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About Al Quoz Industrial Area, Al Quoz

Covering an area of 27.1 square kilometers, Al Quoz is a rectangular expanse situated in Dubai between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. It comprises four sub-communities each for residential and commercial sectors. The southern portion of the community is occupied by the Al Quoz Industrial Area, which serves as its commercial sector.

Al Quoz has gained recognition for its industrial progress, being one of Dubai's earliest manufacturing centers. It is home to a range of factories and auto shops. Currently, the Dubai Municipality is expanding Al Quoz Industrial Areas 1 through 4 to include both mass accommodation and an industrial district that can service projects such as Jebel Ali and Dubai Marina.




Dubai's Al Quoz Industrial Area is a bustling commercial district connecting to main roads, making it centrally located between two key districts. Its longstanding history as one of Dubai's oldest industrial zones has attracted numerous factories and companies. As a result, the area sees significant traffic during the day due to its active nature.

Properties in Al Quoz Industrial Area

Al Quoz Industrial Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4 are primarily inhabited by the employees of companies located in Al Quoz and nearby commercial areas. The community boasts a well-managed infrastructure that caters to the needs of its residents. Numerous expats and workers have taken advantage of the availability of labour camps for rent in Al Quoz Industrial Area as it provides them with a convenient place to reside in Dubai.

Concerning the available properties, Al Quoz Industrial Area offers rental offices that range around 350 sq. ft., with an average starting rent of AED 25k. While most warehouses for rent are currently occupied, a few reasonably-sized units covering up to about 2,800 sq. ft. can still be found at a cost of approximately AED 83k annually. It is worth noting that when it comes to renting warehouses in Dubai, Al Quoz stands out as one of the top areas sought after by tenants.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Quoz Industrial Area

Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai is predominantly a commercial district, resulting in constant activity throughout the day. Individuals employed within the area typically park their cars on the street, although certain units may provide dedicated parking spaces. Locating available parking in nearby residential sections can prove to be challenging.

Public Transportation near Al Quoz Industrial Area

The neighborhoods of Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 and Al Quoz Industrial 4 are situated along the E44, also known as Al Khail Road. Meanwhile, the adjacent areas of Al Quoz Industrial 1 and 3 benefit from Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). These roads provide convenient access for residents to navigate throughout different parts of the city.

The public transportation system in the community is efficient and organized, with a metro link and multiple bus routes servicing Al Quoz Industrial Area. In close proximity to the area are two metro stations - Noor Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank - as well as various bus stations located at regular intervals throughout the neighborhood.


Supermarkets in Al Quoz Industrial Area

Al Quoz Industrial Area is home to a plethora of shops and supermarkets, with the majority of them being located in Zone 2.

West Zone, a regional grocery chain with multiple locations throughout the emirate, offers a wide range of food products such as fresh produce. Alternatively, there are two local convenience stores that provide household essentials.

MOSQUES IN AL Quoz Industrial Area

Individuals residing or employed within the Al Quoz Industrial Area can conveniently attend mosques for prayer. Several community mosques are situated at frequent intervals throughout the region. Additionally, specific warehouses in Dubai's Al Quoz Industrial Area have allocated a designated space for prayer purposes.


In the nearby area, there are also some churches available. St. Mary's Catholic Church is situated on Oud Mehta Road, which can be accessed via a brief drive along Al Khail Road, E44. Furthermore, Gurunanak Darbar in Jebel Ali is located approximately 22 to 25 minutes away from this location.

SCHOOLS IN AL Quoz Industrial Area

Parents can rest assured about their children's educational alternatives in Al Quoz, as there are numerous trustworthy schools available. Amled School, which follows the CBSE curriculum and has earned a "Good" rating from KHDA, is just a brief drive away from Al Quoz Industrial Area 2. Additionally, there are other viable options situated even closer.

The Smart Vision School is situated within walking distance of Al Quoz Industrial 4 in Al Barsha 2, where it provides education according to the National Curriculum of England for students ranging from FS to Grade 6. Other viable choices for schooling in Dubai include GEMS International and Horizon International School, which can be conveniently accessed by a short drive to Umm Al Sheif.


The Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is located nearby and can be reached within a few minutes by car. However, in case of emergencies, one may also consider visiting specialty clinics situated in Al Quoz. For instance, the Dulsco Medical Clinic is found in Al Quoz Industrial 4 while iCare Blue Clinic can be accessed at Al Quoz Industrial Area 2.


