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Jebel Ali Village and Sheikh Zayed Road. Masakin Al Furjan is situated adjacent to the Pavilion and community facilities. Avenue Residence, on the other hand, is located close to Discovery Gardens and Ibn Battuta Mall.


Al Furjan is a family-friendly neighborhood developed by Nakheel in Jebel Ali Village, spanning an area of 5.6 million square meters with over 4,000 properties including villas, townhouses, and apartments across four unique villages: Dubai Style, Masakin Al Furjan, Avenue Residence, and Quortaj (excluding Quortaj from Phase I). Dubai Style is conveniently positioned near the intersection between Jebel Ali Village and Sheikh Zayed Road while Masakin Al Furjan borders the Pavilion facilities. Meanwhile, Avenue Residence can be found nearby both Discovery Gardens as well as Ibn Battuta Mall.

The two roads that intersect are Yalayis Street (D57) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311).




The Dubai Style sub-community blends customary community principles with contemporary urbanism. Areas of shared concern within this locality encompass:

Incorporating various features from traditional Arabic lifestyle, Dubai Style development includes spacious community areas and homes with terraces and open rooms. The sub-community is linked to other parts of Al Furjan through landscaped pathways that provide convenient transportation options.


within a certain range, while 5 and 6-bedroom options are slightly larger. Dubai Style properties stand out from the Mediterranean-style Quortaj homes due to their Emirati architectural design, featuring wind towers that provide natural ventilation to keep interiors cool in the warm climate. The collection includes villas and townhouses with three, five, or six bedrooms available in different layout configurations. The average size of a three-bedroom villa falls within a specific range while the larger five and six-bedroom options offer more space for residents to enjoy.

In the realm of residential property sizes, there is a range between 3,842 and 3,994 square feet. However, if we shift our focus to five-bedroom villas, the average measurement falls in between 5,412 and 5,641 square feet. For those seeking even larger accommodations with six bedrooms, the covered area can exceed an impressive 6,857 square feet.

Rental Trends for Dubai Style

According to the rental trends analysis for Al Furjan on Bayut, Dubai Style is the most popular choice when it comes to renting villas in the locality.

Regarding rental villas in the Dubai Style, they have lower yearly costs compared to similar properties in Dubai. For instance, larger 6-bed villas may have an annual rent of roughly AED 210k to AED 240k. Now let us explore how the more reasonably priced options fare when it comes to rental trends within this sub-community.

Dubai Style townhouses offer two different layouts, each featuring three bedrooms and anywhere from three to four bathrooms. The total square footage typically falls within the range of 2,821 to 3,049 sq. ft., but there are also options available with a more compact area of 2,365 sq. ft. Rent prices for these properties start at AED 110k and can go up to AED 125k per year, with an average rental price of AED 120k for those seeking a townhouse for rent in Dubai Style.

Sale Trends for Dubai Style's report on the top investment properties in Al Furjan highlights Dubai Style as the leading option. The homes in this area feature roomy layouts, several terraces, lavish architectural details, high-end fittings, outdoor space for personal use, and numerous shared amenities. With such exceptional characteristics, purchasing a villa in Dubai Style provides great value for money. Investors are showing considerable interest due to the comparatively lower prices available.

Townhouses, with contemporary interiors and ample space, serve as an ideal residential option for families seeking a comfortable 3-bedroom unit equipped with modern amenities. Dubai Style townhouses can be purchased at a reasonable price starting from AED 1.8M. On average, a sale-ready 3-bedroom townhouse complete with four bathrooms may set you back by up to AED 2M.

ROI for Dubai Style Villas

Potential investors have the opportunity to acquire Dubai Style Villas with three bedrooms, which are projected to produce a considerable rental yield of 5.7%. Additionally, alternative property options appear promising as they anticipate a return on investment of 4.5%.


Dubai Style's parking setup involves a private carport area, provided with each house and intended for one or two cars. For visitors, there are two options: the courtyard spots located between corner houses or the pathway-side parking bays.

Public Transportation near Dubai Style

Dubai Style's convenient location beside the main road provides easy access to other major roads in the city, making transportation a breeze for residents of the sub-community. Even those living in far corners can reach Yalayis Street (D57) within four minutes. The Al Furjan and Discovery Gardens Metro Stations are also nearby for public transportation connections throughout Dubai.



