Al Nasr Street - Abu Dhabi

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Al Nasr Street stretches for about 1.4 kilometers through the heart of Al Markaziyah West. Serving as an extension to Hamdan Street (also known as 5th Street), this renowned area, it boasts a similar prominence and impressive surroundings.

Al Nasr Street is an exceptional locality that presents a diverse range of rental options. It features a mix of buildings, both for commercial and residential purposes, with varying heights. Moreover, it is renowned for being home to numerous notable tourist destinations. This area guide will delve into the various facets of residing on Al Nasr Street.




Al Nasr Street, positioned amidst numerous properties on both sides, extends between extensive arrangements of residential and commercial structures. Boasting meticulously designed urban surroundings, this street encompasses several lush spaces including a spacious park and several gardens.

The section of Al Nasr Street contains fewer structures and more expansive areas, resulting in a spacious environment. However, it remains vibrant with numerous tourists and a lively urban atmosphere.

Al Nasr Street is predominantly inhabited by Asian and Arab expatriates, consisting of ambitious singles seeking career success, couples embarking on a fresh chapter in this city, and established families with school-age children who have made it their home for numerous years. Its close vicinity to essential facilities like retail stores, hospitals, schools, and recreational areas renders it an optimal residential area for families.


Al Nasr Street boasts a diverse range of residential properties, featuring a blend of low, mid, and high-rise buildings that offer various types of rental apartments. While some towering structures stretch up to 30 floors, the low-rise buildings commence from as little as 10 floors.

In Al Nasr Street, you can find various types of rental properties such as studios and flats with 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. Due to its high demand in the central city area, these rental properties are quickly occupied once a tenant vacates. Consequently, there may be limited availability of listings for rental apartments in this sought-after community.

Al Nasr apartments are not commonly equipped with balconies. Nevertheless, the inclusion of large glass windows, whether they slide or are awning-style, makes up for this absence. These windows provide breathtaking vistas of the beautifully groomed surroundings and the dazzling cityscape of downtown Abu Dhabi.

Al Badie Tower, situated on Al Nasr Street, is one of the diverse developments in the area. Spanning 17 floors, this building encompasses an assortment of 52 fully furnished residential apartments alongside a handful of offices and retail units. Occupying a plot area measuring 6,400 sq. ft., Al Badie Tower offers opulent features including exclusive lobbies with independent entrances, four elevators (one serving commercial spaces and the remaining dedicated to residences), as well as generous parking facilities.

While it is uncommon to come across an unoccupied one, Al Nasr Street also offers commercial real estate options like office spaces, retail establishments, and commercial villas.

Al Nasr Tower, a towering structure comprising of 40 floors, deserves another mention. What sets it apart is its recent establishment of the Flydubai Travel Shop within its premises. This sales outlet serves as a platform for Dubai's budget airline to operate and cater to customers in need of affordable travel options.

Rental Trends in Al Nasr Street

2-bedroom apartments are often listed for rent with prices ranging from AED 60k to AED 80k per year. However, the average price is AED 60k for a floor area that ranges from 1,350 sq. ft. to 1,450 sq. ft.

The 3-bed apartments on Al Nasr Street are less in quantity and can be rented for an average price of AED 90k. These units have sizes ranging from 2,300 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. On the other hand, the prices of the larger 4-bed units start at AED 130k and reach up to AED 160k.


On Al Nasr Street, there are multiple parking choices available. Typically, you will find designated areas near the buildings for parking. Some buildings offer the Mawaqif parking system as an alternative option if you encounter difficulty in finding a spot; this allows individuals to purchase a paid space for a specific duration.

During the morning rush hours, traffic may become heavy on the street. Nevertheless, Al Nasr Street is conveniently connected to main roads like Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street and Corniche Road through a thoughtfully designed road network. As a result, car-owners can easily navigate through this interconnected system.

Public Transportation near Al Nasr Street

In Abu Dhabi, the most convenient and affordable way to travel around the capital is through public transportation on Al Nasr Street. The Department of Transport (DoT) offers a wide range of services, making it a major transport system in the area. With a fleet exceeding 650 vehicles, their bus transportation options include City Bus, Express Bus, Regional Bus, and Airport Bus, each with its own designated routes. Specifically along Al Nasr Street, city buses numbered 005, 033, and 065 are available for commuting purposes. For those looking for budget-friendly rides within a short walking distance of just five minutes away are the Express Buses X3 and X4.

on the adjacent street, Zayed the First Street.

