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Situated at a distance from central Abu Dhabi, Al Shamkha is a residential area that shares its northeastern border with Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311), the major highway in UAE. Sweihan Road stretches along the northern part of this neighbourhood and leads to the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi's Al Shamkhah is situated in a strategic position near Mussafah's industrial area. The neighborhood is currently undergoing development and will eventually house approximately 22,000 individuals upon completion.




Al Shamkha, a highly sought-after freehold region in Abu Dhabi, underwent redevelopment in 2016. The residential plots within the community have been developed under the supervision of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Housing Authority. Numerous projects are currently underway and expected to be finished soon as Al Shamkha is integral to achieving Abu Dhabi's strategic 2030 vision.

As a result of the recent building projects, numerous shared amenities have been introduced including educational institutions, business areas, medical centers, recreational parks and activities, bicycle paths and places of worship.


In Shamkha, there is a range of rental properties available such as apartments, stand-alone villas or townhouses. The residential buildings are generally low-rise and have two to three floors. Apartments can be found in various configurations from studio to 4-bedroom, all equipped with master bedrooms, full bathrooms, a spacious living room and kitchen as well as a balcony.

Alternatively, there are modern villas that stand on their own and come in a range of sizes with 2 to 11 bedrooms. The property essentials comprise a sizeable kitchen, maid's quarters, laundry facilities, living room (with attached bathroom), ample Majlis with adjacent dining space and bathroom, large garden area, and covered car park. The quantity of master suites and bathrooms varies according to the number of beds available.

Rental Trends in Al Shamkha

Al Shamkha offers a variety of apartments for rent ranging from studios to 4-bedroom units, with coverage areas spanning from 300 sq. ft. to 3,400 sq. ft., and all at reasonable yearly rates. Renting a studio apartment in Al Shamkha can cost anywhere between AED 12k to AED 30k per annum, while renting a one-bedroom apartment starts as low as AED 22k and goes up to AED 41k per year.

The yearly cost of renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Shamkha varies from AED 36k to AED 59k and includes amenities like a laundry room, intercom, security personnel available around the clock, and CCTV surveillance. Individuals seeking more space can consider renting a 3-bedroom apartment for approximately AED 45k per year or a larger unit with four bedrooms for between AED 60k and AED 90K annually.

Al Shamkha offers a variety of villas for rent, ranging from 2 bedrooms up to 11 bedrooms. The annual rental cost for the smaller units starts at AED 52k, while a larger 3-bedroom villa can be rented for AED 57k per year. For those seeking more space, there are options available in the form of 4-bedroom villas with an annual rental value range of between AED130k and AED180k.

In the UAE, the yearly price of renting a 5-bedroom villa is approximately AED 140k. However, for a 6-bedroom unit, the rental fee goes up to AED 180k. The cost of leasing a 7-bedroom villa falls between AED 160k and AED 250k per year.

Renting 8+ bedroom villas in Al Shamkha will cost anywhere from AED 180k to AED 200k. These lavish properties come with top-notch amenities such as central air-conditioning, outdoor barbeque areas, laundry rooms, dedicated quarters for domestic staff and covered spots for parking your vehicles. Furthermore, the villas boast spacious rooftop terraces offering breathtaking views of the surrounding community and beyond.

Sale Trends in Al Shamkha

Investors may consider purchasing roomy villas in Al Shamkhah Abu Dhabi, where a range of sizes and configurations are available for sale. With prices beginning at just AED 4.6M, potential investors can explore a variety of options such as recently refurbished homes, corner villas, and upcoming projects in the area.

ROI in Al Shamkha

Potential investors may want to explore opulent residences that consist of six bedrooms, which offer a remarkably high return on investment at 8.8%. Alternatively, they could consider seven-bedroom standard villas that have the potential to generate a rental yield of approximately 8.4%. Additionally, there are five and eight-bedroom villas available with an ROI of 8.2% and 6.1%, respectively.


