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Located in central Dubai, Al Safa is a vibrant residential area that boasts many exciting features. One of the highlights of the community is its famous Safa Park. Nestled between neighboring areas Umm Suqeim, Al Wasl and Jumeirah, Al Safa is also conveniently located near Downtown Dubai and Kite Beach. Residents enjoy an eventful lifestyle thanks to its proximity to these lively districts. Additionally, the magnificent Dubai Water Canal runs through this neighborhood offering stunning views of Dubai's skyline.

Al Safa is split into two sub-groups, Al Safa 1 and Al Safa 2. These subdivisions are firmly established and provide a variety of villas, apartments, and townhouses for tenants or investors to select from.




The Al Safa community is primarily made up of villas, but there are also residential buildings and compound villas available. This diverse mix of housing options has created a convenient lifestyle for residents with a range of attractions, schools, supermarkets and medical centres all conveniently located within the area. Additionally, if certain services cannot be found in the community itself, major amenities can be accessed in nearby neighbouring areas.

The Al Safa community not only offers a comfortable lifestyle for families, expatriates and students but also boasts breathtaking views. The Dubai Water Canal winds through the neighborhood, providing picturesque views of the skyline. Additionally, there are various residential options available and many utilities nearby to make life convenient.


Al Safa's residential areas showcase contemporary architectural styles that draw inspiration from Islamic and European designs. Al Safa 1 and Al Safa 2, the two sub-communities within the area, offer a variety of housing options such as villas, townhouses, and apartments.

Al Safa is recognized for its autonomous villas as well as those that are included in compounds. The villas range from at least 3 bedrooms to some enormous ones with over 11 bedrooms. Popular villa alternatives in Al Safa include the ones with 3, 4, 5 and 6-bedrooms.

Being a villa community, the area doesn't have too many apartment complexes. Nonetheless, the scarce apartments in the vicinity share similar features with the rest of the neighborhood, such as roominess and communal amenities.

Compound Living in Al Safa

Al Safa is recognized for its independent villas, as well as the tight-knit atmosphere of its villa compounds. People opt to reside in these compounds due to their secured nature, being gated communities. Additionally, living in a compound allows access to shared amenities such as sports fields, play areas, gyms and more.

In both Al Safa 1 and 2, there are villa compounds that are available for residents. Well-known options in Al Safa 1 include Splendour Villas, Wasl Square, and the Al Hala Complex.

The Splendour Villas compound, situated in Al Safa 1, boasts a collection of 90 homes that are designed as duplex 4-bedroom residences. Every unit is equipped with its own private pool and beautifully manicured gardens. For those seeking alternative options for living spaces in the area, there is Wasl Square which contains 174 townhouses available in both 3-bed and 4-bed configurations. Additionally, Al Hala Complex offers a smaller-scale option with only 16 villas - each one including its own exclusive swimming pool. Furthermore, residents can also gain access to the community centre and gym located northwards within the compound's vicinity.

The residential area of Al Safa 2 includes two distinct compounds - Bayti 22 and Al Wasl Village. Bayti 22 is comprised of a total of 22 four-bedroom villas, each featuring a private garden, maid's room, and laundry room. On the other hand, Al Wasl Village has 26 semi-detached houses that are all four-bedroom units. Every unit in this compound comes with its own amenities such as a private pool, terrace, barbecue area, laundry room as well as a maid's room. Another notable feature about the latter compound is that it welcomes pets onto its premises.

Rental Trends in Al Safa

Al Safa's rental villas boast impressive amenities such as spacious balconies, laundry and storage rooms, and maid quarters. Some even provide 24/7 facility management. The yearly cost for a 5-bedroom villa averages AED 212k while the smaller 3-bedroom option rents at an average of AED 140k annually.

The majority of rental apartments in this area are located near Safa Park, allowing for easy access to take a leisurely walk or for families to enjoy the available playgrounds. Although most buildings in the vicinity are not tall, many of these units offer breathtaking vistas of Dubai Canal from their balconies and windows.

