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Al Wuheida is situated within Deira, which is a larger community located in Dubai's old city. The area is bordered by Sharjah, Dubai Creek and the Arabian Gulf. As one of the oldest commercial regions of Dubai, Deira boasts many cultural attractions that are unique to the UAE. Its blend of modernity and heritage attracts visitors from all over the world. Located on the eastern side of the Creek, Deira stretches down from Al Garhoud.

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The villas in Al Wuheida community have a contemporary design, complete with a lush garden and pool. This serene Deira neighborhood provides top-notch security for its residents. Additionally, popular retail destinations like Reef Mall, Deira City Centre, Hamarain Centre, and CenterPoint shopping mall surround the area.



Similar to other neighborhoods in Deira, Al Wuheida offers a safe environment for residents. Notable attractions within the community include:

The local area provides residents with various possibilities to maintain their fitness and well-being. Among these is a spacious swimming pool that can be utilized for engaging recreational activities.


In Al Wuheida, properties comprise of villas ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms that are available for immediate occupancy. Here's a breakdown of the rental trends:

In this community, rental villas are available in various sizes. A 2-bedroom villa can be as large as 2300 sq. ft., while a 5-bedroom villa may measure up to 4150 sq. ft. Similarly, a 4-bedroom villa with 5 bathrooms can range from 13000 sq. ft.


In Al Wuheida, each property is furnished with sheltered car parking spots. An electric gate provides an extra layer of protection for the vehicles belonging to residents.

It's effortless to travel around Dubai from Deira with the help of its efficient public transportation system. The metro or bus can get you almost anywhere. Al Wuheida residents have various options for using public transport. To reach Mamzar Beach Park, simply head to Union Metro Bus Stop and take the C28 bus there.

The Dubai Metro Red Line stretches from Rashidiya to UAE Exchange, with a stop in Deira. Those living in the area can easily reach it via the nearby Deira City Centre Metro Station which is conveniently positioned next to the City Centre Deira shopping mall.

To reach Al Qusais Industrial Area Terminus, one should board the C19 bus from Deira City Centre Bus Station. In contrast, to get to Al Jubail Bus Station, one can take the E307 from Deira City Centre Terminus.

Inhabitants of the emirate can avail themselves of taxi-booking apps to arrange for transportation and move about the area.



The closest supermarket to Al Wuheida is Carrefour Hypermarket which can be reached within three minutes. The hypermarket offers a wide range of items such as fresh food, beverages, personal care and electronic products including smartphones and tablets. It's located in Century Mall whereas West Zone is another nearby option just a quick three-minute drive away. Those looking for more options can also check out Al Douri Super Market, Al Qashima Supermarket, and Najmat Al Suraya Supermarket in the vicinity.

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The Masjid Fathima Al Zarooni mosque, situated close to the Al Wuheida area, is just a three-minute drive away and can be reached via the Al Wuheida St/D93 route. This generously sized mosque offers wheelchair access and even provides seating for those who cannot sit on the ground. Other nearby mosques include Masjid Al Badr Mosque, Hamriya Central Market Masjid, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Masjid and Bin Dhaboy Mosque.


The International Baptist Church is just a 10-minute walk from the Al Wuheida area, where residents can mingle with a diverse congregation of people from different nationalities. The church welcomes people of all ages, including singles, families, and youth. Additionally, nearby places of worship include St. Mary's Catholic Church and St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral in the vicinity of Al Wuheida.

The Jain community in Dubai is served by the Jain Temple, a temple that acts as their house of worship. It can be accessed via D82 and takes only 14 minutes to get there. Other places of worship located around Al Wuheida and across Dubai Creek include ShrinathJi Temple, Shiva Temple, and Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir.


Al Wuheida is an area abundant in educational choices for its inhabitants.

The collections of plants for cultivation consist of:

There are several schools in the vicinity of Al Wuheida.

Sabari Indian School integrates the CBSE curriculum with British methodology to aid children in reaching their maximum potential. The classrooms are equipped with up-to-date technology, and each student is provided with an iPad. The school can be easily accessed within six minutes using Al Wuheida St/D93.

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Since 1982, Al Diyafah High School has been providing excellent and comprehensive education based on the British curriculum. It can be reached by car in just ten minutes. Pristine Private School also adheres to the guidelines of the British National Curriculum and was founded in 1992, occupying approximately 100,000 sq. ft.

Several options for higher education exist in the vicinity of the community. In close proximity to Al Wuheida are colleges such as Emirates College for Management & Information Technology and Higher College of Technology, which can be reached within a 10-minute car ride. Additionally, universities including Al Falah University and Al Dar University College are located nearby.

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In the vicinity of Al Wuheida, there are clinics available such as:

Aster Clinic, situated in Al Wuheida, provides top-notch medical services. With a skilled team of professionals and utilization of advanced technology, the clinic ensures the well-being of its patients. The facility also prioritizes affordability and accessibility besides proximity convenience. It takes only three minutes by car to reach the clinic.

Dr. Jasna's Ayurveda Clinic provides a natural and holistic setting for traditional Ayurvedic healing techniques with the objective of delivering lifelong health solutions to patients. The clinic is conveniently located just two minutes away by car. Another option in Deira is Hor Al Anz Health Centre which operates from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Fridays and Saturdays when it remains closed.

Canadian Specialist Hospital, located near Al Wuheida, is just a five-minute drive away. It boasts 180 doctors, 600 staff members and offers accommodation with up to 200 beds. On average, the hospital receives around 500 patients daily.


Al Wuheida is a constituent of Deira, which is a master community comprising several residential sub-communities.

