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Al Mankhool, situated in the heart of Bur Dubai, is a highly sought-after residential area known for its popularity among those seeking to rent apartments in Bur Dubai. Although primarily residential, Al Mankhool also boasts some commercial and financial amenities such as banks and hotels. Its strategic location further enhances its appeal, with Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street and Al Satwa Road bordering the east and west sides of the community, while Khalid bin Al Waleed Road and Sheikh Rashid Road provide accessibility from other parts of the emirate.

The area is conveniently connected by roads running along the northern and southern borders, with Kuwait Street intersecting it to ensure a hassle-free commute for residents.

In addition to its geographical position, the region encompasses various attractions such as fashion, dining, and education. Al Mankhool boasts a public library which offers locals an opportunity to explore and study or indulge in a captivating book.




Al Mankhool offers several notable attractions, including:

In comparison to the surrounding regions, the locality maintains a tranquil and serene atmosphere. It provides essential facilities for its inhabitants, while ensuring a secure and wholesome ambiance that instills a sense of safety in the locals.


A variety of apartments are available for rent in Al Mankhool, including budget-friendly studios, 1-bed and 2-bed units, as well as more spacious 3 to 4-bedroom flats. In addition to that, there are villas with configurations ranging from 3-beds to 4-beds. Furthermore, new apartments can be found for rent in Al Mankhool starting from AED 25k per annum.

In the sought-after neighborhood of Al Mankhool, there is a highly popular residential complex called Jamal Al Ghurair. This complex offers studio and 1-bedroom apartments that cover an area of 1,600 sq. ft. Spanning across 8 floors, it is conveniently located near the iconic Dubai Frame. Another noteworthy project in the area is the Al Noor Building, which is just a short 3-minute distance from Khalid and Jamal Al Ghurair Building.

On the opposite side, there is a gathering of luxurious homes close to Al Mankhool Park. These residences are typically already occupied. The size of these houses range from 3,000 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft., with some reaching as large as 8,000 sq. ft., including outdoor areas and even private swimming pools in certain units. The larger 5-bedroom properties also boast designated porches that can accommodate up to 4 cars, along with private lawns and additional outdoor space.

Rental Trends in Al Mankhool

There is a significant demand for rental apartments in Al Mankhool due to their affordability. The cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment ranges from AED 34k to AED 58k, while studios can be rented for AED 25k to AED 40k. On average, a 2-BHK flat in Al Mankhool may cost around AED 69k. Those seeking an affordable living space within their budget, such as individuals, expats or couples, can consider renting studios in this area.

For individuals seeking larger accommodations, they have the option of selecting three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartments.

The community also houses expansive villas measuring 7,000 square feet. Although a 4-bedroom villa in the area can be rented for AED 200k, these units are usually unavailable or already occupied.

Consider Khalid and Jamal Al Ghurair Building if you are in search of chiller-free 1 BHK rentals in Al Mankhool. Another sought-after option is M Residences, although it is quite occupied. Other projects worth considering for interested tenants include Ajdan Residence, Al Mankhool Building, Rose 1, Silver Sands 2, The Bricks, Siraj Building and Jumeirah Star within the same area.

Regarding the villas available in this vicinity, a four-bedroom unit typically carries an average price tag of AED 190k to AED 193k per year. On the other hand, five-bedroom houses usually fall within the range of approximately AED 196k annually. It may present some difficulty to locate an unoccupied villa at present as most of them are already inhabited.

Hotels in Al Mankhool

Al Mankhool in Bur Dubai is a sought-after neighborhood for both residents and tourists alike. This vibrant district boasts numerous hotels, including:

A variety of choices are conveniently located together, with several 4-star hotels like Regent Palace and Orchid View Hotel Dubai. Additionally, there are numerous serviced hotel apartments to be found in Al Mankhool, Dubai.


Al Mankhool offers residents the convenience of both open and covered parking spaces. The community boasts residential buildings with dedicated parking floors, while villas provide private garages for its inhabitants.

