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Located in western Dubai, the residential community of Al Manara is aptly named after the Arabic word for "the beacon". It boasts a prime location with neighbouring areas such as Al Safa to the east, Umm Suqeim to the north and Umm Al Sheif to the west. Additionally, it runs along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), providing easy access to Dubai's top commercial and leisure destinations.

The burgeoning area of Al Manara has a diverse selection of villas available for rent or purchase, both for residential and commercial purposes. Its upscale locale is conveniently located just 13 minutes from Jumeirah Beach. Despite the absence of apartments or townhouses in the vicinity, families are drawn to this region for its favourable living conditions.




Al Manara is a sought-after district for those seeking spacious, standalone homes. It has become a popular topic in the vicinity of Jumeirah as it is enclosed by Sheikh Zayed Road. Additionally, you can also discover rental shops and commercial villas within the area. What's more, Al Manara stands out with its outstanding eateries and cafes that have received accolades over time. These establishments are situated at the front of the neighbourhood close to Sheikh Zayed Road while residences occupy the back sections.

Properties in Al Manara

The residential villas vary in size, ranging from 4 to 6 bedrooms and offer comparable amenities. However, there are select deluxe villas that provide additional features like an elevator, extra kitchens, staff quarters, split-level living and a separate dining room. Notwithstanding the number of bedrooms, all villas have equivalent amenities including a separate maid's room, study room and laundry room.

The rental rates for villas in Al Manara are relatively steep compared to other villa properties in Dubai because of their excellent location and top-notch quality. While GCC or UAE nationals can buy property in the area, anyone from any nationality may rent a villa there.

In Al Manara, one can rent commercial properties like shops. The rental fee for these premises varies between AED 410k and AED 1.2M based on factors such as size, location, and amenities. Additionally, there are luxury commercial villas available for rent in the area spanning across an area of 5,000 sq. ft., with rental prices ranging from AED 348k to AED 370k.

Compound Living in Al Manara

Al Manara comprises several compounds, including Utamah Villas, Bahwan Villas and 34 Lake Villa Compound. The latter is home to eight villas each featuring four bedrooms and boasting a generous built-up area of 4,582 sq. ft., as well as additional amenities such as study rooms, laundry rooms, store rooms and maid’s quarters. For those residing in the villa compounds, access to communal facilities like swimming pools and gyms are among the benefits that can be enjoyed.

The residential area of 34 Lake Villa Compound lies at the junction between Al Manara and Umm Al Sheif. Within this compound, residents can find semi-detached villas that have four bedrooms as well as a maid's room and their own personal garden space. Additionally, individuals living in the complex can make use of amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, party venue, billiards hall, and steam/sauna room which are shared with other community members.

Rental Trends in Al Manara

If you are seeking to lease a villa with four bedrooms in Al Manara, the yearly cost can range from AED 140k to AED 210k. The luxurious villas offer bigger living spaces and private gardens. For five-bedroom villas, the starting price is at AED 175k and can go as high as the mansions valued at AED 400k. These larger villas come equipped with private pools, external majlises, and basement parking.

Sale Trends in Al Manara

Al Manara offers 5 and 6-bedroom villas for sale. The cost of a 5-bedroom villa in this area varies from AED 7.5M to AED 12M, while the price range for a 6-bedroom villa fluctuates between AED 12M to AED 38M.

ROI in Al Manara

The Al Manara villa comes with 5 bedrooms and provides a ROI of 3.4%, whereas the 6-bedroom option yields a slightly lower ROI at 2.6%.


The commercial zones provide ample parking, whereas the villas typically have two covered parking slots each. The larger residences tend to have more parking available.

Public Transportation in Al Manara

Getting to Al Manara by using public transportation can be quite a challenge due to the lack of direct bus routes available. Nevertheless, the nearest bus stop is located at Al Wasl. Additionally, you can access the closest metro station which is only a 5-minute walk away from First Abu Dhabi Bank Station.


In the comfortable town of Al Manara, residents enjoy easy access to essential services like schools, supermarkets, hospitals and malls. All these amenities are conveniently located within the residential community.


Located in the nearby J3 Mall neighborhood, one can find a Choithrams supermarket. In the heart of this small residential area sits the sizable Al Manara Star Grocery superstore. Bab Al Manara Grocery is also available as an excellent choice for everyday necessities.

In the nearby Umm Suqeim area, residents can find an additional Choithrams supermarket only 5 minutes away. Waitrose, a renowned British grocery shopping destination for expats, is also located just 6 minutes from Al Manara and offers UK-imported products.


Al Manara is a diverse community that embraces people of various faiths, just like the rest of Dubai. Numerous houses of worship are located in and around the area. Within Al Manara itself, there is a church called Debi Hammerle. Meanwhile, David's Place, Josefina Marcelo, and The Church for Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can be reached by car within 10 minutes.

For those practicing Hinduism, there are several nearby places of worship such as the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Yaba, and Guru Nanak Darbar. The maximum commute time to reach these locations is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Within Al Manara, there are a number of mosques. The most notable is the impressive Al Manara Central Mosque positioned at the heart of the area. Additionally, Al Manara Mosque and Masjid Qasim are located in close proximity to each other. On one side of the community, you will find Masjid Musabah Bin Rashid Al Fattan Mosque which is conveniently situated near Sheikh Zayed Road.


There are a variety of preschools available on the premises, such as Zaya Early Learning Centre, Little Learners, Mon Ecole Bilingual Montessori Nursery, and Hopscotch Nursery Dubai.

Several educational institutions in the vicinity of Al Manara cater to different curricula. One such option is Emirates International School, which follows a combination of British and International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabi until Year 13. Collegiate American School provides an American curriculum from pre-primary through the final year of high school. For those seeking another British curriculum alternative, Horizon International School is also located nearby.

