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continuously happening, with new projects and attractions being added regularly.

Dubailand, developed by Dubai Properties, is a vast residential project that was originally conceived as a 2 billion sq. ft. endeavor comprising both commercial and entertainment elements typical of real estate endeavors in Dubai. As it stands today, Dubailand covers an expansive 3 million sq. ft., encompassing numerous distinct areas such as Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club, Dubailand Oasis, Layan, Majan, Falcon City of Wonders, Living Legends,Villanova,Rukan,Tiger Woods and Al Waha. The constantly evolving community continues to expand with the addition of fresh developments and attractions regularly available for residents to enjoy.

Dubailand, which is currently underway on numerous multi-billion dirham ventures such as DAMAC Hills, could be considered a city within Dubai that boasts various amenities including a theme park, polo club, hotels and diverse housing options.

In October 2003, Tatweer initiated the Dubailand project, which aimed to include six themed worlds within residential communities and attractions. Later on, Dubai Properties Group became responsible for the project and split it into separate projects. Some of these ventures are not known as part of Dubailand but have their own identities. Among the original plans were Dubai Sports City, Dubai Motor City, Mudon and Arabian Ranches.

Dubailand is a vast community situated adjacent to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). It comprises several sub-communities at varying stages of completion and growth, rendering it one of the most sought-after areas in Dubai, as highlighted in Bayut's 2020 Dubai Real Estate Market Report. Since Dubailand is a freehold location, it has grown to become the most preferred region for reasonably priced villas. Investors seeking properties in Dubailand can explore Living Legends, which is among the prime communities worth considering.



Dubailand, a project by Dubai Properties, stands as a notable achievement. It encompasses various amenities such as theme parks, shopping malls, eco-tourism initiatives and residential communities. Dubbed as a tourist hot-spot, it also appeals to residents and investors drawn towards economical rents and the selection of freehold properties available in contrast to other areas within the city.

Properties in Dubailand

Dubailand offers a wide variety of properties, ranging from inexpensive to extravagant. Each residence is equipped with unique amenities geared towards creating a welcoming atmosphere for families. You can find an assortment of options here:

offer for individuals, couples and expats in the form of studios, 1-bed flats and luxurious apartments with covered areas ranging from 400 sq. ft. to 850 sq. ft., including options for 2-bed and 3-bedroom units spanning approximately 1,600 sq. ft. Those interested in a villa or townhouse can expect standard sizes of around 2,000 sq. ft or larger luxurious properties covering up to an impressive 9,000 sq. ft. Additionally, diverse choices between furnished and unfurnished units are available to cater to various needs and preferences among potential tenants.

Dubailand provides an array of options for housing, including reasonably-priced small villas with monthly rent. Additionally, there are high-end homes designed with contemporary architecture that complement the modern interiors typically found in Al Habtoor Polo Resort – The Residences.

Rental Trends in Dubailand

Due to the abundance of property types in this vast area, rental rates can fluctuate depending on their location, unit-style and setup.

pay for a 2-bed apartment is around AED 46k, while a spacious 3-bed flat will cost approximately AED 75k per year. In Dubailand's various districts, there are many options available to interested tenants seeking studios or flats of different sizes at reasonable price points compared to other popular areas such as Skycourts Towers, Winsdor Residence and the Majan community. For instance, studio apartments in Dubailand can be rented for an average annual fee of AED 22k. Meanwhile, those looking for one-bedroom flats can choose from reasonably priced properties spanning between 700 sq. ft. and 900 sq. ft., with rentals averaging around AED31k annually. Interested renters seeking more space have the option of renting two-bedroom units at an average rate of AED46k per annum or three-bed flats that command rents of roughly AED75k per year across Dubai's sprawling district land area.

The cost to rent a fresh, chiller-free unit measuring 1,254 sq. ft. is AED 50k per annum.

Individuals searching for larger homes can discover a diverse selection of 2 to 3-bedroom accommodations centralized in Living Legends, Skycourts Towers, and Layan.

