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Abu Dhabi's famous Corniche Road stretches for 9 kilometers and is home to the equally popular Abu Dhabi Corniche - a well-equipped public beach that hosts an array of fitness activities, entertainment events, and social gatherings.

With its numerous well-manicured walkways and green spaces, this area along the waterfront is also flanked by an extensive row of towering structures that add to the allure of Abu Dhabi's cityscape.




The Corniche Road vicinity is a self-sufficient neighborhood that offers an abundance of residential options. While it is a popular destination for visitors due to its lavish amenities and events, the rental rates for homes along this road are reasonably priced. Although villas are not often available, there are numerous waterfront apartments with spacious living quarters to choose from.


Positioned at the extreme westward tip of Corniche Road, Al Ras Al Akhdar peninsula is home to the opulent properties found along this road. This region hosts a range of towering structures, encompassing both business and living high-rises , such as those of Etihad Towers.

Corniche Road boasts high-rise buildings housing residential apartments. While there are no available properties for purchase, if you're seeking a flat rental on Corniche Road, the options abound. From luxurious studios to multi-bedroom layouts, the diversity of rental properties here caters to a range of preferences and budgets. The most upscale units come in the form of fully furnished penthouse suites located in Etihad Tower 1, which are additionally serviced by Jumeirah at Etihad Tower Hotel.

Rental Trends in Corniche Road Area

Studios on Corniche Road have covered areas ranging from 550 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft., with rental prices starting at AED 45k per year and going up to AED 100k per year. Meanwhile, 1-bed apartments come with either one or two bathrooms, a decently sized kitchen, and a spacious living room, and are available in sizes between 670 sq. ft. and 1,342 sq. ft.. The annual cost for renting a one-bedroom apartment starts at AED 55k per year.

On Corniche Road, the average annual rental price for 2-bed flats is AED 115k. On the other hand, 3-bed apartments boast a wider range of prices that start at AED 80k and go up to AED 380k annually. These luxurious serviced apartments provide stunning panoramic views of both the sea and Corniche Road. If you're searching for more space, consider a larger property like a 4-bed unit which also varies in cost between AED 100k to AED330k per year.

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The highly sought-after structure on Corniche Road is the Etihad Tower, with an average rental cost of AED 91k for 1-bedroom units. Following closely behind in popularity is Baynuna Tower 1, and then Corniche Tower where the rental price averages at AED 77.5k for 1-bedroom units. The remaining buildings to make the list are Bay Tower, Golden Tower, and Landmark Tower.

majestic skyscrapers that make up the Etihad Towers complex, situated across from the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The development of this iconic structure was undertaken by Sheikh Suroor Projects Department and designed by DBI Design. Tower 1 is renowned for its luxurious accommodations, offering a total of 382 hotel suites and 199 serviced apartments. Meanwhile, Tower 2 stands as the second-tallest building in Abu Dhabi. In contrast, Towers 2, 4 and 5 are exquisite towers with no additional purposes beyond their breathtaking beauty within the complex.

Tower 3 is solely composed of commercial areas, primarily office spaces, unlike the other buildings in the area, which are residential towers.

There are several apartment buildings on Corniche Road that provide residential properties, such as Baynuna Tower 1, Nation Residences, Corniche Tower, Bay Tower and Bel Ghailam Tower.

The Landmark Tower, which is the third tallest building in Abu Dhabi, was created by the American firm Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. It is a 72-story mixed-use property that reaches a height of 324 meters and features 18 high-speed elevators, as well as 140 apartments and almost 1,000 parking spaces.


The availability of ample parking facilities in close proximity to commercial areas, such as the Khalidiya Parking Lot near Nation Towers and another near Mohammed Bin Saif Mosque, makes car parking a non-issue for people.

Public Transportation near Corniche Road

Commuters can access a few bus stations situated on Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street for transportation choices along Corniche Road.


Supermarkets near Corniche Road

In the vicinity of Corniche Road, one can find several supermarkets for day-to-day necessities. For instance, Choithrams situated near Oryx Hotel and Royal City Marketplus are popular choices. Additionally, there exist various others that are merely a short drive away from Corniche Road such as Lulu Express, Carrefour City, and SPAR Express Khalidiya. If you're on the lookout for organic produce options, Organics Food and Café located on the second floor of Nation Towers could be just what you need to fulfill your requirements.

