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Situated in the northeastern part of Dubai, Al Mamzar is a long-standing waterfront development. Over the years, it has become home to numerous families and continues to expand with new projects aimed at providing more residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. One of its main draws is Al Mamzar Beach Park, which attracts both locals and tourists alike. This beachfront destination consists of three distinct sections: the island, a community within Dubai itself, and the remaining area located in Sharjah.

Situated on the eastern coast of Deira, this neighborhood is bordered by Sharjah and connected to Al Mamzar Sharjah through Sheikh Zayed Road, E11. It is located near the Arabian Gulf and shares proximity with Al Waheda and Hor Al Anz. As a result, residents of Al Mamzar in Dubai can conveniently make frequent visits to these areas.

the residential part of the north-eastern section. In addition to Dubai Central and Scientific Association, Dubai Police Headquarters, and Al Mamzar Walk, there is also the beautiful Al Mamzar Beach. The majority of properties in Al Mamzar are apartments with a few villas available. Many of these homes are currently occupied and not on the market for rent or sale. However, there are still some affordable apartments for rent that offer residents a place to call home in this community.

A serene seaside development with a picturesque view.




In Al Mamzar, a quaint and tightly-knit community, both opulent villas and towering apartment buildings are present. Initially, in 1986, only two villas stood amidst vast stretches of sand. However, as time progressed, the area underwent development and gradually transformed into a more family-friendly neighborhood. The standout attraction in this locale is the remarkable beach and park that serves as the heart of the community's activities all year round.

The residential community comprises both Emirati citizens and expatriates, creating a serene and tranquil district that is particularly favored by families. This area offers convenient access to educational institutions, medical facilities, and various other amenities. Additionally, its advantageous position allows for easy connections to important areas within Dubai as well as the neighboring emirate. While affordable rental options are predominant, there may be some additional expenses living on the border of Dubai and Sharjah. Nonetheless, these prices are reasonable considering tenants can enjoy the benefits of two vibrant worlds simultaneously.


Al Mamzar Dubai consists of two small neighborhoods with large villas and apartments. Regardless of your location, you will always be close to the beach. The residential villas for rent in Al Mamzar Dubai can be found along peaceful streets lined with palm trees. These spacious units provide security, privacy, and luxurious living spaces. Some high-end properties even offer beach views, while others have private lawns filled with date palms and flowers. Rental villas are not commonly available, as property purchases are restricted to UAE Nationals. The majority of new developments in the area

The region consists of apartment complexes within its boundaries.


In Mamzar Dubai, individuals seeking commercial properties have the opportunity to rent offices starting at AED 60k. This package includes a fully equipped office unit spanning 1,000 square feet. At present, residential rental properties in Al Mamzar predominantly consist of studios and apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms.

ft. and are equipped with modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and covered parking spaces. The apartments in Al Mamzar Dubai offer a convenient and comfortable living experience for individuals and families alike. They are located in well-designed clusters of both mid-rise and high-rise towers, providing ample living space for residents. While each apartment offers similar facilities, larger units also come with an additional maid's room to accommodate the needs of larger households. One of the key advantages of renting an apartment in Al Mamzar is its affordability, with prices starting at AED 28k for small studio units and ranging from AED 30k to AED 50k annually for one-bedroom apartments. These apartments range from approximately 550 sq.ft. to 900 sq.ft., offering plenty of space for residents' comfort. Additionally, they boast modern amenities including swimming pools, gyms, and covered parking spaces to enhance residents' lifestyle and convenience

Those who are interested can take into account Al Mamzar Towers and The Square.

In Mamzar, Dubai, the cost for renting a 2-bedroom apartment is approximately AED 60K per year, while a 3-bedroom apartment will be around AED 72k. These apartments have varying sizes, ranging from 1,250 sq. ft. to 1,600 sq. ft. Similarly, chiller-free apartments in Al Mamzar start at AED 38k annually and the price depends on the type of configuration you select.

The majority of residential buildings provide fitness clubs, prayer zones, and ample balconies. Additionally, some even feature shared saunas, swimming pools, and community mosques. Moreover, most residential complexes include children's play areas alongside meticulously maintained gardens and barbeque spaces.


In the midst of clusters of high-rise towers near the beach and parks, The Square has become a desirable location over time. Developed by Omniyat, it is a mixed-use building consisting of nine towers, with one tower being commercial and the others offering residential apartments varying from studios to three-bedroom units. The commercial tower houses 180 rooms for the renowned Movenpick Hotel and a large retail space measuring approximately 5,402 square meters. Rental prices for apartments in The Square start at AED 28k.

