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In the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi lies the town of Al Ruwais, or Ar-Ruwais. This peaceful settlement is situated at a distance of roughly 240 kilometres from Abu Dhabi city and takes around two hours to reach.

The region that houses the Ruwais Refinery is being transformed into a residential area designed to meet the housing needs of ADNOC employees. Al Ruwais City, as it is called, provides various lifestyle facilities and includes both apartments and villas.

Comprising 71% of the UAE's total area, Al Dhafra constitutes the western region. Formerly referred to as Al Gharbia, it is a far-flung locale and serves as one of Abu Dhabi's three primary municipal regions.




Located in the Al Dhafra region approximately 240 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi is Al Ruwais. Originally a small fishing village, it has since transformed into a vast industrial and residential complex. At the heart of this town lies the biggest oil refinery in the United Arab Emirates - The Ruwais Refinery - which belongs to Takreer ADNOC.

In the 1970s, the rural town underwent a transformation as it was considered as a possible location for accommodating employees of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was then President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, opened the town in 1982. Over time, this small community has evolved into a bustling hub that is home to people from over 40 different countries. The current population of Ruwais Abu Dhabi stands at approximately 29,000 individuals.

Al Ruwais City is a self-contained community that offers a wide range of amenities such as supermarkets, parks, recreational centers, schools, hospitals and even a mall. Moreover, it also houses the post office of Ruwais which serves Abu Dhabi.


The majority of the properties are situated within Al Ruwais City, which offers a range of accommodation options including villas and apartments. There are various configurations available for both types of housing, with 2-bedroom units covering up to 2,500 square feet in terms of built-up area, while an 8-bedroom villa can span up to 4,000 square feet in floor space.


To obtain rental options in Ruwais, consult the trends that have been provided.


An area of 199,605 sq.ft. is available for purchase in Al Ruwais that can be used for multiple purposes. The average cost for this land is AED 3.2M.


There are numerous lodging choices in and around Al Ruwais, including:

The Western Hotel can be found on Al Ruwais Road in Ghayathi, whereas Anantara Desert Islands Resort & Spa is a luxurious resort situated on Sir Bani Yas Island.


In Al Ruwais, parking is never an issue for both residents and visitors. The town offers various open spaces suitable for hassle-free vehicle parking. Villas come with spacious compounds, while the apartment buildings provide either underground or ground-level parking options.


In the town, there is a bus service that has several buses to cover various areas. People can access comprehensive details about this service via the Darbi app on their smartphones, which is part of Abu Dhabi's public transportation system. Additionally, people can find different taxis easily at the public taxi stands in the region.

The buses provided are X87, X88, 780, 880, 881, 882, 884 and 890. These buses operate every day of the week from Sunday to Saturday with start times ranging from 7 am to 11:30 pm. The routes that they cover vary; some only travel within the housing complex while others take passengers to places like Sir Bani Yas Island ferry station,
Ghuweifat border and Abu Dhabi city. A select few also transport individuals to Ghayathi and Al Mirfa areas.

Some of the primary bus terminals in the area include Ruwais Mall, ADNOC, Ruwais Hospital, and West Market.



Al Ruwais supermarkets consist of:

LuLu Express Fresh Market is a subsidiary of LuLu Group International, which boasts some of the top-rated hypermarkets and supermarkets in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The reason behind this reputation is their extensive range of products that go beyond just everyday groceries. You'll be able to snag discounted electronics, furniture, and casual wear alongside your shopping list essentials when you visit.

In addition to the Traditional Souq, the community offers two large markets known as the East and West Market.


The town's housing complex is adorned with mosques throughout, while the commercial district boasts several options for Muslims seeking a place to pray.

In Al Ruwais, there are various mosques available.


There are several churches in the Al Ruwais area that serve Christians of various denominations. These include:

The church in Ruwais holds Malayalam services on Fridays at 4 pm and Wednesdays at 8 pm. They also offer a range of English and Tamil sermons, events, bible studies, and even a Sunday School program for those interested. Run by the Pope, St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church is operated by the Konkani Community among several other Catholic churches located in the UAE.


