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Arabian Ranches, commonly referred to as 'the Ranches', is one of Dubai's initial suburban neighborhoods with freehold ownership. This exclusive community enables expats to fulfill their dream of owning a villa in Dubai. It features the renowned Arabian Ranches Golf Club and stands out for its strong sense of community living. Notably, it consistently ranks as one of the most sought-after areas for renting or purchasing luxury villas in Dubai, as highlighted by Bayut's 2020 Annual Property Market Report for the city.

The development of the project in Dubai has been carefully planned by Emaar, the top real estate developer. It is divided into two phases, namely Arabian Ranches and Arabian Ranches 2. Offering a variety of villas and townhouses, the Ranches caters to couples and families with various configurations and price ranges. With its proximity to lifestyle amenities, it provides numerous choices for investors and individuals seeking rental properties. Undoubtedly, Arabian Ranches stands as one of Dubai's premier villa communities.


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The Ranches, which is a component of the expansive Dubailand project, was envisioned by Dubai's leading developer Emaar Properties. It exemplifies a relaxed atmosphere that fully embodies the idea of suburban life in Dubai.

experience that appeals to a diverse range of individuals. Occupying an expansive area of 1,650 acres, the Arabian Ranches community serves as a magnet for professional couples and families hailing from various corners of the globe. Situated amidst verdant landscapes, this neighborhood offers a serene and secluded atmosphere that sets it apart from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Each enclave within this fully landscaped development boasts amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and BBQ areas, ensuring ample recreational options for residents. Moreover, prospective pet owners will find solace in knowing that Arabian Ranches is one of the scarce pet-friendly communities in Dubai with extensive green spaces and spacious abodes available. These unique features combine to create an idyllic suburban living experience within the Ranches, attracting a multicultural population seeking tranquility coupled with convenience.

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Arabian Ranches, being one of Dubai's initial suburban areas, boasts a plethora of exquisite dwellings. With over 4,000 homes, these architectural masterpieces draw inspiration from both Mediterranean and Arabian styles. The diverse layouts and designs of the villas and townhouses are complemented by amenities such as maid’s rooms and access to community facilities. Moreover, several larger villas even offer the luxury of private pools.

Choosing to relocate to Arabian Ranches Dubai can feel overwhelming due to the presence of 15 distinct sub-communities that house various residences. These encompass:

Moreover, the upscale neighborhoods encompass Hattan, Mirador La Coleccian, La Avenida, Golf Homes and Polo Homes. Within Arabian Ranches lies Mirador La Coleccian, an esteemed sub-community in Dubai featuring an array of Spanish villas. This sought-after area offers 45 units that face the golf-course, while the remaining residences boast breathtaking views of the community parks. Likewise, Hattan and La Avenida comprise high-end residential properties consisting of luxurious 4 to 5-bedroom villas and townhomes.

On top of that, there are luxurious Golf Homes available for those seeking opulent villas situated within the prestigious golf course. This collection consists of 18 villas divided into three categories based on size and architectural style. The options include Hacienda villas, covering an impressive 7,000 square feet, Castilla villas spanning over 8,270 square feet, and Suncadia villas expanding across a generous area of 9,000 square feet. As part of the Ranches development, Polo Homes are strategically positioned around the Polo Club along Qudra Road. These residences offer between 5 to 7 bedrooms in each unit.

Huge mansions, ranging from 7,000 sq. ft. to an impressive 60,000 sq. ft., spread across vast areas.

Rental Trends in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches offers a variety of properties for those seeking affordable rentals in a self-contained community within Dubai. Those looking to quickly settle in can opt for furnished units, which are typically found in Palmera, Mirador, and La Avenida. Additionally, there are residential villas available for rent that range from 2 to 7 bedrooms. The average cost of a standard 2-bedroom villa rental is around AED 103k per year, while 3-bedroom villas can be rented for approximately AED 135k annually.

Regarding larger properties such as 6 and 7-bedroom villas, the annual rental prices would depend on factors such as the layout and land area. These luxurious 4-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches have a size ranging from 2,800 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft., with an annual rent of AED 187k per year.

In the Ranches, there is also a selection of townhouses available for rent with 2 to 5-bedroom options. The average annual rent for a 3-bed townhouse in Arabian Ranches is AED 120k. Additionally, all of the sub-communities provide top-notch amenities such as parks, dedicated kids’ play area, tennis courts, football pitches, and more.

Sales Trends in Arabian Ranches

Potential investors have the option to purchase townhouses ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms or opt for bigger, more luxurious villas. In Arabian Ranches, popular communities such as Al Reem, Saheel, Palmera and Savannah offer various choices for villa buyers. Interested individuals can explore a range of freehold properties that are ready for immediate occupancy or already furnished. For instance, a townhouse with 2,400 sq. ft. of covered space and three bedrooms along with a private lawn is priced at approximately AED 1.5 million in Arabian Ranches.

In terms of additional choices, the cost of 2-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches is approximately AED 1.5M, while larger units such as 3-bedroom villas range from AED 1.5M to AED 3.5M. Prices can fluctuate based on factors like plot location, configuration type, and whether the property is newly constructed. If you are aiming to purchase a brand new villa, be prepared to spend between AED 1.7M and AED 3.7M. On average, a sale price for a 4-bed villa amounts to around AED 3.4M, whereas a 5-bed villa in the Ranches may have an approximate cost of AED 4.5M.

ROI in Arabian Ranches

Potential investors looking to purchase affordable properties in Arabian Ranches can consider 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom villas, which offer the highest returns on investment at 6.5% and 5.8% respectively. Similarly, a potential return of 5.4% can be achieved with a 4-bedroom villa, while a rental yield of 5.2% is possible with a 5-bedroom house. Additionally, there are options to buy luxurious 6-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches that are expected to generate lucrative returns of around 4%, with an average cost of AED 6.8M.

Most Popular Communities in Arabian Ranches

If you are looking to relocate, explore the well-liked neighborhoods in Arabian Ranches through user-generated perspectives on Bayut.

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Al Reem, a top-favourite on Bayut, is also one of the most sought-after areas for villa rentals in Arabian Ranches. It consists of three divisions: Al Reem 1, 2, and 3. With its impressive eight different layouts, this sub-community boasts a whopping count of 1,100 townhouses, making it the largest enclave within the Ranches community. The residential properties in Al Reem offer a range of detached houses with two or three bedrooms and sizes varying from 1,690 sq. ft. to 3,060 sq. ft., showcasing an exquisite blend of Arabic and Spanish architecture.

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Al Reem, known for its affordable Ranches properties, is a popular area for residences. Rent prices begin at AED 78k for a 2-bedroom house in this neighborhood.

Ranked as the second unique cluster in the Ranches, Palmera stands at the edge of the community. It is situated near Al Qudra Road entrance and faces Arabian Ranches 2, a new residential neighborhood. Palmera consists of 600 Spanish styled villas with either 2 or 3 bedrooms. Some of these houses offer stunning views of the central lake within the community. Rent prices for a 2-bedroom villa in Palmera start at AED 107k according to Bayut listings. The properties in Palmera are further categorized into four sections: Palmera 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Saheel, like Palmera, is renowned for its spacious properties and close proximity to the Retail Centre. Situated towards the front of the Ranches, it offers easy access from both Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Al Qudra Road. The villas in Saheel range from 3,166 sq. ft. to 5,308 sq. ft., with configurations ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms. Interested buyers can opt for a luxurious 3-bedroom villa in Saheel for prices ranging between AED 3.3M and AED 4.5M.

Mirador in Arabian Ranches is a popular residential area consisting of 408 Spanish villas. These homes offer stunning views of the desert course at Arabian Ranches Golf Club and are available in various configurations ranging from 4 to 7 bedrooms, with sizes ranging from 4,311 sq. ft. to 6,911 sq. ft. The rental prices for 5-bedroom villas start at AED 205k in Mirador. Another sought-after option is Alvorada, which offers luxurious finishing and spacious plot sizes for its 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas that range from 3,566 sq. ft. to 4,844 sq.ft.

Alvorada offers Portuguese-inspired architectural villas, with the convenient addition of a duplex unit. This residential community is particularly favored by those seeking freehold properties. At an approximate price of AED 4.8M, you can acquire spacious 5-bedroom villas in Alvorada.

Alma, a well-liked sub-community in EN, offers an assortment of 2 to 3-bedroom detached villas with exclusive pools and extravagant lifestyle facilities. This community is additionally segregated into two phases known as Alma 1 and Alma 2.

Arabian Ranches Floor Plans

If you are searching for floor plans of Arabian Ranches, explore the diverse 2D and 3D layouts available on Bayut for every community within the Ranches.

Hotels in Arabian Ranches

Dubai's Arabian Ranches Hotel and Golf Club stands as a prominent attraction within this region, offering an opulent 5-star staycation experience alongside its championship golf course. Primarily catering to avid golfers participating in tournaments or esteemed business professionals, the establishment also boasts inviting recreational spaces, barbecue areas, and dining options.


If you own multiple cars, residing in Arabian Ranches is perfect because the villas provide designated parking spaces. Additionally, these residences offer spacious driveways and garages, facilitating convenient access for visitors to the park.

Public Transportation in Arabian Ranches

Although there are no metro stations near Arabian Ranches, the neighborhood is conveniently linked through the RTA bus route F30, which operates from Mall of the Emirates metro station. It is also convenient to hail a taxi from the community center. Arabian Ranches shares borders with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and offers straightforward access to Dubai's city center via Al Qudra Road.

In relation to traffic, inhabitants might encounter minor disruptions caused by morning queues at the exits of Arabian Ranches and rush hour congestion on the return route.


Supermarkets in Arabian Ranches

The primary grocery store in Arabian Ranches is Carrefour, located in the Retail Centre. Additionally, there is a Spinneys outlet in Motor City and a larger Carrefour hypermarket near the Ranches at Mall of the Emirates.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Arabian Ranches

The main mosque in Arabian Ranches is the Al Rahman mosque, conveniently located near the Retail Centre for easy access by residents of Alma, Saheel, and Savannah communities. Another mosque called Masjid Salam can be found at the border of Dubai Polo Club and Palmera community, providing easy access for residents of Palmera and Alvorado.

Christian individuals residing in the area will need to make their way towards St. Mary's Catholic Church located in Oud Mehta, which requires a 30-minute drive. On the other hand, Hindu residents can find their nearest temple a 35-minute car ride away, specifically Shrinath Ji Temple, Shiva Temple, and Shree Krishna Haveli situated within the Bur Dubai vicinity.

Schools in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is a favored choice among families, particularly those with children attending school. Within the Saheel community lies Raffles Nursery, which provides preschool education for children aged two to four years. This institution ranks among the finest in Arabian Ranches and follows the British pre-school Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Program.

Additionally, the renowned Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) is highly regarded for its educational program. It follows the UK curriculum until Year 11 and seamlessly transitions to the IB curriculum from Year 13 onwards.

There are neighboring educational choices available in Arabian Ranches 2 and Sports City. Ranches Primary School, situated in Arabian Ranches 2, follows the British syllabus up until Year 6. On the other hand, GEMS United School in Sports City provides the American module for students until Year 12.

When considering potential universities, older students will discover that Dubai International Academic City is conveniently located just a short 15-minute drive away. This area boasts several esteemed institutions including the University of Birmingham Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, and the American University in the Emirates.

Hospitals and Clinics in Arabian Ranches

In addition to the Retail Centre, there is the Mediclinic Arabian Ranches which provides a variety of specialized medical services and includes laboratory and x-ray facilities. The community centre also houses a pharmacy alongside the Arabian Ranches clinic.

Within The Ranches 2 Souk, there exists an Aster Medical Center and Clinic situated adjacently. Alternatively, the recently inaugurated Mediclinic Park View Hospital on Umm Suqueim Road serves as the closest medical facility to Arabian Ranches, requiring only a short 15-minute commute.

Nearby Areas

The Ranches residents often visit Motor City, which offers the Dubai Autodrome and various other recreational activities. Other neighboring residential areas consist of Dubai Sports City, Mudon, Damac Hills, and The Sustainable City.



Malls in Arabian Ranches

Residents of this family-friendly community in Dubai often choose the Ranches Souk (also known as the Arabian Ranches mall) for their shopping needs. Nevertheless, individuals seeking a wider selection of retail stores can conveniently visit Mall of the Emirates, which is only a 20-minute car ride away.

Restaurants in Arabian Ranches

Situated in the central area of the neighborhood, the community center offers a variety of quick-service restaurants such as Burger King and Pizza Hut. Additionally, Arabian Ranches boasts other dining options like Shakespeare & Co with its Victorian theme, as well as Arab eateries like Al Arab and Man'Oushe Street. For those seeking café experiences, Costa Coffee and Caribou Coffee are also available.

If you desire a slightly more sophisticated atmosphere, the Arabian Ranches Golf Club offers a sports bar with a license and numerous highly-regarded gourmet restaurants that overlook the opulent golf course.


Although Arabian Ranches is situated inland, it is conveniently just a 20-minute drive away from the beach across JBR and Dubai Marina. This coastal area offers an extensive selection of exciting watersports activities, including jet skiing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and many others. Additionally, visitors can explore traditional souvenir shops and delightful eateries at The Beach JBR.


The Dubai Autodrome, a popular attraction in Motor City, is frequented by many visitors. Additionally, those near Arabian Ranches can easily reach the Global Village, an eclectic theme park offering diverse shopping experiences with its international pavilions.

Dubai Polo Equestrian & Club

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, located in Arabian Ranches, hosts numerous polo championships and events throughout the year. Among these is the Emaar Polo Club, a 5-day tournament that takes place within the club's premises. Additionally, there is a special play area exclusively designed for children to enjoy.


Within this ensemble, there are a total of 13 individual secure residential areas that come with an array of exclusive facilities. These include refreshing swimming pools, including a designated area for children to indulge in aquatic activities, beautifully crafted parks embellished with greenery, convenient barbecue pits for delightful outdoor cookouts, basketball courts to engage in exciting matches, tennis courts for energetic rallies and even a dedicated skate park for enthusiasts seeking thrilling rides.

If you are considering relocating to Arabian Ranches Dubai, you will discover a pedestrian-friendly environment. The entire community is interconnected with walking and jogging trails, where residents frequently engage in running or strolling with their pets. Additionally, there is a pet park nearby within the vicinity of Sustainable City called the Sustainable City Dog Park. Accessible via Al Qudra Road, it can be reached in just 13 minutes.


The community spirit in Arabian Ranches is a vital element that unites its diverse residents. Various events like school fetes and markets organized by JESS, as well as the celebration of diverse holidays such as Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, contribute to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can feel at home, regardless of their background.

To foster a vibrant community experience, numerous Facebook groups are accessible for residents seeking an engaged lifestyle. An esteemed expat social group exclusively for women, The Ranches Ladies organizes diverse activities like coffee mornings, social events, and book club gatherings. Alternatively, the Arabian Ranches Community group caters specifically to residents within the area.


Despite the advantageous tranquil setting, residing in this area necessitates the possession of an automobile or dependence on taxi services in order to explore other parts of the city.