Al Wahdah - Abu Dhabi

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Al Wahdah, located in Abu Dhabi, is renowned for several attractions such as the Al Wahda Sports Club, Al Nahyan Stadium and Al Wahda Mall. This community features a mixture of mid and high-rise buildings along with some residential villas. Its prime location offers residents an energetic lifestyle in the heart of the city. In addition to its residential properties, it also hosts various commercial properties including restaurants, shops and cafes.




Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Al Wahdah is a vibrant district that boasts an enviable location. Its close proximity to various amenities and easy access to transportation make it a popular choice among city dwellers. Despite its high population density, Al Wahdah stands out for its affordability compared to other real estate options. The area is characterized by a range of modern buildings and contemporary infrastructure, creating a cluster of urban development within the bustling district.

Al Wahdah is equipped with all the necessary amenities, such as educational institutions, commercial establishments, medical centers, and more. The area has everything one may need within reach.


Al Wahdah properties are predominantly comprised of rental apartments, with a limited number of villas available. The cost of renting an apartment in Al Wahdah is notably more reasonable compared to other residential areas within the city. The range of apartment types varies from studio units to those containing up to three bedrooms.

The buildings come with round-the-clock security personnel and monitoring via CCTV. In addition, inhabitants have access to a communal swimming pool, gymnasium, and spa.

Rental Trends in Al Wahdah

For an individual working in the UAE, a studio apartment in the area is the ideal choice. These units typically range from 300 to 500 sq. ft. In Al Wahdah, renting a studio ranges from AED 22k to AED 37k per year, while a one-bedroom unit costs between AED 38k to AED 52k annually. Renting a two-bedroom apartment can vary between AED 50k to AED 100k per year, and three bedrooms rent for around AED65k to AED150K yearly.

In the vicinity, there are several villas ready for rent that cater to bigger families. These houses offer a range of room configurations between 4 and 6 bedrooms. They also provide an array of conveniences such as ample living space, a sizable balcony or outdoor area, a partly-equipped kitchen and tiled floors. The rental price for a unit with 4 rooms varies from AED120k to AED190k.

The area is not exclusively for housing, as there are also numerous shops and offices available to lease. These commercial spaces feature top-notch finishes, expansive lobbies, and plenty of parking spots for employees. The rental cost of these offices in Al Wahdah range from AED 130k per annum to AED 1.7M per annum.

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The villas in Al Wahda Street make it the most favored place among locals.


Al Wahdah has abundant parking available due to the high number of commercial offices and shops in the area. Those residing in apartments are allocated a dedicated spot for one vehicle.

Public Transportation near Al Wahdah

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Al Wahdah provides easy access for transportation. The district is connected to other areas of Abu Dhabi through various bus routes such as Bus 160, 161, 162, 163 and 400 that operate from Al Wahdah Bus Station. For those who prefer private transportation, there are abundant taxi services available in the vicinity.



Al Wahdah boasts a variety of supermarkets, with Lulu Hypermarket being located in Al Wahdah Mall. In addition, Fatima Supermarket has two branches within the area while Millennium Supermarket, Parco Supermarket, Baqala Supermarket, Budget Line and Al Kasir are also popular stores. Furthermore, there are about five well-equipped baqalas and small supermarkets in the vicinity.


Al Wahdah is inhabited by individuals from diverse religious backgrounds. Al Mushrif, which is located nearby, houses several churches such as the Church of Christ, Saint Anthony Cathedral for Coptic Orthodox, Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church, St. George's Orthodox Cathedral, Philadelphia Church of God and Snowball Church Abu Dhabi. These places of worship are conveniently situated within a 10-minute radius from Al Wahdah.

Hindu devotees currently must journey to Dubai in order to visit a temple, but there are plans underway to construct temples closer to Al Wahda by the conclusion of 2020.

Discovering mosques in Al Wahdah is a relatively simple endeavor. The vicinity houses several prominent mosques, including Abdul Jaleel Mosque, Fath Ali Abdullah Al-Khaja Mosque and Mohammed Bin Hamel Mosque. Additionally, there exists a prayer room within the confines of the Al Wahda Mall.


In Al Wahdah, there are a variety of nurseries and secondary schools. Nearby options include ABC Nursery and Radiant Montessori Nursery, while Little Flower Private School and International Jubilee Private School are in the surrounding area. Abu Dhabi International Private School is further away but still accessible within 8 minutes; it offers an American curriculum.

