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Dubai South, a multi-phase development, was launched in 2006 as Dubai World Central (DWC) and later renamed in 2015 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This master-planned city, known as The Centre of Tomorrow, features a residential district with various amenities alongside notable landmarks such as Expo City at the site of Expo 2020, Al Maktoum International Airport and a Business Park.

Dubai South is a diverse development project led by the government, which consists of eight distinct phases that encompass various zones such as residential, commercial, logistics, aviation, hospitality and leisure. Covering a vast area of 145 sq. km., with an aerospace hub spanning 7 sq. km. and a logistics hub spread over 18 sq. km., this free economic zone in Dubai offers many investment opportunities for interested parties including off-plan options and freehold plots with flexible payment plans. Numerous phases are currently under construction while others have been completed in recent years to further enhance Dubai South's offerings.




Dubai South is envisioned as a self-sufficient city that provides a sustainable living, working and investing environment. In addition to offering various apartments, villas and townhomes through freehold and leasehold projects, the development also supports the establishment of corporate entities.

DWC has planned a total of eight zones that are distinct from one another.

The region boasts an all-inclusive environment that caters to the needs of both businesses and residents, with a policy allowing pets. This comprehensive setup, in conjunction with the meticulously designed infrastructure and transportation system, positions DWC as one of the largest metropolitan projects in the United Arab Emirates.


Commercial District

DWC appeals to those in search of commercial real estate, with a cluster of offices in Business Park and retail spaces housing malls and other convenient stores. The region invites foreign investments and entrepreneurs alike. SMEs and MNCs enjoy exceptional advantages, including waived import/export fees. Upon Dubai South's finalization, the area is expected to accommodate multiple industries spanning aviation, hospitality, food service, retail commerce, and beyond.

Residential District

The Residential District, located in DWC, offers a variety of mixed-use properties for both sale and rent. Among its numerous offerings is The Pulse - the district's premier development that includes waterfront villas, townhouses and other beachfront properties. Additionally, the district will provide reasonably priced accommodations for blue-collar workers as well as various leisure amenities and medical facilities within a safe environment.

The South Bay development is a massive undertaking, comprising nearly 900 dwellings of varying sizes and types. These include semi-detached villas with three to five bedrooms, townhouses, and grand standalone mansions situated along the waterfront in configurations of five to seven bedrooms. In addition to their private abodes, residents will also have access to numerous shared amenities such as pools, water sports club, fitness center, pet park, kids' playgrounds and a mall for convenient shopping.

Golf City

Emaar South, a highly desired neighborhood, is set to be located in Golf City. The development will feature an 18-hole golf course and ten residential complexes that provide a variety of living options such as apartments, villas, and townhouses. Among the complexes in the region are Expo Golf Villas, Urbana, and Golf Links.

District 2020

With a focus on creating a comprehensive community, Expo City intends to preserve 80% of the Expo 2020 location. This sub-community will include residential and co-working spaces as well as verdant landscapes. Moreover, it plans to offer cutting-edge technology and a smart urban layout while also featuring retail and dining options, parks, and schools.

MBR Aerospace Hub

The MBRAH, situated in Dubai South, covers a vast area of 7 sq. km. and comprises different districts that cater to various aspects of the aerospace industry. These include business aviation, education and training as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul services. It is worth noting that this facility is recognized as the region's inaugural aerotropolis providing comprehensive solutions both airside and landside.

Logistics District

The region known as the Logistics Corridor lies between Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port Dubai. This area is highly desirable for companies seeking to grow or establish themselves in Dubai through a free zone license. As proof of its appeal, the Logistics District includes a Business Park and free zone section that even has adaptable office spaces suitable for businesses with varying sizes.

Al Maktoum International Airport

Dubai South's key component is the Al Maktoum International Airport, destined to be the globe's largest airport in due course. Its operation has already commenced with a capability of processing over 200 million passengers and up to 16 million tonnes of cargo per annum.


Dubai South's Residential District, also known as the Residential City, consists of two main phases. One of these is the Staff Village, which will be designed to cater specifically to over 43,000 blue-collar staff employed by DWC. This purpose-built community will comprise villas and townhouses. Meanwhile, The Pulse - another sought-after area for renting properties in Dubai South - has already seen the delivery of more than 1,400 residential units.

Here's a rundown of the current initiatives taking place in DWC.

Due to the various districts within the area, numerous prominent developers in the city have constructed properties. The Exhibition Site is being developed by the government, while Emaar Properties is leading the mega-project known as Emaar South. In addition, Mag Property Development has built apartments located in their project Mag 5 Boulevard.