Sheikh Zayed Road links Al Quoz Industrial Area to various important locations in Dubai. Its nearby communities include the following:

After driving for roughly 10-11 minutes on E44, Al Khail Road, you'll arrive at Business Bay - a prominent commercial hub in the city. This community is characterized by its towering skyscrapers and diverse expat population who have relocated here for work opportunities. Additionally, numerous hotels are located within Business Bay due to the regular influx of business meetings and professional dealings that take place here. If you drive a bit further along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), you can also access the picturesque beachside area of Umm Suqeim.



MALLS IN Al Quoz Industrial Area

In Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 lies the Al Quoz Mall, a hub for electronic shops, eateries, a hypermarket and cinema. Also in the area are alternative choices.

The largest shopping destination in Al Quoz 1 is Oasis Centre, offering not only retail stores and dining options but also a comprehensive entertainment hub called Fun City.

Talking about the entertainment hub, Mall of the Emirates houses Magic Planet, which is just a brief commute from Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai. This destination provides an extensive shopping escapade with numerous brand outlets and stores at your disposal. Moreover, individuals coming from all over the world, including residents, can enjoy an exhilarating skiing experience in Ski Dubai.

RESTAURANTS IN AL Quoz Industrial Area

There are numerous dining establishments in the area, ranging from high-end restaurants to more laid-back cafes. A few frequently visited choices include:

For those in pursuit of genuine Pakistani food, Golden Karachi Restaurant is a suitable option. PF Chang's specializes in Asian cuisine and Chai Payala is renowned for its exceptional breakfast offerings.

BEACHES NEAR AL Quoz Industrial Area

Umm Suqeim's public beach is only a 10-minute drive from Al Quoz Industrial Area 3. It offers an array of amenities such as outdoor cafes, cocktail bars, sports courts and activity centres ideal for spending a relaxing afternoon with family and friends. For those seeking thrilling water sports activities, Kite Beach is the go-to destination also known for kayaking in Dubai.


Meraas' Kite Beach offers an exciting destination to enjoy your weekend. For those who love kayaking, a quick drive down the main road will bring you to the beach.

The Al Quoz 4 Trampoline Park is a great choice for those seeking to spend quality time with their children in the evenings. For art enthusiasts, a visit to Alserkal Avenue, which serves as a central location for modern art galleries, is sure to please.


A brief car ride from the Al Quoz Industrial Area lies the Al Quoz Pond Park, complete with jogging paths, shaded seating, a playground for children, and tranquil water. Furthermore, the park offers BBQ spots to organize a relaxing picnic day.

Individuals who maintain a consistent fitness regimen have the option to visit gyms located in Al Quoz Industrial Area.

Additionally, there are numerous nearby choices available to you. If you're looking for a way to unwind with some spa and beauty services, consider heading over to Argana Beauty Salon and Spa 4 in Umm Suqeim 3. It's just a brief 12-minute drive from your location.


The Al Quoz Industrial Area serves as a thriving industrial hub, accommodating numerous workers and staff members. Though residential options are limited in this area, it remains home to many individuals working at the various companies stationed here. The majority of establishments present in the vicinity consist primarily of warehouses.

FAQs about Al Quoz Industrial Area

What is Al Quoz?

Dubai's Al Quoz lies in the city's western area and is adjacent to Al Wasl, Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara, and Al Safa. This creates a lengthy rectangular stretch between E44's Al Khail Road and E11's Sheikh Zayed Road.

How do I get to Al Quoz Industrial 3?

There are various transportation options available to travel from Sharjah to Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, including buses, trains, taxis, and cars. To take a bus from Sharjah, go to Jumbo and catch E307 which will take you directly to Deira City Centre Bus Station.

To reach First Gulf Bank by metro, take the route that goes from Deira City Centre.

Which metro station is near to Al Quoz?

The nearest metro stations are located at Noor Bank, Mall of the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi First Bank.

Is Al Quoz a free zone?

Al Quoz is a region of innovation that operates as a free zone. The purpose of this zone is to offer an economic environment with no taxes or duties, aimed at stimulating commerce.

 How do you get to Al Quoz?

In order to travel from Rashidiya to Al Quoz using Dubai Metro, there are a total of 5 available routes. Additionally, alternative methods of transportation such as buses, cars or Towncars are also viable options.

Which is the cheapest free zone in Dubai?

The cost-effective free zones present in the UAE, which provide comparable infrastructure and amenities as those found in Dubai, encompass:

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