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Dubai’s culturally diverse and historic Al Qusais boasts two main sub-districts: the well-established residential area, and the thriving Al Qusais Industrial Area. The residential area is further classified into three zones known as Al Qusais 1, 2, and 3. While there are a few mid-rise towers, low-rise buildings dominate this part of town.

Al Qusais 2 is surrounded by neighboring areas such as Al Qusais 1, Al Qusais Industrial Area 2, Al Qusais 3 and Al Twar 2. This community offers a range of essential amenities and leisure activities including hospitals, supermarkets, mosques, schools and restaurants within close proximity.




Al Qusais is highly desirable among Dubai's residential areas due to the abundance of amenities that offer a comfortable lifestyle.

Al Qusais 2 Dubai boasts a variety of renowned attractions that draw large crowds.

The sub-community benefits from its strategic position, with easy connections to Sharjah and the rest of Dubai via E11. For those who rely on public transport, there are convenient bus stops and Al Qusais Metro Station nearby. The area offers a comfortable lifestyle thanks to its proximity to the Al Qusais Community Park, well-regarded schools, supermarkets, mosques and healthcare facilities.


Al Qusais 2 Dubai provides a variety of dwellings such as apartments and villas with diverse layouts. The residential units comprise studios, one to three bedroom flats that showcase master bedrooms, built-in wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms, closed-style kitchens, balconies and covered parking.

Al Qusais 2 offers villas with either a 5 or 6-bedroom layout. These spacious homes are comprised of bedrooms, an expansive living area, maid's quarters, a large kitchen and dining room, as well as convenient car parking.

Within the area of Al Qusais 2 Dubai, one can find a variety of commercial properties including offices, shops and warehouses. The available office spaces range in size from 100 sq. ft. to 1,700 sq. ft., while the shops offered for lease are approximately 1,076 sq. ft in size. Additionally, there are large warehouses available within this neighbourhood that span between 2,400 sq.ft to 12,000 sq.ft.; these warehouses come equipped with an office room, a guard room as well as kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Rental Trends in Al Qusais 2

Individuals keen on leasing flats in Al Qusais 2 may examine the variations in pricing.

Examine additional apartments available for lease in Al Qusais to assess pricing.

Individuals who are interested in renting villas in Al Qusais 2 have the option of selecting either a unit with 5 or 6 bedrooms.

Prospective renters looking to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the offerings can explore alternative rental options for villas in Al Qusais.

In addition, numerous business establishments can be leased.

Sale Trends in Al Qusais 2

Al Qusais 2 has a limited selection of residential buildings available for purchase as investments, with the price tag for each property averaging at AED 19M.

Al Qusais 2 community has a limited number of available properties consisting of warehouses and lands designated for mixed-use purposes.

Hotels in Al Qusais 2 Dubai

Al Qusais 2 is a well-known neighborhood for both residents and tourists. It boasts several popular hotels, including:

The Fortune Plaza Hotel in Dubai, situated on Al Nahda Street, is a cost-effective lodging option with a range of amenities. Among them are a well-appointed fitness center staffed by personal trainers, an outdoor pool area replete with sun loungers, and a complete business hub.

The TIME Grand Plaza Hotel, situated on Damascus Street in Al Qusais, is a 4-star establishment. Its guest rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity, mini fridges and tea/coffee making facilities. Upgraded rooms come with balconies overlooking the city while suites feature sitting areas or separate living spaces. Certain accommodations offer exclusive access to a private lounge which serves snacks.

In addition to those, the Damascus Street location includes the renowned Hampton by Hilton Dubai Airport. This Hilton hotel in Dubai is a popular choice offering excellent value for money and a comfortable stay. Additionally, the Al Qusais community features the 4-star accommodation of Dubai Grand Hotel By Fortune.


Al Qusais 2 provides ample parking options for both inhabitants and guests.

Residential structures allocate parking spots, while the villas in the area offer individual garages. On-street parking is available for visitors.