Public Transportation in Al Mankhool

Residents of Al Mankhool who rely on public transportation can conveniently access the C14 bus by going to Kuwait Street (D77) at either Kuwait Road 1 or Kuwait Road 2 stops, situated on opposite sides of the road. Additionally, there are several other bus stations available along 12A Street and Al Satwa Road. Notably, Al Mankhool is also a highly desirable location near Burjuman Metro Station.


Al Mankhool, primarily a residential area, provides convenient access to essential facilities. In this neighborhood of Dubai, you can locate some of the leading supermarket chains, educational institutions, and public libraries.


In Mankhool, there are numerous supermarkets that cater to the daily grocery requirements of residents. The nearest option is All Day Fresh, which can be reached within a 12-minute walk. Additionally, Maxims Supermarket LLC, Bita Supermarket, Carrefour, and LuLu Supermarket are conveniently located within a 5 to 6-minute drive.


Within a short distance in Al Mankhool, there are multiple mosques available. In close proximity, one can find the neighborhood mosque known as Abu Hamed Al Ghazali Mosque and Musallah Al Eid, both reachable within a 7 to 9-minute walk. Another option is Masjid Abu Bakr Al Siddeeq located on 4 E St., which can be reached by car in just 3 minutes around town.


Within an 11-minute drive from Oud Metha Road lie various churches, including St. Mary's Catholic Church, which stands out as the most frequented and highly regarded church in Dubai. Al Mankhool area also encompasses other nearby churches like St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Coptic Church, The Dubai City church, and a few additional ones.

There are several temples located in close proximity to this place in Bur Dubai. Additionally, residents can conveniently visit the Jain Derasar temple within their own community. Other nearby temples include the Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir, Shree Krishna Haveli, and Shiva Temple, all reachable within a maximum 10-minute drive from Al Mankhool area.


In the vicinity, there are several educational institutions and childcare centers, such as:

Al Mankhool is home to renowned educational institutions such as:

Additionally, Ocean Kids Institute for Dance Art and Music provides music and dance classes. The nearby nurseries are conveniently within walking distance or a short 2 to 3-minute drive away. New Academy School is just a 6-minute drive from the institute. Ambassador School, situated in the same area, serves over 700 students ranging from grade 1 to 12. It has earned a consistent rating of "good" by KHDA for four consecutive years and was further recognized as "very good" during the evaluation conducted in 2019-2020.

Additionally, within an 11-minute drive from the vicinity is a medical institution named Muhammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine. Another prominent university, The University of Cambridge CIE, can be reached in approximately 13 minutes and is situated on Sheikh Rashid Road.


There are several medical facilities around Al Mankhool, such as clinics and hospitals.

Harley International Medical Clinic can be found in the neighborhood, while Aster Hospital is just a short 4-minute distance away. In case of emergencies, Al Mankhool Health Center is conveniently located within the community. Additionally, American Hospital Dubai can be reached within a brief 9-minute drive on Sheikh Zayed Road.

There are multiple pharmacies in the vicinity, such as Supercare Pharmacy, New Mankhool Pharmacy, and Life Pharmacy. These options can be reached within a 5-minute timeframe.


Situated in the vicinity of Bur Dubai, this area is encompassed by a few established sub-communities, with the closest ones being:

Umm Hurair is situated in the north of the region, while Al Raffa and Al Karama communities are adjacent to it on the west and east sides of Al Mankhool respectively. As for the southern side of the area, it is bordered by Al Jafiliya.




There are various shopping options available in the Al Mankhool community. Among these, there are several notable malls that cater to different preferences and needs.

Al Khaleej Center and Al Rais Shopping Center are in close proximity, only 8 minutes apart. Similarly, Al Musallah mall on Al Mankhool Road can be reached by a 13-minute walk. Considered one of the top 10 malls in Dubai, Burjuman Centre is located on Khalid Bin Waleed Road, just a short 6-minute drive away. This shopping complex offers high-end fashion brands alongside other amenities for residents to enjoy.