Dubailand townhouses for rent are perfect for individuals who value tight-knit communities. If you're a polo enthusiast or player, Al Habtoor Polo and Resort Club has an exceptional selection of townhomes called "The Residences" just for you! These townhomes range in size from three to four bedrooms. Renting a typical 4-bedroom Dubailand townhouse can cost roughly AED 160k annually. For those yearning more seclusion, villas ranging from two to six bedrooms may be worth exploring.

The Layan and Al Waha communities have 2-bedroom villas available for rent at an average cost of AED 73k, while Dubailand offers 3-bedroom options ranging from AED 140k to AED 170k. The luxurious units in the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club are part of this range, providing high-quality amenities as they are affiliated with and serviced by the resort.

In Dubailand, there are a variety of 4-bedroom villas for rent available in different communities and at varying price points. For those looking for more affordable options, Layan offers annual rents starting from AED 135k, while The Residences - Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club provides luxurious units priced between AED 185k to AED 550k. If you're interested in renting a 5-bedroom villa, Dubailand Falcon City of Wonders is the ideal location with prices ranging from AED 125k to AED 200k. Additionally, even opulent 6-bedroom villas can be rented in Dubailand for around an average cost of AED 146k.

Given that it's a freehold zone, there are numerous developments to consider for potential investors. Among the various properties available, Dubailand offers freehold studios with prices as low as AED 322k. The Skycourts Towers are frequently sought after for this type of property setup.

Sale Trends in Dubailand

Additionally, one-bedroom flats in Dubailand are available for purchase within the price range of AED 280k to AED 862k. Investors have shown a preference for properties located in the Fiora at Golf Verde development, which is slated to be completed by Q4 of 2021. Those seeking more living space can choose from two-bedroom flats with an average price of AED 620k. Meanwhile, three-bedroom apartments in Dubailand come with a price tag of approximately AED 1M.

The villas with freehold ownership are also popular among investors in Dubailand. They have reasonable prices and a prime location.

998k is the approximate amount required for renting a 2-bedroom villa in Dubailand, and there are favorable options available at Rukan for this type of property. The highly anticipated Villanova community offers 3-bedroom homes as well. If you're interested in purchasing properties in Dubailand, a typical sale price for a standard 3-bed villa would be around AED 1.3M. For those seeking more space, there are also 4-bedroom villas ranging from AED 1.4M to AED 3.5M and an average cost of AED 2.8M for buying a 5-bedroom villa in Dubailand with prices potentially going higher than that aforementioned figure.

The cost for the extravagant portion of Falcon City of Wonders is 6.4 million dollars. In Dubailand, six-bedroom villas are available at a minimum price of 2.8 million AED, primarily as offplan units in Dubai Lifestyle City. Nevertheless, some ready-to-move-in units can be found in the Living Legends community.

Dubailand provides various options for investment returns. Luxurious 3-bedroom flats offer a return of 7.3%, while the 2-bed apartments provide an appealing rental yield of 6.9%. There are studios and 4-bed apartments, which generate a return on investment of 6%, followed by the lucrative returns generated by the 1-bed flats at 5.9%.

ROI in Dubailand

Potential purchasers who have a keen interest in villas and townhouses may evaluate their rental yield to make an educated choice.

According to the findings, 2-bedroom apartments yield the highest ROI at 7%. The returns for 3 and 4-bedroom villas are also respectable at 5.3% and 5%, respectively. Bringing up the rear are 5 and 6-bedroom units, which offer rental yields of only 4.2% and 4.1%, correspondingly.

According to Bayut user searches, Skycourts Towers is the preferred residential location in Dubailand. This is expected as it's a leading area for renting properties and offers convenient access to highways, lifestyle amenities, and other facilities.


Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

Moving ahead, a group of flats and villas called Rukan is situated in the region of Wadi Al Safa. Those keen on discovering worthwhile prospects this year should mull over purchasing real estate in Rukan, given that it is among the top investment projects located in Dubailand.

Next up are Living Legends, a luxurious community featuring villas and apartments, and the highly anticipated Falcon City of Wonders. These two communities appeal to families seeking a tight-knit neighborhood with convenient access to all amenities. Villanova, developed by Dubai Properties, completes the list of Dubailand's most sought-after neighborhoods offering an array of family homes for purchase.

