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live in Abu Dhabi, located at the prestigious Al Raha Beach. This mixed-use development boasts serene public spaces and walkways adorned with lush gardens, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a total of 119 townhouses, 973 apartments, and over 150 podium and sky villas available for occupancy, the community offers a wide range of living options. Available units include apartments with one to four bedrooms, townhouses with four to five bedrooms, as well as villas ranging from four to seven bedrooms. Living at Al Zeina is undeniably one of the most desirable choices in Abu Dhabi.

Acquire real estate on the shores of Al Raha Beach.

Located within the residential community are 7 distinct areas that comprise a retail development. These precincts feature an upscale street lined with various retail shops such as Waitrose Supermarket, nail salons, and pharmacies, as well as numerous furniture and home stores. Those who value a laid-back and luxurious lifestyle can indulge in delectable cuisine at several fine dining restaurants and cafes while enjoying a serene atmosphere. Moreover, this superb location is conveniently situated near Ferrari World, Yas Island, and Saadiyat Island.




Individuals who are considering a relocation to Abu Dhabi tend to favor Al Zeina due to its highly desirable status as one of the most coveted neighborhoods within the city. The community is characterized by various shared attributes, such as:

This vibrant community provides an exquisite waterfront living experience. It is a self-contained enclave that offers numerous top-tier facilities for its inhabitants, including convenient access to retail shops, restaurants, salons, and pharmacies.


Al Zeina offers a variety of properties such as apartments, townhouses, and villas. These waterfront residences are equipped with lavish amenities. Prospective residents can review the pricing trends before considering a move to Al Zeina.

Rental Trends in Al Zeina

Al Zeina offers a variety of residential options that range from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units. These apartments are situated in different blocks, namely Al Zeina A to Al Zeina F. Duplex apartments can also be found for rent in the area at an annual rate of AED 166k or more. Rental rates vary depending on the type of unit you choose.

On average, 1 BHK flats can be found between 900 and 1100 square feet, with a size range of approximately 1300 to 1450 square feet for two-bedroom apartments. For individuals seeking larger accommodations, rental options include four-bedroom flats in Al Zeina spanning from around 2600 to 3000 square feet.

Individuals with an interest in the villa community can make arrangements to either rent or purchase a villa located in Al Zeina.

The community offers various 3 to 5-bed villas and townhouses, although finding an available unit may prove challenging. The annual cost for a minimum of AED 200k applies to a 3-bed unit, with prices varying due to different total covered areas.

Sale Trends in Al Zeina

Prospective apartment buyers have the option of selecting from a diverse array of units, including those containing one to four bedrooms. The pricing trends for these various options are outlined below.

If you desire a covered area of between 900 sq. ft. and 1,500 sq. ft., purchasing a 1-bedroom flat in Al Zeina is an excellent option for anyone seeking this type of space. Moreover, investing in a two-bedroom apartment can also result in fruitful returns; however, if you are willing to spend more money on buying extravagant properties, then considering three or four-bed apartments could be advantageous as it offers the potential for high rental yields within Al Zeina.

Investors are able to purchase villas and townhouses in Al Zeina that have 4, 5 or 6 bedrooms. The configurations of these properties range from 3 to 4 bedrooms. A typical price for a 3-bedroom house in Al Zeina is around AED 3M which covers an area of approximately 4,056 sq. ft. Alternatively, a larger property such as a 4-bedroom villa can cost around AED 5.5M if you're looking to buy in the area. It is worth noting that rental prices for bigger homes tend to be more expensive too.

ROI in Al Zeina

Anticipated returns on investment for various property sizes vary. One and two-bedroom flats are predicted to yield the greatest ROI at 7.5% and 7.3%, correspondingly, while investing in three or four-bedroom flats can earn you a lucrative return of 5.5% or 5.6%.

Potential investors in villas can anticipate a substantial rental return with 3-bedroom units offering a yield of 6.6% and 4-bedroom houses yielding at 5.8%.


Typically, personal parking space is provided for all villas and townhouses in Al Zeina. As for apartment owners and renters, they may utilize the underground parking situated within their building. A limited number of public parking spots are allocated for visitors.

Public Transportation near Al Zeina

Traveling via public transportation in Al Zeina is hassle-free with numerous buses servicing the area. The community has two stops available for commuters. Additionally, taxis can be hired from these stations or through online cab services.

Bike sharing has become popular in Abu Dhabi, with various facilities available. ADCB Bikeshare by Cyacle is one such option, which has multiple stations throughout the city. Those living in Al Zeina can rent a bike from the Al Zeina Station for AED 20 per day or opt for monthly or yearly memberships.



The residential area is equipped with a retail complex divided into 7 distinct areas, ensuring that residents will always have access to groceries. Multiple well-known supermarkets can be found in close proximity to Al Zeina. For example, Waitrose offers easy access to a variety of fresh British goods, as well as standard grocery items and baked goods. It can be reached by car in just two minutes.

Additional retail options, including Souq Planet, Eithad Plaza and another branch of Carrefour, can be easily accessed within a 10-minute drive from Al Zeina. Popular retail establishments such as Spinneys and Carrefour Market are also conveniently located just a short 7-minute drive away.


Numerous mosques are located in the vicinity of Al Zeina. Mosque Masdar, with its ample and stunning interior, can be reached by car within 8 minutes. A notable mosque in the area that boasts a distinct architectural style is Albasit Mosque, which requires a 12-minute drive to arrive at.