Some of the residential neighborhoods adjacent to Al Wuheida are:

These neighborhoods offer expansive apartments and move-in ready villas that are ideal for families seeking a relaxing atmosphere. The area's historic nature and famed markets make the communities highly desirable to prospective residents.




In the vicinity of Al Wuheida lies City Centre Deira, a three-story shopping mall located in the district of Deira. The mall boasts anchor stores such as:

With over 350 stores and eateries, City Centre boasts a variety of options for visitors. In addition to numerous restaurants and fast food outlets, there is also a children’s entertainment centre and multiplex cinema. Notably, Magic Planet provides an exciting range of activities including arcade games, simulators, soft play areas, and rides for kids. As for dining options, the mall has over 50 venues serving delicious food and drinks. The main food court can be found on the first level next to Magic Planet. If you’re driving from Al Wuheida it takes just 11 minutes to reach City Centre Mall.

Those living in Deira may wish to check out Century Mall, which features 75 different retail options. Aside from a Carrefour supermarket, shoppers can peruse stores offering furniture, clothing, electronics, and cosmetics. Additionally, the mall's food court is home to nine different international cuisine options. The journey there by car takes just four minutes. Some of the establishments that can be found within this shopping destination include:

En: There are several shopping centers in the vicinity, such as Al Hamriya Shopping Complex, Al Ghurair Centre and Hamarain Centre. To reach Al Hamriya Shopping Complex, you can take Abu Hail Road. The first Middle Eastern shopping destination is located in Deira - it is called Al Ghurair Centre. Additionally, there's Hamarain Centre in Deira where you can find almost 80 stores and numerous restaurants.


City Centre Deira offers a variety of dining choices for its inhabitants.

Alfananeen Restaurant, situated in close proximity to Century Mall on Al Wuheida Street in Mamzar, provides a relaxed dining experience featuring Middle Eastern and Arabian culinary offerings. Accessing this restaurant is effortless and can be accomplished within two minutes. On the other hand, Chinese Connection Restaurant is stationed at Level 1 of Century Mall where they present delectable Chinese meals. Meanwhile, Shabab Al Nukhba Cafeteria & Restaurant offers fast food fare and occupies a location opposite Public Library in Al Mamzar Lagoon Building.

The vicinity of Al Wuheida presents several choices for spending the evening, such as Boracay Club Dubai, Manila 21, La Fabrique and Cielo Sky Lounge. Manila 21 and La Fabrique can be accessed within nine minutes of driving while it takes 12 minutes to reach Boracay Club Dubai and another two minutes to arrive at Cielo Sky Lounge.


The closest beach that can be reached in six minutes is Al Mamzar Beach, which can be accessed through Al Wuheida St/D93 and Al Rasheed Road/D82. Other beaches in the vicinity include Jumeirah Public Beach and Sunset Beach but they are both a 30-minute drive away.

Located in Deira and accessible through Mamzar Beach Road, Al Mamzar is a highly popular beach near Al Wuheida that is greatly appreciated by locals. Visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to swim at night while also enjoying jet skiing. While Sunset Beach is perfect for fishing and surfing, those seeking kite surfers performing their stunts should head to Kite Beach which is adjacent to it.


There are various recreational pursuits that one can engage in.

Located near Al Wuheida, Dubai International Bowling Centre is a leisure destination that opened in 2001 to cater to the needs of avid bowling enthusiasts. With its inclusive appeal, it welcomes everyone - from casual bowlers and weekend enthusiasts to seasoned leaguers and bowling buddies. Open for 16 hours a day and seven days a week, this centre sees an impressive number of visitors with almost 1900 during weekdays and even more on weekends. Conveniently located within three minutes' drive, it's the perfect place for some fun-filled recreation.

The Deira Clocktower, situated on the eastern side of Dubai in Deira, is a roundabout found at the intersection of Al Maktoum Road and Umm Hurrair Road. Once just an ordinary roundabout, it has now become a renowned monument in Deira and a significant landmark close to Al Wuheida that offers access to the Al Maktoum Bridge. It takes approximately 11 minutes to reach by car.

Dubai Creek is a body of saltwater that links the desert to a port for trading with the sea. Those who relish cruising can opt to rent a wooden dhow or water taxi and sail along Dubai Creek.


The vicinity of Al Wuheida offers a range of outdoor activities.

There are several choices for fitness centers in the vicinity of Al Wuheida that locals can take advantage of to stay fit. Fitness Time is only a three-minute drive and can be reached via Al Wuheida St/D93. Additionally, Body Design EMS Fitness Club and Champion Gym Yeiya Bai are merely four minutes away, while Gold's Gym Al Hamriya is accessible within five minutes.

There are several beauty salons in the vicinity of Al Wuheida, including:

The Fabiolla Beauty Saloon is positioned in Dubai's Ground Floor Royal House Building, near ADIB Bank. A range of services are available at the salon including Moroccan Bath, Continental facial, hair treatment, upper lips and eyebrows. Alternatively, just a three-minute walk away sits the Salama Gents Personal Care Centre which offers an incredible selection of therapies such as Thai Therapy. For those willing to take a five-minute drive, there’s the Helm Omry Beauty Centre which boasts top-notch beauty services.


City Centre Deira organizes promotional events at the mall to showcase new performances, products, and informational seminars. One of these events allowed visitors to meet popular characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and The Flash.


Al Wuheida boasts a wide range of amenities such as shops, souks, restaurants, and hotels. However, the area is plagued by severe traffic congestion. The cost of properties in this sub-community is relatively low when compared to other areas in Dubai. This can be attributed to the age of buildings and challenges posed by traffic congestion.