Bayut has developed distinct floor plans for various property categories. Interested individuals can conveniently explore Dubailand's floor plans, which are arranged by communities and available in both basic 2D and advanced 3D formats.

Dubailand Floor Plans

For those in the vicinity, it's ideal to possess personal transportation, as parking won't pose any issues. Numerous apartments have exclusive underground parking areas and guests can park on designated street spots. Villa residents may utilize their covered porches for car storage while luxury units usually include a separate garage.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Dubailand

While Dubailand lacks metro stations, those who rely on public transport can still make use of the feeder bus 30 which departs from a number of locations including Skycourts Towers, Windsor Residence and Liwan. Additionally, there are nearby bus stops that connect to Global Village and the Union metro station in Deira as well as bus stops in Silicon Oasis. For residents without personal vehicles, taxis can be booked through the RTA app or using online taxi services such as Uber and Careem.

Public Transportation in Dubailand

Skycourts Towers have various mini-marts and shops nearby, including Lifco Supermarket, Shua Al Madina Supermarket, Thomsun Supermarket, and many others. Those residing in The Villa community can conveniently find a Spinneys Supermarket outlet within reach to serve their needs. This also applies to the apartment buildings in Dubailand area.


Supermarkets in Dubailand

Each district in Dubailand features its own community mosque, such as those found in Al Waha, Living Legends, The Villa, Falcon City of Wonders and additional locations.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Dubailand

The St Mary's Catholic Church in Oud Mehta is the closest church to Dubailand, approximately a 20-minute drive. Additionally, the Dubai City Church is also in close proximity. For those who practice Hinduism, both the Shiva Temple located in Bur Dubai and Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara in Jebel Ali are about a 30-minute drive away.

Locating nurseries can be a challenge in the vicinity. The Villa community accommodates Kids Zone Nursery and Skycourts Tower C is home to Chubby Cheeks Nursery. Al Waha and Layan inhabitants may enroll their children at Step by Step Nursery nearby. Nonetheless, those seeking a greater variety must explore nurseries within the adjacent Dubai Silicon Oasis community.

Schools in Dubailand

a range of new schools available for older children in the expanding district. The Aquila School, situated near the SkyCourts Towers and opened in September 2018, follows the UK curriculum from FS1 to Year 6. Alternatively, Fairgreen International School located in the Layan community is an IB system option from pre-primary to Year 8 and convenient for those residing in Al Waha area. Furthermore, other options are also available.

In September 2019, the Al Waha community residents will have access to a new school called The GEMS School of Digital Futures. This educational institution provides a comprehensive option for all students and follows the UK curriculum throughout their entire 13 years of schooling.

The area has two well-known schools nearby: GEMS Heritage School follows the National Curriculum of India until Year 9, while Gems FirstPoint School offers the National Curriculum of England until Year 13. Both are conveniently located for residents of The Villa.

Living in Dubailand provides university students with convenient access to Dubai International Academic City, where a plethora of prestigious institutions like Zayed University, Emirates Aviation University, Herriot Watt University and others are situated. These campuses are located directly across from Skycourts Towers and the Windsor Residences.

Dubailand inhabitants can rely on Ace Medical Centre, located in Skycourt Tower D. Majan residents have the option of seeking medical attention at Dr Kamkar Medical & Physiotherapy Center for any health concerns. For access to larger healthcare facilities, neighboring Silicon Oasis would be required. Additionally, Aster Clinic and Sulaiman Faqeeh Hospital are situated within the vicinity along with Symbiosis Medical Center and Medicure Polyclinic.

Clinics and Hospitals in Dubailand

Many of the developments in Dubailand are situated near the main highways such as Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Emirates Road (E611) and Al Qudra Road (D63). These thoroughfares offer convenient access to central Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Other residential areas like Mudon, Silicon Oasis and Arabian Ranches were initially included in the plan for Dubailand but have since become separate communities that border on its development. Additionally, Sports City and Dubai Motor City are adjacent neighbours to Dubailand's communities.


