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Dubai's highly anticipated Deira Islands project is a mixed-use waterfront development located off the coast of Dubai. The development consists of four man-made islands and is adjacent to the Deira district. The project was formerly known as Palm Deira and was initially planned as part of the Palm Islands.

commercial properties are available for purchase.

In 2004, Nakheel introduced Palm Deira as a new development. In October 2013, the project was renamed Deira Islands and included plans to build exceptional leisure facilities and resorts such as the Deira Night Souk, Deira Island Towers, Deira Mall and The Central Boulevard. A bridge connecting the islands to mainland opened in December of 2016 making it possible for freehold residential or commercial property investments to be made on Deira Islands.

The plots of land designated for hotel development.




After its construction, Deira Island will become a remarkable tourist attraction and luxurious residential venture in Dubai. It includes not just homes, but also an immense retail area, hotels and resorts. The soon-to-come shopping center will be one of the largest ones in this region when it comes to shopping space. Visitors can expect top-of-the-line beachfront accommodations from international hotel chains. Additionally, there are six large marinas that will cater to boats and yachts.

Properties on Deira Island

apartments, enhancing the hospitality experience for visitors.
Prospective residents can choose from a selection of apartments in 16 buildings situated along the beachfront within the Deira Central Community. With an impressive size of 9 million sq. ft., this community will be at the heart of the island and offer a variety of residential and hospitality developments with modern amenities and entertainment options. More than 50 residential towers will be available, boasting a total area of 29 million sq. ft., providing homes for up to 22,000 apartments and 260 townhouses. Additionally, there is great potential to develop mixed-use plots that will cater specifically to hotels and serviced apartments thereby accentuating visitor experiences.

Deira Island offers a selection of residential dwellings, including apartment complexes, as well as several options for commercial properties available for rent.

Popular Projects on Deira Islands

Deira Central, as its name implies, will be the focal point of the island and will include a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. It's an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful beachfront lifestyle in an affluent residential area that can accommodate up to 250,000 individuals.

Deira Boulevard is a top-notch off-plan undertaking of Nakheel Properties, which entails 16 towers that are grouped into four clusters. These towers comprise approximately 2,924 residential apartments, featuring a variety of options ranging from one to three-bedroom apartments and deluxe townhouses for potential buyers to select from.

Occupying an area of 836,127 sq. km., Deira Boulevard Towers will offer opulent amenities such as fitness centres and swimming pools, recreational facilities, restaurants and a retail section. Each building's podium level can accommodate parking for at least 500 vehicles. Additionally, there are shaded walkways, garden areas, sports courts and multipurpose rooms to be explored. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by Q2 in 2020. Those keen on investing can explore the range of mixed-use plots available on Deira Island along with shops and commercial properties up for sale.


Once fully operational, Deira Islands is set to become one of Dubai's top tourist destinations. Nakheel has partnered with several international hospitality brands to introduce new tourism concepts in the city. The three main projects include:

Nakheel has collaborated with Austria's top self-reliant hotel chain, Vienna House, to establish the Vienna House Deira Beach - a vacation compound valued in millions. The hotel situated at the shore will have 600 rooms that offer breathtaking sceneries.

Meanwhile, in the same vein, RIU Dubai is set to make its debut appearance in the emirate. The establishment will consist of an ocean-facing lodging comprising 800 rooms that cater to families. In addition, seven eating establishments, three pools, a children's play area, a fitness hub and an aquatic theme park are among the offerings available.

In the same vein, a well-known leisure firm based in Thailand, Centara Hotel and Resorts, is set to establish a new outpost on Deira Island. The upcoming establishment, called the Centara Deira Islands Beach Resort Dubai, will have prime access to the beachfront and offer numerous amenities such as 607 spacious rooms alongside various dining options, a kids' club for families with children, an indulgent spa and fitness center for wellness enthusiasts as well as an exciting water park.

Transportation and Parking Spaces on Deira Island

The developer has meticulously designed the road system, walkways, parking areas, and entertainment spaces for Deira Islands, just as they have for their other grand projects. To connect residents to the neighboring Deira district across the coastline, there is a 600 meter-long bridge with twelve lanes. Additionally, three bridges span over the Water Canal providing easy access to the development by both land and water transport.


