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Al Safa 2 is a subset of the larger Al Safa district that houses various public facilities, diplomatic missions, and healthcare establishments. The locality boasts ample conveniences such as markets, mosques, and recreational hubs, catering to the needs of its inhabitants. Residential accommodations in Al Safa majorly comprise dwellings with autonomous setups. It shares borders with expansive thoroughfares including E11 Sheikh Zayed Road towards the east, Al Manara Road towards the south, and Umm Al Sheif Road towards the north.

The western boundary of the location is marked by Al Wasl Road (D92).




The residential properties in Al Safa 2, Dubai's well-developed neighborhood, accommodate both locals and ex-pats. It is mostly a pet-friendly area, but make sure to confirm with your landlord beforehand if pets are permitted in the property you're interested in.

Some of the well-liked attractions include:


In Al Safa 2, the majority of properties are independent villas with spacious layouts starting at four bedrooms. The most sought-after options are typically the four and five-bedroom units, although there are also larger homes available with six or more bedrooms. For those seeking even more luxury, there are exclusive ten-bedroom houses on offer as well. These villas come equipped with a range of amenities including house help quarters, beautifully landscaped gardens, private swimming pools and outdoor barbecue areas.

Al Safa 2, much like its surrounding regions, features several villa communities that are integrated compounds. These gated complexes typically provide a secure and safe habitat, foster close-knit connections among residents, and offer access to communal facilities.

Bayti 22, located in Al Safa 2 and managed by Meraas Group, is a renowned complex comprising of 22 villas. Each villa has four bedrooms along with additional amenities including a maid's room, laundry room and beautiful gardens. Residents can also enjoy access to various facilities such as pools, gyms and children's playgrounds. Moreover, Bayti 22 is conveniently situated near Al Safa Park 2.

In addition to its great amenities, the Al Wasl Village complex is pet-friendly and offers 26 four-bedroom villas that are semi-detached. Each villa comes with a private pool, as well as a garden, terrace, laundry room, and maid's quarters. With 3,206 sq. ft. of living space available in each unit, residents have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy themselves. The compound is conveniently located along Al Wasl Road near Spinneys in Al Safa 2.

Rental trends in al safa 2

If you're looking to rent a villa in Al Safa 2, there are a variety of options available. The villas in the area vary in size from 3,000 sq. ft. all the way up to 15,000 sq. ft., and come either as independent houses or within villa compounds. As for rental prices in Al Safa 2, they differ depending on the specific property chosen.

Al Safa 2 offers rental options for Compound Villas as well. Those interested can lease a 4-bedroom one with an annual rate of AED 300k.

Sales trends in Al Safa 2

Purchasing a villa in Al Safa 2 can prove to be a profitable investment. Browse through the properties listed on Bayut to gain an understanding of the cost associated with buying a villa in this area.

There are some vacant plots for sale in Al Safa 2, but their availability is restricted. For a sum of AED 40M, you can purchase a residential plot measuring around 20,000 sq. ft. in Al Safa 2.

roi in al safa 2

The most sought-after properties are those with 7 or more bedrooms, providing a return on investment of approximately 4.97%. In second place are villas with six bedrooms, which generate an ROI of 2.31%.


Every villa in Al Safa 2 includes a designated parking spot, and the bigger units provide as many as 14 spots. Additionally, paid street parking options are accessible beyond the premises.

public transportation in al safa 2

Due to the sub-community's connection to major roads in all directions, multiple bus stops are available within its borders primarily along Al Wasl Road (D92) for the convenience of residents. These include stops such as Wasl Rawdhat Al Abraar Masjid Bus Stop, Wasl Road 5 Bus Stop, and Wasl Road 4 Bus Stop.

The ONPASSIVE Subway Station can be found on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and is conveniently situated within walking distance from any location in the area.



Al Safa 2 has an abundance of supermarkets to choose from. One notable option is the big Spinneys supermarket found in the Umm Suqeim Center that provides a recycling facility and post box services. This particular branch of Spinneys is conveniently located near the Al Wasl Village villa complex. As well as this, there are also some smaller grocery stores within the community like Asghar Aziz Grocery, Jabal Al Madina Grocery and Rayhan Al Wadi Grocery.


