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Located just east of Al Danah and Zahiyah (formerly known as Tourist Club Area), Al Mina houses Zayed Port. While a portion of it is connected to the main island of Abu Dhabi, the majority appears to be an island due to its outward extension. With nearly 90 percent of its outer borders surrounded by the ocean, it has become a thriving community in itself. Al Mina offers diverse rental options including apartments, villas, and offices, making it a well-developed area worth exploring.




The area of Al Mina provides a diverse range of properties for both residential and commercial purposes, making it a desirable location to reside in. This is particularly advantageous for those working within the ports situated in Al Mina.

Al Mina is recognized primarily for its commerce-centric marine pursuits, covering freight transport, bulk and all-purpose cargo management, fueling services along with upkeep and additional marina amenities. With various ports located in this locale, there exists a significant accumulation of maritime operations. Besides, Abu Dhabi Ports houses its administrative headquarters within Al Mina.


When it comes to real estate in Al Mina, apartments are the primary rental option available to residents. Villas, on the other hand, are predominantly purchased rather than being offered for rent.

In Al Mina, there are semi-furnished apartments available with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. They come with various amenities such as sea views from balconies, fitted kitchens, parking spaces and maid’s rooms. The size of these apartments range from 680 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft.

Rental Trends in Al Mina

One-bedroom apartments in the villa can be rented for AED 45k, while two-bedroom flats in Al Mina go for an annual rent of between AED 55k and AED 85k. Three-bed apartments in Al Mina are more expensive with prices ranging from AED 115k to AED 135k per year.

The deluxe apartments with four beds are more spacious than other units and have an average annual price of AED 150k. Although there are a few villas in Al Mina, they are not easily available. When listed, their prices range from AED 160k to AED 280k.

With regards to offices, the minimum available office in Al Mina provides 2,367 sq. ft. of workspace and can be leased for an annual fee of AED 154k. Those who are seeking the most considerable office space in the region should note that it offers 7,319 sq. ft. of area which is chargeable at AED 816k per year for rent.

Most Popular Buildings in Al Mina, Abu Dhabi

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Silver Wave Tower is the top choice for apartment rentals in Al Mina Abu Dhabi, followed by Meena Plaza as the second option for residents.


Parking is not a problem for those who live in Al Mina. They have ample availability of uncovered parking spaces near the residential and commercial areas. Apartments provide a single parking space, while villas offer at least two private covered parking spots.

Those who need to utilize public transportation in Al Mina may use any one of the three bus stops located in the vicinity. There are options for public buses available by Al Mina Souq, Mina Center, and the fish market.



Al Mina offers a variety of supermarkets including the well-known Abu Dhabi Coop hypermarket located in Mina Center. Additionally, there are other options such as Rich & Fresh Supermarket, Bulk Wholesale and Hypermarket UAE to choose from within the district.

In the vicinity of the Al Zahiyah (Tourist Club Area) entrance to Al Mina, several supermarkets are available including Voll Supermarket, Majestic Supermarket, Lifco Supermarket and Smart Mart.

In Al Mina, locals can conveniently purchase fresh and affordable produce from the nearby markets for fruits and vegetables, fishes, or dates.


In Al Mushrif, a nearby community just 18 minutes away, numerous churches are available for the Christian communities. These include St. George Orthodox Cathedral Church, St. Therese Church, and St Andrew's Church among others.

Regarding places of worship, the Sikh community has the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi located in Mussafah, which is roughly a 30-minute drive away. A Hindu temple is also set to be constructed in Abu Dhabi, specifically in Al Rahba, about 40 minutes from Al Mina. However, for those wanting to visit the Shiva and Krishna temples, they will need to travel to Dubai as there are no such temples in Abu Dhabi.

Al Mina is home to a handful of mosques, roughly six in number. This means that regardless of the location someone resides within Al Mina, a mosque will be conveniently located nearby. Some well-known options include Souq Al Anshetah Masjid, Saeed Bin Zaraarah Ansari Mosque, and Zubair bin Awam Mosque.


In the Al Mina area, only a couple of nurseries can be found. These facilities are situated in the district of Al Zahiyah and consist of Oryx British Nursery and Giggles English Nursery.

The schools in the area have varying commute times, ranging from 12 to 30 minutes. The Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is the nearest school to Al Mina and follows the Nova Scotian curriculum in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Education.

Located in Al Mushrif, just 15 minutes away from Al Mina, is the International Community School. This educational institution adheres to the American curriculum and offers classes for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Several additional choices in the nearby area consist of Polaris Private Academy, GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi, and GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi.

Nearby universities in Abu Dhabi include Emirates Diplomatic Academy, located downtown and only a 12-minute drive away. Additionally, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is located on Al Reem Island and can be reached within 15 minutes from Al Mina.