Dubai South has the ability to accommodate an unprecedented population of 1 million people. The real estate options include sophisticated villas, deluxe apartments, and high-end commercial offices that are up for rent or purchase. District 2020 (also called Expo City), is a much-awaited development that offers versatile usage possibilities.

Rental Trends in Dubai South

In Dubai South, there is a diverse range of apartments available for rent, including studios and 1 to 4-bedroom flats. A studio apartment provides at least 360 sq. ft. of living space and can be rented for AED 22k to AED 50k per year. Meanwhile, the annual rental fee for a one-bedroom apartment starts from AED 31k.

The yearly cost of renting a 2-bedroom flat in Dubai South ranges from AED 38,000 to AED 96,000. If you're seeking a more expansive living space, there are also 3-bedroom apartments available for rent at prices between AED 62,000 and AED 140,000 annually.

In Dubai South, there are numerous residential options that cater to a variety of needs. One can find a range of villas that are suitable for both renting and investing purposes.

For those looking to own a villa, there are various options available with choices ranging from 2 bedrooms up to 5. The annual rent for 2-bedroom villas in Dubai South starts at AED 50k and goes up to AED 85k. Similarly, a smaller-sized 3-bedroom house is also available for rent in Dubai South with prices ranging between AED 70k per annum and AED 184k per annum. If you require more space, the rental prices of a larger-sized villa such as a four bedroom one can range from the lowest price of AED92k annually all the way up to as high asA ED250K per annum.

Dubai South offers townhouses for rent in a range of configurations, from 2 to 5 bedrooms. The cost of renting a 2-bedroom home in this area can be as little as AED 45k annually, while a rental property with three bedrooms will typically fall within the range of AED 69k to AED 160k per year.

Similar to other properties in Dubai South, commercial properties provide numerous advantages and comforts. The rental price of commercial offices in Dubai South varies based on the amount of space covered. An office with a smaller area of 462 sq. ft. can be rented for AED 70k annually, whereas a larger spacious office costs approximately AED 800k per year. Additionally, there are several warehouses available for rent in Dubai South at an annual cost of AED 2M while labor camps can be rented at AED 38k per year.

Sales Trend in Dubai South

If you desire a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai South, the cost can be as little as AED 340k. For greater accommodations, opt for a 2-bedroom flat.

In Dubai South, the price of 2-bedroom apartments ranges from AED 420k to AED 1.3M. Meanwhile, 3-bedroom units have a starting cost of AED 880k and can go up to AED 2M. Additionally, there are some available 4-bed apartments for sale with prices exceeding AED 3M.

Dubai South is a popular location for purchasing villas and townhouses, according to the 2022 Dubai off-plan property market report. Available in varying sizes ranging from 2-5 bedrooms, the district offers both newly-built and cost-effective options for investors. These well-crafted homes boast an impressive blend of indoor and outdoor luxury living facilities, including discreet entrances to maid's rooms, storage rooms, private landscaped gardens and laundry spaces. Additionally, intercoms are installed throughout these properties as standard amenities.

The amenities offered include a team of security personnel, surveillance cameras, an on-site pool, maintenance workers and a parking area with the capacity for two cars.

In Dubai South, there are various options for villa buyers in terms of size and price. For a 2-bedroom villa, prices range from AED 850k to AED 1.5M. Those who prefer a larger space can opt for a 3-bedroom villa which costs between AED 1.1M and AED 3.2M. Buyers looking for a bigger property may consider purchasing a 4-bedroom house whose prices vary from AED 1.6M to AED 6.7M while those seeking more spacious accommodation can choose to buy a 5-bed villa whose cost ranges from AED3M toA ED8M in Dubai South

Dubai South offers townhouses with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms for sale at varying prices from AED 760k to AED 3.5M.

There are a variety of commercial property options for purchase in the vicinity, including warehouses, shops and plots. If you're seeking an office space, one with an area of 775 sq. ft. can be yours for AED 809k. Alternatively, if you're looking for larger premises, there are warehouses available in Dubai South that can be purchased for AED 45M.

ROI in Dubai South

The studio apartments in the apartment buildings offer the greatest return on investment, as they generate 7.5%. Next on the list are one-bedroom apartments with a return of 6.3%. Two and three-bedroom apartments have lower returns of 5.2% and 4.5%, respectively.

Regarding the residences, the biggest 3-bedroom villas produce an ROI of 8.1%, which is the highest amongst all. The second-highest ROI of 6.7% is given by the 4-bedroom houses, whereas the units with 2 and 5 bedrooms generate a return on investment of 5.6% and 5.0% respectively.