Churches, Temples and Mosques near Corniche Road

In the central region of the city, several Christian places of worship can be found such as St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Church of St. Anthony, St. Andrew’s Church and Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church. For Sikh worshippers, New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi is conveniently located in the Mussafah community which takes about 27 minutes to drive to. However, Hindu residents will need to travel to Dubai if they wish to visit a temple.

Several mosques in the vicinity of Corniche Road include Mohammed Bin Saif Mosque, ADNOC Mosque, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Mosque, and Butti Bin Khadim Mosque.

Schools and Universities near Corniche Road

conveniently situated close to Corniche Road. This school offers the German curriculum. All three schools provide excellent education and have a reputation for academic excellence, making them desirable choices for families in Abu Dhabi looking for quality education options near the Corniche Road area.

Regarded as a leading educational institution in Abu Dhabi.

The local area has several educational facilities for preschoolers such as Baby Bird Nursery, Tiny Dreams Nursery, and Soft Steps Nursery. Additionally, other institutes near Corniche Road include 3FOLD Education Centre, Berlitz Khalidiya, and International Music Institute.

Clinics and Hospitals near Corniche Road

In the vicinity of Corniche Road, you can find various medical establishments such as The Doctors Medical Centre, Capital Health, and First Global Clinic. There are also additional healthcare facilities available like Quality Dent Medical Centre, Al Hosn One Day Surgery Centre, and ADNOC Medical Centre.

The Al Khalidiyah district houses the renowned King's College Hospital, which is globally recognized for its exceptional medical services.


Situated opposite Al Sahil Beach, Al Khalidiyah is a neighborhood that stretches towards the south of Corniche Road. This culturally rich area boasts several facilities, including Al Khalidiyah Park and Khalidiyah Mall.

Located on the northeastern side of Corniche Road is downtown Abu Dhabi, which serves as a bustling hub for the capital and boasts high-end hotels. Adjacent districts include Al Bateen, Khalidiya Village, and Al Zaab.



Malls near Corniche Road

Nation Towers Galleria, a mall situated near Corniche Road, is a luxurious shopping spot also referred to as a 'boutique mall'. It boasts of several high-end car brands like Lamborghini and Porsche Design along with top-of-the-line dining options such as Leopold's of London and Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor. Khalidiyah Mall, another popular shopping destination only 9 minutes away from Corniche Road, is favoured by locals as well.

Located a short distance from Abu Dhabi's coastline, Marina Village is home to one of the capital's biggest malls - Marina Mall. This four-storey complex features an impressive array of activities, relaxation options and fashion retailers, as well as a fitness centre, medical facility and Carrefour hypermarket.

Restaurants near Corniche Road

Corniche Road offers a wide range of dining options, from casual eateries to high-end restaurants and poolside snacks. You'll find an abundance of choices here, including popular spots like Buffalo Wings and Rings, Johnny Rockets, Zyara, and many others.

Emirates Palace Hotel's Le Vendome presents a sumptuous buffet for lunch and dinner that includes dishes from all around the world, as well as Arabia. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers' Li Beirut Restaurant is another fine dining option, featuring the best of contemporary and classic Lebanese cuisine. The capital also has an exciting new beachfront restaurant called Asia de Cuba, which adds a fun and distinctive touch to its culinary landscape.

Escape Restaurant, situated at the luxurious Hiltonia Beach Club and boasting stunning views of the picturesque Corniche waters, provides an idyllic retreat where one can relish a combination of cheeses and cocktails while taking in the breathtaking sunset.


-bathers, with three different sections overseen by BAKE. Gate 2 is a peaceful area for families while Gate 3 caters to families and children. Al Sahil Beach (Gate 1) is reserved for singles and groups. The beach has earned the prestigious Blue Flag status due to its adherence to international standards of cleanliness, water quality and safety. Situated near Corniche Road, this stunning beach can accommodate up to 600 sunbathers at a time.