If you're curious about the experience of residing in Dubailand, note that it has undergone a significant transformation into a fusion of housing, commerce and leisure. Although public transportation options may not rival those on the mainland, inhabitants can find an abundance of contemporary lifestyle conveniences right within their community. Therefore, they scarcely have reason to venture elsewhere.



As the project progresses, a variety of residential, commercial, and entertainment ventures are being incorporated into the plan and made accessible to buyers. Additionally, Dubailand already boasts several bustling shopping destinations with more in development. Locals can also take advantage of nearby popular malls such as Dragon Mart and the beloved Dubai Mall.

Malls in Dubailand

Dubai Outlet Mall, situated on the outskirts of Dubai along Al Ain Road, is conveniently located only a short 10 to 12 minute drive from both Skycourts Towers and The Villa. With an impressive selection of over 240 retail stores, it's no wonder why this mall is a top choice for those seeking discounted shopping. To add to its appeal, visitors can also take advantage of the mall's food court and arcade - providing entertainment options for children as well.

Outlet Mall

items from China. Nakheel Malls has built Dragon Mart and Dragon Mart 2 on Al Awir Road, which is only a 26-minute drive from the City of Arabia or Falcon City of Wonders. The two complexes have become the go-to shopping destination in Dubai, offering over 5,000 retail shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment outlets including Novo Cinemas. As the world's largest Chinese trading hub outside of mainland China, Dragon Mart is popular among residents for its bargain shopping and unique finds straight from China.

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Furthermore, The Dubai Mall, which is a favored destination for both tourists and residents, can be reached by car in approximately 30 minutes from Dubailand.

In addition to the various fast food options available at Dubai Outlet Mall and Dragon Mart, Dubailand has several independent restaurants. For instance, The Villa boasts the Italian bistro Oregano while Skycourts Towers offers Indian eateries like Green Hills Restaurant and Pudumadam Restaurant. Meanwhile, Remal Mall in Majan houses a handful of relaxed dining establishments including Chin Chin, Doner Deli, Cafe Lambretta and others.

Restaurants in Dubailand

If you're looking for licensed bars and lounges to unwind at, it may require a bit of driving. The British bar food served at Mr Tods Pub and Kitchen in Dubai Silicon Oasis is an option. Bars can also be found in The Els Club Golf Course in Sports City, roughly 15 minutes away from Dubailand. Alternatively, check out Kickers Sports Bar to watch sports games while enjoying typical pub fare, or Big Easy Bar and Grill which provides generous meat portions cooked according to your preferences alongside their signature drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks.

Dubai locals enjoy spending time at the beach, however Dubailand lacks a beach within its vicinity. The nearest option for residents is the renowned Jumeirah Beach which requires a half-hour drive to reach. This destination provides numerous entertainment options for individuals of all ages including walking paths, play areas, and open-air fitness equipment.


Dubailand is a place of entertainment that boasts numerous attractions, including the City of Arabia's IMG Worlds of Adventure. This indoor theme park is known for being the largest in the world and features rides that incorporate popular characters from both Marvel Entertainment and Cartoon Network.


IMG Worlds of Adventure

The Global Village is a well-liked recreational destination nearby, situated in Dubailand and available during Dubai's winter season. It features an open-air complex comprising various international pavilions, eateries, and amusements. Additionally, it puts on concerts as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Global Village

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club is a high-end equestrian establishment found in the neighborhood, offering top-notch facilities such as a polo club, state-of-the-art academy for polo, riding school, and extensive equestrian amenities containing 520 stables.

Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club

To immerse yourself in Emirati culture, consider visiting Al Marmoom Heritage Village. During March and April, this destination offers a unique experience through its heritage market featuring more than 100 shops and kiosks, as well as traditional dance shows from Oman, India, and Africa. Additionally, Al Marmoom Heritage Village is the perfect spot to witness legal camel racing since it boasts both the Dubai Camel Racing Club and the Camel Hospital. Conveniently located only 15 minutes away from Dubailand district.

Al Marmoom Heritage Village

Dubailand only has a limited number of public parks, primarily located in The Villa community's Aldea and Hacienda sub-communities. To access more green areas, you may want to visit the Arabian Ranches neighborhood nearby, featuring numerous parks, playgrounds, and walking paths.


