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Located in Abu Dhabi's Al Manhal district, Al Tibbiya is a compact but self-contained neighborhood. It boasts a prime location, with the iconic Al Manhal Palace at one end and the sprawling Al Wahda Mall at the other end of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street.

The locality boasts numerous accommodations, dining options, and medical centers. As for housing, there are some apartment buildings of moderate height and a handful of villas. Nonetheless, the primary appeal here lies in the exceptional variety of hotel apartments. Although properties may be scarce at present, one can still locate a few commercial units that are up for lease - these include retail spaces as well as offices.




Abu Dhabi's Al Tibbiya boasts bustling environs featuring a variety of establishments including stores, places of worship, and dining spots that are conveniently located for community members. The residential properties in the area are designed to resemble closely-knit neighborhoods with mainly apartment complexes offering shared amenities among residents.

Properties in Al Tibbiya

Regarding accommodations, there are buildings varying in height from low to mid-rise that offer a variety of apartments. To gain insight on the types of flats available, you may inspect the floor plans for Bloom Central, which is a multifunctional tower situated in Al Tibbiya. Conversely, there exists commercial real estate such as stores and workplaces.

Bloom Holdings' development, Bloom Central in Al Tibbiya, is an impressive venture that combines various functions. This particular project generated significant attention due to the introduction of a Marriott Hotel offering serviced apartments, along with office spaces and several rental apartments housed in the Residential Block section of Bloom Central.

Al Tibbiya offers a variety of living spaces, including flats with one or two bedrooms and townhouses with three or four bedrooms. In addition to housing options, there are several rental offices located within the community. The convenient location on Airport Road puts residents and visitors in close proximity to Abu Dhabi's top shopping destinations and public hospitals.

Al Tibbiya Floor Plans

Bayut has put efforts into developing floor plans for every type of property. The website features Al Tibbiya's 2D and 3D layouts for you to browse through.


Marriott Hotels is the prominent hotel chain in Al Tibbiya. Their initial branch situated in Bloom Central, downtown offers exclusive business suites and serviced apartments within a short drive from Qasr Al Hosn. The central location of the hotel creates a lively atmosphere with tourists visiting all year round.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Tibbiya

If you choose to use a car, it will only take 10-11 minutes to reach Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street E10. While there are many parking spaces nearby, they tend to fill up quickly due to the close proximity of Al Tibbiya to the busy downtown area.

Public Transportation in Al Tibbiya

In terms of getting around in Al Tibbiya, there is ample availability of taxis which can be easily found underneath the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street bridge. Additionally, several bus routes such as E100 and E101 operate in this region. These buses can be boarded at the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station located just a 5 to 6-minute drive away.


Supermarkets in Al Tibbiya

Residents can purchase groceries at supermarkets in Al Tibbiya, including the well-liked Select Market located on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street. This Asian grocery store has multiple locations throughout the emirate. Adjacent to the store are produce vendors selling fruits and vegetables.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Tibbiya

Al Tibbiya has numerous mosques, among them is Masjed Mariyam Abdullah Bin Barook which can be found in the heart of the community. For those who belong to the Christian faith and reside in Al Tibbiya, there are several churches within reach such as Sharon Fellowship Church and St. Anthony Cathedral which take approximately 6-8 minutes to reach by car.

Schools and Universities in Al Tibbiya

For those interested in relocating to Al Tibbiya with their family, there are several schooling options available in the vicinity. In the adjacent area of Al Danah (E18 – 01 and E18 – 02), nurseries and daycare centers are accessible for young children. The nearest choices include:

All three nurseries are conveniently located within a 5-minute radius. In the Al Zaabi Area, Ladybird Nursery offers pre-school services that are also just around 5 minutes away. Additionally, there are primary schools in the vicinity of Al Tibbiya such as Pearl Academy by Aldar Academies on Muroor Road - an acclaimed school in Abu Dhabi that provides education from Grade 1 to Grade 6 with the National Curriculum of England. For nursery and FS2 programs, it follows EYFS guidelines.

There are several noteworthy educational institutions in close proximity to Al Tibbiya, including the German International School, Abu Dhabi International Private School, and Al Karamah School.

The National Curriculum of England is followed by GEMS Winchester School, which is located on Al Falah Street and just a few minutes away from the nearby area.

Prospective students seeking quality higher education options in the vicinity of Al Tibbiya can take pleasure in discovering that there are several choices within a 10 to 12 minute drive. Situated on Old Airport Road, approximately 7 minutes away from the community is Al Hosn University. Khalifa University, located on Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, can be reached by car in just over 11 minutes.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Tibbiya

It is convenient to reach prominent hospitals in the vicinity of Al Tibbiya such as Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Al Madina Medical Centre, Disease Prevention and Screening Center Ambulatory Healthcare Services, and Advanced Center for Daycare Surgery.