There are 27 cabanas for families and a number of loungers that can be rented.


With a built-up area that surpasses 160,000 sq. m., the UAE Presidential Palace alongside Qasr Al Watan (which is accessible to the public) occupies a location in Al Ras Al Akhdar, merely a 9-minute distance from this vicinity.

Marina Mall offers a multitude of recreational options, such as Emirates Bowling Village, BOUNCE Trampoline Park and VOX Cinemas with nine screens for avid film enthusiasts.

The Observation Deck at 300, located on the 74th floor of Tower 2 in Etihad Towers, is Abu Dhabi's tallest viewpoint. With a height of 984 feet (300 meters), it provides an exceptional aerial view of the corniche, cityscape, and impressive Arabian Gulf. The platform serves as a popular sightseeing spot for visitors seeking a bird's eye perspective.

and water obstacles that provide endless fun for all ages.

En: Spanning over 80,000 sq. m. along the Abu Dhabi Corniche, Al Bahar is a dynamic beachfront destination housing almost 50 outlets offering leisure, retail and dining experiences in addition to hosting concerts and community events. A sprawling waterpark called Aquafun floats just off the shore boasting an 'I heart AD' design visible from satellites; it's a relatively new waterfront attraction cherished by locals of all ages as it presents numerous ramps, bridges, slides and other water obstacles providing endless entertainment opportunities.

A popular destination for families and children, as well as those seeking an active and enjoyable day out, is A'l Bahar. In addition to the beloved beachside trio of steps, balloons, and monkey bars, this location offers various sports amenities including outdoor fitness equipment, football fields, and courts for beach volleyball and basketball.


various outdoor recreational activities. The Corniche Road offers a variety of options for outdoor enthusiasts, including pedestrian pathways, bike tracks, green spaces, and food kiosks. A boardwalk is available for walkers and runners to use while a separate track is designated for cycling. FunRideSports has four rental stations along the road where you can rent bikes starting at AED 30 per hour. These amenities divide the beach park from the pathway and busy street.

The rate for children is AED 20 per hour, while adults are charged the same amount.

Corniche Road boasts of not just sparkling waters and pristine sandy beaches but also a range of spacious gardens and landscaped recreational areas. Among them are Al Khubeirah Garden, Family Park, Urban Park, Lake Park, Formal Park, and Recreation Park.

In addition to the Al Bahar Abu Dhabi Corniche, there are other fitness options available in this newly developed beachfront community. One such option is Bodytree Yoga studio which offers health and wellness classes. Another unique fitness facility is Haddin's outdoor beach gym concept called 'Fitness by the Shore', located in the heart of the community.

Corniche Road is brimming with a plethora of beauty salons and spas, offering ample choices for both men and women who wish to luxuriate in indulgent self-care. Among these establishments are Sugar Beauty Salon, Sky Gents Saloon, and Victoria Spa and Salon.


The Mother of the Nation Festival is a major cultural celebration in UAE that offers visitors a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Every year, it lights up the skies above Corniche Road with spectacular firework displays and presents a diverse array of activities, including musical shows and performances from 4 pm until midnight. The festival includes six distinct zones that offer something for everyone to enjoy.

The attraction captivates people of all generations, showcasing a virtual realm where nature comes alive through interactive means.

En: Presents an assortment of culinary options from diverse food carts and delivers a one-of-a-kind shopping encounter through conventional stores.

The center of attention at the Mother of the Nation festival is here, where both local and international artists are showcasing their talents for all to see.

Decorating the coast, there exists an urban area for dining that provides multiple food choices at kiosks, food trucks and restaurants.

Promoting ideals of compassion, eco-friendliness, originality, and amazement, the Progress Zone offers enjoyable pursuits like gardening, art-making, bungee-jumping, and numerous additional diversions.

The pavilion showcase offers a motivational journey through the achievements of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, emphasizing her significant efforts in advancing women's empowerment throughout the UAE.


Residing in the vicinity of the beach may be alluring, yet it is essential to weigh certain factors prior to relocating. Specifically, Corniche Road stands as one of Abu Dhabi's liveliest and most popular locations, which may result in challenges regarding traffic and parking for inhabitants.