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Since its name implies its purpose, Downtown Dubai serves as the focal point of activity in Dubai, continuously growing and changing at a rapid pace. This bustling area is home to various iconic landmarks and world-renowned attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dancing Fountains. Its central location ensures that Downtown remains lively all year round, drawing in tourists who are constantly provided with new experiences to enjoy. The region has gained fame for providing an opulent way of living and while it was previously predominantly vertical in nature, numerous villas have now been incorporated into its design.

According to Bayut's 2020 Rental Market Report, this area has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for luxury apartment rentals, ranking second only to Dubai Marina.

Situated strategically along Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, across Al Wasl and adjacent to Business Bay, Downtown is encompassed by key commercial and residential zones in the city. With its bustling atmosphere and convenient connectivity, it caters excellently to non-drivers and frequent travelers. Boasting an array of upscale hotels, trendy leisure spots, and expansive shopping centers, Downtown Dubai has become a highly desirable location known as "the center of now."


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Created by Emaar Properties, Downtown Dubai is a well-connected and versatile community that appeals to visitors from around the globe. In terms of real estate options, there are high-end apartments available, making Downtown an exceptional selection for apartment rentals in Dubai. Additionally, one can discover sophisticated penthouses and luxurious villas situated atop podiums within the opulent residential towers.


The region is now a highly sought-after place to live, with renowned landmarks and attractions. The residential options in Downtown Dubai vary in style and size, ranging from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. In the future, there will also be the addition of 5-bedroom flats in upcoming buildings. Like any large-scale project, each tower has its own unique architectural design, such as the traditional Middle Eastern souq-inspired low-rise apartment blocks.

From the historical streets of Old Town to the modern skyscrapers, Downtown Dubai encompasses a diverse range of architectural styles.

The community has undeniably established a standard for contemporary vertical communities. Additionally, there are numerous villas situated at the lower levels of The Residences, Boulevard Point, and other projects. These units vary in size from 3 to 4 bedrooms. Moreover, Opera Grand is a pre-construction venture that presents a unique selection of townhomes available for purchase.

Downtown Dubai entices newcomers to Dubai as well as long-term city dwellers, captivating individuals from various corners of the globe due to its renowned stature and international allure. The vibrant district magnetizes residents irrespective of their length of stay or origin.


Given that the region is predominantly recognized for its abundance of rental properties, numerous undertakings can be contemplated according to one's needs, preference regarding apartment style, and the range of amenities available.

Typically, youthful expatriates opt for leasing compact studios in Downtown Dubai, which span from 455 to 560 square feet. Among the leading options is Burj Al Najoom, a renowned building offering studio rentals. It boasts convenient underground parking and a communal pool. If you desire an affordable yet cozy living space, consider the apartments at Burj Al Najoom project, which feature balconies and encompass 450 square feet.

In Downtown, there are 1-bedroom apartments available for rent ranging from 750 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft. The average yearly rental cost for these units is AED 77k. Located between Burj Khalifa Boulevard and Al Asayel Street, one of the top choices for renting a 1-bedroom flat in Downtown is Burj Views. This building features a three-level basement and six elevators. Individuals seeking pleasant views and an excellent location may want to consider the three-tower project, Burj Views, which offers a stunning view of the Dubai Canal.

With an average rent of AED 122k, the size of 2-bedroom apartments in Downtown Dubai varies from 1,200 sq. ft. to 1,800 sq. ft. These roomy and opulent flats located in Burj Khalifa are highly desirable. As one of the finest developments in Downtown for renting two-bedroom apartments, this tallest building in the world offers numerous upscale amenities along with breathtaking views and a convenient city center location.

To rent larger properties such as 3-bedroom flats in Downtown Dubai, the average annual cost is AED 196k. These spacious units can vary in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to 2,400 sq. ft. On the other hand, a typical 4-bedroom apartment spanning across 2,800 sq. ft. in Downtown may have an average rental price of approximately AED 506k per year.

When it comes to upscale apartment rentals, it is impossible to overlook the assortment of penthouses situated atop skyscrapers in Downtown Dubai, which boast unparalleled vistas. Prospective renters have the option to select from full-floor units, duplex units, and apartments that span across 3,000 sq. ft. Nevertheless, the annual rent will differ depending on these attributes.

In Downtown Dubai, there is a limited availability of villas, which can be found in projects such as Boulevard Point and The Residences. Rent for 3-bedroom villas in this area typically averages AED 212k per year. These properties have a covered area ranging from approximately 2,600 sq. ft. to 3,200 sq. ft., while larger 4-bed units may measure around 5,000 sq. ft. Additionally, there are some reasonably priced 2-bedroom villas available for an average annual rent of AED 161k, as well as duplex properties for rent in Downtown Dubai.


