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ABOUT Coursetia

Located within the Akoya Oxygen development, which is also referred to as Akoya O2, Coursetia forms one of the residential clusters. This master development by DAMAC Properties is subdivided into different zones based on property type and architectural style. Among these zones is Coursetia, which comprises 162 independent villas consisting of duplexes and triplexes. The sub-community boasts a range of thrilling lifestyle amenities that make it an ideal investment opportunity for families seeking a luxurious home away from the city's hustle and bustle.

The master plan for the project reveals details about the growth of villas and townhouses. Residential plots will also be available for personalized construction. Although some parts of the sub-community are still in progress, potential investors can discover worthwhile opportunities with off-plan properties on offer in Coursetia. This guide to living in Coursetia Villas, Akoya Oxygen covers various aspects of residing there.




Located in a serene environment, Akoya O2 is a tranquil community. Nestled amidst verdant landscapes and golf courses, the residential enclave of Coursetia boasts an array of detached dwellings. Positioned adjacent to Aster and Albizia, it presents several noteworthy attractions.

The prestigious community boasts an 18-hole golf course and accompanying clubhouse. Additionally, top-tier lodging and dining options will be provided for both visitors and avid golfers alike. Security measures include a gated entrance with round-the-clock monitoring.


The Coursetia community exclusively features villas, with a grand total of 162 independent units available. The majority of these units will be duplex style homes, while the remaining options are triplex villas. Interested buyers seeking a luxurious residence away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai's city center can choose from various house sizes including four, five or six bedrooms. Each unit comes complete with dedicated parking spaces and other amenities, encompassing an area ranging between 2,500 sq.ft to 3,500 sq.ft. Investing in one of the Coursetia villas will require an approximate payment sum of AED 1.85M.

The smallest possible size for a unit with five bedrooms.


Motorists can arrive at Jebel Ali Lehbab Road (E77) in approximately 9-10 minutes, which provides a connection to Dubai - Al Ain Road (E66). Continuing on this route leads to Emirates Road (E611), providing effortless access to the mainland. Additionally, inhabitants of Coursetia will have exclusive porches available for parking convenience.

Public Transportation in Coursetia

In terms of public transportation options around Coursetia, there are some bus stations located on Al Ain Road. However, it may be necessary to drive or take a taxi to reach them. The two nearest stations are Umm Nahad Station 1 and 2, which can be reached in about 12 minutes by car. These stations serve buses 66 and 67, providing connections to important areas of Dubai such as Arabian Ranches, Dubai Investments Park (DIP), and Al Maktoum International Airport.


SUPERMARKETS near Coursetia

Individuals residing at Coursetia Villas can conveniently go to Carrefour Hypermarket, located 6 minutes away by car, for their grocery needs. Additionally, MMic Store and Soor Al Madina Supermarket are within reach in a mere 12 to 14-minute drive.

MOSQUES near Coursetia

In an effort to accommodate Muslim residents within the cluster, prayer areas will be established. Presently, there is a nearby mosque called Abdullah Mosque Umm Nahad located in Coursetia, while Sheikh Khalifa Mosque can be reached in approximately 11 minutes.

Nurseries and SCHOOLS near Coursetia

At present, Akoya Oxygen does not have any established educational facilities. The nearest alternative can be found in the form of nursery schools located in Arabian Ranches area. These options include:

Wonder Years Nursery can be found in Remraam, Step by Step is located in Layan Community, and Blossom Mudon Nursery is situated in Mudon. The Arabian Ranches Nursery is also positioned at a similar distance. As for schools catering to older children:

South View School in Remraam is a noteworthy choice, whereas the other two alternatives are roughly 25 minutes distant from Coursetia.


Arrangements are being made to establish unique clinics and hospitals within Akoya O2, ensuring that medical amenities will be more accessible for Coursetia residents. Presently, the available healthcare facility is Mediclinic situated in Arabian Ranches.


Coursetia is situated in close proximity to the Aster cluster within Akoya Oxygen, Dubai. It can be reached within approximately 11 minutes from the entrance, where one can find Al Qudra Desert and Janusia. The properties within this sub-community are discreetly located, as with all other similar areas within the development. Additionally, there are neighboring communities nearby Coursetia as well.

The residential area known as Arabian Ranches is situated half an hour away from Coursetia. Additionally, Akoya O2 has Reem and Remraam as its adjacent communities.



MALLS IN Coursetia

The Akoya masterplan entails constructing shopping centers for locals. Among the nearby choices are Dubai Outlet Mall and Mira Town Center.


Prior to the establishment of dining establishments in the main development, inhabitants have the option to visit Mudon and Reem for dining. In these regions, there are a number of well-liked restaurants such as Little Neighbourhood Restaurant, Abatjour Bistro and Fifth Circle Cafe.


Unlike other areas in Dubai, Akoya Oxygen doesn't have any sandy beaches. However, it offers a peaceful atmosphere with homes nestled among verdant foliage, gardens, and water features like sprinklers and fountains. For those willing to take a long drive, Jumeirah Public Beach is an excellent option for a weekend retreat with loved ones.


The inhabitants of Coursetia will have easy access to the 18-hole Trump International Golf Course, which is equipped with a pro-shop, eateries, clubhouse and lodging facilities.

For those seeking tranquility, Al Qudra Lake is available in Coursetia. Additionally, Akoya Oxygen plans to incorporate a Rainforest around the central area, ensuring that there are no dull days in this community.

For those who have an interest in the history and culture of Arabia, a visit to Al Marmoom Heritage Village in Dubai may prove worthwhile. Additionally, this location serves as a host for cultural events on a yearly basis.


All clusters in Akoya offer various amenities such as playgrounds, fountains, and jogging tracks. Additionally, the overall plan includes fitness centers with gym facilities and pools. Moreover, a desert-inspired spa and yoga center will be conveniently located within walking distance from most residential clusters.


Currently, Coursetia is in the midst of being built and it is anticipated to be finished by the conclusion of 2020. The establishment will provide a variety of high-end duplex and triplex villas for those looking to buy or rent a home. Prospective residents can choose from units with 4, 5, or 6 bedrooms. Additionally, potential investors may want to explore purchasing townhouses located in the Coursetia cluster within Akoya Oxygen.