In Al Shamkha, villa residents won't struggle to find a parking spot thanks to the availability of covered parking spots that can accommodate one or even multiple cars. Apartment owners also have access to underground parking but are typically limited to just one space per unit. Visitors or those with more than one vehicle will need to seek street parking elsewhere.

Public Transportation in Al Shamkha

In Al Shamkha, cabs are available for transportation. However, if you prefer to take a bus, note that the nearest bus stops in Mussafah Community can only be reached after driving for over 20 minutes. These stops include Mussafah, Al Ain University S&T 1, Mussafah, Al Najah Private School 1 and Mussafah, Al Mussafah Park 1.


Al Shamkhah Abu Dhabi caters to the fundamental necessities of its inhabitants, as several conveniences are in close proximity. The locality is near grocery stores, places of worship, educational institutions and boasts effortless accessibility to major thoroughfares.


There are numerous options for grocery shopping in the community, with many popular supermarkets and small grocery stores available. Al Shamkha is home to a variety of establishments such as Madina Al Shamikha, Noor Al Izdihar Supermarket, Heely City Baaqla, Happy Home Grocery, SPAR hypermarket and Zenith Supermarket.

The Lulu Xpress Freshmarket can also be found in Al Shawamekh, which is approximately a 12-minute car ride away from Al Shamkha.


In Al Shamkha, there are numerous mosques that are frequented by the community. One of them is Habeeb Bin Zaid Mosque which stands out with its appealing architecture and can be conveniently accessed on foot from the center of Al Shamkha. Furthermore, several other well-known mosques such as Abu Sa’eed Mosque, SH-16 Central Mosque, Sheikh Mansoor Mosque and many others are situated in close proximity to it.

In the community of Mussafah, which is located approximately 20 minutes away from Al Shamkha, there are several notable churches such as St. Paul's Church, Mar Thoma Church Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Assembly Of God Church and The Armenian Church. Additionally, there is also a Sikh place of worship called New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi in the same area.

The BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, which is currently under development, can be reached by car in 19 minutes. For the time being, Hindu residents can instead visit the Randdepa AUH temple located in Zone 17 of MBZ City, which takes approximately 21 minutes to drive to.


At present, Al Shamkha has a limited number of nurseries, namely Barney Home Nursery and Small Stars Nursery.

Relocating to the region with your loved ones is an excellent decision because Al Shamkha boasts various renowned educational institutions. Additionally, residents can also access a handful of highly-regarded American schools in Abu Dhabi, such as Al Yasat Private School which follows the American curriculum for students from kindergarten up to tenth grade.

Situated just a short 6-minute drive away from Al Shamkha, Al Reeyada International School implements the British curriculum for students up to Year 13. Meanwhile, Wales International School in Shamkha instructs pupils on the National Curriculum of England beginning with KG1 and extending all the way through Grade 12.

Several additional educational institutions exist nearby, including Al Asalah Primary School, Al Tafawwoq School, Al Hosn Secondary School, and Al Taqadum School.

Abu Dhabi is home to several prestigious universities that are easily accessible within 20 minutes. Among them are Abu Dhabi University located in Mussafah, Zayed University near Khalifa City A and the Masdar City campus of Khalifa University.


If there is a medical emergency, the inhabitants of Al Shamkha have access to several healthcare facilities. These include Burjeel Medical Center, Sama Al Shamkha Medical Center, and Shamkha Medical Center - all situated within the vicinity.

The Baniyas community is where the nearest hospitals are located, approximately 15 minutes away. Among these hospitals are Mafraq Hospital and Al Salama One Day Surgery Centre in Baniyas, which are among Abu Dhabi's most prominent general hospitals.

In addition, Al Shamkha is a community that welcomes pets. There are several distinguished animal rescue services and pet hospitals in Abu Dhabi located within the area, such as Falcon Hospital and Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter.


A new community called Al Falah City is being built to the north of Al Shamkha. This planned project consists of five residential villages and a town center, each village containing approximately 1000 villas along with various amenities like schools, retail stores, mosques, and recreational facilities.

