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The townhouse development in Mudon goes by the name of Al Ranim and was unveiled in Q2, 2022. Dubai Properties is the master developer of this off-plan project. You can choose from two configurations for your residence: either a well-appointed 3 or 4-bedroom townhouse, or a 3 or 4-bed plus family home with contemporary interiors. These houses are nestled amidst Mudon Al Ranim Park, which features lush greenery and beautifully manicured gardens.




The Al Ranim townhouse development is conveniently situated in Mudon, which provides easy access to numerous amenities. This location offers close proximity to major roads such as Hessa Street, Emirates Road, and Al Qudra Road, making it an ideal choice for residents who need quick and easy travel options. Additionally, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Dubai Hills Mall, and Al Maktoum International Airport can be reached within a 5-to-15-minute drive due to the strategic location of this townhouse development.

Al Ranim Mudon Masterplan

Being a component of the Mudon community, Al Ranim features townhouses that are encompassed by an abundance of verdant surroundings, meticulously designed gardens and pathways shaded from the sun.

The project is home to various noteworthy attractions that are frequented by many visitors.

Mudon Al Ranim Townhouses offer a variety of amenities for its residents to enjoy. Pet owners can take advantage of the dog parks while fitness enthusiasts have access to fitness zones, community pools, and basketball and volleyball courts. The townhouse complex also includes various lawns for multipurpose events, picnics, and sports activities such as kickabout lawns. For families with children, there are nature-inspired play areas and obstacle courses available. Additionally, the developers have designed meditation areas and ornamental gardens for residents' stress relief and relaxation.

The green spaces surrounding a house can add beauty and relaxation to a property, making it more inviting for residents and visitors alike. These areas can be designed in various styles, such as formal or informal gardens, vegetable plots, fruit orchards, or even wildflower meadows. Regardless of the preferred type of garden, proper maintenance is essential to keep them healthy and thriving year-round. From watering and fertilizing to pruning and pest control measures, caring for gardens requires time and effort but offers many rewards in return.

Properties in Al Ranim Mudon

Al Ranim Mudon offers a variety of exquisite townhouses, ranging from 3 to 4 bedrooms and larger family units. The built-up area ranges between 2,217 sq. ft to 2,978 sq. ft. These magnificent homes are designed with domestic staff areas, balconies, car garages and spacious living and dining rooms.

The townhouses in the standard category have two levels, while those in the family category come with an additional level featuring a balcony and a family room. Both types offer beautiful views of the landscaped area within the development.

Sales Trends in Mudon Al Ranim Townhouses

Those looking to purchase homes in Mudon Al Ranim can benefit from the information provided by these pricing trends.

The prices for these sales may differ based on the size of the unit, where it is situated and what amenities are available. In Mudon, potential customers can also explore a range of townhouses for sale that come in various designs.


*Source: Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties is providing appealing payment options for Mudon Al Ranim, allowing you to secure the townhouse of your choice with a minimum investment value of 10%.


FAQs about Al Ranim Mudon Dubai

Where is Al Ranim located?

Dubai Properties is developing the Al Ranim Townhouses in Mudon as part of their off-plan project.

What type of properties will be available at Al Ranim?

Mudon Al Ranim will offer townhouses in both 3 and 4-bedroom options, as well as family townhouses with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

What is the expected handover date of the Al Ranim Townhouses Mudon?

The development of the residential project is presently underway and it is anticipated that it will be handed over in July 2025.

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