Supermarkets on Deira Islands

The Deira Central Boulevard retail center will feature a row of shops and convenient stores for the convenience of those residing in Boulevard Towers who need to purchase groceries and other essential items.

Churches, Temples and Mosques on Deira Islands

Additionally, there will be a total of 26,000 square feet of built-up area dedicated to two mosques on the island. These religious spaces have the capacity for up to 1,000 residents to pray simultaneously.

Clinics and Hospitals near Deira Island

At present, medical facilities are not available in the vicinity. However, the island is linked to the mainland which offers a plethora of choices. Deira boasts numerous hospitals that can be easily reached via the bridge. Among these options are distinguished establishments such as Dubai Hospital and Kuwait Hospital.


Deira Island is situated adjacent to Port Rashid and Dubai Maritime City, with convenient access points via road bridges linking the island to Deira Corniche and the central district. Additionally, Al Mamzar Beach Park and Al Hamriya Port are located in close proximity to the island.



Malls on Deira Island

The upcoming Deira Mall will be an extensive retail destination, occupying more than 4.5 million square feet of space. It will accommodate a wide variety of businesses including over 1,000 stores, restaurants, cafes and recreational facilities distributed among three floors. In addition to this, the mall is being built with an eight-level parking garage that can hold up to 8,400 vehicles. A remarkable feature of the mall is its retractable roof which provides shoppers with an exceptional open-air shopping experience. Visitors can also explore other prominent malls in Deira from here.

Restaurants on Deira Island

The main draw of the archipelago is The Night Market, which takes inspiration from the classic Arabian Souk but has a contemporary twist. Offering an impressive selection of over 5,000 retail outlets, it also boasts a variety of dining options including 100 waterfront cafes and restaurants.

Deira Island Marinas

The island offers a serene beach lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. At the entrance of Deira Night Market lies a marina spanning 47,000 sq. ft., which provides inland canals for residents and visitors to enjoy. The island boasts six marina berths that can accommodate over 600 boats and yachts. Additionally, an exclusive VIP berth covering approximately 17,000 sq. ft. is available for fourteen yachts.


The island's Night Market stands out as a significant attraction and point of interest. Along with numerous stores, renowned franchises, and a variety of seaside eateries, it will also host various recreational options. Deira Night Market is reputed to be among the most extensive night markets in the UAE and will present over 12 options for leisurely pursuits.


The boulevard linking the residential area with the mall boasts a plethora of conveniences such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and parking areas. Furthermore, Deira Central will introduce numerous family-oriented leisure amenities such as versatile sports courts, skateparks, play areas, fitness centers and green spaces.


The Night Market on the island will soon be home to an exciting new attraction, the Zombie Apocalypse Park. Developed by Nakheel Malls and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, this park covers 65,000 sq. ft. and offers a range of thrilling activities such as a spooky corn maze, live performances in glowing spaces with battles, trampolines, apocalypse attack simulations and much more. The highly anticipated Zombie Park is set to be one of Dubai's hottest leisure destinations upon its opening.


At present, the masterplan excludes the building of educational institutions. Its focus is primarily on attracting tourists and individuals seeking a fresh escape in Dubai. Upon its finalization, Deira Island will be a full-fledged vacation spot that offers upscale residential choices.

FAQs about Deira Islands

What is Palm Deira?

Initially dubbed as Palm Deira, the group of four islands in Deira underwent a redesign by Nakheel and were subsequently branded as Deira Island in October 2008. The revised blueprint included an assortment of lavish accommodations, dining establishments, and resorts on the mainland that were slated for public unveiling during EXPO 2020.

What happened to Palm Jebel Ali?

Palm Jebel Ali is still an ongoing megaproject that has yet to commence construction, as confirmed by its developer Nakheel.

How many palms are there in Dubai?

The Palm Islands are a collection of three artificial islands located along the Dubai coastline. These consist of Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali.