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Emaar Properties, a well-known real estate developer with a reputation for creating family-friendly residential projects, is the force behind Arabian Ranches 2. This impressive project has earned its place as one of Dubai's most desirable areas in Emaar's extensive portfolio of world-class developments. In 2013, following the success of Arabian Ranches, Emaar released Arabian Ranches 2 - a modern locale centered on outdoor leisure - also known as Arabian Ranches II. Situated within Dubailand itself, this residential community offers an excellent location that can't be beaten.

In A Nutshell



Emaar Arabian Ranches 2 is located in a serene desert environment and features a total of 10 villa sub-communities or enclaves, which include Casa, Lila, Palma, Rasha, Rosa, Yasmin, Samara and Azalea. Additionally, the newly launched townhouse enclaves known as Reem and Camelia are also part of this neighborhood.

Covering an area of 1.5 million square meters, the neighborhood boasts a flawlessly crafted layout that includes residential enclaves such as Rosa, Rasha, and Yasmin situated at its heart. Surrounding the central region are sub-communities including Casa, Palma, Lila, Samara, Azalea, and Reem Community alongside various recreational spaces and business establishments.

There are a total of 1,902 high-end townhouses and detached villas spread out across these smaller neighborhoods.


The rental options for residential properties in Arabian Ranches 2 comprise townhouses as well as spacious stand-alone villas. These suburban homes, which are located in Samara, Lila, Rosa, Rasha, Casa and Yasmin are fully prepared to meet your housing needs.

Emaar's Arabian Ranches 2 offers a range of villas suitable for families of differing sizes. With numerous spacious houses available, residents have the flexibility to choose from various options in terms of both bedroom count and square footage. These contemporary homes boast stunning interior design as well as equally captivating exteriors. For those interested in renting or investing, there is a choice of attached or separated villas with anywhere from three to six bedrooms on offer at Arabian Ranches 2 in Dubai.

There are 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses for rent or purchase in Reem Community and Camelia within Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai.

Rental Trends in Arabian Ranches 2

rent a villa or townhouse can expect to pay an annual fee between AED 125k and AED 400k, depending on factors such as the property's size and amenities. For example, renting a standard 3-bed villa in Arabian Ranches 2 would typically cost around AED 140k per year. These properties come with private lawns and dedicated staff quarters, as well as being chiller-free and ready for immediate occupancy. Rental costs also vary based on square footage and other features; a 4-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches 2 may range from AED 170k to AED 250k annually.

If you're looking to move in quickly, you might want to take a look at the ready and furnished units available in Casa. These units span over an impressive 4,000 square feet.

To rent a lavish five-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches 2, the minimum annual cost would be approximately AED 220k. However, for six-bedroom rental villas spanning over 6,000 sq. ft., the yearly expenditure may rise up to AED 350k.

In Arabian Ranches 2, there are only a limited number of townhouses available for rent at reasonable annual rates, typically featuring three bedrooms. The starting price for renting one of these typical 3-bedroom townhouses is AED 125k.

Sale Trends in Arabian Ranches 2

En: There are almost 500 properties that are available as freehold, comprising various types such as villas, townhouses and off-plan units that will be completed in the near future.

In Arabian Ranches 2, independent villas are available for sale at prices ranging from AED 3.1M to AED 7.5M. Additionally, new sub-communities like Palma, Azalea and Camelia also offer residential properties. For those interested in purchasing a villa, a minimum price of AED 1.6M can get you a three-bedroom villa spanning over an area of 3,000 sq ft in Arabian Ranches 2.

When looking to purchase a 4-bed villa in Arabian Ranches 2, the price will vary based on factors such as floor space and whether it is a standalone property. The range typically falls between AED 2M to AED 5.4M. If you are seeking even more luxurious accommodations, there are available 5-bed villas with an average sales price of around AED 4M that offer between 4,300 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. of covered area. Larger properties like the expansive 6-bed villas spanning across 8,000 sq.ft. sell for higher prices ranging from AED 6.5M up to AED 8M.

In the newer sub-developments of Camelia and Reem in Arabian Ranches 2, there are multiple townhouses available for purchase. The units range from 3 to 4 bedrooms with sizes ranging between 1,970 sq. ft. to 2,960 sq. ft. Interested buyers looking for a 3-bedroom house can expect to spend at least AED 1.6M while those seeking a 4-bedroom unit will need to invest around AED 2M.

ROI in Arabian Ranches 2

Prospective buyers of properties in Arabian Ranches 2 may want to explore the 3-bedroom units that offer a substantial ROI of 5.4%. Similarly, the estimated rental yield for 4-bed units is also high at 5.2%. On the other hand, investing in either a villa or townhouse with five or six bedrooms can still potentially generate favorable returns of up to 4.1% and 3.9%, respectively.


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The newer sub-communities within Arabian Ranches 2 have gained traction over time, each boasting its own distinct charm and features. Below are the noteworthy highlights of these communities.

Reem Community

Reem Community is a well-known choice for purchasing or leasing townhomes. This gated community showcases an array of 216 townhouses with 3-bedroom units available for rent at a yearly cost of AED 125k. If you prefer to purchase, the price range for townhouses in Reem Community is between AED 1.8M and AED 3M.


Providing a lifestyle that centers around families, Samara is comprised of detached villas that are influenced by Spanish architectural design. The community consists of approximately 177 residences, featuring homes with layouts ranging from three to five bedrooms.

Situated near the primary entrance of the complex, Samara Arabian Ranches 2 stands as Bayut's second most sought-after sub-community. The rental villas in this area have an annual price range that varies from AED 170k to AED 200k, while the freehold Samara villas boast a broad spectrum of prices ranging between AED 3.2M to AED 5.6M.


Casa is an early sub-community in the area, offering a selection of breathtaking Moroccan-style villas that come in 6 distinct types and include both 3 and 4 bedroom layouts. Prospective buyers interested in contemporary yet affordable properties can acquire these villas from AED 3M onwards.


be described as a luxurious and picturesque retreat, according to Emaar. The development features 219 villas that have been thoughtfully designed with families in mind and are available in configurations of 3 to 5 bedrooms. Each villa boasts classic coastal Spanish architecture, characterized by low-pitched terracotta roofs and intricate wrought-iron accents on the fencing. Inside, the sophisticated interior design showcases polished floors, meticulous woodwork and a soft colour palette. Lila offers five distinct types of villas within this sub-community for rent.

The price range for this item falls between AED 170k and AED 250k.


Palma Arabian Ranches 2's sub-community is characterized by spacious villas that range from 3,168 to 3,488 sq. ft. These houses boast of multi-functional areas and generous space, accommodating up to five bedrooms.


Camelia, a townhouse enclave in the Arabian Ranches II neighborhood, is a recent addition and poised to become an attractive residential community. Some off-plan townhouses for sale in Camelia offer strong long-term investment potential, while ready properties are also available for rent or purchase. The cluster features 177 units of 3 and 4-bedroom homes with balconies and private backyard gardens.


Rasha Arabian Ranches 2 is a highly selective residential community, consisting solely of 140 detached villas, which encompasses units with 4 to 6 bedrooms. As it was established in the year 2014, the real estate properties available for purchase within Rasha are designed after Spanish architecture, and boast premium-quality finishes.


The Rosa sub-community features 144 homes that are inspired by the Mediterranean. These villas come in five different layouts and offer either 5 or 6 bedrooms. They also include versatile family rooms, study areas, home offices, and areas for house help.


If opulence is what you seek in a villa, Yasmin is the place to be. With its collection of 98 Arabesque-style villas, Yasmin Arabian Ranches 2 presents an array of floor plans with up to six bedrooms across its five distinct types of villa options.


The recently released Azalea housing community, which is situated in the rustic surroundings of Arabian Ranches II, boasts 108 intricately crafted homes that are available in layouts with 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms. These villas feature Arabesque designs and patterns which draw inspiration from local culture.

