Al Raha Golf Gardens - Abu Dhabi

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Al Raha Golf Gardens, known as Golf Gardens, is a masterfully developed community led by Aldar Properties. It is the pioneering residential project in Abu Dhabi that boasts proximity to the prestigious Abu Dhabi Golf Club, offering residents an exceptional golf course living experience. Additionally, this sought-after district enjoys convenient access to both Abu Dhabi International Airport and the thriving Khalifa City A neighborhood.

The region hosts an exclusive neighborhood consisting of upscale villas and townhouses in various architectural designs, primarily situated around the Gardens Club Community Centre. Al Raha Golf Gardens embraces a concept centered on lush gardens adorned with lively blossoms and expansive green areas, making it an ideal abode for individuals who desire to be immersed in nature's beauty while enjoying their passion for golf.




Al Raha Golf Gardens, an integral part of the Al Raha development, is an exclusive residential area restricted to UAE Nationals. This community consists of villas and townhouses, with each property granting access to the centrally located lawns surrounding the Gardens Club. Serving as both a gathering spot for residents and a recreational hub for the neighborhood, this club offers a diverse array of activities and amenities such as a swimming pool.

The en is equipped with a clubhouse, sports center, and various boutiques.

Properties in Al Raha Golf Gardens

In Al Raha Golf Gardens, the available properties are exclusively villas and townhouses, making this area particularly appealing to families. These residences tend to be on the more expensive side as they offer spacious living spaces, starting from a 3-bedroom townhouse with 2,530 sq. ft. While renting a townhouse in Al Raha Golf Gardens may be a more affordable option, it does mean sacrificing some privacy compared to the seclusion promised by villas.

Rental Trends in Al Raha Golf Gardens

Renting a villa in Golf Gardens is a sought-after option among residents. The Gardenia community offers 4-bedroom villas at an annual rent of AED 230k, while the Lailak and Narjis communities in Al Raha Golf Gardens feature 5-bedroom houses available for rent ranging from AED 210k to AED 320k. Moving on to the grander properties, the magnificent 6-bedroom homes are priced at over AED 300k per year. All these opulent properties boast a private pool and garden.

An average rental price of AED 200k is typically charged for a townhouse with four bedrooms, which also includes a small garden.

Sales Trend in Al Raha Golf Garden

There are still some freehold properties available for purchase, but only UAE Nationals can buy them. The average price for a 4-bed home is AED 4.4M, while 5-bed villas in Al Raha Golf Gardens range from AED 4.2M to AED 6.5M. For those seeking ultimate luxury, upgraded 6-bedroom villas are priced between AED 6M and AED 10M. All of these expansive properties have a minimum size of 7,000 sq ft.

For those seeking more compact residences in the area, Golf Gardens offers freehold townhouses ranging from AED 3.2M to AED 4M. These townhouses are available in configurations of either three or four bedrooms.

In Al Raha Golf Gardens, residents have a choice of four unique contemporary villa designs (Gardenia, Lailak, Narjis, and Orchid) and two different variations of townhouses (Jouri and Khuzama), ensuring an abundance of options and elegance. Among the communities in Al Raha Golf Gardens, Gardenia is the most favored while Narjis is the second most preferred.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Raha Golf Gardens

Residents of Al Raha Golf Gardens need not worry about parking, as every residence is provided with two parking spots, which can be expanded if needed. Moreover, larger properties are equipped with space for up to four cars to accommodate residents and their visiting guests. Additionally, abundant street parking is also available for those who may require it.

Public Transportation near Al Raha Golf Gardens

The vicinity lacks public transportation access, with the nearest bus stop located in Al Raha Beach approximately 10 minutes away if traveling by car. To navigate this area and reach the city, one would depend on taxis. It typically takes around 15 minutes by car to reach central Abu Dhabi or Yas Island.


