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ABOUT Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA)

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority, or DAFZA for short, is a free zone in Dubai that was established in 1996. Located next to Dubai International Airport, it's an integral part of the government's plan to create an investment-driven economy. This free economic zone offers a range of services and opportunities across various sectors including logistics and freight, IT, aviation, telecommunications, engineering, food and beverage as well as jewellery and cosmetics. With over 1,600 registered companies and up to 15,000 professionals seeking business-friendly laws; DAFZA has become home to many looking to grow their businesses.

A variety of top-notch amenities.




Established in 1996 as part of the economic free zone development plan, DAFZA has become one of the fastest-growing zones in the region. It boasts over 1,600 established companies and businesses within its borders.

Properties in Dubai Airport Freezone

The majority of the space is dedicated to commercial use in DAFZA. In terms of commercial real estate, there are numerous rental options available including offices and warehouses. Additionally, there are apartments that mainly house individuals employed within Dubai Airport Freezone.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Dubai Airport Freezone

The road network in the vicinity of DAFZA is strategically designed to assist logistics and freight forwarding entities. The area is encompassed by Al Quds Street (D91) which links up with Damascus Street (D64). Additionally, opting for D91 will lead you to Beirut Street (D62), further connecting to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) on one end and Al Ittihad Road (E11) on the other.

Public Transportation in Dubai Airport Freezone

Commuters in Dubai Airport Freezone Authority who opt for public transportation can hop on various bus links from the central station. These include 13B, 17, C26 and F08 which provide transport to popular destinations such as Wasl Park, Al Nahda 2, Dubai Festival Centre, Al Qusais Industrial Area and Gold Souk Station.


Supermarkets in Dubai Airport Freezone

There are a couple of supermarkets in close proximity to DAFZA, such as Dawwar Al Madeena Supermarket and West Zone Fresh Supermarket. These options happen to be just a brief 3-5 minute drive from Dubai Airport Freezone in Al Qusais. Additionally, if you're looking for local shops or convenience stores they can be found in the nearby area of Al Twar which is approximately a 3-minute drive away from DAFZA.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Dubai Airport Freezone

The mosques of Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Anas Bin Malis Mosque, and Mohammed Hassan Al Shaikh Mosque can be reached in approximately 5 minutes by car from Dubai Airport Freezone Authority. They are located in Al Twar 2, whereas some other mosques are situated further away from DAFZA in Al Twar 1.

In the vicinity of DAFZA, the closest church is Winners Chapel International located on 24 Airport Road in Al Garhoud District. It can be reached within a brief 9-minute car ride.

Schools and Universities in Dubai Airport Freezone

In the vicinity of Dubai Airport Freezone lie several primary and secondary schools, including Star International School, Al Hudaiba Primary School, Modern Renaissance School, Cambridge International School and New World Private School.

Situated in Al Twar 2, just a short 4-minute drive from DAFZA, Star International School provides a comprehensive syllabus spanning from Foundation Stage to secondary grades. In contrast, The Alpha School is located in the nearby district of Al Qusais and implements both EYFS and the National Curriculum of England- reachable within approximately 7 minutes by car.

Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai Airport Freezone

The Al Qusais 3-based Aster Hospital can be reached by car in just nine minutes from Dubai Airport Freezone. The renowned medical service provider, Aster Clinic, has several branches throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


DAFZA is situated in the airport freezone district, with several important roads linking it to the main network. This authority lies next to Dubai International Airport and faces Al Garhoud on the other side. To its north, you can find Al Twar and Al Qusais.



Malls in Dubai Airport Freezone

DAFZA, located just a short 10-minute drive away from Deira City Centre in the culturally diverse neighborhood of Deira, provides easy access to some of the region's best shopping destinations. In addition to the large and popular mall, visitors can also explore nearby options such as Al Qusais Square, Bin Shabib Mall and Madina Mall. These neighboring areas offer a variety of brand outlets, eateries and even a hypermarket for all your shopping needs.

Restaurants in Dubai Airport Freezone

Dubai Airport Freezone provides a variety of dining options, including Asian 5, Art Lunch, G’s, Kanaha Restaurant and Flavors. If you're looking for more choices outside the airport grounds, nearby communities also offer K-Grill, Bangalore Empire and Kethels Kitchen.

BEACHES NEAR Dubai Airport Freezone

Located just a short 12-minute drive away from DAFZA is Al Mamzar Public Beach, which boasts a sandy picnic area, family park, and an array of enjoyable activities for both children and adults. As one of Dubai's most sought-after attractions, it stands as a favored beach destination.


The prominent feature in the vicinity of DAFZA is undoubtedly the Dubai International Airport, situated adjacent to it. Additionally, this locality provides a direct pathway to Al Ittihad Road that leads you towards the culturally and historically affluent region of Deira in Dubai. A well-known monument named Deira Clocktower stands here as a tribute to the UAE's inaugural oil exports.

The trip to Al Mamzar Beach Park from Dubai Airport Freezone will take approximately 17 minutes by car. This recreational destination boasts a variety of food options and a multitude of things to do.


Within close proximity of DAFZA, Al Twar boasts a variety of parks suitable for families, joggers and children. Additionally, golf enthusiasts frequent the renowned Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club located just 13 minutes away from DAFZA, featuring an impressive 18-hole championship course.


Dubai Airport Freezone plays a crucial role in the implementation of a strategic plan aimed at providing custom-free policies to foreign businesses. This free zone is rapidly expanding in Dubai and is situated close to the international airport, boasting several commercial and residential developments. The area primarily offers offices, showrooms, warehouses, and other commercial units; however, there are also some apartments available that cater specifically to those who work within the district.

FAQs about Dubai Airport Freezone

What is Dubai Airport Free Zone?

DAFZA in Dubai, UAE is a bustling commercial center. As a tax-exempt area, businesses can leverage favorable regulations and superior facilities to their fullest potential.

How to set up a business in DAFZA?

To establish a business in DAFZA, one must obtain the necessary license according to their chosen business category. Numerous enterprises are already running successfully within Dubai Airport Freezone, including renowned names like Airbus Middle East, DHL and Prestigeland.