A studio unit can be rented for approximately AED 40k, while a 1-bedroom flat in Al Safa with roomy interiors and two bathrooms typically goes for about AED 67k. Those seeking more space may find a 2-bedroom apartment available for rent at around AED 93k annually, whereas the cost of renting a spacious 3-bed flat could start from AED 128k per year.

Sale Trends in Al Safa

Due to Al Safa's status as an established residential area without freehold ownership options, there is a limited number of properties for sale. Prospective buyers seeking spacious five-bedroom villas in the community should anticipate spending at least AED 10 million.

ROI in Al Safa

Investing in Al Safa's 5-bedroom villas can yield a rental return of 2.7%, despite limited options available.

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In Al Safa, there are two sub-communities with Al Safa 1 being the more preferred option. This region shares a border with Safa Park to its north and presents an assortment of residences including apartments, villas, and townhouses.

The runner-up is Al Safa 2, which shares borders with Jumeirah 3 - another locality comprising of properties with diverse uses.

Al Safa Floor Plans

Prospective buyers seeking Al Safa floor plans can peruse the various layouts accessible for prevalent neighborhoods situated within Al Safa.


Typically, apartment residents are provided with parking facilities inside the building or have the option of using roadside parking. In a comparable manner, Al Safa's villa properties usually offer specifically allocated car parks for their residents. Furthermore, certain villas come equipped with multiple car parks and garages.

Public Transport in Al Safa

Al Safa residents can easily handle their commutes and discover various transportation alternatives. The nearest metro station to the mid-point of the community is Noor Bank Metro Station, which can be reached within five minutes. Business Bay Metro Station is also an option for residents but may take six to ten minutes depending on their location in Al Safa.

Al Safa 1 and the surrounding Al Safa 2 area have a variety of bus stops that provide transportation to significant locations and attractions in Dubai, as well as connections back to the metro stations. In addition, Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah also have numerous bus stations nearby.



In Al Safa, you can find several well-known supermarkets like Carrefour Market, Spinneys, and Choithrams. Additionally, there are numerous smaller grocery stores scattered throughout the area that serve the diverse needs of its residents.

The well-known grocery store, 'Park and Shop', can be found in Al Safa Centre situated on the intersection of Al Wasl Road in Al Safa 1. The pork section is a prominent attraction among expats as it is designated solely for non-muslim customers.


Dubai has a plethora of exquisite mosques. Al Safa, in particular, is home to numerous places of worship, which makes commuting hassle-free for Muslims residing in the area. Two notable examples are the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque and Ayesha Mosque. Additionally, residents can easily access nearby communities' other mosques since they're not too far away.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can be found in Al Safa 1 for Christian community members. Meanwhile, nearby Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple, Baba Temple, and Gurdwara Temple provide easy access to Hindu and Sikh residents.


kids in JESS secondary school which offers both the British and International Baccalaureate programme. Another option is Al Safa Community School which follows the American curriculum from KG1 to Grade 12. Overall, parents living in Al Safa have a variety of high-quality schools to choose from for their children, including those with outstanding ratings by KHDA and those offering different curriculums.

Pupils at Jumeirah College have the convenience of attending their final years of education from Year 7 to Year 13, while all three choices are located in close proximity and easily accessible by foot.

The list of schools in the area includes Emirates English Speaking School, Al Ittihad Private School, and Al Anwar Kindergarten School.

When it comes to pursuing higher education in the area, residents can easily access The English College nearby. Additionally, there are various other educational institutions within close proximity such as Professional & Accountancy Centre, The College of Fashion & Design and Toni Malt Makeup Academy. For those seeking internationally accredited universities, Knowledge Village near Media City is only a 20-minute drive away.


Al Safa's community offers convenient access to top-notch healthcare services for its residents. In addition to the well-regarded Medcare Hospital located within the community, there are several other medical centers nearby that specialize in areas such as orthopedics, spine care, and women's and children's health. These facilities allow residents to receive specialized care without having to travel far from home.


