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Al Quoz 4, situated in the western side of Dubai, is a part of the greater community known as Al Quoz. It shares its borders with neighboring areas such as Al Manara, Al Safa, and Umm Al Sheif to the west. To the north lies Al Wasl. This centrally located residential sub-community, Al Quoz 4, is primarily inhabited by Emirati families. Its convenient location between two major roads - Al Khail Road (E44) and Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) - adds to its appeal.

Al Quoz is separated into industrial and residential areas. The residential side is located in the Southeast, while the commercial/industrial zone is found to the west. Each section is then divided into four sub-communities. Al Quoz 4, a fairly recent neighborhood in Dubai, is conveniently close to the city center and offers a secure setting for families. Additionally, this area boasts various essential amenities such as shops, a post office, schools, medical facilities, fitness centers, and recreational options.




In Al Quoz 4, you will find generous villas and elegant apartments that have been uniquely designed. This community offers bungalow-style villas with spacious bedrooms and beautifully landscaped lawns. Some notable highlights of this neighborhood are:

In Al Quoz 4, residents have the opportunity to utilize various facilities including a children's playground, walkways that prioritize pedestrians, as well as volleyball and basketball courts. The residential properties in this area offer convenient amenities such as built-in wardrobes, roomy kitchens, and access to balconies from the living room. Additionally, each villa is equipped with attached bathrooms, a laundry room, storage space, and a maid's room.


Al Quoz 4 in Dubai is a highly developed neighborhood that boasts lively art galleries, innovative workspaces, and a cinema. It is an area that caters to both locals and expatriate families, making it a diverse mix of residents. The properties available in Al Quoz 4 range from:

Al Quoz 4 offers a variety of apartments, ranging from studios to spacious 4-bedroom layouts. These well-crafted living spaces boast contemporary designs, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, elegant dropped ceilings, pristine white walls, convenient built-in cabinets, and luxurious marble countertops. Embodying a sense of simplicity and sleek aesthetics, the apartments in Al Quoz 4 provide an ideal living environment.

the option to enjoy various amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and children's play areas. The townhouses in Al Quoz 4 offer a similar level of comfort and convenience, with sizes ranging from 3,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft., making them suitable for small families or individuals looking for more space. These units also come equipped with essential features like attached bathrooms, maids' rooms, storage spaces, and private parking areas. Despite being situated in a peaceful neighborhood,

residents can still benefit from the available facilities including swimming pools,
gyms and children’s play areas nearby.

Access to various amenities including educational facilities, recreational spaces, places of worship, and entertainment venues.

In terms of Al Quoz 4 townhouses, there are 5-bed and 6-bed units available, ranging from 3,580 sq. ft. to 4,800 sq. ft. These townhomes include master bedrooms, a maid's room, garden area, and private parking spaces.

Conversely, Al Quoz 4's commercial sector offers office spaces in sizes ranging from 250 sq. ft. to 7,069 sq. ft., which are exclusively available for lease. The rental prices for these offices within Al Quoz 4 vary annually between AED 240k and AED 388k.

Rental Trends in Al Quoz 4

30k AED per annum, while a 4-bed flat can be rented for around 40k AED per annum. Interested individuals seeking studio apartments in Al Quoz 4 ranging from 400 sq. ft. to 700 sq. ft., will find various options available in Al Khail Heights with an average annual rent of approximately 30k AED. The project also offers 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Al Quoz 4 spanning from 900 sq. ft. to 1,100 sq. ft., at an average annual rental price of approximately 43k AED. Larger apartments such as those with three or four bedrooms will have higher rental ranges accordingly, with a three-bedroom apartment costing around

The annual salary is AED 75,000.

The annual rental cost for villas in Al Quoz 4 varies from AED 125k to AED 200k, while townhouses can be rented at a yearly price ranging from AED 120k to AED 130k.

Sale Trends in Al Quoz 4

The initial cost of purchasing a studio apartment in Al Quoz 4 is AED 325k, with the maximum being AED 495k. In contrast, the typical selling price for a one-bedroom apartment is AED 611k, while two-bedroom apartments in Al Quoz can vary from AED 875k to AED 900k. For those interested in three-bedroom apartments, they are available for purchase at AED 1.4M. The disparity in apartment sales patterns can be attributed to factors such as bedroom count, apartment size, and bathroom quantity.