Regarding fitness options, the region boasts a plethora of distinctive facilities. One such example is the Dubai Cycling Track situated near Dubailand in Al Qudra. The Al Qudra Cycle Course spans an uninterrupted 85km loop with breathtaking views of peaceful sunrises and sunsets while traversing into the desert. Along the way, riders may also encounter various forms of wildlife such as oryxes and camels who frequently roam across the cycle path.

The Hamdam Sports Complex provides a variety of exciting activities for those who are passionate about fitness. These include badminton, basketball, karate, swimming, tennis, volleyball and water polo. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the exceptional gym and health club available on site. For individuals seeking specialized training sessions or classes in sports such as Tennis or Swimming , Zumba and personal training options are offered at the UAE Sports Academy located within The Villa.

If you're looking for a day of indulgence, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your location. Al Waha and Layan residents can enjoy The Haven Spa, Sea Salt Spa, Nstyle Beauty Lounge or Belle Femme Salon. Meanwhile, those in other areas can opt for The Iridium Spa, Tips and Toes The Villa or Las Mininas Beauty Salon.

The Dragon Marts consistently offer a variety of events suitable for all ages, such as concerts featuring renowned artists on weekdays and holidays. In addition, they organize seasonal markets that present visitors with substantial deals and discounts. Moreover, the 117 Live Arena situated near Dubai Outlet Mall has also hosted performances by celebrated musicians like Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez and others.


Due to the presence of several sub-communities, there are numerous Facebook groups available for residents to join in this area. For instance, individuals interested in high-rise living may opt for "Skycourts Towers Dubai - Owners & Residents" group while those residing in The Villa can consider joining "The Villa Dubailand," which is an official online community created by Dubailand and Dubai Properties for its residents.

Dubai is about to welcome another addition to its already extensive list of malls, with the upcoming opening of Cityland Mall in Dubailand. This mall will stand out from others as it boasts being the first shopping center themed around nature worldwide. In addition to its unique features, there will be a Carrefour hypermarket, Vox Cinemas, Fabyland - an entertainment hub for families and 350 retail stores all within one location right beside Global Village.

Upcoming Attractions

Colosseum. If you're looking for a unique way to explore your local area, the Falcon City of Wonders is the perfect destination. Visitors can enjoy recreations of all 7 Wonders of the World and take stunning photos without having to travel far from home. Additionally, some of these landmarks will offer residential and commercial spaces such as Taj Arabia, Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of China, and Colosseum making it an even more exciting location to visit.

The construction, engineering and design of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon will be an impressive spectacle.

Dubai's golf industry is on the rise and Dubailand will soon have its own golf course. The Living Legends 9-hole golf course is currently under development. However, residents who want to play now can head over to The Els Golf Club in Dubai Sports City, which is only a short 24-minute drive away. This club features an excellent 18-hole golf course that was designed by Ernie Els, a former US Open and Open Championship winner. Additionally, it has a driving range and Butch Harmon’s School of Golf. There are also high-end dining and shopping options available at this location.

While there are benefits to residing in Dubailand, as with any locale in Dubai, certain factors should be taken into account. The absence of public transport could be a disadvantage for those considering the area. Despite this, reasonably priced accommodations and an array of conveniences available make it appealing to many occupants. However, it should also be noted that Dubailand is still undergoing development and construction of fresh facilities and neighborhoods.


Dubailand is being developed in four 5-year stages, culminating in the full completion of its distinctive recreational attractions by the conclusion of 2021.

FAQs about Dubailand

When will Dubailand be completed?

IMG World’s of Adventure holds the title for being the most expansive indoor amusement park globally.

Which is the world’s largest indoor theme park?

The decision relies on personal preferences. If you enjoy a 4D cinema experience, Legoland is the ideal spot as it's also quite popular amongst children visiting Dubailand. On the other hand, if you're seeking thrilling rides and new adventures, Motiongate might be more up your alley.

Which one is better between Motiongate and Legoland?

The road distance between Bur Dubai and Dubailand measures approximately 27 kilometers.