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is an emerging residential area in Abu Dhabi. This coastal city provides a plethora of tourism and investment possibilities for expats. Additionally, there is a diverse range of housing options available throughout Abu Dhabi, including the up-and-coming community of Al Samha located on the outskirts of the city. While still in its early stages of development and relatively unknown, Al Samha is steadily making its mark in the real estate market of the capital. As per Bayut's 2019 End of Year Market Report for Abu Dhabi, Al Samha shows promising growth as a residential hub.

Samha Abu Dhabi is a highly sought-after location for villa rentals in Abu Dhabi, offering properties known for their visually appealing architecture and tranquil environment.

The neighborhood is connected to major mainland areas of Abu Dhabi by Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road (E11), which cuts through it. Al Rahba community is located to the south of Al Samha and can be reached in about 10 minutes, while Hydra Village is a 15-minute drive down the same road. Kizad, an extensive industrial free zone, surrounds the neighborhood from the north.



Al Samha Abu Dhabi, situated in a prime location between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offers a diverse range of amenities including residential, recreational, and retail services. Its strategic proximity to the thriving investment hub KIZAD and Khalifa Port makes it an excellent option for individuals commuting between emirates for work purposes.

Al Reef 2, an expansive housing complex, is an eastern extension of the neighborhood. In addition to this residential compound, there are several other projects within the community that offer labor accommodations for individuals employed in the nearby industrial areas.

In Al Samha, you can also find establishments that provide car wash services alongside petrol stations.


In the near future, there will be numerous investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi's booming real estate market. Al Samha, a remote town situated 20 minutes away from the community of Al Shahama, encompasses a vast area of 464,000 square meters and boasts well-established settlements like Manazel Al Reef 2 and Al Reef. The residential areas in Al Reef 2 consist of four sections, each covering an area of approximately 220 square meters. These villas are characterized by their simple design and uniform color scheme. The majority of houses within this development exhibit

Expansive gardens are encircled by solid concrete walls. The interior boasts an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, such as the utilization of dulcet tones of ivory and cream to coat the walls.

In Al Samha, there is a limited availability of 3-bedroom apartments for rent. These units are fully prepared for immediate occupation and include an additional maid's room along with en-suite bathrooms in each of the three bedrooms.

Rental Trends in Al Samha

Strategically positioned in Al Samha, the villas benefit from close proximity to a wide range of amenities and recreational facilities. Convenient access to supermarkets, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, and restaurants is readily available for residents.

The rental properties in Al Samha consist of 2 and 3-bedroom villas, with prices ranging from AED 65k to AED 130k per year.

The yearly rental price for a 2-bed villa in Al Samha ranges from AED 65k to AED 76k. Meanwhile, a fully-furnished 3-bedroom villa starts at AED 65k per year and can go up to AED 130k per year. Al Samha is highly desirable for those looking to rent 3-bed villas in Abu Dhabi.

In terms of pricing, the cost of villas in neighboring areas is higher when compared to the relatively cheaper prices here.

Sales Trends in Al Samha

Al Samha offers a range of popular villas for sale, including layouts featuring 2 or 3 bedrooms. These villas typically cover an area of 2,330 sq. m., while a slightly larger option is also available at 2,688 sq. m. The cost of a 2-bedroom villa is approximately AED 1.7M, while the price range for the 3-bedroom villas in Al Samha varies from AED 1.32M to AED 1.9M.

ROI in Al Samha

Potential buyers of villas should take into consideration that 3-bedroom units offer a return on investment (ROI) of 4.9%, whereas 2-bedroom villas yield a slightly lower ROI at 4.2%.


In contrast to other parts of Abu Dhabi, Al Samha offers numerous private parking spaces for its residents. The majority of houses can conveniently accommodate up to three vehicles.

Public Transportation in Al Samha

In Al Samha, transportation options are plentiful, both for hired and public means. The community is well-served by public buses that run regularly. However, when traveling to other parts of the city, cabs are the favored choice among residents. For those seeking a more luxurious ride, premium services such as Uber or Careem can be availed. The nearest bus stops to the community are 222 and E100.


Residing in Al Samha means having all amenities covered, from essential goods to healthcare services. The community ensures that residents' daily grocery needs and healthcare requirements are well taken care of, leaving no worries in these aspects.


Al Samha residents have access to a variety of grocery stores and supermarkets, including Sunrise Supermarket, Rocket Grocery, and Baniyas Cooperative. In addition to these options, there are smaller food stores scattered throughout the residential clusters. For those in need of more extensive shopping, nearby supermarkets like Carrefour in Deerfields Mall or Lulu Express in Al Raha Mall can be easily reached by car.


When constructing new housing communities in Abu Dhabi, special consideration is given to the diverse communities that reside there. Al Samha, like other areas in Abu Dhabi, places importance on mosques for social gatherings. Some of these prominent mosques in Al Samha include the Al-Samha Central Mosque, Ousha Al Mazroui Mosque, and Ali al Balooshi Mosque.

The New Life Church, located in the Heritage Hall of the Emirate Park Zoo near Al Samha, is just a 17-minute drive away. Unfortunately, there are no temples in close proximity to Al Samha. However, the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh gurdwara, situated in Jebel Ali can be reached within 37 minutes via the E11 route.


