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Dubai Maritime City (DMC) is a versatile area dedicated to the maritime industry in the UAE, following the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This extensive project will be finished by 2021 and spans over a vast 249 hectares. The development includes various zones such as Industrial Precinct, Maritime Centre, The Academic Quarter, Marina District, Harbour Offices and Harbour Residences. It is strategically located between Port Rashid and Dubai Drydocks.

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) is the pioneering global hub dedicated to advancing the maritime, commerce, and trade sectors in the area.




Dubai Maritime City Free Zone is situated near the Arabian Gulf, offering convenient proximity to the sea, airport, and various public transportation choices. At the heart of Dubai Maritime City lies the Maritime Centre, a bustling urban corporate park that encompasses eight waterfront parcels and three interior parcels along a boulevard. Within this vibrant hub, you'll find an impressive cluster comprising five high-rise towers known as Creek Towers, alongside a plaza and Landmark Tower at its entrance.

Furthermore, Dubai Maritime City, Maritime Centre has allocated seven plots for the construction of towers by potential developers. Additionally, the city plans to include 5-star business hotels and VIP serviced apartments. Its objective is to support the marine industry by providing facilities for ship repairs, yacht manufacturing, engineering services, marine suppliers, and technical assistance. DMC boasts a meticulously designed infrastructure that encompasses workshops, warehouses, offices, shops

Ship lifts are mechanisms that are used to hoist ships out of the water and carry them to a higher elevation.

Properties in Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City's commercial district will feature a diverse range of facilities, encompassing residential properties, office towers, retail units, and a promenade. On the other hand, the industrial zone will exclusively cater to marine services such as ship repair plots, ship lifts, workshops, showrooms, retail spaces and warehouses. Strategically positioned near marina berths and open sea access points along with ship lift facilities are the strategically situated ship repair plots.

Properties in DMC vary in size. The workshops typically range from 2,800 to 9,515 sq. ft., while the yacht manufacturing workshops cover an impressive area of 1,433,771 sq. ft., allowing for yacht construction and repair. Additionally, warehouses measuring approximately 5,490 sq. ft. will serve as storage spaces for spare parts and marine materials used in business and trade. Showrooms in DMC will occupy around 900 sq. ft., equipped with dedicated parking areas for clients, while retail spaces are estimated to be about 694 sq. ft.

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Maritime City Zones

The Maritime Centre

Maritime Center, being an integral part of DMC, encompasses various vital ventures. These encompass three waterfront and three interior plots that will serve as a global nexus for maritime commerce and trade. Additionally, the center will incorporate hotels, skyscrapers, Senali Aquamarine Apartments, and an office tower known as Creek Towers.

The Industrial Precinct

The region comprises over 100 workshops and warehouses, making it a central location for ship and yacht repair as well as manufacturing services. It includes a sizable area of wet berths spanning 1,270 meters and an additional 42 dry berths to accommodate boats. Additionally, there are approximately 19 plots dedicated to ship repair along with two ship lifts capable of lifting loads weighing 3,000 and 6,000 tons respectively.

Marina District and Harbor Residences

In the Marina District, there are a total of 14 designated areas specifically intended for constructing high-rise residential buildings. Additionally, this district will incorporate various retail establishments, restaurants, and entertainment amenities.

Maritime City Campus

The Dubai Maritime City Campus, located in the heart of DMC, provides a diverse range of courses focusing on marine engineering, transportation, and naval science. With a capacity to house up to 1,300 students, this institute offers ample opportunities for academic pursuits.

Harbour Offices

The commencement of DMC is marked by the presence of 19 plots exclusively designated for the establishment of office towers. This section, which provides a scenic view of the harbor, will serve as the connection between DMC and the mainland.


In the upcoming Maritime Center at Dubai Maritime City, visitors can expect a remarkable selection of hotels. One notable establishment is the 751 ft. Landmark Tower, which will grace guests with its luxurious amenities as a top-tier 5-star business hotel. Furthermore, there will be Swiftship Towers and an impressive 656 ft. tall Iris Mist Hotel for travelers to enjoy. Additionally, the center will house Kensington Krystal Hotel and an exceptional yet-to-be-named 6-star hotel for those seeking unparalleled indulgence.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Dubai Maritime City

Parking facilities will be provided for workers in workshops and retail areas. Both residents and workers can utilize private vehicles to navigate the area, while water transportation options will also be accessible to support trade and maritime services. In addition, dedicated parking spaces will be available adjacent to the development specifically for customers visiting showrooms and workshops.