Al Mamzar Tower, also referred to as Al Mamzar Twin Towers, is a favored development comprising of two 22-story buildings for residential and commercial purposes. These twin towers offer top-notch security measures, covered parking spaces, a fitness center, a pool, and various amenities for family recreation.

Additionally, Meeras, a renowned real estate developer in Dubai, presents Al Mamzar Front as an exceptional endeavor. This project caters to investors seeking to construct personalized residences and offers the opportunity to build G+1 villas without any accompanying service charges. Situated on Cairo Road in close proximity to immaculate beaches, Al Mamzar Front embodies the epitome of luxury living.


The majority of structures in this vicinity provide designated parking spots. Individuals visiting Al Mamzar will discover efficiently organized on-street parking. Additionally, numerous complimentary parking areas can be found in commercial districts, parks, and along the beachfront.


Al Mamzar Dubai can be accessed by various means of transportation such as cars, private taxis, metros, or buses. Regardless of your choice, reaching this area is quite convenient and effortless since it is situated in close proximity to the Dubai Metro. The nearest stations on the Green Line of the metro are Abu Hail and Al Qiyadah.


The inhabitants of this locality have convenient access to all essential conveniences. There is an abundance of nearby stores, educational institutions, and healthcare centers.


Union Cooperative is the predominant hypermarket in the vicinity, recognized for its extensive assortment and convenient ready-meal counter. Additionally, West Zone Fresh Supermarket represents an alternative option nearby, renowned for its variety of Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino goods. For those seeking Carrefour Hypermarket, it can be found in Century Mall within the community of Al Mamzar. Furthermore, numerous other supermarkets are conveniently accessible within a few minutes' reach in adjacent areas neighboring Al Mamzar.


The community boasts numerous mosques that cater to both residents and visitors. In Al Mamzar, Dubai, some well-known mosques include Bin Dalmok Mosque, Al Mamzar Masjid, and Bin Dhaboy Mosque. Moreover, commercial spaces and residential complexes also provide designated areas for prayer. If you wish to offer prayers at these mosques, our guide to Dubai prayer time will prove useful.

In order to visit Saint Mary's Catholic Church, individuals interested in going will need to drive to the Oud Metha area since there are no churches nearby. Likewise, Hindu residents who wish to visit Shiva Temple will have to make a 17-minute drive to Bur Dubai.


Al Mamzar is home to Al Ittihad Private School, a renowned Islamic educational institution in Dubai with a rich history. This school adheres to the American curriculum, catering to students from pre-primary to Grade 12. In close proximity lies Sabari Indian School, situated in the neighboring Al Waheda district, which provides education based on the Indian syllabus. Additionally, Queen International School stands just 8 minutes away and offers a reputable British module of education for students ranging from KG1 to Grade 12.

In close proximity to the community, higher education students will discover Dubai International Academic City and University City, Sharjah, both of which are situated just 25 minutes away. These university hubs boast a wide range of renowned and accredited international universities.


Although there is no hospital in Al Mamzar, Dubai, there are several medical clinics available for convenience. Among these options is the Seniors' Happiness Centre, which provides health care and social services exclusively for elderly residents. For common ailments, individuals can seek assistance at the Al Mamzar Health Centre, a renowned government hospital in Dubai that specializes primarily in dental and paediatric consultations.

If you are inclined towards herbal remedies, you can pay a visit to Dr. Jasna's Ayurveda Clinic Dubai situated on Al Wuheida Street, renowned for being one of the finest ayurvedic clinics in Dubai. For medical emergencies or alternative choices, there are two nearby hospitals: Dubai Hospital near Corniche Deira and Oriana Hospital close to Al Khan in Sharjah. Both options are conveniently located just ten minutes away from each other but in opposite directions.


Al Mamzar is conveniently linked to Dubai's important areas through an extensive network of main roads. People living here can easily reach the prominent Sheikh Zayed Road E11, which also connects to Sharjah. This development is in close proximity to Deira and various residential communities in both Dubai and Sharjah. These communities include Hor Al Anz East and Al Nahda in Dubai, as well as Al Taawun and Al Khan in Sharjah. Additionally, immediate neighbors include Abu Hail and Al Waheda.



Al Mamzar, located in Dubai's prominent waterfront area, boasts a variety of recreational opportunities and commercial spaces.


In the vicinity of Al Mamzar, residents can conveniently indulge in some retail therapy with a short drive. Apart from the community mall, there are several other shopping avenues accessible to them.

