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Astoria Residence is a sub-community located near the northern boundary of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). It features apartment buildings, villas, and townhouses. This area offers an opportunity to live in luxury and exclusivity while remaining close to major business hubs within Dubai. It's particularly attractive for small families and single professionals who seek residence in a charming gated community.




Attractions that are frequently visited include:

The neighborhood is welcoming to pets, and it boasts multiple designated parks where your canine companion can roam without a leash or participate in a lively game of catch.


Astoria residences offer a variety of properties that comprise apartments available for purchase or rent. These apartments come in either 1 or 3-bedroom options and have different floor sizes ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 2,300 sq. ft.

Additionally, there are villas available for purchase or lease that come equipped with three bedrooms and an average floor area of 4,700 sq. ft.

Potential renters of townhouses in Astoria Residence can choose from a variety of 3-bedroom options that boast an average floor area of 4,400 square feet.

Numerous villas and townhouses will offer conveniences such as cable television and quick broadband internet access. The locale is thoroughly upheld, thereby alleviating concerns about waste management, protection, and well-being for inhabitants.


Astoria Residence offers abundant parking options, granting villa residents access to a personal garage for one vehicle while apartment dwellers will receive designated parking spaces as allotted by the management.

Commuters who frequently travel to the city center will discover that Astoria Residence has excellent connectivity with major roads in Dubai. Al Khail Road (E44) can be found to the north, while Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) lies towards the south.

Astoria Residence is conveniently located near several bus stops, including JVC Atlantis S1 and S4, which are a mere 6 and 8 minutes away on foot. Additionally, the Le Grand Chateau Block A 1 bus stop is also in close proximity at an approximate walking distance of 8 minutes.



In the vicinity of Astoria Residence, there are several supermarkets. Jyoti's supermarket is located just 3 minutes away by car while Cistys supermarket is situated about 6 minutes away. Additionally, Spinneys can also be found at a distance of 6 minutes. This particular store showcases an array of unique food items including pre-packaged sushi, camel milk ice cream and various delectable desserts.


Astoria Residence is surrounded by several mosques. Saleh Mohammed Bin Lahej Mosque, which is located just 3 minutes away from the residence, is currently undergoing construction but will be completed soon. There are other nearby mosques as well, including Majid JVC only 4 minutes away and Masjid Wahid at a distance of 11 minutes. Each of these mosques can accommodate hundreds of worshippers in their large premises.


The Astoria Residence area offers various churches for the religious community. Emirates Baptist Church caters to the Baptists, while Dubai Evangelical Church Centre is preferred by Evangelicals and can be reached within 17 minutes by car. Fellowship, A Christian Church in Dubai is located at a closer distance of 13 minutes compared to the latter.

In close proximity to Astoria Residence, there are a couple of gurdwara temples that cater to the Sikh Community. Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara is located 17 minutes away while Gurdwara Sahib Dip 2 can be reached in 21 minutes.

There are several Hindu temples situated in Bur Dubai, including the ShrinathJi Temple, Shiva Temple and Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir. These temples can be found in close proximity to one another and require a 31-minute drive to reach from this location.


Within close proximity to Astoria Residence, there are various schools available. The closest among them is Vondra's School which can be reached within just 3 minutes. Dubai Heights Academy, on the other hand, is located a 7-minute drive away from the residence and offers exceptional amenities including an outdoor play area, three temperature-controlled pools and a Fifa approved football field. Furthermore, this establishment follows the English National Curriculum for education.

If you are a parent seeking an international school for your children, Nord Anglia International School Dubai is located just 11 minutes away.

Located just a 15-minute drive from Astoria Residence are several universities, including American University in Dubai. This institution is accredited by regional bodies within the United States, ensuring that students receive an education of equivalent quality to that found in American universities.


There are medical facilities in the vicinity.

In close proximity to Astoria Residence are several clinics. A 13-minute drive will take you to Mediclinic Me’aisem, while a much shorter 8-minute ride will bring you to Your Health Clinic. Additionally, IMC Medical Center | IMC Clinic can be found within Barsha Mall and specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures like hair restoration, laser hair removal, and fat reduction.

Within close proximity of Astoria Residence are two hospitals, namely Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and American Hospital Clinic - Dubai Media City. The former can be accessed within 12 minutes while the latter is a mere 11-minute distance away. What sets American Hospital Clinic apart from others is its exceptional service and approach towards healthcare, as they only employ North American Board certified or equally qualified physicians, making it one of the few hospitals to do so.