Al Safa 2 boasts many mosques, such as Jummah Masjid, Al Hajjah Zinab Mosque, Al Bara' Bin Aazib Mosque, and Umm Yahya Mosque. Additionally, there is the sizable Aisha Butti Al Mulla Masjid located near both Al Safa Park 2 and the Bayti 22 villa compound.


In the vicinity of Al Safa 2, there are several churches available. The closest one is Emirates Baptists Church International (EBCI) situated in Al Barsha 1 region which takes approximately 14 minutes to reach by car.

Al Safa 2 boasts an abundance of temples in close proximity. The majority are situated in the Bur Dubai district, which is just a short 20-minute drive away. Within this community, there are several renowned places of worship for the Hindu population such as Shree Krishna Haveli, ShrinathJi Temple and Shiva Temple. Sikh residents can pay a visit to Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara located in Jebel Ali district which is also only a 20-minute distance away.

SCHOOLS and nurseries in AL SAFA 2

Al Safa 2 boasts a range of nurseries within the vicinity. These establishments cater to the needs of families, offering quality child care services and facilities.

Situated at the heart of the neighborhood, Kangaroo Kids Nursery is intended for children aged from 4 months to 4 years. It adheres to the British EYFS syllabus and furnishes kids with learning zones, state-of-the-art amenities and a capacious outdoor garden that encourages exploration.

Neighborhood inhabitants have the option of utilizing additional local nurseries such as Toddler Town British Nursery and Little Wonders Nursery. Toddler Town British Nursery similarly adheres to the British EYFS curriculum, but caters to infants starting at 2 months old up until those who are 4 years old.

In the vicinity of Al Safa 2, there is a public school called Umm Suqeim Girls School that sits adjacent to Al Safa Park 2. Additionally, you can also find private schools in close proximity to this area.

Jumeirah College, situated in Al Safa 1 and widely regarded as one of Dubai's top schools, provides the National Curriculum of England for students from Year 7 to Year 13. Meanwhile, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is located nearby and offers the same curriculum, but caters to younger learners from FS1 to Year 6.

The Al Safa 1 area has a range of well-regarded schools, including Jumeirah English Speaking School. This school accepts students from FS1 to Year 6 and is situated about 7 minutes away. Meanwhile, Al Ittihad Private School offers an American curriculum and caters for pre-primary up to Year 12.

Near Dubai's Media City, approximately a 20-minute drive from Al Safa 2, one may find the American University in Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai, and the University of Bradford.


In the vicinity of Al Safa 2, there are a number of medical facilities. One such facility is the Medcare Women and Children Hospital situated in the northern part of the community. The clinics nearby are Prime Medical Centre and Samaa Medical Centre, both located in Al Safa 1. For patients looking for outpatient care, iCare Clinics is an excellent option within Oasis Mall which can be reached in about 11 minutes.

British Veterinary Hospital and European Veterinary Centre can be found in close proximity to Al Safa 2, providing suitable options for pet owners who prioritize their pets' health and well-being.


There are nearby residential communities that include:

Umm Suqeim 1, situated towards the north, offers a comparable lifestyle to that of Al Safa 2. Towards the eastern side, one can find the broader region of Al Safa 1 which is renowned for its exceptional school district. Moving southwards leads to the locality of Al Quoz 3 where numerous art galleries are located within the larger Al Quoz area. On traveling westward lies the upscale residential neighborhood of Al Manara which comprises various villas and townhouses accompanied by an array of office spaces and casual dining restaurants.




Shopping centers in the vicinity of Al Safa 2 consist of:

Al Safa 2 is surrounded by several malls within close proximity. The Time Square Centre, located just 10 minutes away, boasts a selection of retail stores and a significant branch of AdventureHQ. A mere 12-minute drive from Al Safa 2 will take you to the renowned Mall of the Emirates, one of Dubai's most popular shopping destinations. Alternatively, Oasis Mall can be reached via Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) in just over 11 minutes.


The Mall of Emirates has a variety of dining options available, with restaurants located within its premises.

