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Dubai Silicon Oasis is an integrated technology park and free trade zone that offers a complete living, working, and leisure experience. Its nickname, Silicon Oasis, refers to the 7.2 million square-metre community situated at the intersection of Dubai-Al Ain Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road since its founding in 2004. This area seamlessly blends residential, recreational, and commercial spaces for an ideal work-life balance.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive community experience. With numerous residential buildings and gated sub-communities, DSO Dubai caters to the housing needs of both individuals and families.




Dubai's Silicon Oasis is a self-contained city that provides its residents with all the amenities they need within reach. Relocating to this area comes with many benefits, including a diverse range of residential properties, dedicated commercial spaces and a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, it boasts an extensive network of roads which ensures easy connectivity to other areas, making it a well-connected neighborhood.

Dubai Silicon Oasis in UAE comprises three primary sections - a cutting-edge technology park, residential towers, and villa compounds. This thriving commercial hub lures numerous young experts who aspire to work in the tech park or establish their business in Dubai. Numerous commercial buildings and mixed-use schemes offer diverse opportunities for leasing or purchasing offices at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Furthermore, DSO is a preferred residential location for expatriates pursuing advanced education because of its close proximity to Academic City. In only five minutes, one can easily access an array of educational institutions located in the adjoining area. Due to its affordable rents, advantageous location and diverse property options, DSO has become a popular choice among students residing in Dubai.

Properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

Dubai Silicon Oasis was created to promote and facilitate modern, technology-based industries in the UAE. Initially established as a supportive infrastructure for tech start-ups, it has since transformed into a diverse residential area that is highly sought after by those seeking property in the region. The community now offers various types of properties, including affordable chiller-free rentals and luxury apartments. It is an excellent choice for tenants and buyers alike who are looking to reside in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

In Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE, the residential apartments come in a variety of sizes ranging from studios to 3-bedroom units. These living spaces offer roomy bedrooms with attached bathrooms, expansive windows that reach to the floor, closets built into the walls, closed kitchens equipped with everything you need and ample balconies.

The Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE penthouses consist of units with two or three bedrooms, ranging from 1,875 sq. ft. to 3,215 sq. ft. These residences are equipped with smart home technology and high-end branded built-in appliances.

Hotel apartments ranging from studio to 2-bedroom units are available for tourists and visitors in DSO Dubai. These units range from 441 sq. ft. to 1,313 sq. ft., equipped with a king-size bed and a private kitchen featuring a fridge, microwave, and stove. Coffee and tea-making facilities are also available along with rain showers that come with bath robes and slippers.

In DSO, there are two villa communities that provide more than 1,600 units. These include Cedre Villas and Semmer Villas which offer spacious homes with three to five bedrooms. The villas boast attractive features like covered entrances leading to side gardens, en-suite master bedrooms complete with closets and floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, they come equipped with open plan living areas adjoining dining spaces as well as fully-cabinet kitchens, maid’s rooms fitted with their own bathrooms, guest toilets and laundry area. Some also feature family lounges alongside balconies plus a study room while dedicated parking is available for most villas within DSO Dubai too.

Silicon Oasis offers townhouses that come in the form of 3-bedroom units ranging from 2,325 sq. ft. to 2,600 sq. ft. Each unit includes a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a maid’s room accompanied by its own attached bathroom, a fully equipped closed kitchen, as well as a living and dining area. Additionally, these townhouses are fitted with both rooftop gardens for relaxing outdoor activities and spacious balconies for further enjoyment of natural scenery while also including dedicated parking spaces for each unit's convenience.

When it comes to finding a place to live in DSO, there are plenty of options available. According to the latest rental market report by Bayut for Dubai in 2022, DSO is ranked among the top five sought-after areas for affordable rental properties.

Rental Trends in Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a highly desirable community for young families and professionals, especially those working at the technology park. This is due to its diverse selection of apartments and villas accompanied by affordable rental prices. Furthermore, individuals seeking new apartment rentals in Dubai Silicon Oasis can choose from various options available.

Consider renting a studio in Dubai Silicon Oasis if you're looking for an affordable option with reasonable space. These units are priced at AED 24k to AED 48k per year. One-bedroom apartments cost between AED 34k and AED 81k annually, while two-bedroom flats range from AED 46k to AED 144k per annum. Renting a three-bedroom apartment will cost you between AED 70K and AED160K per year, while four-bed flats can be rented for around AED180k annually in the same area.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers hotel apartments for rent ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units. The rental price of studio apartments is AED 108k per year, while 1-bedroom apartments are priced at AED 140k per year and the rental fee for a 2-bedroom apartment is AED 180k annually.