Century Mall

Al Mamzar in Dubai has a variety of shopping avenues and malls, both large and small. Among them is the renowned Century Mall, which stands out for its diverse range of activities beyond shopping. This mall boasts numerous fashion outlets with its anchor store being Carrefour Hypermarket. Additionally, it offers enjoyable experiences such as the Fun City amusement arcade for kids and an array of local and international restaurants. In close proximity to Century Mall are Al Arab Mall and Al Hamariya Shopping Complex.


In the vicinity of Al Mamzar, Dubai, there are numerous dining establishments both local and global in nature. Alvand Restaurant situated on Cairo Road offers genuine Iranian delicacies with a welcoming atmosphere suitable for families. On Al Khaleej Road, you will find Al Bawareh Kitchen and Restaurant renowned for their delectable seafood selections. Additional nearby choices include Chennai Garden, Sports Star Restaurant, and Kabab Khodmooni Restaurant.

Additionally, there are numerous welcoming local coffee shops to be discovered. When it comes to the energizing properties of caffeine, Filli stands out as a well-known establishment throughout the emirate. It is renowned for serving Dubai's finest karak chai, satisfying those in need of a perfect and convenient hot beverage fix. For those seeking relaxation by the beach, you can find one of their outlets conveniently located on Al Mamzar Beach. There, you can enjoy a comforting cup of tea while immersing yourself in the soothing sight of crashing waves.


When strolling through the streets, it is evident that residents are constantly in close proximity to the sea. Boats are displayed at the entrances of homes and traditional fishing nets can be seen on lawns adjacent to grand villas. Al Mamzar Beach, considered a secret treasure in Dubai, is one of the finest public beaches available. It offers a wide range of water sports amenities for those seeking enjoyment under the sun. Visitors interested in snorkeling or engaging in various other thrilling activities will find this beach easily accessible. Additionally, equipment rental options

In addition to bicycles, train rides, and skateboards, there are prayer rooms and cafeterias available at the beach. Moreover, benches and shaded areas can also be found there. Al Mamzar Skatepark, which is conveniently located near Al Khaleej Road, stands out as one of Dubai's finest skateparks.


Al Mamzar features a highly popular attraction for families in the city. Strolling through the picturesque green beach park, visitors have the option to enjoy a cup of tea from Filli café or indulge in a traditional shawarma at Al Mallah Restaurant. Undeniably, this coastal park is among Dubai's top destinations for leisurely walks with its welcoming and tranquil atmosphere suitable for all ages. Additionally, nearby landmarks consist of the Dubai International Bowling Centre, Hor Al Anz Library, and Ahdaaf Sports Club.

In a fascinating development, the Dubai Municipality has implemented a unique initiative called the beach library project, catering to avid readers. Fortunately for residents of Al Mamzar, they have the privilege of conveniently accessing one of Dubai's finest public libraries situated on the picturesque shores of Al Mamzar Beach.


Al Mamzar Beach Park is the most prominent park in the region, offering an array of amenities. It features numerous play areas for children, designated tracks for biking and jogging, as well as chalets available for rent. Moreover, there are ample spaces provided for barbecuing, volleyball games, and various water sports activities. In fact, this park boasts Dubai's finest public barbecue area. For individuals seeking outdoor physical activity opportunities, Al Mamzar Beach Park serves as an excellent destination.

Moreover, roller skating enthusiasts in Dubai have the opportunity to access the exclusive skating zone within the beach park. A vast ramp is available all week long; however, it is advisable to verify the schedule due to high congestion on weekends.

There are numerous options available for women to indulge themselves nearby. These include establishments like Tips and Toes in Al Fardan, Streaks Beauty Salon, and Krysalis Salon and Spa. For those passionate about fitness, there are several gyms in the area such as Fitness Time, Desert 4 MMA, Gold’s Gym, Cyborg Gym, etc.


Residing in Al Mamzar offers a serene and lively experience. Although the streets are not as bustling as other parts of Dubai, the residential neighborhoods adjacent to Al Mamzar Beach foster a strong sense of community, often coming together to commemorate various occasions. The beach and park areas host numerous public gatherings encompassing music, culinary delights, and outdoor festivities. Moreover, certain fitness events also take place in the vicinity of Al Mamzar Beach.


Al Mamzar, Dubai is a quaint locality renowned for its significant Emirati community. This tranquil beachfront area offers a serene ambiance that discourages the need for frequent outings. Nevertheless, thanks to limited construction along the seaside, Al Mamzar residents are treated to breathtaking vistas of the shallow waters and delightful beach gatherings. It is worth noting, though, that during peak hours there may be some traffic congestion leading towards Sharjah.