Additional modes of transportation frequently utilized by residents of Al Nasr Street include taxis and rental services. These rental services, conveniently located on the same street, consist of Eurostar Rent a Car, Avis Rent a Car, and Thrifty Car Rental.


Al Nasr Street prides itself on its diverse range of amenities. It not only provides essential services like educational institutions, healthcare facilities, markets, and religious establishments but also offers enjoyable recreational options such as parks and beaches.


Within easy walking distance, you can find several supermarkets in close proximity to Al Nasr Street, including Al Adil Supermarket, Safa Express Supermarket, and Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society.

There are several nearby stores that specialize in bulk buying, including Al Nahda Al Masriyya Foodstuff Trading, Arif Foodstuff Co LLC, and Suwaidan Foodstuff.


Al Nasr Street offers a variety of places for Muslim residents to worship, with several mosques nearby. These include Family Park Mosque, Mosque Saif Bin Hamdan Almansoori, and Abdullah Abbas Mosque. In addition, there is the Fathima Bint Mohammed Bilhool Al Suweidy Mosque available for prayer.

Churches in close proximity to Al Nasr Street can be located in Al Mushrif and are conveniently reachable within a time frame of less than 15 minutes.

The construction of the Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi is currently underway and it is anticipated to be finished by 2021. In the meantime, individuals residing in the area can make their way to Dubai's Bur Dubai region to pay a visit to the Shiva and Krishna temples. Sikh residents, on the other hand, have an option available where they can travel approximately 25 minutes to Al Mussafah in Abu Dhabi and explore the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi.


Children of a younger age have the opportunity to enroll at Playhouse Nursery or Al Muna Academy, which serves as a primary school.

In the Madinat Zayed district along Al Nasr Street, you can find various high school options such as GEMS Winchester School that offers the British curriculum. There are also American curriculum-based schools like International Jubilee Private School and Summit International School in this area.

The closest university, Mohammed the 5th University, is just a 7-minute drive away. In the nearby areas, you can also find several institutes specializing in IT and business education. Some of these learning centers include Emirates College of Technology, Business Professionals Education Centre, and Syscoms College.


Kaya Skin Clinic, Al Saqi Medical Clinic, and Al Dhafra Dental are among the clinics located near Al Nasr Street. All of these clinics are conveniently situated just five minutes away from Al Nasr Street. Located on A Nasr Street, Nutri Nutrition Centre provides customized diet plans and fitness solutions.

The nearest hospitals in the area are NMC Speciality Hospital and Medeor 24x7 Hospital. Only a short distance away, just 10 minutes from Al Nasr Street, is Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Hospital, which happens to be the largest hospital in the UAE.


Al Zahiya, previously referred to as Tourist Club Area, is located in western Al Nasr Street. This district houses esteemed hotels in the capital city like Le Méridien Abu Dhabi, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Abu Dhabi City Centre, and Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort.

Even though Al Nasr Street is included, the western side of Hamdan Street possesses a more vibrant atmosphere and offers a broader range of facilities.




Living in close proximity to the finest shopping spots downtown is a key reason why Al Nasr Street remains popular among renters. The nearby malls, namely The Mall World Trade Centre and Hamdan Shopping Centre, have distinguishing features that set them apart from other establishments in town.

The Mall World Trade Centre

The Mall, a new addition to the shopping scene in the historic Central Business District as part of the World Trade Centre project, offers a wide variety of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment centers. It showcases popular fashion brands like Gant, Milano, Karen Millen and Balmain. Additionally, shoppers can find an excellent selection of beauty products from brands like Le Soie and Bath & Body Works.

Body Works, MAC Cosmetics, and Kryolan are all renowned brands in the beauty industry.

The Souk is a contemporary rendition of a classical Middle Eastern marketplace, conveniently located near The Mall World Trade Centre. Drawing inspiration from Arabic architecture, the souk's unique design incorporates traditional elements like stained glass art, intricate woodwork, alleys, and courtyards. It is renowned for its craft-oriented businesses, upscale boutiques selling luxury items, and vibrant spice markets.

Hamdan Shopping Centre

Prior to the emergence of mega-malls in Abu Dhabi, Hamdan Shopping Centre was hailed as the preeminent hub for shopping. Even now, it remains a prominent destination for those seeking unique items not available elsewhere in the city. Visitors will discover an extensive array of discounted leather goods, sports accessories, footwear, and souvenirs at this venue.