Supermarkets in Al Raha Golf Gardens

The Dukkan Grocery, known as Baqala in Arabic, is a convenient option for having groceries delivered to your home. It is located in the community center of Al Raha Golf Gardens. If you require a larger grocery shopping trip, you can visit Wheatfields supermarket in the nearby Rayyana community. Unlike Baqala, Wheatfields is not only a grocery store but also includes a gourmet cafe. It offers imported items and specializes in catering to diverse dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan products.

In Al Forsan Village and Sas Al Nakhal Village, there are two separate Spinneys supermarkets located near the community.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Raha Golf Gardens

In close proximity to the neighborhood lies the Golf Gardens Mosque, known as the clubhouse mosque. This particular mosque stands out in Al Raha Golf Gardens as it holds the distinction of being the sole one within its boundaries. Residents hold a fondness for this place due to its serene surroundings and beautiful garden. Moreover, several other mosques can be found nearby along the border between Khalifa City and Golf Gardens.

Christian residents can find their nearest place of worship at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mussafah district, which is just a 15-minute drive away. Additionally, other churches like Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church and St. Elias Church are also conveniently situated nearby in Mussafah.

The Hindu community in the area will need to journey to Dubai's temple for their spiritual requirements, where they can locate the Shiva and Krishna temples situated within Bur Dubai, approximately an hour and a half away. Sikh residents have the option of visiting the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi located in the Musaafah region, just 15 minutes away. Additionally, there are plans for a temple in Abu Dhabi that is scheduled for completion in 2021 and will be conveniently accessible within a 20-minute distance from Golf Gardens residents.

Schools near Al Raha Golf Gardens

In the vicinity, there are numerous nurseries available for parents with young children to select from. Some of these include Pony Nursery, Learning Spaces Nursery, Bright Oasis Nursery, and several others.

in the area include Adnoc School in Sas Al Nakhal Village, which offers an American curriculum from primary to Year 12. This school is co-ed until Grade 4 and then has separate campuses for girls and boys from Grade 5 onwards. Another nearby option is Al Yasmina Private School, which follows the English National Curriculum (ENC) from FS to Year 13. There are also various other schools available in the vicinity.

Within close proximity of Al Raha Golf Gardens lie educational establishments such as GEMS American Academy and Al Bahya Private School, which are conveniently located in Khalifa City just a short 10-minute drive away.

When it comes to higher education, residents of Al Raha Golf Gardens have the advantage of being near several well-known universities. The esteemed Khalifa University has two campuses nearby - the Khalifa City SAN campus (only 5 minutes away) and the Khalifa City MASDAR campus (a mere 15 minutes away). Additionally, Zayed University is conveniently located in close proximity to the Golf Gardens district.

Clinics and Hospitals near Al Raha Golf Gardens

In order to access medical services, residents of Al Raha Golf Gardens would need to rely on the neighboring Khalifa City. There are several hospitals in close proximity to the area, including NMC Royal Hospital, Belhoul Private Hospital, and Al Gostan Hospital. Additionally, there are a few nearby clinics such as the Canadian Medical & Rehabilitation Center, HealthPlus Family Clinic, and SEHA Clinic. To cater to the community's needs, there is also a pharmacy available as part of the Club House.


Al Raha Golf Gardens is conveniently located near Al Forsan Village, Khalifa City, and the Rayyana Community in Abu Dhabi. It offers quick access to Dubai within a 45-minute drive and central Abu Dhabi in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, residents can easily reach the nearby Al Raha Beach community.



The region is known for its tranquil atmosphere, distinguishing it from busier areas in the city that cater to a different crowd. Here, the emphasis is on fostering a family-friendly environment.

Malls near Al Raha Golf Gardens

In close proximity to Al Raha Golf Gardens lies the Al Raha Mall, a prominent shopping destination in Abu Dhabi. This well-regarded community mall boasts an array of amenities including a Lulu Supermarket, trendy fashion boutiques, a cinema, and an entertaining fun zone specially designed for children. Renowned as one of the finest malls in the emirate, it holds great appeal among residents. An alternative option is the Gardens Plaza located in Khalifa City. Although smaller in size, this shopping mall effectively serves its community with a modest selection of dining and retail establishments.