When searching for properties in Al Quoz 4, prospective investors will discover various apartments available, although the choices for villas and townhouses are somewhat restricted. The typical cost of such villas is approximately AED 2.4 million, encompassing spacious units with four to six bedrooms spanning from 5,000 square feet to 9,000 square feet in size.

ROI in Al Quoz 4

Studios in Al Quoz 4 offer the highest return on investment, with a rate of approximately 7.4%. One-bedroom flats also provide a good ROI at around 7%, making them attractive for investors seeking valuable returns. If you're looking for options, Al Khail Heights is a popular complex to consider. Additionally, two-bedroom apartments have a rental yield of about 5.9%, while three-bedroom apartments have a slightly lower yield of 5.6%.

Potential investors may also consider purchasing 5-bedroom villas located in Al Quoz 4, which are projected to generate profitable returns of 3.5%.

Al Quoz 4 Floor Plans

In Al Quoz 4, there are numerous floor plans accessible for well-known communities/buildings that you can explore.


The villas in the vicinity offer sheltered parking for a maximum of two cars, with electric gates ensuring extra security for vehicles. On the other hand, the apartments in Al Quoz 4 have underground parking facilities. The neighborhood is ideal for individuals who own their transportation, as there are plenty of parking spaces available and convenient access to the main road network nearby.

Public Transportation in Al Quoz 4

There are various public transportation choices in Al Quoz 4. Inhabitants can make their way to the closest Al Safa Metro Station to conveniently travel to popular destinations of Dubai. Starting from there, MRed offers connections to Mall of the Emirates, Internet City, Burj Khalifa, and more. This station is easily reached via an 11-minute drive on Umm Al Sheif Road and also serves the Al Quoz Industrial Area.

Additionally, there are feeder buses that transport people to and from the industrial area. These buses, namely F15, F25, and F26, can be easily caught at Al Quoz Metro Stop.



There are numerous local stores and supermarkets in Al Quoz 4 where residents can conveniently purchase their groceries.

There are several other supermarkets in the area, including Blue Mart Hypermarket which is 8 minutes away. This leading supermarket chain provides high-quality services and products to customers in the Middle East, featuring popular brands like Coca-Cola, Baskin-Robbins, Lay’s, Johnson & Johnson and Himalaya. Another option within the community is Noor Salam Al Madina Supermarket LLC. Additionally, there are a few more choices nearby such as Al Nahda Sun Grocery, Wadi Al Madeena Supermarket, and Faaz Supermarket.

Asco is a contemporary artist known for his unique style.


The Al Quoz 4 area is home to the Masjid Sayeda Zeinab Rali Mosque, conveniently located across from Al Khail Heights. Just a short distance away, approximately 4 minutes, is the Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Mosque. This recently built mosque has a spacious capacity for up to 900 worshippers and was officially opened by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, Deputy Ruler of Dubai.

All these destinations can be reached within a short drive of just a few minutes.


Emirates Baptist Church and The Gatekeepers are located in close proximity to Al Quoz 4, easily reachable by car within a span of 9 to 12 minutes. On the other hand, if your destination is St. Mary's Catholic Church, you can expect a commute of approximately 16 minutes to reach Oud Metha Road.

There are several temples near Al Quoz 4 that can be reached within a 30-minute drive. The nearest temple is ShrinathJi Temple, which can be accessed via Sheikh Zayed Road/E11 and is just a 25-minute car ride away. Other temples in the area include Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Shiva Temple, and Shree Krishna Haveli.


In the sub-community, one can find various educational choices. These include Creative Kids Early Learning Centre, Kiddy Planet Nursery, Kangaroo Kids Nursery, and Milestones Nursery.

Creative Kids Early Learning Centre is conveniently located in Al Quoz 4, a mere stone's throw away from the residential area. Additionally, there are two other nearby options within Al Quoz that provide close proximity. In terms of educational facilities for older children, Al Quoz 4 also offers a variety of schools to choose from.