Located in close proximity to Hamdan Shopping Centre, Liwa Centre is home to renowned home furnishing stores including Home Box and Home Centre.

Located on Al Nasr Street, Rosa Clará is a renowned Spanish wedding store offering an extensive range of exquisitely tailored bridal wear and glamorous cocktail dresses. Whether one seeks attire for a special day or an evening soiree, Rosa Clará guarantees to provide the perfect ensemble.


No matter if they are situated along the street or located within the shopping complexes mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of dining choices available here. Hamdan Street offers numerous eateries that range from local cafeterias and cafes to fast-food and high-end restaurants.

Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme are shops that specialize in doughnuts. Manakesh Pastries and Deik El Jen Pastries offer freshly-baked treats. There are also casual dining options such as Arabian Nights Café, Sushi Story, Le Beaujolais, Original Fusion, Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Tamba, and the Pan-Latin restaurant 'Bu!' These popular restaurants can be found on Al Nasr Street within The Mall.

There is a lot to discover near Al Nasr Street for those seeking an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. The Courtyard by Marriott World Trade Centre offers a relaxed rooftop bar called Up & Below. At the Mercure Abu Dhabi Centre Hotel, guests can enjoy dancing all night on the disco floor at Blitz nightclub.


Fortunately for inhabitants, there are numerous coastal regions extending alongside Corniche Road and situated just a short distance away from the thoroughfare. Segmenting into three parts, the scenic Corniche Beach represents one of Abu Dhabi's finest shorelines in proximity to Al Nasr Street. It serves different groups individually, including singles, families, and the overall population.


As one heads towards the western side of Hamdan Street, they will encounter Family Park on their right side. The park's main entrance is accessible from Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street. Staying true to its name, the park offers numerous recreational areas designed specifically for families and children of all ages. Older kids can engage in various activities like skateboarding at the skate park, biking on the BMX track, or playing basketball at the court. Additionally, there are plenty of enjoyable rides such as swings, slides, and climbing frames for younger children. Furthermore, Family Park also boasts features like an amphitheatre and a farm space.

Within the water park, there are barbeque areas provided alongside a lighthouse and refreshment stalls.

Traveling along the same path in an easterly to westerly direction, the observer will notice Qasr Al Hosn, a renowned historical site situated on the left side. This 18th-century landmark serves as a testament to Emirati history and stands out as the primary highlight along Al Nasr Street. Comprising four distinct sections - namely Al Hosn Palace, Cultural Foundation, National Consultative Council, and House of Artisans - this captivating location offers visitors diverse experiences within its premises.

Located in the center of Hamdan Street, stands the remarkable World Trade Centre complex. This architectural marvel consists of two skyscrapers that greatly enhance the already breathtaking skyline of the capital. Within this complex, art enthusiasts can indulge their passion at Art Hub, while movie buffs can catch all the latest blockbusters at Novo Cinemas.


In close proximity to Al Nasr Street, the options for family outings are abundant. Highlighted frequently on Bayut’s esteemed compilation of favored parks in Abu Dhabi, numerous verdant spaces that cater to families can be found along Corniche Road. Such establishments encompass Family Park, Lake Park, Urban Park, Formal Park, and Recreation Park.

There are a number of fitness centers near Al Nasr Street, including Platinum Gym, Future Fit EMS, and California Gym. These establishments can be found on Zayed The First Street in close proximity to each other.

Al Nasr Street provides a wide range of indulgent choices, such as Aqua Sulis Spa Centre, Glory Face Ladies Salon, Beautybox Ladies Salon, and Ghusan Al Shajara Gents Salon.


Qasr Al Hosn consistently organizes cultural events throughout the year. Presently, they have several workshops available that aim to educate visitors on various weaving techniques. If you are interested in understanding Emirati clothing design or exploring the art of pottery for Arab coffee cups, Qasr Al Hosn is the ideal destination for you. Additionally, one of their upcoming events features a complimentary demonstration on traditional sports like falconry.


Undoubtedly, Al Nasr Street is a highly popular rental destination in Abu Dhabi. However, locating an apartment of your preference can be quite challenging due to the high occupancy rate of residential buildings in this area. Consequently, there may be limited options available for selection at certain times.

Due to its proximity to diverse tourist attractions, Al Nasr Street becomes flooded with visitors during the evenings. However, it is precisely this factor that adds charm to the street.