Al Mafraq Industrial Area - Abu Dhabi

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ABOUT Al Mafraq Industrial Area

accommodate workers. Al Mafraq Industrial Area is located in Abu Dhabi's Al Mafraq and Al Wathba districts and houses several facilities such as the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve, Al Mafraq Workers City, and the Al Mafraq Waste Water Treatment Plant. The area primarily caters to various industry-related companies while also providing commercial spaces like shops, offices, and labor camps for worker accommodation.

The construction intends to provide housing for laborers in the region. The site is enclosed by Al Rawdah Road and Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road, known as E30, which also links up with Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Industrial Road, or E11.




Al Mafraq is an ideal commercial hub that fosters diverse industries with its numerous occupied commercial units and offices. Moreover, the Al Mafraq Industrial Area's strategic location near major roads provides convenient transport and logistics solutions.

Properties in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

When it comes to real estate in Al Mafraq Industrial Area, the available options are solely commercial units, with shop areas beginning at 430 sq. ft. Additionally, there are dwellings provided for industrial area workers including apartments and labour camps.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

Getting to Al Mafraq Industrial is a breeze since it's conveniently situated near major highways. Bus 443 runs through the area, while those with their own vehicles can easily locate parking spots in the dedicated lots throughout the commercial developments. The hassle of commuting is practically non-existent thanks to these convenient options.


Supermarkets in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

Al Mafraq Industrial Area boasts several supermarkets, including New Golden City Supermarket, Bab Al Mafraq Supermarket, and Shabab Al Fareej Grocery Store. For those seeking additional choices, the neighboring area of Bawabat Al Sharq is worth exploring.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

In the Al Mafraq Industrial Area, there are three mosques conveniently located close to each other: Al Jaber Camp Mosque, Labour Camp Mosque, and Saeed Bin Jubair Mosque. To visit a church in Mussafah, it may take approximately 15 minutes or longer by car based on traffic conditions.

Schools and Universities in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

In the vicinity of Al Mafraq Industrial Area, there are several noteworthy schools such as Al Wathba Private School, Hamdan Bin Mohammed High School and United School of Baniyas. Additionally, there are other international institutions available like GEMS United Indian School, International Indian School Abu Dhabi and Philippine Emirates Private School in Baniyas West. Furthermore, Global Indian International School and Emirates Private school in Baniyas East 5 can also be found nearby.

The educational institution known as Future Leaders International Private School is located in the vicinity of Baniyas Park.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

Within the vicinity, one can conveniently reach Mediclinic Baniyas and Al Salama Hospital in 12 to 14 minutes by car. The neighbourhood also offers several options for pharmacies like Smart Health Pharmacy, Medicare Pharmacy, and Prestige Pharmacy.


Mafraq Industrial Area, located in Abu Dhabi, serves as an extension of Al Mafraq. Positioned between Baniyas West and Al Dhafra Airbase, it is encircled by a system of main roads that link to various other significant parts of the emirate. The region also stretches into Al Wathba and shares borders with ICAD, Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Bawabet Al Sharq. As for Zone 31 in MBZ City, it lies just about 15 km to 20 km from Mafraq Industrial Area.



Malls in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

In terms of shopping options around Al Mafraq Industrial Area, nearby neighborhoods offer some choices. Baniyas Mall located on 9th Street Baniyas East is a 19-minute drive away. Additionally, cooperative shops and hypermarkets are available within the area.

Restaurants in Al Mafraq Industrial Area

In Al Mafraq Industrial Area, there are numerous dining establishments available for the working population. For those seeking Pakistani cuisine, Nawala Restaurant or Chutney Restaurant are good options to consider. Punjab Flower, Chattpata Cafeteria and Royal Lahori Tikka Restaurant offer additional choices. Dafe specializes in Nepalese food while Quetta Bakery and Lets Pita cater to baked goods enthusiasts.

BEACHES NEAR Al Mafraq Industrial Area

Hameem Beach, located in Abu Dhabi, can be reached from Al Mafraq Industrial Area within a 30-minute drive. Unlike other well-known spots, this beach is less congested.


The Wathba Wetland Reserve, located in Mafraq Industrial Area, offers a breathtaking view of the flamingo herd. Additionally, nearby is the iconic Wathba Palace.


In the vicinity of the industrial area, you can find Baniyas Public Park and Ladies Garden. These parks offer amenities such as a playground for children and tracks for jogging. Additionally, there are several gyms in the Mafraq Industrial Area including Spartans Body Building Club and Al Eshush Fitness Centre.


As of present, medical services are not available in Al Mafraq Industrial Area. However, nearby there exist pharmacies and specialized clinics while hospitals in Baniyas are also readily accessible.