The universities located in Knowledge Park, near Dubai Media City, are easily accessible from Al Manara within 11 minutes. Various globally recognized options are available for students to select from including Middlesex University Dubai, The University of Manchester Dubai, Michigan State University Dubai and others.


With the exception of HealthBay Polyclinic, situated on Al Wasl Road between Al Manara and Umm Suqeim, there are no medical facilities in Al Manara. Directly across from the community lies Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery on Sheikh Zayed Road, renowned for its exceptional orthopaedic and joint care services. Additionally, Medcare Women and Children Hospital can be found 10 minutes away in the neighboring area of Al Safa 2.

Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital are located near Umm Suqeim on Jumeirah Street, just a 10-minute drive away. The vicinity also boasts several medical facilities including Wooridul Spine Centre, Blue Tree Clinics, Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai, Cooper Health Clinic, Al Massa Polyclinic and Al Biraa Clinic. In addition to that, there are numerous aesthetic clinics situated on Al Wasl Road such as Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, Bloom Aesthetic And Laser Clinic and Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic among others. Multiple pharmacies like Shefaa Al Madeena can also be found in the area.

Pharmacy, Medicina Pharmacy and Super Care Pharmacy are all establishments that provide medications.


Al Manara is situated amidst four of Dubai's premier neighborhoods. To the North lie Umm Suqeim 2 and Umm Suqeim, while Al Safa 2 can be found across from the roundabout that connects both Al Manara and Al Safa 2. On its Eastern side lies Umm Al Sheif, which bears some resemblance to Al Manara. Across Sheikh Zayed Road in the South stands the vast community of Al Quoz.




Located in Al Manara, J3 Mall is the only shopping center available in the area. Opened for business in 2012, this community mall provides a variety of shopping options to residents. In addition to an array of outlets, visitors can find a Choithrams grocery store and Cheeky Monkeys play area for young kids.

Within close proximity to the residential blocks, are Al Thanya Mall and Times Square Centre Dubai. In just 10 minutes, one can easily reach these malls. Majid Al Futtaim's Mall of the Emirates is a renowned mall located on Sheikh Zayed Road which takes only 8 minutes to get there from Al Manara. The Dubai Mall boasts an impressive 1200 shops and can be reached in only 15 minutes from this area.


in Al Manara, offering Italian-American cuisine. With a variety of dining options available, food enthusiasts can indulge in different cuisines and dining experiences at Al Manara.

In Al Manara, there are renowned restaurants and eateries that will satisfy the cravings of food lovers. Many of these dining establishments can be found along Sheikh Zayed Road near residential areas. Some popular examples include Denny's, which serves classic American diner fare; Raju Omlet for breakfast dishes; and Bertin Bistro Restaurant for upscale dining. For those seeking Middle Eastern flavors, Crumbs Elysee and Reem Al Bawadi offer delicious regional cuisine. Olive Garden also has a presence in this area - their first branch in the UAE - serving up Italian-American dishes. With such diverse offerings available, epicureans have plenty to choose from when it comes to exploring the culinary landscape of Al Manara.

In the vicinity of Al Manara, one can find Jones The Grocer and Bystro as wholesome dining options. These establishments are conveniently situated within a walking distance from the residential area.


Dubai has a variety of beaches that attract numerous visitors. Al Manara residents have access to several options, including Jumeirah Public Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, and Kite Beach, each just a brief 10-minute drive away.


Al Manara residents have access to a plethora of recreational options such as cinemas, gyms, and theme parks. For instance, Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz houses an arthouse cinema called Cinema Akil that is just a 9-minute drive away. In addition, Mall of the Emirates is located within an 8-minute drive and features various entertainment possibilities including IMAX Vox Cinemas and Ski Dubai - which offers an indoor ski park experience.

In Al Quoz, sports enthusiasts can find Insportz Club as well as the nearby MS Dhoni Cricket Academy and Cover Drive Sports Academy. The passion for football unites the UAE, and in Al Manara, fans can enjoy Just Football Club and the conveniently located Al Manara Sports Ground just a short distance away.

For those seeking aquatic entertainment, Wild Wadi Waterpark is a mere 10-minute drive from the community. The park boasts thrilling rides as well as comfortable sunbeds for relaxation. Additionally, the renowned hotels of Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah are located nearby, ensuring constant activity in the surroundings.


Although each villa has its own private garden, there is no communal park within the residential society. The closest option for residents seeking a green space is the Umm Suqeim 2 Park located in an adjacent neighborhood. A popular choice among both kids and adults of the community, Burj Al Arab Public Park and Umm Suqeim Park can be reached within eight minutes by car.

Al Manara provides various gyms on its premises, including The One Fitness and Beauty Center, Inspire Me Yoga, and Fitness 360 Jumeirah.

Al Manara is a community that houses several beauty centers catering to women. Within the vicinity, there are establishments such as Art of Beauty Center, Afrina Beauty Henna and Training Center, Jumeirah, and Ocean Waves Ladies Beauty Salon.


Over time, Al Manara has hosted various events. Among them was the Startup Sabantuy Dubai in 2015, which is still remembered today as an entrepreneurship program. The participants were presented with the opportunity to win AED 3.5 million for their project as the grand prize.

Jones The Grocer is the go-to place in the community for keeping up with current events, as they offer a variety of cooking classes suitable for both children and adults.


The area of Al Manara is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful small town atmosphere with serene commercial markets. Although it's not within the city center, its location remains convenient for commuting elsewhere. Families particularly find this location favorable due to the availability of spacious villas and nearby schools.