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Located in the heart of The Sustainable City in Dubai, Cluster 2 is a sub-community that prioritizes eco-friendliness. One of five clusters comprising the first zero-energy project developed in the United Arab Emirates, it is designed to provide families with comfortable and clean living while conserving energy.

This self-sufficient community takes a three-pronged approach to sustainability, encompassing social, environmental, and economic aspects. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of each unit to harness energy from natural sources. The transportation system in Cluster 2 is well-connected and convenient for residents, eliminating any commuting concerns.



En: Cluster 2 is a family-oriented neighborhood that promotes cleanliness and environmental friendliness. It provides convenient access to key establishments, including supermarkets, eateries, and a mosque.

Famous attractions within Cluster 2 comprise of:

Buffer Zone is an ideal location for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits like running and biking, as there are a variety of trails in the vicinity.


The residential villas in Cluster 2 showcase a contemporary and eco-conscious architectural style, accompanied by an exclusive garden area. Moreover, the properties within this cluster are equipped with solar panels that generate electricity.


The Sustainable City - Main Entrance, located 5 minutes away, is the nearest bus stop to Cluster 2.

The Mall of the Emirate Metro Station is the closest metro stop to Cluster 2, located 19 minutes away.

In Cluster 2, there are numerous parking spots designated for residents. However, visitors have their own distinct area to park in.



In Cluster 2, there are three supermarkets in close proximity. The first option is Zoom Supermarket located within the community itself. Carrefour Market located in Arabian Ranches 2 can be accessed within four minutes. Choithrams Supermarket in Layan Community is also available for residents to visit and is situated seven minutes away from this sub-community.


Cluster 2 is home to The Sustainable City Mosque, also known as Al Madina Al Mustadama Masjid. Additionally, the Arabian Ranches Mosque can be found in the nearby community of Arabian Ranches 2, which is only a 4-minute drive from Cluster 2.


The Sustainable City has a diverse population and multiple nearby religious establishments.

The Al Barsha community is home to a few churches close to Cluster 2. Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte can be reached by car in approximately 16 minutes, while Emirates Baptist Church is located about 21 minutes away.

Sikh individuals residing in Cluster 2 will need to journey for 23 minutes to reach the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara, located in Jebel Ali.


There are several educational opportunities in close proximity to the sub-division.

In the vicinity of Cluster 2, there are several nurseries available.

CreaKids Nursery, which is a member of the Læringsverkstedet Centres, was founded in 2013 and serves children between the ages of 2 and 6. It's situated just a short 3-minute distance from the sub-community.

Within Cluster 2's vicinity, there are educational institutions nearby.

Ranches Primary School is a worldwide academic establishment that prioritizes creating a safe and hospitable atmosphere for children. It offers foundational and primary curriculums with the goal of inspiring, fostering, and stimulating students.

Fairgreen International School provides a scholarly setting that encourages its pupils to develop problem-solving capabilities and analytical thinking. The institution implements the International Baccalaureate curriculum, while also offering an extracurricular program aimed at fostering leadership skills, promoting physical health and well-being among learners.

Individuals residing in Cluster 2 can choose from several nearby universities if they want to further their education. The University of Balamand Dubai, situated in Dubai Investment Park, is just a 19-minute drive away. Alternatively, there's Concordia University which can be reached by driving for around 20 minutes and is located in Dubai Production City.


There are a number of medical facilities in proximity to Cluster 2, including:

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital provides a range of 35 consultant-led clinical services spanning from primary to tertiary care. Examplary services consist of fast-track appointments for children, round-the-clock paediatric emergency department and plastic as well as reconstructive surgery.

In proximity to Cluster 2, there are multiple clinics available for your convenience. The Chiron Clinic in The Sustainable City is located 550 meters away and can be easily accessed. Another option is the Aster Clinic in Arabian Ranches 2, which only takes approximately four minutes to reach. Two additional nearby clinics include Apex Medical & Dental Clinic in Motor City and Mediclinic in Arabian Ranches.


Cluster 2 is in close proximity to various residential neighborhoods and entertainment hotspots.

Cluster 2 is accompanied by residential communities in its vicinity, namely:

Located north of Cluster 2 are the communities of Arabian Ranches 2, Arabian Ranches, and Al Barsha.

Near Cluster 2, there are several options for entertainment destinations.

