Al Muntazah - Abu Dhabi

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Al Muntazah in Abu Dhabi is an up-and-coming area that revolves around the Al Bateen Executive Airport. Situated on the waterfront and connected by main roads, it boasts top attractions such as Khalifa Park and the Ministries Complex. For those seeking inexpensive villa options in Abu Dhabi, living in Al Muntazah is a sound choice. The community also offers convenient access to mosques, shops and family leisure amenities.

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Located in the capital city, Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi is a popular choice for professionals and staff working within the community. Although bustling with activity, there are some spacious residential properties to be found. All amenities such as shops, supermarkets, eateries and mosques are conveniently located nearby.

Properties in Al Muntazah

If you're interested in renting a residential property, 4-bedroom villas are available in Al Muntazah. Their covered area varies between 2,600 sq. ft. and 3,000 sq. ft., with each unit featuring four roomy bedrooms and en-suite facilities, as well as a guest bathroom and fitted kitchen. Additionally, there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. However, the cost for this luxurious living comes at approximately AED 130k per year.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi

Motorists can reach Abu Dhabi - Al Shahama Road E10 in just a few minutes. Additionally, all residential properties come with designated parking spaces in Al Muntazah, while street parking is available for visitors at no cost.

Public Transportation in Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi

The community is bustling due to the presence of Al Bateen Airport. While many locals opt for private transportation, those seeking public options can catch a bus from the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Terminal. The terminal is approximately 14 minutes away from Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi.


Supermarkets in Al Muntazah

Numerous retailers in Al Muntazah offer residents the opportunity to purchase groceries and other essential items. Among these are noteworthy options such as Baqala Noor Al Badiya, Honey Bee Grocery, and Metro Mart. Additionally, Carrefour Hypermarket and Zoom Mini Mart also have a presence in the area.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Muntazah

The Al Muntazah area is dotted with several mosques, including the Jamia Masjid As-Salam, Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque, and Ali Salem Al Kaabi Mosque. Additionally, residents are conveniently situated near the renowned Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. For those who are constantly on-the-move, there's also a mosque available for prayers in either Khalifa Park or Al Seef Mall.

The inhabitants of the Christian community in Abu Dhabi can visit St. George's Orthodox Cathedral located in Al Mushrif, as it is one of the limited number of churches available for their use. The cathedral lies at a distance of approximately 13 minutes from their location.

Nurseries and Schools in Al Muntazah

Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi provides diverse educational opportunities for individuals. Nurseries available in the area such as Global Montessori Nursery, Mind Champs Nursery and The Montessori Children's Garden are suitable for toddlers and young children who wish to enrol.

In terms of primary education, additional choices include Al Reem School and American International School located in Al Saadah. Brighton College Abu Dhabi is also situated within the same community.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Muntazah

If there is a medical emergency, individuals can visit the Mediclinic Hospital located in Zayed Sports City. This clinic ranks among the best in Abu Dhabi and can be easily reached by car within a short time. Additionally, there is also a Special Rehabilitation Centre and Hospital situated at an equal distance from this location.


In Abu Dhabi, Al Muntazah is located in close proximity to the Eastern Mangrove. Its neighboring regions include Al Sa’adah to the west and Khor Al Maqtaa to the east. Additionally, nearby areas such as Al Muzoon and Hills Abu Dhabi are also situated in its vicinity. To add, it is easily accessible via Maqta Bridge which connects it with Al Maqta.



Malls in Al Muntazah

To have a full shopping experience, one has two options: visit either Al Seef Village Mall or Al Saqar Mall. In the area, Al Seef Village Mall is also recognized as a popular destination for leisure time. It offers various shops, enjoyable activities suitable for all ages and diverse dining places.

Restaurants in Al Muntazah

Al Seef Mall features a branch of Subway and KCal Restaurant, while Khalifa Park hosts a variety of cafes and food trucks such as Teatro and Ginger. In the area, there are numerous local food chains and cafeterias to be found.


Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi is a coastal project situated near Eastern Mangrove and Al Bateen Beach in the area. The younger crowd favors Al Bateen Beach due to its proximity, where they can enjoy fun water sports activities.


The community is situated approximately 13 minutes from Al Qurm Beach and Resort. If traveling by car from the mainland, it will take roughly 20 minutes to arrive. Additionally, Mangrove National Park is located nearby and serves as a popular family recreational area in Abu Dhabi. Another notable landmark close by is the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful mosques globally.


Khalifa Park serves as a central point for various outdoor activities. The park boasts playgrounds, walking trails, and shaded seating areas. Additionally, numerous street food stalls and trucks have set up shop here providing an enjoyable location to socialize with loved ones on evenings.

In addition, Al Muntazah Abu Dhabi boasts an abundance of salons, spas and fitness centers. The sheer size of the community ensures that there are numerous options available at close proximity to each other.


If you are used to living in a peaceful setting, the neighborhood around Al Bateen Executive Airport could come across as quite loud. Nevertheless, it's a popular spot because of its reasonable rents for larger properties. When factoring in the available facilities and general living conditions, it is definitely worth the cost.