Investors can also discover numerous appealing residential units in Downtown. The average price for a studio apartment on the market is AED 933k, and 1-bedroom apartments are likely to be priced around AED 1.4M. Similarly, if you're interested in purchasing a 2-bedroom flat, expect to spend approximately AED 2.4M. Moreover, there are available 3-bedroom apartments in Downtown Dubai at an average cost of AED 4.1M. If you're looking for a more spacious option, buying a luxurious 4-bedroom apartment with multiple bathrooms and an additional driver's room will amount to about AED 13M in Downtown. What's even more exciting is the presence of upcoming and off-plan projects offering opulent 5-bedroom flats that are projected to have an asking price of around AED 36M

For individuals looking to invest in villas, there is a variety of options available, ranging from two-bedroom to five-bedroom units. The price for a standard two-bedroom villa is approximately AED 3M, while three-bedroom villas in Downtown are sold at AED 6M. Similarly, purchasing a larger four-bedroom villa would require an investment of around AED 8M.


The top return on investment rate, at 5.9%, can be achieved with a studio unit. For one-bedroom units, the ROI is slightly lower at 5.1%. Meanwhile, two-bedroom and four-bedroom units yield a rental return of 4.7%. Close behind are three-bedroom and five-bedroom units, which offer returns of 4.3% and 4.1% respectively.

When it comes to investing in villas, the choices are somewhat limited compared to apartment buildings. The highest return on investment (ROI) for two-bedroom units stands at 3.7%. Meanwhile, four-bedroom villas have the potential to generate profitable returns of 3.3%, while three-bedrooms may yield a rental yield of 3%.


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When considering the popular buildings in Downtown Dubai, it is no surprise that Burj Khalifa ranks first. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in this towering skyscraper costs AED 110k annually, while those seeking more space can expect to pay AED 250k for a three-bedroom flat. Purchasing a three-bedroom apartment can amount to AED 4M. Living in these world-renowned and opulent buildings not only provides residents and investors with undeniable prestige but also offers state-of-the-art recreational facilities and amenities.

amenities and services that cater to one's way of living.

collection of residential towers located near Burj Khalifa. The Address Residence Fountain Views and Burj Al Najoom are also notable options in Downtown Dubai. These buildings epitomize the iconic skyline and waterfront views that define the area. For a remarkable experience, The Address Sky View Towers presents serviced apartments with a direct connection to Dubai Mall. Additionally, The Residences stands out for its opulent luxury apartments.

A complex of nine towers that also includes a limited number of podium villas.


Individuals searching for floor plans in Downtown Dubai have the opportunity to peruse various floor plan options offered for well-liked communities and buildings within the area.


Downtown Dubai, being a vibrant tourist hub, is brimming with a multitude of hotels. A few notable establishments that rank among the finest in this area include:

The Armani Hotel Dubai, a lavish 5-star retreat, stands as the sole of its kind in this area. Positioned across 11 floors within Burj Khalifa, it is the result of an esteemed partnership between Emaar Hotels & Resorts and Giorgio Armani. In contrast, Palace Downtown adorns Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and represents another breathtaking 5-star escape with a tranquil ambiance. Embellished with Middle-Eastern motifs, this haven showcases stunning views of the enchanting Dubai Fountain.

Additionally, in Downtown Dubai, you will discover a selection of Address Hotels such as Address Downtown situated on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Address Dubai Mall, Address Boulevard, Address Sky View, and The Address Fountain. Notably, The Address Boulevard presents guests with seamless access to both the Dubai Mall and the metro station while providing breathtaking vistas of Burj Khalifa.

Situated a bit farther from Burj Khalifa, Manzil Downtown Dubai is an outstanding four-star hotel. It presents its guests with three excellent dining choices and a luxurious pool. On the other hand, Vida Downtown Hotel is a highly regarded boutique accommodation in Dubai's locality that stands out for its tranquil atmosphere and exceptional dining options.


Most, if not all, of the residential flats provide designated parking spots. On the other hand, guests have the option to utilize either the paid parking lots scattered throughout the vicinity or the underground parking situated along Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

In Downtown Dubai, there are numerous public transportation choices available for both residents and visitors.


For individuals who don't own a car, getting around is still convenient in Downtown Dubai. In addition to an abundance of licensed taxis serving the area, public transportation options like bus stops along the F13 route are accessible for those reliant on it.

The Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro Station is a favored option among Dubai Metro users. In addition, Emirates Towers Metro Station is conveniently situated nearby. Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is also traversed by the Dubai Trolley, which operates as the world's inaugural hydrogen-powered trolley for transporting individuals to and from different notable locations in the vicinity. Reflecting its lively and dynamic atmosphere, this neighborhood has been meticulously planned with pedestrian-friendly features, leading to frequent sightings of visitors and residents leisurely walking around the area.