It is common for locals to attend the well-known mosques close to Yas Island. The Yas Mall Mosque, Yas Villa Mosque and West Yas Mosque can all be reached by car in under 15 minutes.


The BAPS Hindu Mandir is the nearest temple to Al Zeina, only an 18-minute drive away. Meanwhile, the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi can be reached within 20 minutes by car.

Locating churches in the vicinity of Al Zeina shouldn't take too long. The prominent New Life Church is a mere 16-minute drive from the area. Meanwhile, the Mar Thoma Church, St. Paul's Church and St. Joseph's Cathedral are situated close to each other and can all be reached within 20 minutes.


Within the vicinity of Al Zeina, there exists numerous highly regarded nurseries. A few favored options include:

All the nurseries in the vicinity have gained popularity and are approximately a 10-minute drive away. Al Zeina boasts various international schools in close proximity.

Yellow Submarine Nursery is conveniently situated just a minute's drive away, offering parents an international programme that adheres to the EYFS curriculum. Coastal Safety International offers boat handling training, rescue boat operation and sea-related instruction. Crescent International School follows the British curriculum and meets ADEK requirements as well.


Burjeel Medical Center Al Zeina is conveniently located within walking distance. In addition, there are various other medical clinics in close proximity to Al Zeina.

Within a 15-minute car ride, you can access several clinics that provide exceptional medical services. Kaya Skin Clinic and Cosmedics skin and laser clinic are home to some of the top dermatologists who can address any issues related to your skin.


The surrounding regions of Al Zeina are comprised of:

Al Zeina has a significant border along Al Raha Creek and direct access to Yas Island, in addition to being in close proximity to Al Raha Boulevard.




Al Zeina residents have the opportunity to indulge in retail therapy at renowned shopping centers located in close proximity.

Yas Mall, a highly frequented shopping center, is situated just 12 minutes away by car. It comprises three floors of global retailers and culinary establishments. Alongside retail therapy, visitors can partake in a cinematic experience at the extensive 20-screen theater. Additionally, Xpressions Style and My City Centre Masdar are both accessible within seven minutes by car.


In the vicinity of Al Zeina, food enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of cuisines at several restaurants. While you may have already explored eateries from different parts of the world, Local stands out as an unconventional option. This establishment is not only a café but also houses a men's barber and streetwear store, making it one of the most distinctive coffee places in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, there are other dining options nearby that are worth checking out.

For those who have a liking for Italian food, Andiano Italian Cucina and Andiamo Bistro are conveniently located just a minute's drive away. Nando's Al Zeina serves delicious chicken dishes to relish. Dolmabahce Restaurant in Al Zeina offers an opulent environment and exceptional fine-dining experience.


The beachfront community offers a variety of activities for those who love the sea. Al Zeina boasts several renowned beaches, including Yas Beach with its picturesque white sand, clear blue water and mangrove plantation. Visitors can take advantage of various water sports such as jet skiing, surfing and paddle boarding. For a more indulgent seaside experience, head to Al Raha Beach Hotel.


The majority of Al Zeina residents tend to spend their free time by frequenting Yas beach, the nearby Yas Mall, and various dining establishments in the area.

Inhabitants head to Bandar Marina for an array of thrilling aquatic pursuits including wakeboarding, waterskiing, and fishing. In addition to shopping opportunities, Al Raha Mall and Yas Mall present enjoyable activities suitable for families. Amusing weekends can be had by taking in a movie or visiting fun zones. Ferrari World, one of Abu Dhabi's most favored amusement parks, is also conveniently located nearby.


At Al Zeina, there are multiple parks available for visitors. However, within a 15-minute distance lies Khalifa Park - equipped with a children's play area and ample room for guests to roam around. For those interested in maintaining their fitness regime, numerous gyms and fitness centres cater to the needs of enthusiasts in the vicinity.

possible to find a few gyms and fitness centers in Abu Dhabi, including CrossFit Abu Dhabi, Vogue Fitness, and Al Raha Gardens Plaza Gym. The highly-regarded CrossFit gym also operates in other emirates and features professional-designed fitness programs. Ladies who prefer women-only facilities might want to check out the top-notch CrossFit Abu Dhabi Arena Fitness center. For those looking for yoga classes, there are some available at Al Zeina B2 Tower. Meanwhile, ladies can pamper themselves with beauty treatments at Glamour Hair Salon, NStyle Beauty Lounge or Edelweiss Beauty Centre – among the most popular salons in Abu Dhabi is Glamour Hair Salon.

Positioned within Block B.


A popular event that takes place in the area is called Aloha Abu Dhabi, which is organized by AlDAR. It spans over five days and showcases various talented performers like musicians, artists and street entertainers. In addition to this, there are food stalls serving delicious treats as well as open air yoga sessions for adults and fun activities for kids like bouncing castles. Yas Mall and Al Raha Mall host several other events all year round as well.


Al Zeina community members have a chance to interact with each other using social groups like the 'Al Zeina Community' Facebook group. This platform, boasting of nearly 4.4k followers, provides an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date on all the latest occurrences in the society. Additionally, residents can become part of Al Zeina Market Place if they so desire.


Without a doubt, Al Zeina is an exceptional neighborhood offering a wealth of amenities that could entice anyone. Its ocean vistas, exclusive beach access and proximity to key city destinations are all noteworthy benefits. Nevertheless, it's important to note that parking for guests can be somewhat challenging prior to committing to residency.