In the vicinity of Al Mina, there are numerous clinics available for one's medical needs. The widely known Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is situated on Al Maryah Island and takes only 12 minutes to reach from Al Mina. Meanwhile, other healthcare facilities such as Noble Medical Center, Homoeopathic Medical Specialized Clinic, Aster Clinic, and Extra Care Medical Centre can be found downtown in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, a variety of veterinary clinics, dental offices and general practice clinics are also located near Al Mina.

The Canadian Veterinary Clinic, situated at the entrance of Al Mina, is a well-regarded choice for your beloved animals.

Within a short distance of Al Mina, you can access several hospitals. Al Salama Hospital and Corniche Hospital are approximately 10 minutes away. Additionally, Al Raha Hospital, National Hospital, Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital and NMC Specialty Hospital are all just slightly farther than a 10-minute drive from the area.


The Mina Link road serves as a connection between Al Mina and the main city of Abu Dhabi. Adjacent to Al Mina are two islands, with Al Lulu Island situated towards the west and Saadiyat Island towards the east. Meanwhile, towards the southern direction lie Al Maryah Island and Al Reem Island.



Despite the relatively quiet lifestyle of Al Mina, individuals can easily make their way to downtown Abu Dhabi in order to experience a vibrant nightlife.


Al Mina boasts a prominent shopping destination called the Mina Centre. This mall houses Abu Dhabi Coop hypermarket, Homes r Us and Babyshop as its anchor stores along with several other retail outlets and a limited number of restaurants. Al Manara Pharmacy is available for your medical prescription needs while ATMs and exchange centres cater to all financial-related tasks.

To add variety to your leisure activities, drive southwest from Al Mina for 11 minutes and explore Abu Dhabi Mall. This premier shopping destination boasts an impressive selection of more than 200 stores, along with numerous banking options and a Fun City arcade. You'll also find plenty of dining choices at the mall's 43 restaurants and can catch a movie at VOX Cinemas.

There are a couple of other shopping centers close to Al Mina, such as The Galleria mall situated at Al Maryah Island, which can be reached in 10 minutes, and Shams Boutik on Al Reem Island, which is around 15 minutes away.


Al Mina boasts numerous dining options, several of which specialize in delectable seafood fare. Among these establishments are Flavors Grill, Castello Restaurant & Cafe, Sea House, Al Supreme Fish Grilling Restaurant and Bait Albhar. Each eatery offers a laid-back ambience and an array of grilled fish, shrimp and other aquatic delicacies. Whether you prefer crab or tiger shrimps, these restaurants cater to your tastes!

To try the classic mandi dish, Al Badia Kitchen is a great option. If you're in the mood for contemporary Arabic cuisine, Philadelphia has got you covered. In addition to these options, there are several restaurants that serve Indian or Pakistani dishes such as Opal Restaurant, City Gate Restaurant and Al Muna Restaurant.


Despite being situated near the sea, there are no official beaches present in the community for beachgoers to engage in various activities. However, one can travel 8 minutes away from Corniche Beach to relish numerous exciting opportunities such as sunbathing and more. Moreover, Al Sahil Beach caters exclusively to singles while Gate 2 and 3 offer family-friendly experiences.


Al Mina boasts an iconic landmark, Zayed Port. This port, which was named to honor the late founding father of the UAE, High Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has been serving as the principal harbor for Abu Dhabi over the last four decades amidst numerous other ports in this emirate. Covering an area of 5.3 million sq. ft., Zayed Port is one of the largest commercial ports in town and operates with 21 berths that are capable of handling ten ocean-bound vessels concurrently.

By accommodating three cruise liners simultaneously, Zayed Port has established Abu Dhabi as a top-notch cruise destination and offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the capital.


If you're looking for a spot to enjoy outdoor activities, Heritage Park is the ideal choice. Located just 8 minutes away, this public park offers recreations of historical buildings and a stunning view of Abu Dhabi's skyline. It also serves as an excellent community destination where you can relish in picnicking or barbecuing on pleasant winter days.

If you are looking to keep in shape, Top Gym is the closest facility at a 10-minute distance. It offers equipment for various workouts such as CrossFit, strength training and cardio exercises. Other alternatives include Las Vegas Gym, Fitness Time Gym & Health Club and Fat To Fit Fitness Center.

There are several salons and spas in the vicinity, such as Allure Beauty Centre & Spa, ST Beauty, and Greenland Spa.


Al Mina is predominantly recognized for its thriving trade in the sea, making it fall short as an ideal residential hub. This could potentially be a drawback for individuals who prefer to walk around and have access to nearby grocery stores or food establishments without any vehicular assistance. Therefore, prior to settling down at Al Mina, one must take into account the degree of exclusivity that this area offers and the scarcity of venues that can be reached on foot.