Located in close proximity to Jumeira University, Springdales School is managed and owned by Springdales School LLC. This entity operates under the esteemed Goldline group. Having established a formidable reputation over the span of six decades, this institution is renowned for its exceptional approach towards character development through an unparalleled value-based education system. Furthermore, Springdales School has garnered widespread acclaim at both international and national levels for its remarkable academic achievements.

Credence High School, an Indian school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), is situated in Dubai, UAE. Since its establishment in 2014, this accessible school has been providing quality education. Alternatively, Amled School, which also follows the CBSE curriculum and has been rated as good by KHDA, is another option to consider.

In the vicinity of Al Quoz 4, inhabitants have several choices for pursuing advanced education. The neighboring institutions encompass the English College, Mena College, and Jumeirah College. Jumeira University can be easily accessed through Latifa Bint Hamdan Street. If traveling by car, one can reach The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) within a mere 16 minutes.


A few of the medical centers in Al Quoz 4 consist of:

Aster Clinic offers affordable healthcare with a friendly atmosphere and personalized attention. It is situated on the first level of Al Khail Mall. Medilife Polyclinic LLC provides services like dental polishing, cleaning, and scaling. Other clinics in close proximity include Shekhar Medical Clinic, Amala Medical Center, and Al Ebtisama Al Sahera Dental Clinic. Additionally, there is an Advanced Care Pharmacy located in Al Quoz 4.

The nearest hospital to Al Quoz 4 in Al Awir is Al Amal Hospital. It can be easily reached within a short time via 12th Street. Additional hospitals close to Al Quoz 4 are Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery Dubai, Iranian Hospital Safa polyclinic, Dubai London Clinic, and Speciality Hospital.


Al Quoz is a landlocked sub-community situated in the central part of Dubai. Al Quoz 2 lies to its west, while Al Quoz 1 shares its northern border. Additionally, it abuts the residential region of Al Quoz 3 on the eastern side. Some other nearby residential communities to Al Quoz 4 include:

Located in Western Dubai and adjacent to Al Quoz, Al Safa is a residential area offering a variety of housing options including compound villas, independent villas, and apartments. The highlight of this community is Safa Park, which is renowned as one of Dubai's most beloved parks. Additionally, Al Safa enjoys its proximity to Downtown Dubai and shares borders with the charming neighborhood of Jumeirah.

Umm Suqeim 1 is within the Umm Suqeim district, a coveted residential area in Dubai known for its beautiful beaches. Al Manara, situated west of Al Quoz 4, is exclusively comprised of villas. Recognized for its wide array of cafes and restaurants, this neighborhood boasts proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Umm Al Sheif, a residential area situated west of Al Quoz 4 in Dubai, offers an appealing option for families seeking affordable accommodation. In close proximity lies Al Barsha, located south of Al Quoz 4, which provides a range of property choices ranging from studios and apartments to semi-attached villas.




Al Quoz 4 boasts a plethora of nearby shopping malls to cater to varied retail needs. These include:

Al Quoz Mall, a multi-purpose venue offering shopping, entertainment, leisure, business and retail options, debuted in December 2009. Spanning across 200,000 square feet of space and housing more than 90 stores, the mall is conveniently located off Sheikh Zayed Road and can be reached within a short 13-minute car ride. At this destination, visitors can find various establishments catering to diverse needs such as discount centers, opticians, auto accessories shops, jewelry retailers,
electronics stores,
travel agencies,
textile vendors
and more. Additionally,
the mall boasts a cinema theater that is highly popular among patrons.

The mall is a popular destination that offers various dining options with a diverse range of international cuisines to cater to different nationalities, including Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and American food.

Al Khail Mall

Al Khail Mall, located in Al Quoz 4, serves as a prominent shopping hub for the entire area. With its ground floor, basement, and two levels of retail spaces, it attracts a significant number of visitors. Adjacent to Al Quoz 4 are other notable malls like Oasis Mall, Times Square Center, and Grand City Mall.


Following a delightful shopping experience, individuals can relish delectable meals at various dining establishments housed within Al Quoz Mall.

