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be top-notch and will cater to the needs of its residents, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Camellia is nestled within this expansive community, offering residents privacy and peace while still being in close proximity to all the necessary facilities.

The villa community of Camellia can be found in Ajman Uptown with its villas boasting designs inspired by French architecture. It enjoys a great location along Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311) highway. The 4 million sq. ft master community of Ajman Uptown primarily comprises villas and townhouses complemented by commercial and residential buildings nearby. It plans on having many hospitals, schools, shopping malls as well as 5-star hotels for residents' convenience. With state-of-the-art amenities available to provide luxurious comfort, Camellia offers privacy and tranquility amidst all necessary facilities within reach."

Additionally, the amenities consist of a fitness center and elegant workspaces.

In the vicinity lies a bustling shopping district brimming with numerous commercial shops and showrooms. These establishments adorn a walkway spanning over one kilometer along Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. As for Ajman Uptown, only Camellia boasts an array of villas and townhouses to choose from.




The Camellia community comprises 4-bedroom properties that offer a variety of standard features.

The Camellia community comprises numerous villas and townhouses that are fully enclosed. The developers have planned for the area to be an eco-friendly and self-sustaining enclave. Solar energy will power all street lighting throughout the community, and residents can make use of recycling and waste management facilities as well.


The dwellings in Camellia with four bedrooms have multiple amenities such as a parking area and two sitting rooms, along with a storage area. These townhouses and villas are distributed over three levels. The first floor offers ample living and dining areas inclusive of a guest bathroom, as well as the garden and parking spaces. Moving up to the second level, there are two bedrooms accompanied by their own bathrooms, another seating space, and even an intimate balcony. Additionally, the third storey contains two more bedrooms complete with en-suite bathrooms plus an expansive balcony.

The size of the villas ranges from 2,300 to 2,900 square feet.


Once the projects in Ajman Uptown are finished, residents will be able to utilize public transportation services. These services will connect the project site to both City Centre Ajman and Dubai's City Centre. While waiting for completion, Camellia inhabitants can use their cars or opt for taxi services like Uber and Careem.

There's no need to worry about parking in Camellia, as each villa owner has been assigned their own designated parking space.



There is ongoing construction at the majority of supermarkets close to Camellia. In the meantime, locals can opt to visit one of a few supermarkets situated near Al Bahia and Al Jurf, which are approximately a 10-minute drive away. Notable options include Zamzam Supermarket, Blue Supermarket and Asen Supermarket. Furthermore, a new grocery store will soon open within Ajman Uptown.

The Al Raqib area is home to two hypermarkets, namely Al Hooth Hypermarket and Baniyas Spike Hypermarket, which are just a 12-minute drive away.


The nearest mosque in Camellia is Masjid Al Rehmah located at a walking distance. Khalifa Bakhit Matroushi Mosque is a larger mosque in the area. Residents can also visit Numan Bin Almuqren Mosque which is a highly rated mosque in Al Zahya located within a 10-minute drive. Others such as Fatima Al Zahra Mosque, Al Ehsan Mosque and Sheikh Rashid Almualla Mosque are located nearby.



Within a 30-minute drive of Camellia in Sharjah's Al Yarmook district are several nearby churches including St. Michael's Catholic Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, and St. Martin's Anglican Church.

Hindus have the option to visit Shiva and Krishna temples, as well as the Sikh Gurudwara and Sindhi Gurdarbar, all located in close proximity to Camellia. These places of worship can be accessed within a 45-minute drive from Bur Dubai.


Families who are relocating with their loved ones tend to be anxious about discovering quality educational institutions for their offspring. In the vicinity of Camellia, guardians can spot nearby daycare centers like:

These nurseries provide an excellent setting for children, making them ideal options. They can be found roughly a 12-minute car ride away from Camellia.

In the vicinity of Camellia, there are numerous schools of high caliber such as:

The Little Leaders School is a renowned institution that caters to young children, implementing the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in order to address their educational requirements. Meanwhile, East Point Indian International School focuses on imparting knowledge based on the Indian CBSE curriculum and is situated near Al Jurf. Lastly, Ajman American Private School provides an American-style education and stands out as a notable school. All these schools are conveniently located within 15 minutes away from each other.


Once Ajman Uptown is fully developed, locals will have access to a clinic within their community. In the meantime, they can seek medical care at nearby hospitals and clinics located in Camellia.

The district of Al Jurf boasts several reputable medical facilities, including First AID Medical Clinic, as well as Aura Medical Center and Al Bustan Medical Center. These two centers are located within a 15-minute travel radius and offer exceptional medical services.

The medical center in closest proximity to Camellia is Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, situated in Al Jurf and reachable within 18 minutes by car. This hospital boasts a distinguished section dedicated solely to women and children, ensuring top-notch healthcare services.


En: Camellia is encompassed by the subsequent regions.

To one side lies the expansive Emirates City, consisting of more than 92 towering buildings. In contrast, on the opposite side are the vast Al Hamriyah Free Zone located in Sharjah and the Al Jurf Industrial Area situated in Ajman.




The ongoing project boasts an impressive plan to incorporate a shopping center in its vicinity, offering essential commodities and recreational options for families. However, until the completion of this mall, there are several smaller local shopping centers nearby Camellia that one can explore. Some of these alternatives include:


The Ajman China Mall, which is located just 13 minutes away, is known for its diverse selection of Chinese merchandise. In addition, the nearby community malls of Flamingo and Grand Centrale can be easily accessed in just 15 minutes.


In the vicinity of Camellia, numerous eateries can be found offering a variety of Pakistani and Indian cuisine. The locals are presented with a wide array of options to select from.


For a great taste of Pakistani cuisine, head to Eat On - a relaxed eatery located just 12 minutes away. If you're in the mood for an all-you-can-eat experience, Lavender Restaurant and Cafeteria is your go-to spot. Alternatively, if you're after something sweet or light bites, Cube Cafe has got you covered with their selection of desserts and snacks.


The Al Hamriyah Public Beach is the nearest to Camellia and takes 21 minutes to reach by car. For those who don't mind a slightly longer drive of around 30 minutes, Coral Beach, Mangrove Beach, and Al Zohrah Public Beach are also accessible.


Living in Camellia enables you to adopt a healthy way of life. Take advantage of the beautifully designed gardens within the community by going for a morning run. There are several well-liked parks nearby, such as Al Hamidiya Park, Abdul Rahim Garden, and Helio Park.

In addition to the green spaces, locals have access to a health club that offers gym amenities conveniently located in the vicinity. Beauty-conscious women can explore numerous spas and salons in close proximity.


As Camellia is a small community, there aren't any designated groups for residents to join. However, they can stay connected by becoming part of the Uptown Ajman Residents Facebook page.


Camellia is an excellent and reasonably priced place to live. However, it's essential to note that the region is still being built, which means there may be some noise. The transportation system, shopping centers, and hospitals are also under construction and may cause difficulties. Nevertheless, once the project concludes, all of these problems should disappear.