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Situated in DAMAC Lagoons, Costa Brava comprises of Spanish-designed residences. This subdivision features 3-7 bedroom townhouses and villas with a beachfront location. Known as the "Adrenaline Hub," visitors can partake in zip-lining, wave-riding, rock climbing and kayaking activities. Its proximity to Hessa Street allows for effortless access to top business and recreational locations within the city.




The Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons offers a unique residential experience, featuring homes along the water's edge and an array of activities suitable for individuals of all ages. This community is situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life but conveniently located just a brief drive from Emirates Road, E611.

Residents of Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons can indulge in a plethora of outdoor activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle. They have the option to zip across the water or kayak. Those seeking adventure can explore the underwater world at an indoor snorkelling facility or experience rising and falling on the Aqua wall. Additionally, there is a giant swing and beautiful landscaping to enjoy.

Costa Brava Masterplan

Damac Lagoon's Costa Brava Villas pay homage to the stunning Mediterranean city by combining opulent living with exciting exploration. The design draws from the picturesque coastal area of Spain known as Costa Brava, where dwellings are encompassed by serene blue lagoons.

The community's villas and townhomes offer various standout amenities, including a hammock floor, rooftop access, and an Adrenaline Room. Additionally, residents can take advantage of the boardwalk and water-based activities like kayaking or enjoying the aqua wall and giant swing located above the water as part of the shared facilities.

Properties in Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons Dubai

A variety of properties are available for purchase in Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons Dubai. Prospective buyers have the option to select from villas and townhouses with three to seven bedrooms, all of which offer different floor plans. Ranging from 2,012 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft., these two to three-story dwellings include a spacious living area, fitted kitchen, maid's quarters as well as a rooftop terrace.

Costa Brava Floor Plans

Individuals keen on purchasing villas and townhouses within the sub-community can peruse through Costa Brava floor plans available on Bayut's online platform.

Sales Trends in DAMAC Lagoon Costa Brava Villas

Potential buyers have the option to select from either villas or townhouses located in Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons. The cost of each unit is determined by the type of configuration and plot location.

Similarly, DAMAC Lagoons offers larger living spaces such as 6-bedroom Costa Brava Villas priced at approximately AED 4M. On the other hand, investing in a 7-bedroom Costa Brava villa within DAMAC Lagoons could exceed AED 7M.

Listed below are the price ranges for units of townhouses in the vicinity.

As the neighborhood is categorized under freehold areas in Dubai, individuals from non-GCC countries are also eligible to acquire property.

Payment Plan

Investors and end-users can take advantage of DAMAC Properties' adaptable payment scheme. Book a villa or townhouse in the community with just 19% down payment, followed by twelve instalments to cover 50% of the cost. The final settlement of 30% will be required upon completion.


FAQs about Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons

Where is Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons located?

The DAMAC Lagoons development in the heart of its off-plan community features Costa Brava as one of its key components.

Is Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons completed?

The DAMAC Lagoons development in Costa Brava is currently underway and an official announcement regarding the handover date will be made shortly.

What is the sale price of properties in Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons?

The cost to purchase a villa or townhouse in Costa Brava DAMAC Lagoons begins at AED 1.4M and can escalate to as much as AED 15M.

The image showcased is sourced from DAMAC Properties.