Supermarkets near Dubai Maritime City

A couple of grocery stores can be found along the road connecting DMC to Al Raffa in Dubai. The nearest choices comprise Malabar Supermarket and Citi Mart.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in DMC

The Maritime Centre offers shared amenities such as shops and a waterfront walkway. Additionally, there will be designated spaces for prayer and mosques to accommodate workers and yacht owners residing in the residential zone.

Schools near Maritime City

Within close proximity of Bur Dubai, in the vicinity of Dubai Maritime City, lie several schools. Traveling by car, one can easily access New Academy School and Ambassador School within approximately 9 to 10 minutes. The Mankhool Campus of Ambassador School Dubai has received a commendable rating from KHDA and provides education based on the CISCE curriculum.

Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai Maritime City

Aster Hospital, located near Dubai Maritime City, is conveniently reachable within a 10-minute drive. The Mankhool Branch holds certification from the Dubai Health Authority and specializes in Cardiology. Additionally, the hospital offers general consultations and is equipped to handle medical emergencies.


Dubai Maritime City, situated near Rashid Port, aims to enhance trade and business opportunities while also supporting the maritime industry. It is conveniently linked to various mainland communities in Dubai such as al Raffa, Al Mina, and Al Mankhool. DMC's strategic location places it approximately 1 km away from Jumeirah Beach Road and about 1.5 km from Bur Dubai. Moreover, accessing the Shindagha Tunnel in Deira is a mere distance of around 2.5 km. This area benefits from connectivity to major roads like Sheikh Zayed Road through a causeway within its wider network system.



Malls near Dubai Maritime City

Located just a short 14-minute car ride away from Dubai Maritime City, lies the renowned shopping destination known as Burjuman Centre. This bustling avenue is home to an array of esteemed brand outlets such as MAC, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Mont Blanc and many others. Beyond its impressive retail offerings, there is an abundance of activities to indulge in within the confines of Burjuman Centre. Visitors can explore a hypermarket for their daily necessities or enjoy a cinematic experience at VOX Cinemas. Additionally, numerous food and beverage establishments cater to diverse culinary preferences whilst the delightful Magic Planet provides entertainment for all ages.

Restaurants near Maritime City Dubai

When visiting Burjuman Mall, a variety of choices await you including Shakespeare and Co. Pancake House, Mr. Crab, Dome, and more. Additionally, restaurants can also be found within DMC in the Marina District as well as at Harbour Residences.


In a matter of minutes, it is possible to drive along Jumeirah Beach Road and reach the public beach. This sandy stretch also offers recreational facilities such as a running path, cycling track, and skate park. Moreover, one can indulge in delightful cocktails offered at beach-side cafes, restaurants, and bars while relishing the magnificent sunset. It's worth mentioning that entry to this public beach is complimentary.


DMC can be easily found in Al Fahidi Historical District (Al Bastakiya) in Bur Dubai. Visitors interested in exploring the history and cultural artifacts of the UAE have the opportunity to visit various museums such as the Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, and Coffee Museum. Additionally, within the same district lies the Textile Market (or Textile Souk), where individuals can discover traditional Arabic clothing items and pure fabrics like silk.

The Etihad Museum, located near Dubai Maritime City, is a prominent attraction. It showcases a sequential presentation of significant occurrences spanning from 1968 to 1974. This site serves as an excellent resource for gaining deeper insights into the Founding Fathers of the UAE, the UAE constitution, and related subjects.

Recent Developments

By March 2020, a quarter of the infrastructure for Phase 1 had been finished, with the remaining work scheduled to be concluded by the close of Q1 in 2021.


At present, there are no intentions to construct schools or hospitals within the vicinity. However, residents can easily avail themselves of various alternatives in the nearby regions.

FAQs about Dubai Maritime City

Is Dubai Maritime City a free zone?

DMC, a part of the Dubai World Group of Companies, is among the latest free zones in the emirate.

What is a Maritime City?

Maritime City in Dubai is a designated area that focuses on navigation, shipping, and various other maritime services. It operates as a free zone dedicated to the development of these industries.