Traveling in an easterly direction brings you to the Al Barsha neighborhood, which offers a diverse range of accommodation options including villas, apartments and prominent commercial centers. To the north lies Emirates Hills, primarily populated by prosperous middle-class citizens. Heading west will lead you to Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT). Finally, venturing southward takes you to Dubai Sports City - a sporting-themed residential area presenting residents with access to golf courses and other recreational facilities.




There are several shopping centers in close proximity, such as:

Within Astoria Residence, there are various shopping centers. One of these is Circle Mall, which is in its final phase of construction and will soon be ready for business. It's conveniently located within a 3-minute drive from the residence. Another nearby option is The Springs Souk that can be reached by car in 13 minutes. In addition, City Centre Me’aisem is the closest large mall and just a 12-minute drive away. This popular mall offers an array of entertainment, dining options, and shopping outlets that locals often visit.

Famous retail outlets found in City Centre Me’aisem comprise:

Bath & Body Works is a specialty retailer that provides top-notch personal care items, such as body lotions, made from natural and organic components. While Carrefour remains the most frequented establishment in this shopping center, it's not solely a grocery store but rather an all-encompassing department store providing all your needs. Shoe Mart is another favorite shop recognized for selling superior footwear at discounted prices.


Well-liked dining establishments in City Centre Me’aisem consist of:

Chillies, an American chain known for its casual dining atmosphere, boasts a menu filled with delectable American grilled foods. Some of their popular offerings include the Smoked Chilli rubbed New York Strip and Blackened Rib eye. If you're craving traditional Indian cuisine, Gazebo restaurant has got you covered with dishes like butter-chicken, biryani and pulao - they also offer vegetarian options. Meanwhile, for those in need of their daily dose of caffeine, 800 degrees provides a variety of beverages along with an array of pastries and pies to choose from.

There are various dining options in the vicinity of Astoria Residence such as:

Within a 4-minute radius, there are various dining options available for residents. Papa John's offers delicious pizza that can be enjoyed just 3 minutes away. Socialicious restaurant is also located within a 4-minute distance and serves fusion cuisine in a laid-back setting. Like View Restaurant is another option only 3-minutes from the area, where you can find cafeteria-style food including sandwiches, as well as basic Indian and Pakistani dishes.


The Astoria Residence is near a couple of great beaches. Al Soufouh beach, located in the Al Sufouh community, is a well-liked public beach. A bit further away at 19-minutes distance lies Jumeirah Beach. The locals often visit Al Sufouh beach while Jumeirah Beach attracts more tourists due to its many amenities for picnicking activities.


Some notable features in the vicinity include:

Aqua Fun water park is accessible within 19 minutes and offers a fun-filled experience with its large inflatables. These obstacles test visitors' climbing skills as they aim to navigate the inflatables without slipping off into the water. Only a short distance away, at 19-minutes, you'll find IMG World of Adventures - a Hollywood themed amusement park that promises exciting adventures. For those willing to travel slightly further, Hub Zero is an indoor amusement park located 21-minutes away which boasts activities such as rock climbing and various amusing rides.


There are various options available for inhabitants to maintain their physical fitness within the vicinity.

Astoria Residence is surrounded by several parks, each with unique features. A community park only 1-minute away offers jogging and cycling pathways along with various benches for visitors to relax amid the lush greenery. Moreover, Khansoor Park District 12, located at a distance of 3-minutes from Astoria Residence, boasts an expansive grassy area suitable for outdoor sports like football or cricket. JVC Castle Park is another nearby option situated just 6-minutes away.

There are multiple gyms in the vicinity of Astoria Residence. R Boot Camp is one option, although it's a small gym with limited equipment. For those interested, there's also Chin Up which is just a 3-minute walk away. However, if you're hoping to work out with state-of-the-art machinery, Prime Fitness JVC might be the better choice for you.

There are various salons and spas in close proximity.

Just a minute's drive away, you'll find Better Beauty Salon where you can indulge in hair, skin and nail treatments. If you're after a range of nail services and designs, Dial A Nail is only three minutes away. Meanwhile, men can opt for One Gents Salon which is just an 11-minute drive from here.


Each Friday, the community invites locals to adopt cats and dogs in need of homes. Astoria residents are urged to join in and provide a loving home for these homeless animals.


Astoria Residence does not have a dedicated social media group, but residents are welcome to connect with the official JVC Facebook page under the username @JVCCommunity. This platform is open for sharing ideas and addressing concerns related to the community.


Located in JVC, this particular subcommunity caters to individuals seeking a tranquil and secluded way of living. It is fortified with security gates that provide residents with the assurance of safety while enjoying their private spaces. While Astoria Residence suits small families or couples, other neighboring sub-areas within JVC offer villas that are more spacious with numerous rooms and bigger square footage for those desiring larger homes.