In addition to the expansive Waitrose hypermarket located in the Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai boasts various other supermarkets like Spinneys and Al Maya. Furthermore, smaller grocery stores and corner shops found in towers farther from the mall frequently provide convenient home delivery services.


In order to meet the spiritual requirements of inhabitants, Downtown Dubai offers a variety of mosques such as Souk Al Bahar Mosque and Dubai Mall Mosque. Temples and churches are conveniently located within a 15 to 20-minute drive from this area, including St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oud Mehta. Hindu residents can also find temples in Bur Dubai for their worship needs.


Families that have young children can conveniently locate nearby nurseries. Among the well-known options are Blossom Downtown Nursery Dubai, Pinocchio Nursery, and Hummingbird Nursery. As implied by its name, Blossom Nursery is situated in Downtown whereas the remaining two are just a brief 5 to 6-minute distance away.

For older students, there are schools in nearby areas that can be reached within a 10-minute drive. JSS Private School, located in Al Safa, adopts the CBSE curriculum and has been rated as "Very Good" by the KHDA.

Individuals who wish to pursue higher education will discover that the vicinity of this place is conveniently situated near renowned educational centers in the city. A commute of 20 minutes by car will take you to Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City, which house a multitude of internationally recognized universities.


The downtown area has convenient access to healthcare services. There is a branch of Mediclinic located in Dubai Mall, while Emirates Hospital can be found in the nearby Business Bay. Additionally, pharmacies can be easily accessed at various intervals throughout the community.


Located in en, downtown Dubai serves as the unspoken center of the city, seamlessly linking both historic and contemporary aspects. Positioned off Sheikh Zayed Road amidst the bustling business districts of DIFC and Business Bay, this region finds itself adjacent to Nad Al Sheba towards the east where one can find the renowned Meydan Racecourse. Jumeirah 1 lies westward from this locality, enhancing its diverse surroundings.



Being a tourist is not a prerequisite for experiencing the captivating allure of Downtown Dubai!


In Downtown Dubai, you will find the most renowned and top-notch malls in the city. Therefore, engaging in retail therapy or spending leisure time at these shopping centers are highly favored pastimes in this area.

Dubai Mall

The biggest shopping center in the city, Dubai Mall, houses a wide range of international, regional, and local brands that offer various products such as fashion items, books, and technology. Recently, Fashion Avenue was introduced in Dubai Mall which allows visitors to explore luxurious brands including Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more. In addition to these high-end stores, Dubai Mall also features a hypermarket for grocery shopping, electronics stores for tech enthusiasts, outlets selling home furnishings as well as exclusive dining options.

In addition to shopping, the Dubai Mall offers a variety of enjoyable activities such as dining out, watching movies, and trying out eKart Zabeel. To get started with eKart Zabeel, all you need to do is register and book a ride. Additionally, there are several shisha cafes available in the mall including HuQQa, Cabana, and Dish/Dash. For those looking for a good meal, popular restaurants like India Palace Express, Texas Roadhouse, New Shanghai, and P.F. Chang's can be found in the Dubai Mall. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of eateries or grab coffee and snacks at various cafes like Angelina Tearoom Coffeol or Starbucks.

Souk Al Bahar

In the same elegant atmosphere, another sophisticated shopping option is available at Souk Al Bahar, known for its curated selection of specialized stores. Alongside casual lounges and eateries, this destination boasts over 100 shops that offer a range of products from Arabic perfumes to dried fruits and spices. Visitors can explore authentic local brands while also indulging in delectable dining options such as Shakespeare and Co., Patiala, Karma Kafe, and Claw BBQ – all popular restaurants found within Souk al Bahar.


is truly a food lover's paradise. From trendy bars to cozy eateries, Downtown Dubai offers a diverse range of dining options. Whether you're in the mood for nitrogen-frozen ice cream or a succulent steak, you'll find it all here. The area also boasts hotels like Souk Al Bahar, which house fantastic restaurants and stylish bars. For an unforgettable evening, dine at one of the many restaurants with stunning views of the Dubai Fountain. If you're looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of casual cafes where you can spend time with friends. Without question, this neighborhood is renowned for its exceptional culinary experiences

Downtown Dubai truly offers something for everyone, making it difficult to find a reason to depart! Moreover, Indian expats longing for their homeland will discover numerous Indian restaurants in the area, including Shamiana, Patiala, and Peppermil.

Beaches near Downtown Dubai

Situated on the eastern side of Sheikh Zayed Road, residents in this area won't have the luxury of walking to the beach. Nevertheless, well-designed overpasses provide a convenient solution as driving to the popular public beaches takes just 15 to 20 minutes. For those eager for some water fun without delay, they can simply make their way to the community swimming pool that is available in most towers within Downtown.