In addition to these brands, Burjuman Mall offers a range of amenities and experiences. It includes dedicated prayer areas for both genders, convenient Carrefour and ATM services, as well as multiple dining choices. Furthermore, visitors can find entertainment at the mall's 14-screen cinema which showcases an array of 2D and 3D movies.


Al Mankhool offers a diverse range of dining options for its residents, including a multitude of restaurants.

Located within a short stroll from Kuwait Street, these establishments are conveniently accessible. Infused with an Indian flair, Imperial Dragon serves delightful Chinese cuisine and boasts prompt and amiable service. Situated merely 7 minutes away on 18th St., it offers a convenient dining option. Meanwhile, Swagath restaurant on Bank Street presents itself as a vegetarian haven, also just a brief 7-minute drive away.

In addition, you have the option to explore Bur Jaman mall and indulge in its food court. The mall boasts a variety of dining establishments where you can tantalize your taste buds with an array of culinary delights.

Nando's, a well-known global restaurant brand, is renowned for its delicious grilled chicken meals. While youngsters can savor some ice cream treats from Baskin Robbins, grown-ups can relish refreshing beverages at both Dome Cafe and FiLLi Cafe. Additionally, there are numerous other dining choices available to satisfy the taste buds of visitors.


There are numerous nearby locations where beach enthusiasts can indulge in their love for the shores. Jumeirah Public Beach can be reached within a 16-minute drive, while La Mer Beach is even closer, accessible in less than 12 minutes.


There are various recreational areas and prominent landmarks in close proximity to the vicinity.

To avoid repetition, in the same tone of voice and in English:

Situated at the southern part of Dubai Creek, you can reach Dubai Museum within a 9-minute drive through Al Satwa Road. This museum provides an insight into both urban and rural life in the UAE. It showcases the developmental journey of the country from its past to present, portraying authentic pottery, tombs, and buildings along with a blend of old and modern aspects of Dubai. For those seeking sightseeing opportunities amidst tranquil surroundings with stunning views, Zabeel Palace is just an 11-minute drive away while Dubai Creek lies 14 minutes from this vicinity.


There are various outdoor activities available in the vicinity.

Zabeel Park, located just a short 5-minute drive away, offers an array of outdoor activities and sports for residents to relish. Likewise, Dubai creek lies within a mere 10 minutes' reach, providing ample opportunities for families to indulge in a delightful evening filled with countless enjoyable pursuits.

There are several gyms available in Al Mankhool, including Fitness First Burjman Center, Ichiban Fitness Club, Time 2 Body Fitness Studio, and Fitness Extreme Main. These establishments can all be reached within a short drive of approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

Al Mankhool boasts a variety of spas and salons, including:

Both women and men in the community have the opportunity to enjoy massages and relaxation at these spas. The majority of spas and salons in the area are conveniently situated near Khalid bin Al Waleed Road, requiring a maximum drive of 6 minutes.


Al Karama and Umm Hurair, which are adjacent communities, provide a livelier atmosphere and a wider range of social gatherings compared to the quieter surroundings of Al Mankhool.


To keep up with community events, residents can become members of the Facebook groups for both Bur Dubai and Bur Dubai Exhibitions.


With numerous welcoming amenities like hospitals and shopping centers, the community ensures there are always engaging activities available. Consequently, residents may occasionally encounter inconvenience due to traffic conditions in this area.

FAQs about Al Mankhool

What is the fastest way to get from Sharjah to Al Mankhool?

If you opt for a taxi, it will take approximately 15 minutes to travel from Sharjah to Al Mankhool. The fare for this journey typically ranges between AED 35 and AED 40.

Where can I stay in Al Mankhool?

There are over 2,000 hotels available in Al Mankhool for you to choose from, which includes a variety of 4-star and 5-star options.

Is there a direct bus from Dubai Airport to Al Mankhool?

Indeed, on a regular basis and without fail, a public bus departs from Dubai International Airport towards Park Regis Kris Hotel every half hour. This consistent service operates 24/7, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete the journey.