Those in need of additional space can opt for villas with 3 to 5 bedrooms located within Silicon Oasis. These properties are situated in secure clusters or gated communities, providing a safe living environment. The cost of renting a 4-bedroom villa in Dubai Silicon Oasis will range from AED 220k to AED 260k per year, while the rent for a roomy 5-bedroom villa ranges from AED 230k to AED 260k annually.

In terms of commercial properties, there are various options available such as shops, offices and other buildings. If a reasonably priced start-up space is what you need, consider checking out rental offices in DSO where rates can range from AED 1k to AED 225k per annum.

If you're interested in a larger space of 1,000 sq. ft., the rent will increase to AED 40k. Many commercial developments, such as Silicon Park, Cambridge Business Centre and SIT Tower, can be found in the area. In Dubai Silicon Oasis, shop rents start at AED 100k per year and go up to AED 1.19M per year.

Based on Bayut's 2022 market report, Silicon Oasis is among the top five sought-after areas for purchasing cost-effective apartments in Dubai.

Sales Trends in Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

The majority of Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE is under leasehold ownership, with the exception of Cedre Villas which boasts freehold properties. Leasehold agreements are common for all apartments in Silicon Oasis and are sold with a 99-year lease term.

Prospective investors can anticipate spending anywhere from AED 260k to AED 818k if they are interested in purchasing DSO studios. For those looking to procure a one-bedroom flat within Dubai Silicon Oasis, the cost ranges from AED 340k to AED 900k.

Furthermore, if you are looking for roomier accommodations in Dubai Silicon Oasis, 2-bedroom apartments may be the perfect fit. These flats range in cost from AED 530k to AED 4.5M. Those seeking even more space may want to consider a 3-bedroom option, which can be purchased for between AED 998k and AED 2.33M. Lastly, there are also luxurious and spacious 4-bedroom flats available for purchase in Dubai Silicon Oasis at a price of AED1.89M.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is offering penthouses in 2 and 3-bedroom configurations. The price for a 2-bed penthouse starts at AED 1.25M, while the starting price for a 3-bed penthouse is AED 2.2M.

Potential homebuyers in Silicon Oasis have the option to purchase detached villas of various sizes. A 3-bedroom villa within DSO's housing market falls within a price range of AED 2.14M to AED 4.5M. For those interested in larger living spaces, investing in a 4-bedroom villa will cost approximately AED 3.4M to AED 3.99M while acquiring a spacious 5-bed villa ranges from AED 4.1M to AED 5M.

3-bedroom townhouses are the only type of property on sale in Silicon Oasis. The purchase price for such a unit ranges between AED 2.15M and AED 2.33M if you're seeking to own one in DSO.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers residential plots ranging from AED 11M to AED 46M, with the added option of acquiring a residential building for AED 77M.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to purchase offices in Dubai Silicon Oasis, with prices depending on factors such as square footage, floor level, and scenic views. A modest office space can start at AED 370k while a more deluxe option may cost up to AED 2.79M. If you're interested in purchasing a shop within DSO, prepare to invest between AED 550k and AED 7.09M for premium locations. Additionally, bulk units are available at varying rates ranging from AED 340k up to AED 16.5M for those considering making larger purchases within Silicon Oasis.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers commercial floors for purchase, ranging from 3,020 to 21,000 square feet. The prices for these floors vary between AED 2M and AED 14.1M, whereas showrooms in Silicon Oasis are priced at AED 2.20M.

In DSO, studio units have the highest rental yield at 8.14%. One-bedroom flats offer a return on investment of 7.78%, while two and three-bedroom flats provide returns of approximately 7.09% and 6.32%, respectively.

ROI in Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

Bayut searches show that community villas provide profitable returns, with 4-bedroom villas having the highest yield at 6.37%. The 5 and 3-bedroom options also have promising returns at 4.68% and 4.57%, respectively.

When it comes to searching for property, Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a vast array of options. However, the abundance of choices may make selecting the ideal building or type of property seem overwhelming.

The most popular building in DSO Dubai is Silicon Gates 1, which provides a range of accommodations such as studios, one to three-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom penthouses. This residential tower stands at 26 stories tall.