Downtown Dubai offers endless possibilities for entertainment. The bustling atmosphere is undeniably one of the main perks of living in this area. Dubai Mall alone boasts a wide range of attractions, including a cinema, theme park, arcade, and ice rink. Additionally, there are numerous children's entertainment venues to keep the little ones entertained. Trampo Extreme provides enjoyable activities for both kids and adults alike. For those looking to catch up with friends, Downtown Dubai also offers shisha cafes as a great meeting spot.

Dubai Opera

Throughout the year, a wide array of international shows, concerts, and events take place at Dubai Opera.

Additionally, Downtown in Dubai boasts a culturally rich atmosphere that includes an outdoor gallery showcasing the works of local artists. As you leisurely explore the picturesque Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, intriguing and diverse art installations sporadically grace your path, alongside a whimsical slide adored by both adults and young children.


Pet enthusiasts can comfortably reside in the community alongside their beloved animals. A tranquil spot called Burj Park serves as a pet-friendly haven within Dubai, ideal for leisurely strolls and recreational activities. Whether it be biking or boating on the lake, there is an array of wholesome pursuits offered at Burj Park that cater to both children and adults alike. Furthermore, this locale garners favor from fitness aficionados who frequently engage in runs or jogs against the backdrop of Downtown's iconic landscape. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages of inhabiting Downtown Dubai lies in its welcoming attitude towards pets.

Downtown Dubai offers a range of outdoor fitness choices. One option is the bicycle rental system, where you can easily pick up a cycle from one station and ride it to another. For those seeking a structured workout routine, residents often make use of the fully-equipped communal gyms or attend popular studios like Fitness First Platinum, Fitness 360, or Flywheel Studio.

A number of luxurious spas and salons are anticipated in this high-end neighborhood. The majority of these can be found in Dubai Mall and its nearby vicinity, with a few even providing medical spa services.


witness the excitement firsthand. Downtown Dubai is renowned for its spectacular New Year's countdown, which attracts a global audience eager to capture and share the breathtaking fireworks through photos and videos. With visitors coming from afar just to experience this iconic event, as well as the popular motorcades of classic cars and parades celebrating UAE National Day, there is always something happening in this vibrant area. Residents can simply take a leisurely walk to the Dubai Fountains and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere without ever encountering a dull moment.

Experience the beauty of a mesmerizing architectural wonder.

In Downtown Dubai, there is also a variety of community-oriented occasions. These include open-air movie viewings, live performances, markets showcasing local products and crafts. In addition to these shared events, individual towers frequently organize exclusive gatherings specifically for their residents all year round.


Despite the numerous advantages it offers, there are a few factors worth pondering before relocating to the district. Due to its popularity as a tourist hotspot, Downtown Dubai experiences congestion during peak seasons. Opting for residence in Downtown Dubai suits individuals ranging from singles to families perfectly. Primarily consisting of luxury apartments, one might luckily come across a handful of reasonably priced alternatives.

FAQs about Downtown Dubai

What is the centre of Dubai?

Dubbed as the 'hub of current times,' Downtown Dubai holds the status of being the heart of Dubai. Positioned amidst both old and new parts of the city, this location ensures convenient connectivity for inhabitants to popular districts such as Bur Dubai, Deira, Dubai Marina, and JLT.

Is Downtown freehold?

Downtown Dubai, being a freehold area in Dubai, provides an array of available apartments and villas for potential residents.

How do you get to Downtown Dubai?

To get to Downtown Dubai from various areas, you have the option of utilizing public transportation such as buses, taxis, or metro rides. The nearest stations available for your convenience are located at Moosa Tower and Emirates Tower.

What time is the Burj Khalifa light show?

The fountain show occurs each day in both the afternoon and evening. Afternoon performances are scheduled for 01:00 pm and 01:30 pm, except on Fridays when they begin at 01:30 pm till 02:00 pm. Evening shows commence from 06:00 pm onwards, with subsequent displays taking place every half hour until 11:00 pm. This captivating spectacle lasts approximately five minutes as the fountains gracefully move to lively music, perfectly synchronized with an impressive array of over 6,000 lights/lasers and 50 color projectors.

Can you walk from Dubai Mall to Dubai Opera?

Downtown Dubai encompasses a walkable district where one can easily stroll from the Dubai Mall to Dubai Opera. Simply locate the nearby exit by the At The Top ticket counter on the ground level, and proceed along the pathway that leads directly from the fountains towards Dubai Opera.

How much is the entry fee for Burj Khalifa?

To gain access to the observation decks on floors 124, 125, and 148 of the Burj Khalifa, visitors must acquire a ticket. Offering unparalleled views of Dubai, the iconic skyscraper stands as the epitome of grandeur. Ticket prices commence at AED 99.