Public Transportation in Al Qusais 2 Dubai

Individuals relying on public transportation in Al Qusais 2 may utilize Beirut Street to board buses departing from various stops, including Al Qusais, Qutami Al Suweidi Masjid 1 & 2 bus stops, Al Qusais Police Station bus stop, and Al Qusais Civil Defence Intersection bus stop.

The sub-community is situated near six stations on the Green Line of the Dubai Metro, namely Al Qusais, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Al Nahda and Etisalat. Each of these metro stations can be reached by car in less than 10 minutes.



Residents in Al Qusais 2 Dubai have access to a variety of supermarkets that cater to their daily grocery needs. These establishments include Saeeda Mohd. Abdulla Grocery, Zawya Mart, K Mart, Daily Fresh, Galaxy City Mini Mart, Adnan Ali Grocery, Tudomart Supermarket, Sunrise City Supermarket Al Qusais and White Snow Grocery LLC.

Located adjacent to Stadium Metro Station in Al Qusais 1, there is a Lulu Hypermarket retail store that provides monthly grocery shopping services. The supermarket can be reached by car within 10 minutes.


Al Qusais 2 has a number of mosques situated in close proximity to the buildings. These include Bin Salmeen Masjid, Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, and Masjid Albur which can be reached within a walking distance of 2 to 12 minutes.


The Church of Pentecost in Dubai's Al Qusais Industrial Area 1 is conveniently located just six minutes away by car for residents of Al Qusais 2. Meanwhile, the International Baptist Church in Al Nahda 2 can be reached by car within approximately 11 minutes.

In a 15-minute drive from the area, there are many different churches that can be found on Oud Metha Road. One of these holy places is St. Mary's Catholic Church, which is highly popular and considered as one of the top churches in Dubai. Additional nearby options consist of Coptic Church, St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Grace Covenant Church Dubai, Holy Trinity Church and several others to choose from.


Folks may opt to have their young children attend Circle Time UAE, which is located at the Rozanah Cafe Building on Al Qusais Main Road in Office #3.

Additional childcare facilities in the vicinity of Al Qusais 2 Dubai include:

The Deira Montessori Nursery can be found in Al Twar 2 on 6th Street, which is just a short car ride away. Additionally, there are Chubby Cheeks Nurseries and British Orchard Nurseries branches in the same area that can also be reached by car within six minutes.

Educational institutions situated in the Al Qusais 2 area of Dubai comprise:

The school known as Al Ahliya Girls School can be found at 62 11th Street in Al Qusais 2. Meanwhile, another private educational institution catering to both girls and boys is available in the form of the Al Sadiq Islamic English School. This academic facility is part of Athena Education, a flourishing organisation specialising in education across the UAE. Its curriculum caters for students from Kindergarten up to Grade 12, following the National Curriculum for England model. The school itself is located behind Al Tawar Centre on 5th street.

Individuals who desire to pursue further education may consider Emirates College for Management & Information Technology, which can be found in Al Nahda 2 and is accessible by car within a 9-minute drive.


In the vicinity of Al Qusais 2, there are various medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals.

HealthHub Clinic can be found on Al Nahda Road, while Zulekha Medical Centre is situated at 149 Damascus Street. A branch of Aster Clinic is located opposite to Nehal Complex in the ground floor of Shop no. A 10 & 11, Al Fattan Building on Damascus Street. It ranks among Dubai's finest clinics, providing an array of services across different specialities including general medicine and gynaecology. Another medical facility named Naseer Clinic can also be located at 252 Damascus Street, Al Qusais 2.

In Muhaisnah 1, just a 9-minute drive away, residents can access the Dubai Medical University Hospital for specialized treatments.


The surrounding regions consist of:

Al Twar is situated in the southern area and comprises of three sub-communities. The region boasts ample villas that come in various layouts, catering to residential needs.