Cluster 2's vicinity is a hub for diverse entertainment options. The Dubai Miracle Garden can be reached in just 9 minutes while the Dubai Autodrome, designed for high-speed racing events, is only an 8-minute drive away. Cheeky Monkeys in Arabian Ranches, a popular amusement centre for children with its multi-level play area and delectable cuisine, stands at a mere distance of 4 minutes from this location.




Near Cluster 2, various shopping options are available. The Sustainable Plaza stands as the closest choice and serves as a communal venue for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Additionally, other well-known malls are situated in this vicinity.

The Ranches Souk, located just two minutes away from the property, boasts a diverse range of shops and dining establishments. This mini-mall has something for everyone, whether you're in need of school project materials or costumes for dress-up. Additionally, there are plenty of options for fast food lovers at The Ranches Souk, including McDonald's and KFC among others.

Located just a brief 6-minute distance from Cluster 2, the Leisure Centre at Arabian Ranches 2 provides an array of amenities for children. This includes play areas, music and dance classes, as well as day-care services and even a kid's salon! Moreover, the Leisure Centre is committed to fostering community spirit through various events and festive celebrations.

The Mudon Community Centre is located just 7 minutes away and offers a variety of shops and dining options. Among the popular choices is WOFL Dessert Parlor, which serves delectable sweet and savory waffles as well as coffee to their customers.


In the vicinity of Cluster 2, there are a variety of dining establishments available such as:

Near Cluster 2, one can find casual dining restaurants such as 800 Pizza where you can enjoy pizza, salads, soups and desserts. Additionally, there is Spill the Bean coffee shop which offers wholesome food items in addition to their specialty of coffee.


In close proximity to Cluster 2 lie favorite beaches, for instance, the Jumeirah Beach (a 24-minute commute), Sunset Beach (20 minutes away) and Kite Beach (23 minutes away). The Jumeirah beach is acknowledged for its open-air workout amenities as well as separate lanes to jog or cycle. On the other hand, Sunset Beach boasts a serene setting with an enchanting view. Finally, there's Kite Beach, which presents various food alternatives alongside outdoor amusements.


The nearby points of interest consist of:

In close proximity to Cluster 2 lies The Sustainable City Equestrian Club, only an 8-minute journey away. It boasts a plethora of skills and expertise in horse riding lessons, catering to individuals aged three years old and above. With 62 professionally trained Arabian horses available for use, the club offers beginner learners a half-hour session while intermediate riders receive instruction tailored towards their ability level for 45 minutes.

Additionally, nearby is Magic Planet which draws in both children and adults alike. This amusement center caters to kids with its play area, small rides, soft play section, and gaming options. Visitors can also choose from a variety of dining options while at the park.

Another option is to explore the Global Village, a vast international park located 15 minutes away. This destination boasts shopping and culinary experiences from ninety different countries worldwide. The site offers several attractions, including daily festivities, an outdoor market, and twenty-seven interactive pavilions with fresh exhibitions annually. However, it's important to note that the Global Village operates exclusively for six months per year - specifically from late October until mid-April.


A few establishments in the vicinity are:

Group 2 is situated near the Buffer Zone and is highly favored by locals due to its various outdoor recreational opportunities, such as jogging or cycling amid 2,500 dispersed trees. Additionally, this sub-neighborhood is in proximity to The Farm - a park spanning throughout the city with eleven greenhouses called bio-domes.

The Fitness First gym located in Arabian Ranches 2 is a well-equipped fitness center that offers both free weights and cardio machines. Additionally, there are several other gyms situated close to Cluster 2 including the Layan Community Gym, VLCC Gym, and Fitness First (Athletic Concept) Gym.

Encompassing the local vicinity are establishments offering hair and beauty services such as salons and spas.

In the vicinity of Cluster 2, there are various Salons and Spa options available for your convenience. Show Style Beauty Salon (located only a minute away) provides services such as haircuts, highlights, and more. For affordable haircut and grooming solutions, Hair Touch Gents Salon (also situated just one minute away) is an excellent choice. Meanwhile, Sea Salt Spa (only a minute's walk from the area) specialises in body massages as well as hand and foot treatments.


Cluster 2 and The Sustainable City are recognized for their vibrant community gatherings. Numerous occasions, including Chinese New Year, Halloween, and Earth Hour, are celebrated in this region.


To stay informed on community happenings and fresh updates, individuals can become a member of the parent Facebook group known as "The Sustainable City."


The Sustainable City's nature-friendly community includes Cluster 2, which is an ideal location for families. Due to limited availability of properties for sale or rent, the selection process may be restricted.