If you're interested in experiencing the renowned Philadelphia cheesesteak, Charlie's Philly Cheesesteaks should be at the top of your list. Chowking is known for its exceptional Filipino cuisine, and 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is also worth checking out for dining options.

Dining options in the vicinity of Al Safa 2 encompass:

Within close proximity to the location, there are a variety of dining options available for both formal and casual occasions. For instance, Sul Fiume is just a short 2-minute walk away from the Indigo Building, Exit No. 45 on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). This restaurant boasts an exceptional selection of BBQ platters and grilled meats that are highly sought-after by its patrons. Alternatively, if one prefers genuine vegetarian Indian cuisine then Indian Pavilion Restaurant may be more appealing as they serve traditional snacks and vegetarian thalis. The restaurant can be easily accessed within a mere 5-minutes heading eastward from the location mentioned above. Oasis Restaurant serves fast food, which is perfect for those who enjoy quick bites without compromising quality of taste or service; it's located only 6 minutes away from our starting point as well!

Within close proximity are licensed establishments like Dhow & Anchor – a gastropub situated on the lobby level of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. A 13-minute journey northwest will take you to this destination. Adjacent to it is Ocean Blue/Pool Bar where guests can relish a relaxed waterfront dining atmosphere featuring an assortment of seafood and alcoholic beverages.


Within a 15-minute radius of Al Safa 2, there are over ten public beaches accessible to residents. One option is the Open Beach, reachable by car within 15 minutes. Another popular choice is Jumeirah Beach, which is just a 13-minute drive away and often frequented by western tourists. This beach boasts a dedicated area for children's play and BBQ facilities for hosting cookouts on the shore. Additional nearby options include Sunset Beach and Kite Beach.


Various nearby points of interest and notable landmarks consist of:

Within this sub-community lies Splash n Party, a kid-friendly water park that provides ample leisure opportunities. For those seeking alternative aquatic fun, Wild Wadi is only a short 15-minute drive away. Additionally, Dubai International Bowling Centre presents itself as one of the premier bowling destinations in Dubai for residents who enjoy the sport.


Inhabitants have the opportunity to maintain good physical shape at:

In the vicinity of Al Safa 2, there are a few parks like Umm Suqeim 1 Park 2 which is situated just six minutes away. The latter is a small park located opposite Al Wasl Road (D92) and features amenities such as swings, slides, treehouses and even a basketball court within Safa Park 2. For those seeking bigger spaces to engage in outdoor activities can check out the largest park in the district known as Safa Park which is approximately thirteen minutes away. This park offers ample space for children to play different types of sports ranging from football to cricket and more.

Enthusiasts of exercising can opt to visit either Gym Giorgia or Fitness First Oasis Centre. While Gym Giorgia is situated within the community, Fitness First Oasis Centre is situated in Oasis Mall which takes approximately 11-minutes when heading towards the east direction.

Nearby establishments include beauty parlors and wellness centers.

Residents can conveniently access Bedashing Beauty Lounge, a nearby spa located just 2 minutes away via 29 B St. The lounge offers various services including haircuts, body spa treatments, nail treatments, massages and hair removal services.

Residents can conveniently reach the Dreamworks Spa with a 15-minute drive and indulge in various acclaimed treatments. The spa provides options such as Hot Stone and Four-Hands therapy, full-body Scrubs, and traditional Hamman rituals for residents to enjoy.


Located in an older section of Dubai, Al Safa is a diverse community without its own distinct events. Yet, nearby malls host a variety of community gatherings. Residents are welcome to attend these mall events and stay informed on future happenings.


The district lacks a designated developer, thus no official social media groups exist for residents to connect with each other. To overcome this limitation, people residing in the area can become part of an existing Facebook group called "Al Safa 2 Jumeirah Community Group" to engage with fellow residents.


This particular neighborhood is recognized for its bustling commerce, with numerous government offices and consulates located within it. Individuals who seek tranquility may encounter some difficulty becoming accustomed to the lively atmosphere here. However, for the majority of residents, the advantages of residing in this area far surpass any minor concerns about noise or activity levels.