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

Silicon Gates 2 stands as the runner-up in terms of popularity among buildings in its vicinity. It features a diverse range of living spaces, from studios to 4-bedroom penthouses. These two developments are both highly sought after for renting apartments within Silicon Oasis. The property is sectioned off into three separate residential blocks, where residents can enjoy access to various recreational and fitness amenities.

En: The La Vista Residence 3 is an 11-story establishment that offers a variety of accommodation options including studios and 1 to 2-bedroom apartments. It boasts a total of 120 residential units available for both rent and sale.

The Palace Tower 2 is one component of the larger Palace Towers development. This particular building boasts an impressive height of 24 floors, as well as a ground floor and two subterranean levels. Of its 22 residential stories, it ranks fourth in popularity for its studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. For those looking to rent a studio in Dubai Silicon Oasis specifically, the Palace Tower 2 is a highly sought-after option.

Finally, included in the Axis Residence complex is Axis 1 Residence. This particular building is among eight other structures within the complex and consists of one-bedroom apartments that are spread out over eight stories.

If you're in search of floor plans for Dubai Silicon Oasis, take a look at the popular buildings in DSO and browse both 2D and 3D options.

Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE Floor Plans

Dubai Silicon Oasis boasts a pair of distinguished hotels that have the capacity to house a large number of tourists and visitors.


The Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments, situated near the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority headquarters, is a tall building that provides roomy accommodations in the form of studios, one-bedroom flats and two-bedroom flats. This top-notch lodging has earned a four-star rating.

The neighbourhood's Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis is a budget-friendly hotel with a 3-star rating. Apart from fitness amenities, such as a gym and swimming pool, the hotel also provides guests with a free shuttle bus service to Dubai Outlet Mall and Burj Khalifa. It is regarded as one of the top-notch Premier Inn hotels in the UAE.

Most buildings offer designated parking spaces for car owners, while there are numerous paid public parking lots available in the vicinity. Although these expenses can accumulate over time, they provide a convenient option for those without reserved parking. Villas offer a private porch that accommodates up to two cars based on its type.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

The geographical position of Silicon Oasis is situated near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). To reach the area via public transportation, the closest metro station is Centerpoint Metro Station which takes approximately 13 minutes of travel time. Once at Centrepoint Metro Station, you can opt to board a public bus that will bring you to DSO Dubai.

Public Transportation in Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE

Numerous bus stops are available at frequent intervals throughout DSO. Various Bus links, such as 320, 321, 367, X25 and 50 shuttle, operate in the area. Some of the popular bus stops include Silicon Oasis Headquarter 1 &2, Silicon Oasis Silicon Park 1 &2 and Silicon Oasis RAK Bank Headquarter.

Opting for a taxi or ride-sharing service such as Uber/Careem is an alternative means of transportation. For those intending to reside in Dubai Silicon Oasis, it is more advantageous to possess both a vehicle and driver’s license due to the distance of the community from the city's main areas.

Dubai Silicon Oasis has a plethora of grocery shopping options, including Spinneys located in Cedre Villas Community Centre, an outlet of Choithrams, Al Maya Supermarket, Carrefour Market, Al Madina Mart, Good Market, Green Belt Supermarket and Plus Point Supermarket. There is also Spring Green Park Supermarket and an outlet of West Zone Supermarket available for residents to access.



Silicon Oasis boasts numerous mosques, with each villa cluster having its own community mosque. Additionally, prayer halls are strategically located at convenient intervals throughout the neighborhood.


Dubai Silicon Oasis is surrounded by several prominent churches, such as Holy Trinity Church, St. Mark & Ava Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church, The Dubai City Church, Sharon Fellowship Church - Dubai, New Jerusalem Church, Maranatha Full Gospel Church and St. Thomas Cathedral, Dubai. These major religious sites in the vicinity are accessible via an approximately 18 to 19-minute car ride.

One can reach the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple Dubai in Jumeirah 1, which is located at a distance of 25 minutes by car, and is available for Buddhist residents to visit.

A trip to Bur Dubai's temples can consume approximately half an hour of your time. Whereas, the famous Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh temple located in Jebel Ali Village is just a 27-minute car ride away.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a great location for families with kids. The area has several nurseries available like Emirates British Nursery, British Orchard Nursery, and Toddlers International Nursery.