The educational institutions in Al Ruwais consist of:

The ADNOC Schools, established by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, can be found in various locations throughout Abu Dhabi. They utilize a STEM-focused methodology and provide the complete Advanced Placement (AP) Curriculum.

The schools, namely Al Abbas Bin Abdel Muttalib, Al Nahrawan and Amra Bint Abdel Rahman, are all public educational institutions.

The Asian International Private School adheres to the CBSE curriculum and provides Hindu, French, and Urdu as secondary languages alongside English for instruction.

Ruwais Private School, also known as SABIS International Private School, implements the SABIS Network's worldwide curriculum. This educational program dates back to Lebanon 130 years ago and provides classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


En: The NMC Ruwais Hospital, situated in the housing complex, is one of the largest multi-speciality hospitals in Al Dhafra. It has a capacity of 122 beds and state-of-the-art medical equipment to cater to patients across more than 25 specialities. Accredited by both Joint Commission International and Emergency Department, NMC Hospitals are considered among Abu Dhabi's finest medical facilities.

The Express Ghayathi Clinic is located in the UAE Exchange Building in Sanayya, Ghayathi and provides an alternative option. This clinic is only a 21-minute drive from Al Ruwais and has doctors available for general medicine as well as family medicine.


In close proximity to Al Ruwais are:

All of the aforementioned zones fall within Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra region and, therefore, fall under the jurisdiction of the Al Dhafra Municipality.

Jebel Dhanna is a well-liked spot for tourists due to its ports, beaches, and resorts. Meanwhile, the Al Hamra Military Training Centre in Western Region can be found in Al Hamra.

Qirayn Al 'Aysh, also known as Qareen Al Aish, plays a vital role in providing sanctuary for migratory birds. It attracts around 67 different species of birds that come from both terrestrial and marine habitats to rest here between October and May.




In the nearby area, there are two shopping centers available for locals to visit.

Currently, Al Ruwais only has one mall - the Ruwais Mall. This mall offers a convenient shopping experience for locals, with a variety of options available. Shoppers can find everything they need at the LuLu Hypermarket and choose from over 40 different stores for their shopping needs. Additionally, there are entertainment options and a food court to enjoy while at the mall. Popular stores such as Sun & Sand Sports can also be found here, making it an excellent destination for sports enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi.

Another renowned establishment in Abu Dhabi is Malabar Gold and Diamonds, which stands out as a top-tier gold shop. The mall also boasts its own cinema - the Royal Cinema - with four screening rooms. In addition to that, it features FunVille, a playground facility, and Fantasy Bowling Club.

Located a 20-minute drive away from the community, Ghayathi Mall boasts a LuLu Hypermarket alongside multiple other shopping stores.


Al Ruwais boasts some of the finest dining establishments, including:

4Gamers brings a variety of foods from Italian, American and Asian cuisines. Shakespeare and Co., on the other hand, is known for their delectable pastries and desserts. KFC is a go-to fast food spot specifically famous for their fried chicken dishes. Kawloon specializes in Chinese cuisine while Danat Bainuna Restaurant offers delicious Middle Eastern fare with an emphasis on Arabian dishes.

Zaitoun provides a diverse menu with options from Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Shahalat Jazzin, on the other hand, specializes in Indian cuisine, serving mouth-watering shawarma and chicken dishes.

To indulge in some nighttime fun and drinks with your buddies, head over to the Dhafra Beach Hotel where you will come across Hana Bar and Sahra Beirut.


One appealing aspect of the region is the presence of various beaches in close vicinity. Al Ruwais boasts several beaches, such as:

The bustling ADNOC Ruwais Beach Club offers a range of amenities such as shaded areas, barbecue facilities, and designated play areas for children. Being the solitary beach option within the community, it is an ideal destination for families seeking a day full of exciting activities.

