Dubai World Trade Centre - Dubai

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Located alongside Sheikh Zayed Road, the World Trade Centre is a bustling hub in Dubai's central business and financial district. This vibrant community shares its neighborhood with other prominent developments like Downtown Dubai, DIFC, and Business Bay. Home to numerous fairs, exhibitions, concerts, and global conventions, DWTC plays an integral part in promoting international trade growth throughout the Middle East.

Constructed in 1979 under the name of Sheikh Rashid Tower, DWTC stands tall as it reaches a height of 149 meters with 39 floors. Initially established as a solitary structure, the complex has undergone extensive expansion and now covers an area spanning across 1.3 million sq. ft., including not only exhibition halls but also meeting rooms and several commercial towers and hotels situated outside of it.

Are you curious about Dubai World Trade Centre? This iconic skyscraper has become a hub of cosmopolitan commerce, driving economic growth and employment opportunities in the city. In this guide, we'll delve into every aspect of DWTC and its surrounding development.