Al Wathba - Abu Dhabi

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Occupying an area of 1.9 square miles, Al Wathba is a burgeoning neighborhood situated in the Abu Dhabi emirate. It boasts several significant cultural sites and notable features such as the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival and Wathba Wetland Reserve. The community's construction started over a decade ago, with only a fraction of its residential villas completed thus far. However, it benefits from convenient access to primary highways linking it to other regions within and beyond Abu Dhabi's borders.




Wathba Abu Dhabi has become a desirable area, despite its location away from the city's central districts. It is particularly popular during the festive season and will soon boast multiple residential properties.

Properties in AL WATHBA

Newly built villas are available for both purchase and rental in Al Wathba Abu Dhabi. These properties typically offer a 4-bedroom layout with spacious configurations spanning around 2,500 sq. ft., complete with built-in wardrobes and well-equipped bathrooms and kitchens. Depending on the unit, they may also include external space such as lawns, parking areas, and balconies to enjoy. The average annual rent for this type of property starts at AED 125k per annum.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in AL WATHBA

It's advisable for those who are intending to relocate to Wathba to have their own means of transportation. This neighborhood enjoys convenient access to major thoroughfares, and there are ample parking opportunities available as well. In fact, residents can park their personal vehicles in the allocated parking areas provided within the residential zone.

Public Transportation near Al Wathba

Concerning public transportation methods, it takes roughly 19 minutes to reach the nearest bus station from the community.


Supermarkets in AL WATHBA

In the area, there are several grocery stores available for residents to shop at. Some nearby options include Shabab Al Wathba Baqala, Lolo Market, and Al Banaa Grocery. Additionally, more shops are expected to open within the vicinity in the future.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in AL WATHBA

Muslim inhabitants of Wathba, Abu Dhabi have access to numerous mosques, including a central one located within the park. However, locating a church may prove to be more time-consuming. The Mar Thoma Church is situated approximately 23 minutes away and can only be reached by car.

Schools and Universities in AL WATHBA

In the vicinity of Al Wathba lie several noteworthy schools. Abu Dhabi Indian School is a privately run establishment situated within the locality. Additionally, there are other options close by such as Al Ruwaad Model School and United School of Baniyas, both conveniently reachable by automobile.

Clinics and Hospitals in AL WATHBA

A brief car ride will take you to Mediclinic Baniyas, which can be reached in 5-10 minutes. This healthcare provider has a strong presence across Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is highly respected within the industry.


The locality is positioned at a distance from the main region of the emirate and it is surrounded by Al Ain Road which provides access to important locations in Abu Dhabi. Other nearby communities include ICAD, Al Bihouth, and Bawabat Al Sharq.




The shopping centre known as Al Raha Village is just a short 7-minute drive from Wathba. Within the complex, visitors can find an array of retail shops, dining options and even a hypermarket. Additionally, there are enjoyable activities for children to partake in while on site.

Restaurants in AL WATHBA

In the vicinity of Al Wathba, there are several eateries suitable for families including Karyat Al Madina Restaurant, Top Four Restaurant, and Hope Restaurant. They can all be reached within 5 to 7 minutes from the community. Shezan Restaurant is another option in close proximity if one desires Arabic cuisine.


The neighborhood is centered around sand dunes and arid landscapes. Visitors can embark on excursions through the wilderness either by taking a safari ride or galloping on horseback to investigate the lush oasis. For families, festivals held at the heritage village offer entertainment options for all ages. For those seeking an outdoor adventure, Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is a popular spot that hosts over 250 bird species and various aquatic lifeforms – free of charge!


Wathba is a hub of diverse activities, ranging from cycling to camel racing. You can always expect an eventful calendar that includes several options for leisure and entertainment. Camel races are typically scheduled in the early morning hours over the weekends. For fitness enthusiasts, there are a few gyms situated nearby; however, you may need to drive there as they aren't necessarily within walking distance.


Those living near Sheikh Zayed Heritage Village are in close proximity to the UAE's biggest cultural festival, known as the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. As Abu Dhabi's largest annual family event, it not only features cultural performances but also offers international food and retail vendors.


For those who are looking to relocate to Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi, it should be noted that the neighborhood is situated at a distance from the city center. To ensure ease of transportation, it would be advisable to have your own means of transport as the area has convenient access to major roadways.