Dubai South's prime location for purchasing and leasing real estate is EMAAR South, an expansive mixed-use development offering apartments, villas, and a top-notch 18-hole championship golf course. Among the sought-after pre-construction projects are Greenview 2 or Expo Golf Villas 5 and Parkside 3. Additionally, The Pulse Beachfront and Parklane Townhouses are among the favored neighborhoods in the region.

In addition to villas and townhouses, the region includes tall apartment buildings. Among them is MAG 5 Boulevard with a collection of 13 mid-rise structures and an impressive 528 units available in various sizes ranging from one to three bedrooms. Other notable apartments in the area are Celestia Building and Tenora.

Dubai South Floor Plans

Individuals seeking floor plans for Dubai South can peruse the available options for prominent communities or buildings within Dubai South.


Dubai South has several hotels available for visitors seeking accommodation in the area. Among these lodgings are a few particularly noteworthy options.

The Staybridge Suites Dubai Al-Maktoum Airport is a hotel rated four stars and positioned 21 km away from Dubai Expo 2020. Its amenities consist of room service, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, a business centre, a restaurant offering buffet breakfasts, and a round-the-clock front desk.

The lodging offered at Holiday Inn Dubai Al-Maktoum Airport is situated at a distance of 20 km from Dubai Expo 2020. Guests are provided with several amenities, such as round-the-clock reception services, in-room dining options and currency exchange facilities. Additionally, the hotel boasts a restaurant, an open-air pool, a gym and complimentary parking space for its guests.

Aloft Dubai South provides 139 rooms for guests, each featuring a signature platform bed and a 49-inch LED TV with Chromecast. The rooms also include a roomy bathroom with walk-in shower and other conveniences. Additionally, the hotel offers various facilities such as round-the-clock front desk services, an eatery, bar, gymnasium and business centre. All accommodations are situated in Aviation City.

Located adjacent to the Al Wasl Dome, Rove Hotel is the solitary lodging option available at the Expo 2020 location and boasts convenient proximity to the Exhibition district. In addition to its accommodations, this hotel features an array of amenities such as a lounge area, co-working facilities, and meeting spaces.


Adequate parking is available on the premises. Those residing in villas and townhouses enjoy covered parking for up to two cars, whereas apartment dwellers have one designated spot for their vehicle.

Public transportation near Dubai South

To facilitate access to Dubai South, there are three main roads: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road. Additionally, the RTA runs bus services in the area, including the F55 route.

The Expo 2020 Metro Station located in Dubai South is a component of the extension of the present Red Line, Route 2020. This will establish ease of travel for individuals who commute regularly from home to work.



After the completion of the area, there will be multiple supermarkets available for residents. However, certain supermarkets in Dubai South are already operational. Near Al Maktoum International Airport is Zoom Supermarket while Sunrise City Supermarket, Sand Marco Supermarket, Madinat Supermarket and JMA Supermarket are some other options currently operating in the area.


Dubai South is a vast region that will accommodate approximately 1 million individuals of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. The closest churches to the area for Christians include the United Christian Church of Dubai, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, and Dubai Evangelical Church Centre. These establishments are located in Jebel Ali, which requires a 25-minute drive from the concentrated area.

The Nanak Darbar Gurudwara in Jebel Ali is a significant Sikh place of worship that's within 25 minutes' distance. To reach Hindu temples situated in Bur Dubai, however, one must travel at least 45 minutes by car.

In Dubai South, there are currently existing mosques and their number is anticipated to triple when the residential projects are finished. Among the mosques in Dubai South is the Al Maktoum Airport Mosque.


Currently, in the vicinity of Dubai South in Dubai Investments Park, there exist several schools. The educational establishments on offer include Dove Green Private School with a British curriculum, Greenfield Community School that offers an American curriculum, Bright Riders School featuring an Indian curriculum and the British Columbia Canadian School that provides a Canadian curriculum. With the full development of residential projects underway, one can expect to see a rise in the number of available schools and other educational centres.

Dubai South is a region that takes pride in being at the heart of Al Maktoum International Airport. In close proximity to the airport lies Emirates Aviation Services LLC - an establishment that functions as a center for learning and training in civil aviation. For those seeking higher education, there are options available in two educational hubs: Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park. Both of these institutions can be reached within 30 minutes from Dubai South.


With the current operational status of all districts in mind, it should be noted that Dubai South currently has a limited number of clinics and hospitals. However, there are plans to construct additional facilities in the near future to address this shortage.

The Al Maktoum Airport Clinic is a nearby medical facility that can be quickly accessed from the Al Maktoum International Airport. The Access Clinic Jafza is also conveniently located just 15 minutes away. For top-quality healthcare services, NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai Investment Park is another option only 15 minutes away.