Restaurants in Al Raha Golf Gardens

The Al Raha Golf Gardens Clubhouse offers a variety of restaurants for residents to enjoy. For special occasions, the nearby Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort boasts several award-winning dining options. Among them are The Grille, an English seafood eatery; The Fairways, a renowned international restaurant known for its brunch and buffet; and Sacci, an Italian establishment that serves authentic cuisine in a beautiful setting overlooking the golf course. Additionally, the hotel itself features licensed bars and lounges.

Beaches near Al Raha Golf Gardens

Although there is no beach within the Al Raha Golf Gardens community itself, a beach can be found just a short 5-minute drive away. While residents of Al Raha Beach are granted exclusive access to their private beach, non-residents can still enjoy the shoreline at the Al Raha Beach Hotel by paying a fee of AED 130 for adults. Additionally, those residing in or near Al Raha Golf Gardens have the option to visit nearby public beaches such as Saadiyat Island's beach, only 25 minutes away, or the well-loved Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach which is located approximately 35 minutes from the area.


Within the community, there is an abundance of activities to engage in. One option is paying a visit to the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, where you can secure tee off time and test your skills on one of the most exceptional 27-hole golf courses in the Middle East. Additionally, this golf club proudly hosts the esteemed European Tour Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. Moreover, they offer night-time golfing experiences, corporate golf events, and even have a dedicated golf institute for those interested in learning. Beyond golfing pursuits, there are various dining establishments as well as fitness centers and swimming pools within the resort that await your exploration.

The Al Raha Theatre, a separate cinema situated directly opposite the Golf Gardens community, serves as an attraction for avid movie enthusiasts with its exclusive showcase of the latest film releases.

Located in close proximity to Al Raha Golf Gardens, the Al Forsan International Sports Resort offers an array of exhilarating activities. Their motorsports centre features a thrilling karting track, while their watersports centre provides opportunities for waterboarding and water skiing on both beginner and pro lakes. Equestrian enthusiasts can visit their well-equipped stable that houses 167 horses along with a learning center. For young children aged 3 to 6, there is also a pony club that offers educational experiences every Saturday. Additionally, those in larger groups can partake in paintball at one of their two themed playing areas.

Al Forsan offers a variety of fields and tournament sites. Additionally, this sports resort boasts an extensive shooting range where visitors can enjoy clay shooting, rifle ranges, handgun ranges, and archery pits.


In the heart of the complex lies the Gardens Club, featuring a scenic garden walkway, serene waterways, and an expansive canopy that transforms this area into a thriving social hub. It serves as the focal point for all communal activities and is home to various amenities such as the clubhouse, sports center, boutique, and retail zone.

In the Al Forsan International Sports Resort, you have the opportunity to explore top-notch fitness facilities at their world-class health center. Additionally, within the neighborhood itself, there are two mixed gyms and a separate gym exclusively for women located in the clubhouse. Moreover, there is a variety of pools available including a 50m lap pool, an exclusive kids-only pool, and an expansive 70m infinity pool. To further enhance your leisure time, sports courts and children's playgrounds can be found throughout the area.

To experience a day of soothing indulgence, the region provides numerous options for spas and salons such as Saray Spa, Tips and Toes, and Nstyle Beauty Lounge. For a more exceptional escapade, consider visiting The Heavenly Spa at the Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa where you can enjoy acclaimed treatments.


In the neighborhood, numerous community events occur. The Golf Gardens Club House hosts day bazaars and carnivals that include activities suitable for children. Additionally, there are celebrations like Earth Hour, National Day, Christmas, and various others.


Despite its reputation as a highly suitable community for families, the dwellings in this vicinity are quite spacious, beginning with townhouses consisting of three bedrooms. As a result, the residences in Al Raha Golf Gardens carry slightly heftier price tags compared to neighboring areas. Another factor worth considering is that expatriates are unable to possess property in this region.