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About Dubai Creek Harbour at The Lagoons

Dubai Creek Harbour is a sustainable and self-contained real estate project in Dubai, situated along the banks of the renowned Dubai Creek. This iconic waterfront community spans over 500 hectares and is home to a diverse range of 450 animal species. With its beautiful promenades, walkways, and road connectivity, it is known for being one of the most easily accessible communities. Furthermore, Ras Al Khor Road (E44) and Nad Al Hamar Road (D62) serve as the main highways connecting this rapidly developing area.

Dubai Creek Harbour, an ambitious undertaking by Emaar Properties, connects the district with its surrounding regions in a forward-thinking manner.



Community Overview

The mega community guarantees a comprehensive way of living. This renowned location provides a vibrant atmosphere with its all-inclusive community ambiance, segmented into nine districts:

The Island District has the capacity to accommodate 200,000 residents and boasts 700,000 sq. m. of dedicated park and open space. This expansive city offers ample boulevards, walkways, and roads for convenient transportation, including accessible metro stations that link to surrounding areas. As a self-contained mixed-use development, it features communal amenities such as a temperature controlled swimming pool, an advanced gymnasium, and various sports facilities.

Dubai Creek Harbour Masterplan

The masterplan comprises of a spacious residential area spanning 7.3 million square meters, along with a retail space of 940,000 square meters, dedicated office space covering 300,000 square meters and a cultural area measuring 66,113 square meters. Additionally, the development will boast notable amenities such as the Creek Marina and Creek Beach alongside a marine club. Furthermore, highlighting the preservation efforts within The Sanctuary District is its protection of approximately 450 diverse animal species.

Properties in Dubai Creek Harbour

The Island District in Dubai Creek Harbour is nearly finished and offers luxurious vertical residential properties. This waterfront district showcases a variety of towers such as Dubai Creek Residences, Grove Creek Beach, Creek Horizon, Harbour Views, Creek Edge, Lotus, and Creekside 18.

Dubai Creek Harbour apartments offer stunning views of the beach and city skyline, with 1 to 4 bedrooms available. In addition to these vertical communities, there are also highly anticipated townhouses featuring 3 to 4 bedrooms.

Dubai Creek Harbour Floor Plans

If you are searching for floor plans of Dubai Creek Harbour, you can explore the various 2D, 3D, and interactive live floor plans offered on Bayut.

Potential purchasers in Dubai Creek Harbour have an extensive array of options when it comes to apartment buildings, with a diverse selection of price points. Acquiring an apartment in this area typically entails a financial commitment of approximately AED 18.3 million.

If individuals have a preference for linear communities, they may contemplate purchasing a townhouse within Dubai Creek Harbour.

Rental Trends in Dubai Creek Harbour

If you are searching for a place to rent, there is a wide range of apartments available in Dubai Creek Harbour with prices starting from AED 55k and going up to 1.5M.

In order to lease a townhouse at Dubai Creek Harbour, individuals are required to pay an amount ranging from AED 260k to 320k.

ROI In Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour apartments present an enticing opportunity for potential investors, with a rental yield ranging from 4.6% to 5% or even higher. They promise a profitable investment venture in the bustling city of Dubai.

Payment Plan

Dubai Creek Harbour is a large-scale development offering diverse payment plans for different districts and property types. The market showcases various payment options for the vertical communities within The Island District.



Is Dubai Creek Harbour finished?

Dubai Creek Harbour is presently undergoing development, with the Island District being the most advanced area. It showcases both finished and under-construction residential towers.

Where is Dubai Creek Harbour located?

Dubai Creek Harbour sits adjacent to the shimmering expanse of Dubai Creek.

Who developed Dubai Creek Harbour?

Emaar Properties is the developer of Dubai Creek Harbour.

What type of properties is available in Dubai Creek Harbour?

In Dubai Creek Harbour, a variety of residential and commercial properties are on offer. Presently, there is the opportunity to reside in studio apartments or opt for spacious 1 to 4-bedroom ones.

*Image credit goes to Emaar Properties, the source of the featured image.