Arabian Ranches 2 Floor Plans

If Arabian Ranches 2 floor plans are what you seek, peruse the diverse designs presented for each community on Bayut's website.


Individuals who possess their own means of transportation can reach the inner city via Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54), which links up to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Additional crucial thoroughfares enclose the sub-community, with Al Qudra Road (D63) situated towards the southern side and Emirates Road (E611) located eastward.

In densely populated areas with narrow roads, car owners often face challenges in finding parking spots. However, this is not the case in Arabian Ranches 2 where parking spaces are generously sized and there is ample space between bays. Additionally, every house within the community provides parking for a minimum of two cars.

Public Transportation near Arabian Ranches 2

The F32 bus operated by RTA can be boarded by those who use public transport at the main entrance of Arabian Ranches 2 on Al Qudra Road. This bus route, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, provides a connection to the Mall of the Emirates metro station.


Supermarkets in Arabian Ranches 2

The sole supermarket in Arabian Ranches 2 is located at the Carrefour Market within The Ranches Souk, where residents can find all their daily necessities. Another ZOOM market and Choitrams Supermarket are situated in the nearby Layan Community.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Arabian Ranches 2

The Al Shakoor Mosque, situated near the main entrance of Arabian Ranches 2, serves as a vast religious center catering to Muslim inhabitants.

The church known as Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte is conveniently located close to Arabian Ranches 2 and can be reached in just 17 minutes via Umm Suqeim Street.

Additionally, Bur Dubai boasts numerous temples that would be of interest to Hindu locals. The commute to reach these temples takes approximately 30 minutes.

Schools in Arabian Ranches 2

Concerning the provision of educational resources, the sub-community has already demonstrated success with several schools and training centers available in Arabian Ranches 2. Notable institutions include Arabian Ranches 2 Nursery and Ranches Primary School for early education, as well as Dubai Kids Kung Fu, Brooklyn Melodies Music and Dance Centre LLC, and Step Up Academy ballet school for specialized learning.

Esteemed educational institutions like Jumeirah English Speaking School and GEMS Vertus School in the surrounding areas are also within close proximity.

Dubai International Academic City offers a variety of university options that can be reached within 20 minutes. Notable institutions in this area include Khalifa University Dubai, Al Ghurair University Dubai, Manipal University Dubai, and others.

Clinics and Hospitals in Arabian Ranches 2

The Arabian Ranches 2 area boasts two highly regarded healthcare centers with Aster Clinic and Aster Medical Centre. Residents can conveniently purchase medical supplies from the nearby Bin Sina Pharmacy located in the community's souk.

The Emirates Hospital in Motor City, located 15 minutes away, is the nearest medical facility to the community.


In close proximity to several communities lies the sub-community of The Sustainable City, which is situated on Al Qudra Road behind Arabian Ranches 2 development. Spanning over an area of 46 hectares, this real estate has been constructed by Diamond Developers and provides a sustainable and affordable way of living.

Dubai Properties has also unveiled a massive community known as Mudon, located beside Arabian Ranches II, with Al Qudra Road dividing the two. Similar to Arabian Ranches, Mudon comprises various sub-communities that are renowned for luxurious living.



Despite being a suburban area, Arabian Ranches II boasts an impressive selection of dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities, which has led to its recognition as one of the highest-rated residential communities in Dubai. Furthermore, it fosters a powerful sense of community living.

Malls in Arabian Ranches 2

The Ranches Souk serves as a shopping haven for both the inhabitants of the subdivision and the entire parent community of Arabian Ranches. Its two floors comprise more than 35 retail stores that offer a variety of brands, including Sketchers, Claire’s, Mothercare, MAC Cosmetics, and The Body Shop.

Located near Arabian Ranches 2 is City Centre Me’aisem, a spacious mall that offers various retail and entertainment choices. The mall is approximately an 18-minute drive from the area. For more extensive shopping experiences, Ibn Battuta, Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall are all roughly 30 minutes away.