GEMS Wellington Academy is an excellent choice for young students as it offers both the UK and IB curricula. It also happens to be one of the highest-rated schools in the country.

Vernus International School has recently launched and provides the American educational program for students up to Grade 5.

The Indian International School DSO adheres to the Indian syllabus and is associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi, providing education from kindergarten through 10th grade.

In addition, DSO boasts prominent educational institutions such as GEMS Modern Academy and Kings School Nad Al Sheba located in its vicinity.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is situated near Academic City, where a number of globally recognized universities are located. Among the nearby options are Murdoch University in Dubai, Herriott-Watt University and the University of Wollongong. Furthermore, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), an accredited institute based in New York offering technology and business degrees, can also be found within the community.

Dubai's community is well-equipped with various medical clinics and specialty centres that are conveniently located. Aster has a branch in Silicon Oasis, while other notable clinics include Red Carpet Clinic, Medi Family Poly Clinic, HealthHub Clinic, Cosmo Secrets Medical Centre, and Axon Clinics and Pharmacies.


Although there are no major hospitals located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, it is possible to reach Fakeeh University Hospital in Academic City within a short amount of time. Additionally, several pharmacies can be found within the DSO Dubai area.

Located at the junction of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Dubai-Al Ain Road, Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE is a convenient location that provides easy access to various areas. It is in close proximity to both the esteemed education hub, Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), and the International City. Additionally, it shares borders with well-known residential communities including Liwan and Nad Al Sheba 4.


When it comes to activities in DSO, retail therapy is a popular choice. The Cedre Villas Community Centre provides convenient options for everyday shopping, along with various amenities such as restaurants, salon services, medical facilities, and a family recreation park located near the hypermarket. For those seeking discounted deals on items, Dubai Outlet Mall is only a 13-minute drive away.



Malls in Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

Extra Souk is a modern retail complex featuring a blend of well-known retailers, grocery stores, and laid-back eateries.

For the ultimate shopping experience, locals can visit Silicon Central, an area that spans 80,000 sq.m. and includes 34,593 sq.m. of retail shops in addition to a department store spanning 7,600 sq.m. and a hypermarket taking up 8,940 sq.m.

Easily reachable through Al Ain Road and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Silicon Central is a shopping hub that spans two levels. Within the complex, shoppers will find an array of stores, including a hypermarket, dining establishments, and several well-known brands like REO, Dr. Nutrition, Max Fashion, Malabar Gold & Diamonds,Tips & Toes and UFC GYM.

Enthusiasts of cuisine will discover a diverse selection of dining establishments in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Although the majority are informal eateries, they provide an array of culinary options such as Indian, Italian, and Lebanese dishes.

Restaurants in Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE

There are a variety of laid-back dining options to choose from in the area, such as Kitchen park, Bayti Restaurant, Chickemania Restaurant and Cafeteria, Coop Restaurant, Wok Boyz, Saigon Station, Kulfi King, Pirates Bay Seafood Restaurant FZE, Falafil Al Rabiah Al Khadra, Souvenirs Restaurant,CALI POKE Radisson Red and Pressman's Pressed Sandwich.

If you're in the mood for coffee and snacks, Shakespeare and Co. or Costa Coffee are great options. Additionally, there are upscale dining establishments with bars and lounges available at both Premiere Inn (Mr. Toad's Pub & Kitchen) and Radisson Blu (The Larder).

Jumeirah Beach, located 25 minutes away, is the nearest beach for those who enjoy spending time by the sea. Once at Jumeirah Beach, visitors can indulge in a range of activities such as cycling and swimming. Furthermore, they can relish meals and cocktails at cafes situated on the beachside.

Beaches near Dubai Silicon Oasis

The reason for DSO Dubai's popularity as a residential location has developed and expanded over time.


Tranquil residential areas, reasonably priced leases, a central hub and an array of conveniences in close proximity to workplaces allure both inhabitants and financiers. The Cedre Community Centre houses the Kids Jungle, which ranks among Dubai's finest indoor play zones. It boasts a three-level soft playground, ball pit and trampolines.

Cinephiles have the opportunity to view their preferred movies at Dragon Mart 2's cinema.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is situated just a brief 17-minute drive away from Global Village, a seasonal attraction that features top-of-the-line art shows and performances in an open-air setting. This hot spot for tourists showcases pavilions dedicated to major countries highlighting their cultures and offering souvenirs and specialty products at pop-up stores. Fun activities such as rides and games can also be found within the extensive theme park found within Global Village.