Dubai Style is conveniently located within Al Furjan, making it easy to access a variety of supermarkets with just a short drive. Spinneys and W Mart Fresh are currently available options for residents. Additional retail choices will be coming in the future. For even more shopping convenience, Carrefour in Discovery Gardens is only an 8-minute drive away. Park n Shop, situated in The Greens, offers an extensive selection of imported goods as well.


Residents of Dubai Style have convenient access to two nearby mosques: Al Furjan Mosque and Al Furjan Masjid located next to the Al Furjan Pavilion West. In addition, there are other mosques in surrounding communities such as Discovery Garden and Jebel Ali Industrial Area.


Dubai Style is situated in a region that respects diverse faiths. You'll find many places of worship catering to various denominations, such as the Great Martyr Church of St. Mina, Our Lady of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, The Filipino Christian Church of Dubai and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church located in one cluster near the sub-community. Other nearby churches include The Metropolitan Mark Chords, International Nepalese Community Church, Mor Ignatius Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral and Dubai Mar Thoma Church.

When it comes to places of worship in the vicinity of Dubai Style, you can find Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara just a short 10-minute drive away. Additionally, India Harnath Ke Jama Masjid is a Parsi temple that can be reached within a 25-minute drive.


Living in Dubai Style comes with the advantage of having various educational options nearby. For parents with young children, there are a number of nurseries to choose from:

There are several other educational institutions in close proximity to Dubai Style.

Jebel Ali Village Nursery employs a thematic approach to early learning, utilizing activities such as role-play, messy play, outdoor excursions, dance classes and other extracurricular options. Additionally, the nursery features a soft play gymnasium for children to enjoy. Other nearby nurseries in Discovery Gardens include Bubbles & Giggles Nursery and Chubby Cheeks Nursery which are both located within a 10-minute drive from the area. Jebel Ali Village Nursery itself is situated conveniently in the neighboring sub-community of Quortaj.

Arbor School's eco-friendly campus in Al Furjan is conveniently situated just a short walk away from the main road. Their Foundation Stage program includes two years of nursery and reception classes, while their primary educational section follows the National Curriculum for England up to Year 6. For students in Year 7 through to Year 13, Arbor School's secondary section prepares them for O- and A-Level examinations.

The institutions closest to Dubai Style for obtaining advanced education are Synergy University and Modul University, which can be reached in just 16 minutes. Additionally, American University in Dubai can be accessed after a brief two-minute drive from Sheikh Zayed Road.


Al Furjan community has an ample amount of medical facilities situated nearby. A few examples include:

The eastern Al Furjan Pavilion is home to both the Aesthetics Clinic and Medicentres. The former offers various cosmetic procedures, including Botox, PRP, Hydra Beauty, and laser hair removal. Meanwhile, nearby clinics include Medcare Medical Centre, GMC Clinics, Axon Medica Medical Centre, and iCare Clinics in Dubai Style.

In the vicinity of Dubai Style, there are a couple of prominent hospitals. The first one worth mentioning is NMC Royal Hospital - situated in Green Community, it stands as the biggest medical facility catering to this area and offers an array of healthcare facilities. Another hospital in close proximity is Aster Cedars Hospital which can be reached within 13 minutes by car.


Dubai Style is surrounded by neighboring sub-communities such as Quortaj and Masakin Al Furjan. Additionally, the parent communities in close proximity to Dubai Style are:

Additionally, adjacent to Jebel Ali Village is Discovery Gardens, which showcases apartment clusters that are inspired by gardens. On the contrary, Jumeirah Park is a freehold villa community situated in the esteemed Emirates Living district. This particular area boasts of eco-friendly green spaces exclusively reserved for villas. Dubai Investments Park is a mixed-use development that integrates commercial and residential living features into its self-contained area.




Established by Nakheel, the Al Furjan Pavilion serves as a community mall designed to cater to the necessities of every village situated in Al Furjan. It comprises several facilities such as Spinneys, an array of convenience stores and dining options, along with various entertainment outlets. Additionally, it is home to Jebel Ali Village Nursery's branch and a medical facility that includes Life Pharmacy. Some other notable amenities available at the Al Furjan Pavilion are Pet Master for pet supplies and grooming services, New Era BookShop for books, and African + Eastern - a licensed store.

