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Downtown Jebel Ali, a significant real estate venture in Dubai, embraces a contemporary way of life with high-end facilities. Spanning across 6.5 million square meters, this mixed-use strip gracefully extends alongside the Sheikh Zayed Road. Boasting a thriving commercial sector and opulent residential options, including apartments available for purchase or lease, it caters to discerning individuals seeking modern living experiences.

Developed by Limitless, a global real estate developer with projects in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, and the UAE, Downtown Jebel Ali is a meticulously planned venture that commenced in 2006. Its properties boast lavish amenities to ensure an exceptional standard of living.




Situated amidst Jebel Ali Free Zone and Techno Park, Downtown Jebel Ali spans across four distinct zones. Each zone is equipped with its own parks, plazas, shaded sidewalks, and residential complexes of moderate height that feature courtyards inspired by Bedouin culture.

The district is an important hub for progress and advancement, attracting numerous investors who consider it a valuable investment. It is a meticulously designed and constructed suburban town that is seamlessly linked to Dubai's primary highway, Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), providing an ideal location for traveling to Abu Dhabi.


Downtown Jebel Ali consists predominantly of apartments. It falls within one of Dubai's many free zones, allowing both UAE nationals and foreigners to own properties there. The residential apartment options are vast, while the number of shops and mixed-use plots available for purchase is more limited.

The apartments consist of a variety of studio to 3-bedroom units, each offering luxurious amenities.

The residential units offer elegant marble floors, well-equipped kitchens, and expansive balconies. Additionally, the apartment complexes provide residents with swimming pools, sheltered parking areas for cars, fitness centers, spas, and large windows that capture the enchanting beauty of Dubai.

Rental Trends in Downtown Jebel Ali

There are various affordable rates for renting apartments. A 1-bedroom flat can be rented for about AED 34k, while a 2-bedroom flat typically costs around AED 51k. For a 3-bedroom unit, rents range from AED 55k to AED 68k. Additionally, there are furnished apartments that can be leased as well.

Downtown Jebel Ali, being a commercial zone, presents numerous opportunities to invest in shops and mixed-use land. The rental options for commercial offices vary from AED 140k to AED 2.5M. In this locale, the average size of shops is approximately 1,660 sq. ft., with a price tag of AED 278k.

Sales Trends in Downtown Jebel Ali

Given that the area is currently undergoing development, property prices are reasonably priced. However, it is anticipated that once the development is finished, there will be an increase in prices. For instance, a studio unit can be purchased for a price ranging from AED 225k to AED 526k. Similarly, a 1-bedroom apartment can be sold for a price between AED 399k and AED 847k.

ROI in Downtown Jebel Ali

In Downtown Jebel Ali, 3-bedroom units yield the highest return on investment at 6.8%, while 1-bed and 2-bed units provide returns of 5.4% and 5.1%, correspondingly.

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Suburbia, the favored edifice in Downtown Jebel Ali, stands out as a twin tower complex that offers serviced apartments.

Additional notable structures in Downtown Jebel Ali encompass the esteemed Signet, boasting an astounding total of 273 units, alongside the remarkable AZIZI Aura with its towering 17 floors and a grand sum of 363 residential units.

Hotels in Downtown Jebel Ali

While the strip doesn't offer any hotels, individuals seeking temporary housing can explore hotel apartments located in Downtown Jebel Ali. These accommodations come fully equipped with various amenities like central air conditioning, parking spots, balconies, and terraces. Additionally, tenants have access to additional facilities such as a swimming pool, lobby area, and children's play zone. On average, the annual rent for a hotel apartment is AED 45k while purchasing prices range from AED 540k to AED 1.9M.


In this diverse community, one can find ample paid parking lots scattered throughout the area. The residential buildings generously provide their residents with a minimum of one exclusive parking spot.

Public transportation in Downtown Jebel Ali

Downtown Jebel Ali has been intricately planned to facilitate convenient travel for its residents. Its strategic location, running alongside Sheikh Zayed Road, enables effortless commuting in and out of the district.

Currently, there is no direct bus service to Downtown Jebel Ali. However, the UAE Exchange Metro Station marks the start of the district and serves as the final stop on Dubai Metro's Red Line.


The region incorporates designated areas for educational institutions, medical facilities, pharmacies, and places of worship. Nevertheless, many of these spaces are still in the process of being built. Nonetheless, inhabitants can conveniently access existing establishments located in nearby regions.


There are multiple supermarkets in close proximity to Downtown Jebel Ali. In the vicinity, residents can find Fresh Plus, Kerala Hyper Cold Market, and Salem Minimart situated across town. Additionally, Sultan Hypermarket and Madinat Al Qusais Supermarket are both conveniently located just a 7-minute distance away. Furthermore, Zabeel Mini Supermarket and Village Hypermarket can be found opposite Downtown Jebel Ali in the New West Camp area.


Downtown Jebel Ali is surrounded by several local mosques, with the closest one being Emirates Station Mosque. Additionally, there are two other mosques in the area that can be reached within an 11-minute drive: Jebel Ali Mosque and New East Accommodation Mosque.

Several churches in Al Muntazah, such as the United Christian Church of Dubai, Dubai Evangelical Church Centre, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Christ Church Jebel Ali and Dubai Mar Thoma Church, are conveniently situated near Sheikh Zayed Road. This advantageous location allows for easy accessibility to individuals residing in Downtown Jebel Ali within a short 15-minute commute.