Al Wahdah inhabitants have various choices for higher education institutions in the vicinity. The nearest one, European International College, can be found in Al Karamah. Khalifa University and University of Strathclyde Business School Abu Dhabi are located near Al Mushrif, providing additional options for residents to consider.


In the vicinity of Al Wahdah, there are various hospitals available. To avail medical facilities, locals may commute a short distance to access Seha Emirates Hospital, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Canadian Medical Centre, and Nation Hospital.

Medical facilities in the region include American European Medical Center, Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi and All Care Medical Center. For individuals with skin-related issues, Kaya Skin Clinic at Al Wahda Mall is a suitable option.

In the vicinity, there are various pharmacies such as All Care Pharmacy, Bassem Pharmacy and Boots Pharmacy.


Al Wahdah is positioned amidst well-known residential localities such as Al Karamah, Al Dhafrah, Al Nahyan and Al Zaab, with Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street flanking it. In addition to this, Abu Dhabi Corniche is conveniently located close by.




residents seeking a shopping destination. With its unique open-air design that allows for plenty of natural light, Al Wahda Mall boasts over 350 retail outlets, including the popular Lulu Hypermarket and a 9-screen cinema. Visitors will find everything they need for an enjoyable entertainment, shopping, and dining experience in one convenient location. As one of the oldest malls in Abu Dhabi, Al Wahda Mall has also earned recognition as the Best Shopping Mall in town.

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There are several malls located within a 10-minute distance from Al Wahdah, such as Madinat Zayed Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, and Al Bateen Mall.


In addition to the various eateries located within Al Wahdah Mall, there are several other renowned restaurants in the area. These include Peppermill Restaurant, B Café and Resto, Al Dar Restaurant and Ocean Chinese Restaurant for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine- a favored choice amongst both locals and tourists alike.

In the vicinity, individuals searching for bars and desiring to partake in the city's nightlife can find Porters English Pub, Sky Lounge 31, and C. Mondo.


Living in Al Wahdah has the advantage of easy accessibility to Abu Dhabi's top beaches. The Corniche Beach, which is one of them, can be reached within a mere 12-minute journey. Alongside the beach are several food establishments and biking trails for visitors to revel in. Another excellent option is Saadiyat Beach located in Saadiyat community where eco-friendly water sports await; it only takes less than 20 minutes drive from Al Wahdah.


The ideal spot for locals to enjoy their free time is Corniche Beach. It consists of three parts, two of which are exclusively designated for families. Tourists can also opt to rent a speedboat or indulge in snorkelling to fully immerse themselves in Abu Dhabi's marine life.

The primary appeal for visitors to the region is Al Nahyan Stadium, a venue that predominantly stages football gatherings and has a seating capacity of 15,000 individuals. The stadium was established in 1995 and underwent a complete overhaul in 2019. It functions as the home base of both Al Wahda Football Club and Al Wahdah Sports Club, serving as the setting for the UAE Pro League - an esteemed professional football competition with participation from 14 national teams.

In search of a cinematic experience on the large screen? Look no further than Al Wahdah Cinema located within Al Wahdah Mall. Alternatively, Oscar Cinema in Madinat Zayed or Novo Cinema, situated less than 10 minutes away, are great alternatives to explore.


Al Khalidiyah Park is a significant park in Abu Dhabi that can be reached within 10 minutes. The park features paved walkways and a jogging track with a duration of 20 minutes. Additionally, there are kid-specific amenities such as a trampoline and monkey bar available at the site.

There are numerous fitness centers available in the area such as Smart Gym, My First Gym, Al Rowda Gym and Nutrilite Centre. Additionally, Gold's Gym has a presence inside Al Wahda Mall with over 20 locations throughout the UAE.

Women seeking beauty services can visit Tasriha Beauty Salon, Princesses Palace Beauty Salon, Charm Slimming & Beauty Centre and Lebanon Sky Ladies Salon. For nail care needs, The Nail Spa is a well-known establishment located in Al Wahdah Mall. Gentlemen looking for grooming options may consider visiting nearby establishments such as Al Masa Al Zarqa Gents Salon and Bavaria Gent Salon.


The UAE Pro League, a highly anticipated event for football enthusiasts, is held at Al Wahdah Sports Club. Additionally, various events catering specifically to children take place at Al Wahda Mall.


This locality provides a central urban way of life for those who live here. Families and individuals alike choose it because all necessary amenities are available in the area. However, on weekends there is an increase in traffic congestion due to Al Wahda Mall's proximity.