Located just a 20-minute drive away on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is the impressive IMG Worlds of Adventure. This well-known amusement park is popular among UAE locals due to its exciting attractions and state-of-the-art IMAX theater experience.

DSO Dubai lacks sufficient park spaces. Nevertheless, a viable option is Mushrif Park which lies 15 minutes away and boasts of being one of the largest and oldest parks in Dubai, covering an area of over 5.25 sq km. It's also packed with engaging activities that cater to both young and old. Visitors can indulge in swimming, horse riding at the equestrian center, camel rides, cycling or even have a barbecue at designated spots within the park premises.


In Dubai Silicon Oasis, fitness enthusiasts have access to numerous gyms and fitness studios such as FittHPC, Nitro Gym, Fit Gym, Max Gym and Fitness4Life. These facilities offer exercise classes and personal trainers who are available to assist individuals with their fitness goals.

In DSO, locals can easily locate beauty and grooming establishments, including Beauty Avenue Salon and Spa as well as Super Trim Gents Salon situated in the Cedre Shopping Centre.

Apart from the activities for kids offered at Cedre Shopping Center, Dubai Silicon Oasis occasionally arranges an event named Silicon Bazaar which is a flea market. This lively occasion usually takes place during cooler months to provide families and other inhabitants an opportunity for outdoor shopping, recreation, and amusement.


For further details regarding the neighborhood, consider joining the Facebook group named 'Dubai Silicon Oasis – Residents'.

DSO benefits from its central location within the city, but it can be an inconvenience for individuals who rely on public transportation to navigate around the area. Limited bus stops are available in the neighbourhood, necessitating a minimum 15-minute drive for Dubai Silicon Oasis residents to reach Al Rashidiya – Centrepoint metro station.


En: The Government of Dubai fully owns this development which was established in 2004.

FAQs About Dubai Silicon Oasis

Who owns Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a sprawling 7.2 million square meter community that includes residential, commercial, industrial, educational and communal facilities as part of its technology park and master-planned design.

How big is Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Silicon Oasis, also known as DSO Dubai, was founded to serve as a center of technology and innovation within the city.

Why is it called Silicon Oasis?

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a highly favored and reasonably-priced free zone in Dubai that provides various benefits for businesses, including those located within its tech park offices.

Is Dubai Silicon Oasis a free zone?

It is important to note that Silicon Oasis does not consist entirely of freehold properties. The majority of residential estates are offered on a leasehold basis, with the exception being Cedre Villas which is the only freehold community within DSO.

Is Dubai Silicon Oasis freehold?

There are a total of 48 listed businesses located in DSO.

How many companies are in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Deyaar's Tria is an imminent residential undertaking located in DSO, featuring a range of property types including studios, 1-3 bedroom apartments, duplexes, townhouses and penthouses. Anticipated to be completed by April 2025.

Are there any off-plan projects in Silicon Oasis?

The Red Line metro stop nearest to Dubai Silicon Oasis is Centrepoint. From there, one can easily catch frequent buses that link directly to DSO or connect through other routes.

Which metro station is the closest to Dubai Silicon Oasis?

There are several Green line metro stations nearby, including Creek, Al Jadaf, and Oud Metha. They can be reached by car in 17 to 18 minutes.

If you're in search of economical housing, DSO Dubai is an excellent choice. Additionally, this area boasts proximity to a plethora of educational institutions and comparatively low traffic congestion. Families will appreciate the abundance of commercial as well as residential properties available in this community.

Is Dubai Silicon Oasis a good place to live?

Silicon Oasis is a technology-free zone located in Dubai that caters to startups and businesses of varied sizes. Its name itself implies its focus on IT and technology.

What industry is popular in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Are you considering using public transportation to reach Silicon Oasis? The Red Line metro can take you to Centrepoint Metro Station, and from there, a taxi ride will bring you to DSO. Furthermore, buses such as 365, 320 or 367 link bus stops at the Centrepoint Metro Station with DSO.

How do you get to Silicon Oasis Dubai via public transport?

Want to use public transport to get to Silicon Oasis? You could use the Red Line metro and reach the Centrepoint Metro Station. A taxi ride would take you to DSO. Bus links serving DSO from bus stops at the Centrepoint Metro Station include 365, 320 or 367.