Hindu devotees will need to travel for about 40 minutes to reach various temples located in Bur Dubai, including ones like the Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir and the Shiva Temple. On the other hand, the nearest Gurudwara called Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara is just a short drive of less than 15 minutes away in Al Muntazah.


In the vicinity, there are numerous nurseries as well as primary and secondary schools.

The distance to Little Woods Nursery is approximately a 15-minute drive. Greenfield Community School, British Columbia Canadian School, and Dove Green Primary School are all located within a 20-minute driving radius.

Greenfield Community School adheres to the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, whereas Dovecote Green Primary School adopts the British curriculum, and British Columbia Canadian School provides the Canadian curriculum.

Dubai Knowledge Park, located approximately 30 minutes away, provides various university choices.


Mediclinic Meadows, situated in The Meadows community just 18 minutes away, offers exceptional healthcare services near Downtown Jebel Ali.

Besides this, NMC Royal Hospital can be conveniently located in Dubai Investment Park, within a short distance by car.

There are several pharmacies in close proximity to Downtown Jebel Ali, including Aster Pharmacy, City Pharmacy, and Village Pharmacy.


In close proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road lies Downtown Jebel Ali, adjacent to the industrial site of Jebel Ali. Towards the southern part of this region, one can find various entertainment destinations such as Dubai Parks and Resorts, The Outlet Village by Meeras, and The Last Exit Jebel Ali South. Additionally, in the vicinity are the bustling commercial hub of Jebel Ali Free Zone and the maritime port known as Jebel Ali Port.




Less than a 13-minute drive away from Downtown Jebel Ali lies The Outlet Village by Meraas, an expansive mall showcasing Italian architecture. This retail haven houses numerous outlet stores of popular international brands.

Dubai hosts several other renowned malls, conveniently located within an 18-minute drive. Among these are Ibn Battuta Mall in Jebel Ali Village and Dubai Marina Mall situated in Dubai Marina.

Mall of the Emirates, an expansive contemporary complex, boasts a diverse array of over 700 stores for shopping and dining. Additionally, it presents the captivating attractions of Ski Dubai and VOX Cinemas. Situated approximately 23 minutes from Downtown Jebel Ali, this mall offers a convenient destination for leisure and entertainment pursuits.


There is a variety of dining options available to residents in the vicinity of Downtown Jebel Ali. P.F Changs, situated inside Dubai Outlet Village Mall, is renowned for its signature dish - dynamite prawns and can be reached within a 13-minute drive. For those who prefer Indian cuisine, Chennai Star Restaurant, Best Deal Restaurant, Foodway Restaurant, Paragon, and Qaserzabeel Restaurant are all conveniently located less than 10 minutes away by car. Additionally, Subway is located at the nearby petrol station in Al Hassa.


Downtown Jebel Ali has two beaches in its vicinity. One of them is Banan Beach, a beach resort that provides various water sports activities, chalets with scenic views of the water, and camping tents. It takes approximately 12 minutes to reach this beach from Downtown Jebel Ali; however, an admission fee is required for entry. On the other hand, there is also a nearby free option called Jebel Ali Beach, although it lacks many of the amenities available at Banan Beach.

Jumeirah Beach, located about 30 minutes away, offers a public beach option that is adequately equipped. It provides fitness equipment, restroom facilities, dining options, and lifeguards for safety.


Notable landmarks encompass the Al Maktoum International Airport and the venue for Expo 2020. It takes approximately a quarter of an hour to reach either site.

Dubai Parks and Resorts, situated near Downtown Jebel Ali, offers a diverse range of theme parks. Motiongate Dubai is an exciting Hollywood-inspired park showcasing rides and games based on beloved characters from Dreamwork Animations, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate. Younger children can enjoy Legoland Dubai and its water-based counterpart, Legoland Waterworld, both featuring exhilarating attractions inspired by the iconic Lego block sets. For those seeking to immerse themselves in the enchantment of Bollywood cinema, Bollywood Parks is the ultimate destination.

Dubai Parks and Resorts encompasses a dining area known as Riverland, which offers both conventional and themed restaurants inspired by the theme park rides. Additionally, in close proximity to the theme parks lies Lapita Hotel - an exquisite Polynesian-themed resort.


Located in the vicinity of Dubai Investment Park, GC East Park offers a serene environment for both children to enjoy playtime and adults to unwind during evenings. A mere 17-minute drive from Downtown Jebel Ali, residents can also explore the neighboring community park and an adjacent children's park for added convenience.

The closest gym to Mia Fitness Center is within a 10 km radius, and there are also several other gyms located near Jebel Ali Industrial Area.

Ladies have the option to visit Mi Amor Beauty Salon, conveniently located only 13 minutes away. Additional salons such as White Feather Beauty Salon, Heydi Ladies Salon, and Solitaire Ladies Salon are also situated a bit further but still easily accessible. On the other hand, men can find Barbers Salon and New Gents Salon within a distance of less than 12 minutes from the vicinity.


Due to ongoing development, the community has not yet organized any events. However, once the project reaches completion, there is a possibility of organizing large-scale community gatherings. Additionally, being in close proximity to the Expo 2020 site allows residents of Downtown Jebel Ali convenient access and an opportunity to partake in this highly anticipated international event.


The construction process in Downtown Jebel Ali is still ongoing, which could lead to noise pollution affecting the residents. Additionally, there is a notable absence of public transportation services in close proximity to the area.