Al Safa's advantageous location is one of its notable benefits, as it borders the lively areas of Umm Suqeim, Al Wasl, and Jumeirah. Additionally, residents have convenient entry onto Sheikh Zayed Road which significantly shortens daily commutes for those working in Business Bay. With a mere 5 to 12-minute drive to the coastal strip or Downtown Dubai, there are abundant entertainment choices available.




Situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, Oasis Mall is conveniently close to the community. The shopping centre offers approximately 70 stores, including Daiso - a Japanese discount store, Carrefour - an international supermarket chain, and Home Centre - a home furnishing destination. Additionally, there are various other choices for retail therapy, entertainment and dining. Oasis Mall provides residents with a tranquil shopping experience without the hustle and bustle of larger malls.

For those who love to shop, Al Safa is an excellent residential area since two of the largest malls in the emirate, namely Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, are conveniently located about 10-15 minutes away, depending on your exact location.

Al Safa is surrounded by a variety of specialty stores that offer different products and services. For instance, Barracuda Fishing and Outdoors, Bookworm, and PetsPlus LLC are three such niche stores in the area. Additionally, there are several other stores like Thread Up Tailoring and Boutique, United Furniture, Trek Bicycle Store that cater to diverse lifestyle needs situated nearby Al Safa.


Al Safa is known for its unique dining scene that offers a diverse range of culinary experiences. From high-end eateries to quick-service restaurants, visitors can explore an array of dining options such as Chez Sushi, Pizza Express, Hadoota Masreya and Reem Al Bawadi.

In addition to standalone establishments, the inhabitants of the town have access to various dining options located within shopping centers, hotels, and beach areas. Downtown Dubai's Souk Al Bahar provides a unique waterfront dining experience that adds to the already diverse selection. Kite Beach is another nearby option with a variety of casual food choices available for those looking to dine by the sea.


Al Safa's proximity to the Dubai coastline grants residents convenient entry to a variety of beaches. Among these options, Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach and Sunset Beach are the quickest to reach for those living in Al Safa - just 7-8 minutes away depending on location.

Kite Beach is a highly sought-after destination in Dubai, renowned for its range of water-based activities and abundance of dining and shopping options. Its location near Al Safa also makes it a go-to spot for locals in the area seeking an exciting seaside experience.


access the 64-hectare Al Safa Park, one of Dubai's top parks. This lush green location offers a range of activities such as running track, children’s playground and barbeque pits. Despite being reduced in size due to the construction of Dubai Water Canal, it still boasts breathtaking views of Grand Canal that showcases the magnificent skyline of Dubai. Being located close to many residential units makes it convenient for community members to visit this green oasis.

Go to Safa Park for either a morning run or an evening gathering with your loved ones.

Dubai's latest impressive project is the Dubai Water Canal, which goes through Al Safa. This 3.2km canal navigates through Business Bay before reaching Jumeirah. Besides being an awe-inspiring sight, the endeavor includes amenities like running tracks, a mechanical waterfall and public spaces for visitors to appreciate and bask in the stunning views.


Fitness aficionados can rest assured when relocating to Al Safa as the locality boasts numerous fitness centers. Despite a greater selection in nearby communities, inhabitants will only need to travel a brief distance due to the convenient location and effortless routes.

Encompassing a diverse selection of beauty establishments, the community is proud to offer several options for salons and spas in close proximity. Within a short distance from the central location, one can discover Spaces Beauty Salon and Spa, Sasha Beauty Salon, and Casa Havana Beauty Salon amongst others.


The people of Al Safa have a variety of commemorative events throughout the year. In addition to festive holidays and New Year's Eve celebrations, there is also the Dubai Food Festival at nearby beaches. The Dubai Water Canal hosts the popular Dubai Canal Run, which welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy running.


In the vicinity of Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah sits Al Safa, a community known for its diverse residential options and attractive amenities. While it may not offer as many activities as some of Dubai's most popular areas, Al Safa provides residents with everything they need for a comfortable lifestyle. Plus, being located near Umm Suqeim allows for convenient transportation throughout the surrounding regions. It is important to note that properties in Al Safa are exclusively available to UAE citizens.