartment can be purchased for AED 580k, while the cost of acquiring a two-bedroom flat is approximately AED 1M. Bigger units, such as three-bedroom flats in Emaar South, range from AED 1.5M to AED 2M.

Dubai South's villas for sale could also be an option for investors, located within the Emaar South community. The pricing of every single unit is as follows.

Emaar South offers various residential clusters, such as Urbana and Greenview 3, which include both tiered and standard townhouse units. The price of a 2-bed house in Emaar South starts at AED 750k. Similarly, purchasing a minimum of a 3-bedroom townhouse in Emaar South costs around AED 1.1M. For those seeking larger accommodations, there are also options available for buying a 4-bed townhouse in Emaar South starting from AED 1.4M.

ROI in Emaar South

Anticipated earnings of 6.80% are forecasted for apartments that feature a solitary bedroom, while two-bedroom, four-bedroom and three-bedroom accommodations can anticipate returns on investment (ROI) of 5.05%, 4.96% and 3.90% correspondingly.

A four-bedroom property, whether a villa or townhouse, is projected to yield a profitable return on investment of 5.2%.

Hotels in Emaar South

The Emaar South-based Aloft is a top-tier accommodation option with advantageous proximity to Al Maktoum Airport. In addition to an array of lavish suites, the establishment includes amenities such as a fitness center, restaurant, bars and leisure areas.


The floor plans for villas and townhouses have designated parking garages, alleviating any concerns residents may have regarding finding a place to park in Emaar South. Additionally, visitors will find ample street-side parking available in Dubai South due to its less dense population. This ensures guests are able to easily locate an ideal spot for their vehicles.

Individuals who possess their own means of transportation have the convenience of fast travel to the central area of town by utilizing Emirates Road (E611) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd (E311). These routes are connected to Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), which leads directly towards Downtown Dubai.

Public Transportation near Emaar South

Passengers utilizing public transportation in the vicinity of Emaar South can utilize a duo of bus stations situated in proximity. One station is found at Dubai World Central, Staff Village which might require approximately 9 minutes to access. The other option would be Dubai World Central, Freight House 2 bus stop that could be reached within 6 minutes.

Additionally, there is the option of utilizing an RTA bus to access a nearby metro station in proximity to Emaar South. The closest railway station available would be the UAE Exchange station, with a travel time of approximately 17 minutes.



Emaar South residents can find everything they need at South Village community mall, which spans 22,000 sq. m. In addition to a spacious Geant Express outlet offering various imported, frozen and fresh food items, there is also a convenient Allday Minimart just a short drive away. For those looking for even more shopping options, Grand Hyper Sakany hypermart is conveniently located close by as part of the Sakany Accommodation development.

The Dubai South Headquarters is in close proximity to the Zoom Supermarket, providing another shopping option nearby. It takes approximately 7 minutes by car to reach this particular store.


Despite the presence of some mosques in the vicinity of Emaar South, the nearest one is located near Al Maktoum International Airport. Known as the Al Maktoum Airport Mosque, it can be conveniently accessed within 7 minutes by car.


The Jebel Ali church complex is conveniently situated within a short drive of less than thirty minutes. It serves as a place of worship for those who practice Christianity. Some noteworthy churches housed there include the Mor Ignatius Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral Dubai, Covenant Hope Church, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, and St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church.

Within a 20-minute drive from Emaar South, individuals can find a Sikh Gurdwara named Guru Nanak Darbar and also a Hindu Temple located in Jebel Ali.


Various choices are available for nurseries, such as:

Educational institutions in close proximity to Emaar South include:

Situated in the eastern part of Emaar South, Gems International School boasts an outstanding KHDA rating and holds multiple accreditations including AQA international and NCA accreditation.

Located approximately 28 minutes to the northeast, Greenfield International School stands out as an IB World School. It has received authorization for programs aimed at students ranging from KG1 to grade 12.


The medical centers nearest to Emaar South are located in its vicinity.

Due to Emaar South's status as a developing community, only a limited number of medical facilities are available in close proximity. The nearest clinic is located within the airport premises. Al Maktoum Airport Clinic offers an important advantage for residents in case of unexpected medical situations. Equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed by competent professionals, this clinic can handle most emergencies effectively. It takes approximately 17 minutes to reach the facility by car, making it easily accessible for those in need.


The neighboring areas of Emaar South include:

Just north of the community lies Dubai Parks and Resorts, a district solely dedicated to theme parks and entertainment centers. Further beyond Al Maktoum International Airport are the commercial areas of Dubai Investment Park and Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1. For those employed in these regions, living at Emaar South could prove beneficial.




There are a variety of shopping centers in the vicinity such as:

In the vicinity of Emaar South, there are two malls- Ibn Battuta Mall and City Centre Me’aisem. The more proximate among them is Ibn Battuta Mall, which can be reached within 26-minutes. This particular mall boasts a unique feature - its various sections are inspired by different countries like China, India and Spain to name a few. On the other hand, City Centre Me’aisem is located at a distance of 28 minutes from Emaar South. Although comparatively smaller in size than its counterpart, it serves as an ideal option for those looking for a quick shopping experience without any unnecessary delays or distractions.


Within Ibn Battuta Mall, there exist various dining establishments and coffee shops which consist of:

Ibn Battuta mall boasts an extensive array of dining options, primarily situated in the China cluster. For those seeking top-quality coffee, Starbucks is available to quench your thirst for a caffeine fix.


The nearest points of interest are:

Reimond’s Lake, also called Love Lake, is the most distant point of interest. It's a well-liked spot for overnight camping and offers a view of a lovely man-made lake that has been designed to resemble two hearts entwined. The trees in the surrounding area have been positioned in such a way as to spell out "LOVE" when viewed from above by airplane or drone. One can also see this on Google Maps with the satellite view enabled.

The Emaar South Golf Course, boasting an 18-hole championship layout, is expected to draw numerous visitors and corporate groups as one of the premiere attractions during this momentous occasion.


The project's masterplan incorporates various outdoor amenities such as jogging tracks, paved walkways, and biking trails. It also features landscaped playgrounds and community swimming pools. Furthermore, there are central parks for every residential sub-community.

Those interested in staying fit can visit the Western Gym situated within Sapphire Mall. It's roughly a 20-minute drive away. As the area is still expanding, there aren't many choices for hair and beauty establishments. People living here can travel to the main city which requires driving for approximately 30 minutes to have access to more varied services in this category.


When considering this community, it's crucial to consider its location. It's ideal for those who prioritize tranquility and serenity over the commotion of city living. Emaar South presents a beautiful setting that promotes an elevated standard of living with pristine surroundings and lush greenery, making it perfect for families looking for their new home.