Al Markaz - Abu Dhabi

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Al Markaz, located in Abu Dhabi and covering an extensive area of 600 hectares, is a mixed-use development positioned about 35 kilometers away from central Abu Dhabi near the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Road. Despite ongoing development work in the surrounding region, Waha Capital has completed phase 1 of the project which constitutes a quarter of its overall area.




Currently, the Al Markaz development in Abu Dhabi is predominantly composed of factories and warehouses. However, there are plans to expand other projects in the area. Essentially, Al Markaz functions as an industrial zone located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Services such as supermarkets, places of worship, and recreational activities can be found within nearby communities.

Properties in Al Markaz

Al Markaz Industrial Estate in Abu Dhabi has a variety of properties up for lease, with warehouses being one of the available options. Phase 2 of the estate is currently under development and will predominantly focus on retail and commercial projects.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Markaz

Many properties provide a spacious covered parking area that is accessible for both visitors and professionals. Additionally, there are ample options for street parking in the vicinity.

Public Transportation in Al Markaz

When it comes to using public transportation in the area, cabs are the primary option due to a lack of nearby bus stations. The nearest bus stop is located at Musaffa Shabiya Bus Station, which requires a 25-minute drive from the location.


Supermarkets in Al Markaz

The closest grocery store, AFCOOP Al Muqatra, is just an 18-minute drive from here. However, there are other supermarkets in Jarn Yafour that may require a bit more travel time. These options such as Golden Supermarket, Shabiya Al Madeena Supermarket and Lemar Supermarket have ample supplies of everyday groceries available.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Markaz

There are several mosques in the district that can be reached within approximately 15 minutes, such as Mojumaat Juma Masjid, Madinat Al Salam Al Ommaleyyah Masjid and Madinat Hameem Al Sakaneyyah Masjid.

Likewise, there is some distance between the apartment and the nearest church. The American Church of Abu Dhabi is approximately 29 minutes away from the apartment.

Sikhs have the option to reach their nearest Gurdwara within a duration of 25 minutes.

Schools and Universities in Al Markaz

There are several nursery schools nearby that can be reached in under 25 minutes, such as Little Steps Nursery, My Baby Nursery, Evergreen Nursery Little and Acorns Nursery. Of these options, one of the most highly-regarded nurseries is Little Steps located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, there are a variety of primary and secondary schools that can be accessed within 30 minutes by car. These include the Creative British School, Shining Star International School, Sunrise English Private School and Private International English School.

The Shining Star International School adheres to the CBSE syllabus for pupils from KG1 to Grade 12. Additionally, the institution provides transportation services, sporting and medical amenities, as well as an in-house eatery.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Markaz

The community has two medical facilities available for residents to easily access: Right Health Expert Medical Clinic LLC and Right Health Tabibak Medical Clinic.


Al Markaz is conveniently located in proximity to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, ensuring effortless connectivity to nearby regions.

The areas neighboring Al Markaz comprise of Al Muqatra, Al Bihouth, and Al Dhafra.

As you head towards central Abu Dhabi, Al Wathbah and Mohamed Bin Zayed City can be found.

Al Shinayin is situated on the south-western part of Al Markaz.



Malls in Al Markaz

The closest shopping center to this vicinity is Hameem Mall, which takes roughly 14 minutes to reach. Additionally, Baniyas Mall situated in Baniyas and Mazyad Mall found near the Musaffa neighborhood are alternative options for your shopping needs.

Restaurants in Al Markaz

There are various choices for dining in the surrounding areas. The closest option is the Karavali restaurant, which takes approximately 24 minutes to reach. If you fancy Nepalese cuisine, then Dafe Restaurant is worth checking out. Al Kashka Restaurant and Grill, as well as Third Avenue Restaurant and Café can also be found nearby for residents looking for more options.


In order to reach a beach, it is necessary to journey in a northerly direction within the emirate.

The closest public beach is Al Bateen Beach, which can be reached by a 41-minute drive.

Consider visiting the stunning Corniche Beach, where you can indulge in cozy picnics, sunbathe or take a refreshing dip. It takes approximately 47 minutes to reach this location from Al Markaz.


In order to experience nearby tourist destinations, the Wathba Wetland Reserve can be accessed within a 30-minute drive, while Desert and Safari Fun is only a 20-minute journey.

Yas Island's Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an exceptional tourist destination located approximately one hour from the vicinity.


The surrounding areas offer various parks and enjoyable activities. For instance, Hili Fun City, an amusement park that takes 25 minutes to reach by car, is nearby. Additionally, Shabiya Park in the Shabiya community can also be found at a similar distance.

Fitness enthusiasts residing in the Shabiya Community can avail themselves of gym facilities. The nearest options are Black Cat Men Gym Club and Muscle Plus Gym, with a distance of approximately 25 minutes to reach either one.

Women seeking beauty services have multiple options in the nearby areas, including Musaffa Salon, Titanic Star Salons, and Fawaz Hair Salon. These salons require a commute of approximately 25 to 30 minutes from the community.


Al Markaz in Abu Dhabi is still undeveloped for housing. It's important to note the limited availability of public transportation and rely on taxis when navigating the town.