The Al Shawamekh residential quarters are situated in the southwest of Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi. Its design aims to create a self-sustaining community featuring a variety of affordable villas and apartments. Baniyas is another neighboring area that offers plenty of sports facilities and recreational opportunities.




The Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre is a top mall in the area, offering a diverse selection of local clothing, accessories, home goods, and electronics. The neighboring Al Shamkha Mall is presently being constructed and anticipated to be a favored shopping spot once it's finished.

Nearby shopping options include Bawabat Al Sharq Mall in Baniyas and Mazyad Mall in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Dalma Mall, one of the leading shopping centers in Abu Dhabi, is also located close by. All of these malls can be reached within 20 minutes by car.


If you're a food lover who enjoys exploring various dining options, Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre is the spot for you. The mall boasts several eateries including Gazebo Restaurant, Maroosh Restaurant, and Nabras al Shaebi Restaurant along with some casual dining establishments. Additionally, fast food outlets like Subway and McDonald's as well as cafes such as Cafe 71 and 9Bar Cafe can be found within the premises.

Tea Time Cafeteria is a well-liked dining spot that offers an assortment of wraps, shawarmas, and teas for patrons to relish during their informal late-night jaunts. In Al Shamkha's food truck zone by Al Yasat Private School, customers can feast on burgers and street foods at various establishments such as Street Bites, 21 Emarati Cafe, Kbhz & Karak, and Ybala Karak.

Downtown Abu Dhabi, which is located 40 minutes away by car, offers a variety of high-end restaurants, licensed establishments and evening entertainment options.


Although Al Shamkha is not situated by the sea, there are still options available for a beach getaway within close proximity. You can reach luxurious beaches near Al Shamkha with just a 30-minute drive. Yas Beach, included in Yas Island and known as one of the finest beaches in Abu Dhabi, boasts serene surroundings away from the hectic city life.

Al Raha Beach provides a sweeping vista of the shoreline, but it is a restricted beach necessitating admission fees. For an alternative public beach experience, consider heading to Al Bateen Beach instead. There you can marvel at the magnificent vistas of Al Hudayriat Island.


The inhabitants of Al Shamkha lead an uncomplicated lifestyle, often frequenting the neighboring malls and supermarkets for entertainment. Sports enthusiasts can engage in various competitions and activities at Baniyas Sports and Culture Club. The community's parks offer a serene walking experience, which is enjoyed by families. Casual food stalls and restaurant chains are also popular choices for dining in Al Shamkha.

If you're interested in equestrian experiences, consider checking out Al Asayl Racing. Established in 1991 and owned by His Highness the President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, this facility offers both racing and breeding services.


If staying in shape is your thing, there are various gym options to choose from in Abu Dhabi. At the Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre sits Fit Professional Gym, while Fitness First can be found at Bawabat Al Sharq Mall. In addition, Arabian Village Gym over in Al Reef boasts a swimming pool and is approximately 12 minutes away.

Women may choose to visit either Rose Gold Beauty Salon or Nayomi Beauty Salon located in Al Shamkah, while men have the option of visiting Ruby Gents Salon, Al Kous Gents Salon, or Golden Star Gents Salon.


Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre is the hub of excitement in Al Shamkha. The center hosts a variety of enjoyable activities during the kid's festival, including African drum performances, arts and crafts events, and circus shows. Additionally, Baniyas holds several sports tournaments throughout the year that are easily accessible for residents to attend.


Al Shamkha provides a budget-friendly way of living while still giving you access to numerous conveniences and resources. The community is suitable for families, with nearby mosques, supermarkets, and clinics adding to its appeal. Abu Dhabi's 2030 plan calls for further expansion in the area since it is still being developed. Expect additional amenities down the line.


Where is Al Shamkha located?

Al Shamkha is a distant residential area situated away from the center of Abu Dhabi.

How to get to Al Shamkhah Abu Dhabi by Bus?

The 406 bus runs through routes in the vicinity of Al Shamkhah Abu Dhabi.