Dubai Furjan boasts several additional malls under the Nakheel’s Pavilion brand within its vicinity. Furthermore, plans for another community retail hub titled Al Furjan Pavilion West are in progress. Other notable shopping centers within driving distance for residents are:

Ibn Battuta Mall serves as the go-to shopping spot for those living in Jebel Ali Village and surrounding southern regions, conveniently located just a 12-minute car ride away. This mall boasts multiple lifestyle and sportswear brand stores such as Tog, Decathlon, Max fashion, Sun & Sand Sports, and Splash. Not only that but there are also various entertainment venues available at this mall including Fun City amusement centre and a movie theater.

The City Centre Me'aisem shopping complex boasts an array of lifestyle and entertainment options and is located about 25 minutes away. In around 15 minutes, one can reach Dubai Marina Mall, a well-known destination for high-end fashion brands, beauty outlets, and unique gift stores.


For those residing near Dubai Style who wish to access restaurants within walking distance, the Al Furjan Pavilion offers a variety of dining options. The pavilion is home to various eateries including:

With its charmingly rustic ambiance, Oregano is an Italian eatery that offers a generous selection of whole wheat and gluten-free options on its menu. Available for lunch and dinner, this establishment also provides convenient take-out and delivery services. A laid-back dining spot, The Glasshouse at Al Furjan Clubhouse serves up a buffet spread along with bar service and the option to make table reservations.

In the vicinity of the community centre lie several sought-after cafes for those who adore coffee. Among these are Costa Coffee and Gloria Jean's Coffees. Additionally, there is a well-known ice cream hub called Baskin Robbins and a spot for fresh juices known as Jugo Juice. In close proximity to Dubai Style, one can also find Tim Horton's, Cherish Café, Jamaica Blue and Freddo Café.


JBR Beach is among the public beaches near Dubai Style, which can be reached in approximately 17 minutes. This beach boasts several amenities that cater to guests' needs and a variety of entertainment options. It also provides entry to a park by the waterfront, sports establishments, dining choices, and The Beach Mall.


Ibn Battuta Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road is a significant nearby landmark of Dubai Style. The district of Emirates Living, which boasts golf-club-view communities, can also be found in close proximity.

When it comes to recreational pursuits, there is a variety of alternatives available.

The Pavilion center close to Dubai Style provides various leisure facilities for inhabitants, including the Al Furjan ClubHouse. Reel Cinemas are located in this clubhouse and nearby is Jebel Ali Recreation Club, which offers a unique dine-in cinema experience - a first in the region. For moviegoers who prefer traditional theaters, Novo Cinema boasts 21 screens to choose from. Adventure enthusiasts can take their four-wheel drive vehicles to Jebel Ali Desert; an area with low sandy dunes suitable for off-road driving.


There are a multitude of locations that provide an array of leisurely pursuits.

individuals dedicated to their fitness can explore various nearby facilities in the Dubai Style area, including MMA Fitness Centre, Gold's Gym, and Target Gym. Both Target Gym and MMA Fitness Centre are situated within Discovery Gardens and The Big Gym is located no more than 15 minutes away. Ibn Battuta Mall also offers a plethora of fitness centres such as Fitness First, Fit in Time, and US-based Gold's Gym. Additionally, there is an exclusive location for kids known as The Little Gym. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can take advantage of various venues available as well.

The recreational facilities include the Jebel Ali club, as well as two other clubhouses: Masakin Al Furjan and Al Furjan.

Dubai Style's nearby salons include:

Mi Amor Beauty Salon is conveniently within walking distance, while Beauty Corner Ladies Salon and Nailish Beauty Salon can be reached with just a five-minute drive. If you're looking for spa treatments, there are various options available such as Tips and Toes, Spirit Health Spa Club, Votre Slimming Spa and Fast Zone Massage.


The advantages of residing in Al Furjan outweigh any disadvantages. Besides ensuring a safe and tranquil living environment, the area hosts frequent gatherings that are primarily held at a community center located near Dubai Style.


Dubai Style inhabitants have the option to participate in a handful of Facebook community groups, such as Al Furjan Community or Al Furjan Dubai Mums.


Dubai Style's location is convenient as it's nearby Ibn Battuta Mall, hospitals, schools and plenty of entertainment options. Additionally, there are several places of worship in the vicinity. However, please be aware that Al Furjan area is still under development and contains several ongoing construction sites.