Currently, there is a limited number of schools in Al Samha. However, the neighborhood offers various alternatives. One option for young children is Al Morjan Kindergarten, which offers educational programs. Moreover, there are a few choices available for school-going children such as Alsamha School, Al Falahiya Primary and Secondary School, and Al Taweelah Primary School. Additionally, the residential community is conveniently located 25 minutes away from the renowned Raha International School.

There are educational institutions within close proximity to Al Samha, such as Abu Dhabi University and Khalifa University, which can be reached by a 30-minute drive.


available in Al Samha. Some of the well-known pharmacies include Al Samha Pharmacy, Samha Care Pharmacy, and Al Samha Medical Center Pharmacy. Whether it's seeking medical attention or purchasing medication, residents of Al Samha can easily find the necessary healthcare facilities within their area without much hassle.

All around the locality.


Situated alongside the E11 highway, Al Samha offers convenient access to Dubai. It is merely a 26-minute drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport and within a 40-minute distance from Abu Dhabi's main island. In addition, it takes just 13 minutes to reach Abu Dhabi's Kizad Free Zone by car. Moreover, this residential community provides direct links to the city's major roads via the E11 Ghweifat International Highway in the east and the E12 Sheikh Khalifa Highway in the north.

Al Rahba is situated in the southern direction, approximately at a distance of nine kilometers. Within a 25-kilometer radius from Al Samha, there are other residential communities like Al Bahia and Hydra Village.




Al Samha, being a tranquil neighborhood, lacks extensive shopping centers. Fortunately for its residents, there are two nearby malls, Deerfields and Al Raha Mall, which can be reached in less than thirty minutes.


If you enjoy a night out in Al Samha and the surrounding areas, there are numerous restaurant options to choose from. Food lovers have a variety of choices such as Bon Food, Royal Al Samha Restaurant, and Rubaia Restaurant. For those craving fast food, Popeyes, Texas Chicken, and Burger King are available. Seafood enthusiasts can try Sea Shell Café while Italian food lovers can visit The Pizza Pie Factory or Broccoli Pizza and Pasta for their fix.

Located in close proximity, Al Samha boasts several renowned beaches. One notable example is the highly sought-after Abu Dhabi Kite Beach, a favored destination among tourists which can be reached within just 21 minutes by car. Additionally, for an enjoyable family outing, residents have the option of visiting Al Raha Beach to partake in a delightful evening together.


Located approximately 7 miles southwest of the community, Emirates Park Zoo proudly holds the distinction of being the inaugural private zoo in the UAE. Boasting an impressive assortment of over 1,400 animals encompassing both domesticated and rare exotic creatures, this captivating destination aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature while fostering awareness about animal rights and conservation efforts.


In the vicinity, numerous government offices can be found, including entities like Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, Emirates Heritage Club, and ADNOC Vehicle Inspection Centre.

In Abu Dhabi, there exist numerous farm communities on the eastern side of the Abu Dhabi – Ghweifat International Highway, such as Warsan Farms and Ajban Farms. These farms represent the agricultural sector of Abu Dhabi.

In Al Samha, there are several landscaped areas, but the most remarkable one is undoubtedly Al Samha Park. This park offers a variety of amenities such as swings, benches, barbeque spots, paved walkways, sandy sections, and grassy fields. For those looking to explore further options nearby, New Shahama Park is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from this community.


A brief distance from here lies the Abu Dhabi RC Club ADRCC. This is a popular spot for radio-controlled aircraft enthusiasts to gather and indulge in their passion of flying model planes.

Horse riding enthusiasts can travel about 29 kilometers north to reach the Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, which offers an excellent opportunity for indulging in their passion.

Fitness enthusiasts in Al Samha can benefit from dedicated gyms, while those who enjoy swimming can take advantage of shared pools to cool off during the summer. Although there are limited lounges within the residential community, residents have the option to seek relaxation in nearby areas like Al Reef and Al Rahba.

The Al Samha Traditional Festival, organized by the Emirates Heritage Club in Abu Dhabi, is an annual community event that draws numerous expatriates and esteemed government officials and members of the royal family. With coverage from regional and international TV channels, as well as garnering interest from social media enthusiasts, the festival has become a global attraction where people come together to partake in various festivities and witness exceptional performances.


Al Samha is an up-and-coming residential area that offers impressive amenities for families to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Situated conveniently off the road connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is just a short 13-minute drive from Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) and within half an hour's reach of Khalifa port. However, individuals accustomed to commuting from the island city should carefully consider their decision before relocating to Al Samha. The considerably lengthy journey and potential traffic congestion during peak hours may present difficulties in maintaining punctuality when reaching various destinations.



Al Samha is a new, family-friendly community with stunning indoor and outdoor facilities. The community is located off the road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, 13 minutes from Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) and less than half an hour away from the port Khalifa. However, people who regularly travel from the island city will have to think twice before moving to Al Samha. The significantly long commute and traffic during rush hour may prove to be challenging for those who have to reach their destinations on time.