The sub-communities of Al Qusais 1 and Al Qusais 3 lie on either side of Al Qusais 2, towards the east and west respectively.

Muhaisnah 3 is a residential area exclusively consisting of villas that provide rental options ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms. Conversely, in Al Qusais Industrial Area 2, you will find a blend of various properties including commercial units such as warehouses, shops, and offices alongside affordable residencies. Both these sub-communities are located adjacent to the northern side of Al Qusais 2 and lie close to the Dubai-Sharjah border.




There are several shopping centers situated in close proximity. Noteworthy malls nearby Al Qusais 2 Dubai include:

The closest shopping destination is Bin Shabib Mall located at Baghdad Street in Al Qusais Industrial Area 1. For a top-notch shopping, leisure and entertainment experience, head to Al Bustan Center which houses an impressive mall filled with leading brands - making it the ultimate spot for all your retail needs in Dubai.

Located in Al Qusais, the Madina Mall boasts of approximately 150 retail shops alongside a children's entertainment section and diverse dining choices. Well-known brands like Giordano, Max, The Body Shop, Borjan and Swiss Arabian have their stores established within the mall's premises. Additionally, visitors seeking to purchase groceries can make use of Carrefour's outlet that is situated inside the shopping center. Sufficient parking space is also available for customers' convenience.


Al Qusais 2 offers a diverse range of dining options for its residents. Among the well-liked establishments are:

There are several nearby restaurants that can easily be reached. Those who enjoy good food may take notice of a few top dining establishments in Al Qusais, just a 10-minute drive away. These include The Charcoal Shack, Levant'ish, Haddad Restaurant, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Qusais and Papaya Salad Restaurant.


Al Mamzar Beach Park is a nearby destination for those who love the beach. It comprises of multiple beaches, as well as amenities such as play areas for children, an open amphitheatre and swimming pools. For thrill-seekers, there are also activities like snorkelling and jet skiing available to enjoy. Getting there is easy - only a 15-minute drive away!

Due to its proximity to the Dubai-Sharjah boundary, inhabitants of the area can easily access Al Khan Beach with just a 15-minute car ride.


There are various spots for leisure activities and significant landmarks in close proximity to the vicinity.

Situated on the outskirts of Al Qusais 2, lies Al Qusais Pond Park which presents an array of amenities for its visitors. You may opt to arrange a cozy picnic with your loved ones or maintain your fitness regime by utilizing the gym equipment available in the park. Other notable features include shaded seating areas, a dedicated children's play zone and an extensive 2km jogging track.

Located at Amman Street, Al Qusais, across from LuLu Center, is the highly sought-after recreational destination known as Al Ahli Horse Riding Club. This establishment provides instruction for beginners in disciplines such as horsemanship, jumping, bare-backing and dressage. It is widely regarded as one of Dubai's top equestrian centers.


In each sub-community, there is a park available for families to enjoy evening time with their children. Additional parks in close proximity to Al Qusais 2 include Muhaisnah Park and Al Twar Park.

There are various choices for fitness activities that can be done indoors such as:

The fitness centers located in close proximity to Al Qusais 2 can be reached within a mere 2 to 6-minute car ride from the area.

Women have the option to reserve appointments for a variety of personal grooming services at salons in close proximity to Al Qusais 2. These encompass massages, facials, as well as nail and hair care treatments.

The salons are located within a 2 to 9-minute car ride.


Al Nahda Pond Park, a top-notch park in Dubai, is home to the Dubai Flea Market - an ideal platform for buying and selling pre-owned items. Alternatively, visitors can explore Madina Mall which often organizes traditional festivals and events.


To keep up with community events, residents can join both the Facebook groups for Al Qusais 2 and Al Qusais 2 Dubai.


Al Qusais 2 is a great choice for individuals seeking reasonably priced housing, although it experiences heavy traffic during rush hour and a lengthy distance to the city's popular destinations. Furthermore, families may be troubled by noise pollution given its proximity to industrial areas.