Dubai South is an independent district that sits alongside numerous renowned regions of Dubai. In close proximity to it are Dubai Investment Park, as well as the Jebel Ali community which affords easy access for the Logistics District in Dubai South to connect with the port. Consequently, transportation for import and export purposes is significantly facilitated.




The shopping requirements of the residents in this area will be met shortly with the addition of large retail centers in Dubai South. Currently, Ibn Battuta Mall is a 25-minute drive away while The Outlet Village by Meraas can be reached within 22 minutes.

Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Mall are among the malls in close proximity. It takes a 40-minute drive to reach these renowned shopping venues.


Dubai South boasts a variety of diverse food options from numerous global chains and eateries catering to different tastes. One such option is Olives Restaurant, which has multiple locations throughout Dubai and can be found within the premises of Dubai South. Fast-food enthusiasts can find their fix at McDonald’s, a popular choice among customers. If you're looking for unique offerings, Skini Panini, Coffee Pushin, and Golos Italia Restaurant are all situated in the Logistics District of Dubai South. For Asian cuisine lovers, Sarhad Darbar located in neighbouring Dubai Investment Park is a convenient choice.

Riverland Dubai, a constituent of Dubai Parks and Resorts, offers an array of dining options that are reachable within 20 minutes. Among the well-liked eateries in Riverland Dubai are Super Chix, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, and The Coffee Club.


Jebel Ali Beach can be reached within a 23-minute drive and is considered one of Dubai's top public beaches. Additionally, JBR Beach is only a short distance away from the community, taking less than half an hour to get there.

Banan Beach, a well-liked picnic destination close to Dubai South, was once a bustling attraction that required an entry fee. Although it has shut down in Dubai and relocated to RAK emirate, you can still visit for a weekend picnic if you don't mind embarking on a lengthy journey. Banan Beach offers camping facilities or the option of renting one of their chalets. Guests may enjoy various activities such as yoga sessions, campfires, water sports and much more at Banan Beach which is approximately 1.5 hours away from Dubai South.


Dubai South has a variety of projects in the works, including an eagerly awaited development: an 18-hole golf course. This will be located within the designated Golf District and offer tranquil views to residents of nearby Emaar South villas.

Located in close proximity to Dubai South, visitors can also access the popular attraction known as Dubai Parks and Resorts. This entertainment hub is comprised of several distinct theme parks, such as Motiongate Dubai, Legoland, Bollywood Parks and Riverland.

Motiongate Dubai is the largest theme park in the region that draws inspiration from Hollywood, situated just off the Sheikh Zayed Road. Legoland Dubai, on the other hand, is a park dedicated to all things LEGO and features various interactive rides, water slides and driving experiences. Bollywood Parks showcases the Indian film industry with its distinct areas such as Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios. Additionally there's Riverland which serves as a recreational destination boasting more than 50 restaurants along with various shops and entertainment options.

In this area, there are various establishments such as cafes and shops. These establishments are divided into four zones: The Peninsula, India Gate, Boardwalk, and The French Village.


In each district, designated areas exist for green spaces. Several residential neighborhoods have developed extensive public parks to cater to their inhabitants.

The sole fitness center in the area is Mia Fitness Center, while Hybrid Gym and Tawash Gym in Dubai Investments Park can also be conveniently accessed.

If you're looking to treat yourself with some alone time, nearby spas and salons are available. However, they are currently undergoing construction and the closest options include Barbers Salon for men or Mi Amor Beauty Salon for ladies, which are both approximately 15 minutes away.


Following a half-year event in the Exhibition District of Dubai South, the space has transformed into District 2020. It will offer office spaces for rent and a free-trade zone for small enterprises to operate in. Additionally, Al Wasl Plaza will be situated on site and host various events such as concerts.


Dubai South is a comprehensive city that will encompass both essential and lavish amenities. The expansive land it occupies is divided into distinct zones for housing and commerce. Although some residents may experience unease due to ongoing developmental endeavors, these efforts have resulted in lowered property prices, making Dubai South an attractive location for investors.



Dubai South's position is highly significant as it sits adjacent to Dubai Investment Park, along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311).


After it's finished, the vicinity will transform into a self-sustaining zone that enables inhabitants to easily reach schooling, medical care and shopping amenities.


The Expo 2020 Metro Station can be found in the mixed-use development, which is also accessible through bus service F55 to get to the central city.


In Dubai South, Emirati citizens and investors from GCC countries have the opportunity to buy property within a free-zone region.

Are there any upcoming projects in Dubai South that are not part of the current plan?

Dubai South has numerous off-plan developments that showcase impeccably designed homes. Prime examples are Greenview 3, Parkside 1 and Parklane Townhouses.