318th Rd/Al Asayel St/D72. This restaurant specializes in Pakistani cuisine and is popular among Pakistani expats and tourists. Another option for dining in Al Quoz 4 is W Restaurant, which offers a casual dining experience. Fillet King and Golden Mayanmar Restaurant are also available choices. For those who prefer seafood, Middle Eastern, or Arabian cuisine, Samaa Al Manama Restaurant is a convenient four-minute drive away. Alternatively, Shama Al Madina Restaurant serves Indian cuisine and can be reached within three minutes via 318th Rd/Al Asayel St/D72.

Located on Latifa Bint Hamdan Street lie various neighboring dining establishments, including Sharafuddin Restaurant, Sufretna Restaurant, Star One Restaurant, and Shams Al Surur Restaurant.

In addition, Al Quoz 4 provides convenient access to various nightlife venues like Qube Sports Bar, Barrel House, and Nezesaussi Grill Downtown Dubai. These establishments can be reached within a 15-minute car ride.


Most of the coastal destinations in Al Quoz 4 are reachable within a 15-minute drive. Among the nearby beaches are Jumeirah Public Beach and Private Beach, both offering opportunities to enjoy the sun, go for a jog, and take a swim. Jumeirah Beach is characterized by its beautiful white sand and can be reached in just 14 minutes via Jumeirah St/D94. Located on the northern side of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Public Beach can be accessed with a 16-minute car ride. If you prefer a more secluded option, Private Beach is easily accessible within a 17-minute drive via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11. In addition to its calming waves suitable for surfing, Jumeirah Public Beach also boasts

An illuminated area, ideal for swimming at night.


Residents have the opportunity to engage in various outdoor and recreational activities, with options such as XTRA Sports Badminton Academy, Cleopatra Sports Academy, and Flip Out Dubai Trampoline Park catering to sports enthusiasts.

XTRA Sports Badminton Academy offers proficient badminton instruction and guidance in the UAE. The academy's trainers are well-informed, experienced, and certified. Accessible within a 4-minute car ride, this training facility ensures quality coaching for aspiring players. Another alternative is Cleopatra Sports Academy, which provides professional support and direction to players of all skill levels. It is just a 5-minute journey away and conveniently reachable via Al Asayel Street.

The largest indoor trampoline park in Dubai, Flip Out Dubai Trampoline Park, offers a variety of exciting activities such as slam dunking, bubble soccer, dodgeball, and wall running. It is conveniently located just a 5-minute drive away from Latifa Bint Hamdan Street/D67. Nearby landmarks include the Dubai Water Canal project, which spans 3 kilometers and provides access to four hotels, 450 restaurants, cycle paths, walkways, luxury housing, and a shopping centre.

To encourage a healthy lifestyle among residents, the community offers various amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts. Additionally, there are kid's playgrounds situated in beautifully landscaped gardens to provide entertainment for children. Nearby gyms in Al Quoz 4 include Al Quoz Gym, Al Khail Gym, and Power Gym Al Quoz which can be conveniently accessed within five minutes.


To take care of your personal grooming needs, you have several salon options available in the area. Oro Rosa Ladies Beauty Salon is conveniently situated just a short 4-minute drive away via 318th Rd/Al Asayel St/D72. If you prefer a gents salon, Al Sayah Gents Salon can be found within Al Quoz Mall and is approximately an 8-minute drive from here. Additionally, there's another beauty haven called E-live Beauty Salon located just 9 minutes away and easily accessible via Latifa Bint Hamdan St/D67.

The Al Quoz community is renowned for hosting various art-related events. Among these is the popular Street Night Art, an occasion that takes place in Al Quoz and offers a vibrant atmosphere with lively dancing, entertainment, music, and live art exhibits throughout its streets.


In the bustling city of Dubai, a Facebook group called 'Al Quoz Dubai' serves as a vibrant social community. Within this online space, locals engage in information exchange about their neighborhood while also organizing exciting events and gatherings.


Access can be gained from various directions through the newly constructed entrances and roads connecting Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. The multitude of streets in the Al Quoz region may occasionally prove vexing, although familiarity with these routes is acquired over time when residing in the locale.


Al Quoz 4 is situated at a distance of 2 km from the central area of Al Quoz.

FAQs About Al Quoz 4

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