Restaurants in Arabian Ranches 2

The Ranches Souk offers a variety of top-notch dining options. Some of the eateries in Arabian Ranches 2 include Carluccio’s, Chez Sushi, McDonald’s, and Café Bateel. Additionally, you can grab a coffee at Caribou Coffee or indulge in French pastries from Paul. For those with a sweet tooth, Cold Stone Creamery is also available for premium ice cream and frozen desserts.

For a change of scenery or if you feel like taking a drive, Arabian Ranches (phase 1) is nearby and offers various dining options. The Hamptons Café, Shakespeare and Co., Man’Oushe Street, and Costa Coffee are among the eateries located there.

If you desire more luxurious dining options, consider the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club which offers fine-dining establishments such as Palmero and the Ranches Restaurant at Arabian Ranches Golf Club.


Despite being far from the western coast, Arabian Ranches is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from Dubai's stunning 50-kilometre beach stretch. Additionally, nearby Arabian Ranches 2 is Jumeirah Beach where water-sport enthusiasts can partake in an array of thrilling marine activities including kayaking, scuba diving, jet-skiing, wakeboarding and more.


The Leisure Centre is a crucial aspect of this society, offering contemporary fitness facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool and tennis courts. Additionally, there is a beloved entertainment hub for youngsters called 'Cheeky Monkeys Arabian Ranches 2', which serves as an ideal location for birthday celebrations.

Situated in the center of the nearby area, Arabian Ranches Golf Club offers top-notch golfing to enthusiasts. Those residing in Arabian Ranches II can easily become members of this premier facility.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, designed in the Andalusian architectural style, caters to riders of all abilities. The vast 250,000 sq.m. space encompasses two expansive polo fields, as well as arenas for riding and show-jumping, a practice field and paddocks. In addition, there is a shop selling riding gear and equipment alongside lounges, dining areas, a swimming pool and spa facilities.


When families choose to move to a different area, outdoor recreational amenities are often an important consideration. Arabian Ranches 2 Emaar provides these amenities through community parks, landscaped walkways, neighbourhood gardens, tennis courts, football pitches, barbeque pits and communal pools. Additionally, there is a dedicated play area and pool for children.

Fitness First in Arabian Ranches 2 is a top-notch health club for anyone, whether you're by yourself, with a partner or with your family. It exudes an enthusiastic atmosphere and provides the perfect setting to realize your fitness aspirations. One of its notable features is being one of the rare gyms that's suitable for kids, thanks to its children's activity studio where they can engage in fun activities while you work out. Additionally, there's another gym facility available at the Rosa community center.

Up to now, this up-and-coming area has spawned a few salons, including Belle Femme and NStyle Beauty Lounge. Nevertheless, these establishments dedicated to beauty and grooming provide top-quality services.


Arabian Ranches' previous events have their annual schedule filled with various activities. These include Chinese New Year festivities, Arabian Ranches 2 Happy Day, Halloween gatherings, educational expos, as well as food and film festivals - providing a range of occasions to mark on the calendar.

If you're seeking to engage with others in your neighborhood, consider joining a couple of Facebook groups. The first is known as the Arabian Ranches 2 Community, while the second goes by the name of Arabian Ranches 2 Community Group.


Following the prosperous inauguration and handovers of the first phase, Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai has encountered a remarkable surge in requests for its properties – regardless of whether they're pre-construction or completed, leased or on the market. Nonetheless, this district is located at a distance from the central city and doesn't have transportation via the Dubai Metro presently available to it. Therefore, those who rely on public transportation may face certain impediments.

FAQs About Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai

Where is Arabian Ranches 2 Emaar located?

Situated along both Al Qudra Road and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street, this subdivision of Arabian Ranches is its own distinct community.

Are residents allowed to wash their cars in the private carport?

To wash your vehicles, it is recommended to exercise prudence. All hoses should be equipped with a valve that allows you to turn off the water flow. Additionally, residents must minimize their usage of excessive amounts of water and avoid using harsh cleaning products.

Is there 24-hour security available?

Arabian Ranches 2 Emaar comprises a secured gated community where round-the-clock assistance from the security helpdesk is readily accessible.