By taking the ferry, you can easily access Sir Bani Yas Island which has a diverse range of attractions. These include wildlife sightings, luxurious resorts, historical landmarks and stunning villas. Notably, the island was awarded the title of World's Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination at the 2014 World Travel Awards. With over 17,000 animals to see on thrilling safaris, it's a nature-lover's paradise.

At a 20-minute drive from Al Ruwais lies Shipwreck Beach, which offers visitors an unspoiled and peaceful environment to enjoy the waters of Arabia. Shuweihat Island is located approximately 35 kilometres away and takes around 40 minutes to reach. The island boasts stunning natural rock formations and a beautiful beach that is often frequented for camping by both tourists and locals alike.


Residents have the option to visit neighboring landmarks for enjoyable outings, in addition to exploring their local community mall, parks and beaches.

Ruwais Farm, situated in the Ruwais nursery across from the Ruwais Police Station, is a small-scale animal park where visitors can view and feed various types of creatures. Additionally, guests can appreciate the plant and animal life present at this location.

Situated across from the Traditional Souq, Heritage Village provides an opportunity to partake in several historical activities. Visitors can enjoy a range of celebrations and delve into the time period of yesteryear.

The Desert Island Resort & Spa by Anantara is a top beach resort in Abu Dhabi, just a 20-minute drive away. As one of the Anantara hotels in UAE, guests can expect premium rooms that include minibars and Espresso machines.


In Al Ruwais City's housing complex, there are many sports courts available including ten tennis courts, badminton and squash facilities, as well as a cricket pitch. Additionally, the area features four community parks where residents have the freedom to walk or exercise at their leisure. One of these parks is Central Park which boasts an abundance of children's playground equipment.

In addition, there are numerous health facilities and fitness centers available, such as:

ADNOC oversees two recreational facilities: Al Hosn Recreation Centre, which offers play areas, beverage outlets, gyms and swimming pools; and Al Mariah Female Health Club, which features indoor and outdoor walking tracks, a library, swimming pool, gym, billiards and kids play area.

At Baynounah Health Club, patrons can partake in martial arts and soccer on top of using their swimming pool, gym, and indoor sports hall. Yas Social Centre boasts an auditorium, restaurant, lecture halls, and outdoor pool. The Ladies Health Club has a kids' activity area and eating options available as well.

In the community, there are numerous salons catering to men's personal grooming needs. Some examples include:


The website and social groups keep their followers informed about various community events that take place periodically. These events encompass a diverse range, including educational seminars, medical check-ups, camps, and awareness sessions. The venue of each event is dependent on its nature; some are hosted online while others are held at the local hospital for healthcare-related purposes.


Inhabitants of the locality have access to details about the town and residential community by visiting both the website and Facebook page of ''.


Currently, there are efforts to establish a specialized golf facility that will feature not only sports areas but also recreational amenities for walking and other leisure activities.


The locality is ideal for people employed in the nearby refinery or seeking peaceful and isolated living in the UAE. It's still undergoing development and will offer a more extensive range of facilities as additional phases get finished.



Where is Ruwais?

On Khalifa Bin Zayed International Road E11 in Abu Dhabi, there is a recently developed region that offers a serene escape from the bustling city.

How far is Ruwais from Abu Dhabi?

The drive from Abu Dhabi city to Al Ruwais takes around 1 hour and 42 minutes to 2 hours, covering a distance of roughly 224 kilometres.

How do you get from Ruwais to Abu Dhabi?

En: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Road E11 is a route to reach Abu Dhabi by driving.

How far is Ruwais from Dubai?

Located at a distance of around 328 kilometers from Dubai, it might take approximately between two hours and forty-five minutes to three hours to reach there by car.

How do I get to Shuweihat Island?

Regardless of your location within the UAE, whether it be in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any other emirate, you can reach Shuweihat Island via the E11 highway by embarking on a lengthy drive. If you happen to reside in Al Ruwais specifically, then taking the exit towards ADNOC Petrol Station will bring you within 30 minutes of the island's small airport. Shuweihat Island is located along the north coast.

Where is Ruwais Port?

In the western part of Abu Dhabi.

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