In the nearby vicinity, there are healthcare facilities such as SKMC Center for Diabetes and Nation Hospital. For those in need of their daily medication, Medicina Pharmacy and Al Karamah Pharmacy can easily be accessed.


Al Tibbiya is situated in Al Manhal, which is a prominent neighborhood in Abu Dhabi. This region holds great historical value as it encompasses notable destinations such as Al Bateen Palace and Al Manhal Palace. Moreover, it's conveniently located near Downtown, offering direct access to both the Abu Dhabi Corniche and Al Hosn. Adjacent to Al Tibbiya are three other districts that make up the entirety of Al Manhal.

Al Khalidiya is a bustling community, rich in culture and history, that can be reached within a five-minute drive. Despite its close proximity to the beach, residential properties here tend to be on the pricier side. Nevertheless, Al Khalidiya remains a preferred choice among locals and expats alike. Just across from Al Khalidiya lies Al Nahyan, which is conveniently located near Mangrove reserves and features attractions such as the Al Nahyan Stadium and Al Wahda Mall. Additionally, neighbouring communities include Al Danah and Al Tibbiya.



Malls in Al Tibbiya

The Al Wahda Mall, located near Al Tibbiya, is a well-liked destination for both shopping and socializing with loved ones. In addition to numerous stores that offer clothing and other goods, visitors can partake in entertaining pastimes suitable for all ages. These include an area filled with arcade games, a movie theater, a place where people can skate on ice or rollerblades, and various other amenities designed to provide enjoyment.

Khalidiyah Mall is also a well-liked shopping destination that can be reached in approximately 8 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. The mall offers various options such as branded stores, a hypermarket, and numerous food and beverage outlets.

Restaurants in Al Tibbiya

In addition, there are numerous dining choices available for those who enjoy good food in the community. The Khalidiya Mall houses a variety of restaurants such as:

If you're hankering for genuine cuisine from India, Gazebo offers an exceptional selection of North Indian fare such as fish curries, butter chicken, Lahori chicken and biryani platters. Even those who follow a plant-based diet won't go hungry with their separate vegan menu. Meanwhile, Applebees located in Khalidiya Mall is a beloved establishment that serves American-Mexican dishes. For patrons looking to indulge in coffee and snacks, Pappa Roti, Starbucks and Dome Cafe are all excellent options.

In Al Tibbiya, there are several dining options to choose from. Off The Hook is a seafood restaurant that offers live cooking experience and serves shrimps and fish. Additionally, local food chains Toshka Restaurant and Naser Restaurant can also be found in the area.


The nearest beach in Abu Dhabi is called the Abu Dhabi Public Beach or otherwise known as the Corniche Beach. It's a well-liked spot for its stunning sunsets and clear waters. Situated near Hilton Hotel and Marina Mall, visitors can also enjoy amazing views of LuLu Island. Additionally, the beach has earned recognition with the Blue-Flag eco-label.

Individuals interested in staycations can visit nearby beach clubs such as the National Riviera Beach Club or The Beach Rotana, both of which are just a 10-minute drive away and offer exciting options.


Al Tibbiya can be easily found by referencing historic sites and key landmarks in the area such as Al Manhal Palace and Al Bateen Palace. A short drive of approximately 16 minutes will take you to the beloved Heritage Village, which features a museum exhibiting various Emirati cultural artefacts such as jewellery, weapons, and historic tents. In addition to the museum experience, visitors can also enjoy a peaceful beach at the heritage village or explore the traditional market.

To discover additional information about the emirate, take a brief 5-minute trip from Al Tibbiya to Qasr Al Hosn. This location boasts a fort that was utilized as a watchtower in 1760 and is now transformed into a museum. Additionally, the Qasr Al Hosn Festival takes place at this venue annually.


In the western direction lies Zaab Park, which is a modest but delightful place for taking a walk. It offers children an opportunity to play and socialize while adults can either run or unwind in the shade. Slightly further away but definitely worth the trip is Lake Park - an exquisite green expanse adjacent to corniche that boasts a footbridge perfect for capturing stunning photographs. Moreover, individuals seeking fitness regimes or beauty treatments or even those looking forward to having a spa date can explore various options available in nearby communities.


As Al Tibbiya is a small locality, no community gatherings are organized there. Those who enjoy cultural festivities can visit Qasr Al Hosn instead. Among the various events held at Qasr Al Hosn, their historic and culturally significant festival arrangement is highly preferred. Attendees of all ages can gain knowledge about irrigation systems, interact with falcons, sip genuine Arabian coffee at Bait Al Gahwa while relishing cultural performances by celebrated artists.


Al Tibbiya is a residential area that enjoys a prime location within the emirate. As such, available properties are limited and most have already been taken up. Those seeking investment opportunities may encounter a narrow selection here. It's advisable to explore real estate for sale located on Airport Street which is in close proximity to Al Tibbiya.

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