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rural heartland of Dubai, with small farms and traditional farming techniques still being utilized. Despite its location on the outskirts of the city, Al Khawaneej has become a popular destination for those seeking fresh produce straight from the farm. Thanks to government investments, there has been significant progress made in developing sustainable farming practices and increasing crop yields in this region.

Dubai may have fewer farming communities compared to other regions, but it has received substantial funding from the government for agricultural ventures. One such community is Al Khawaneej, which is situated behind culturally diverse neighborhoods like International City, Al Warqaa and Mirdif. Even though most parts of it are desert land extending from Emirates Road (E611) towards the Sharjah-Dubai border on its western side, Al Khawaneej remains true to its rural roots with small-scale farms that still employ traditional methods. Though located on the periphery of town, many people visit here to buy fresh produce straight off local farms. The government's support has helped enhance sustainability practices and increase crop production in this area significantly.

The eastern part of the city is occupied by Emiratis. Al Awir, which is also an agricultural hub and has numerous farms including one belonging to the Maktoum family, shares a border with the development towards the east.

Meeras is a prominent property developer in the emirate, with numerous completed and on-going projects. They have introduced several new developments to the market over recent years. Among these projects is Al Khawaneej, located in Dubai and featuring attractions such as Al Khawaneej Walk and The Last Exit, as well as various rental properties available for residency.




The Al Khawaneej suburb contains two separate districts, namely Al Khawaneej 1 and Al Khawaneej 2. It also includes several private farms and agricultural regions. Affluent families with established multi-generational agricultural enterprises frequently elect to live in this area.

a new leisure destination in the district called The Yard that has been praised for its suburban charm. Developed by Meraas, the same team behind popular Dubai attractions such as City Walk and La Mer, this picturesque lakefront spot is spread out over 350,000 sq.ft. It boasts several rustic features including a bakery, walking trails and an organic farmer's market. A key attraction at The Yard is an 18-metre tall windmill overlooking the lake.

The Yard is a diverse destination that features The Last Exit, a cool food truck park. Visitors can also enjoy the Promise Bridge for romantic gestures and admire street art murals, toss coins into the wishing well or watch captivating circus acts.

Although not as well-known for residential properties, Al Khawaneej 2 holds significant importance for a variety of reasons. The area is predominantly comprised of agricultural lands such as farms, nurseries and stables that specialize in breeding camels and horses. Distinguished companies like Al Rawabi Dairy Company, a top manufacturer and distributor of juice and dairy products in the UAE, as well as National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC), one of the largest agricultural firms in the Middle East have established their farms here.

Organic Oasis, a certified organic farm in Al Khawaneej 2, offers visitors freshly harvested produce and the opportunity to pick their own vegetables and fruits from the fields. The farm boasts a variety of thriving crops such as carrots, broccoli, aubergine, coriander, parsley, and dill despite being located in the midst of desert sand.


The rental homes found in Al Khawaneej, Dubai consist mainly of spacious villas that boast luxurious surroundings. While many new properties across Dubai embrace various global styles, traditional Arab elements are prevalent in the villas of Al Khawaneej. Sprawling courtyards, shaded pathways, boundary walls and large ornate gates are typical features of these houses. The exterior commonly includes a pool and water fountain, expansive manicured gardens and covered parking for multiple vehicles.

room and a guest bedroom, while the upper floor houses the rest of the bedrooms, each with its own attached bathroom. Al Khawaneej offers an array of villa sizes to suit different needs with varying floor areas between 4,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft., ranging from 3-bedroom units up to vacant houses that go upwards of 6 or 7 bedrooms in size. The villas are split over two levels and on the ground level you will find two majlis rooms, two kitchens, a dining area, a laundry room as well as guest quarters; while upstairs there are additional private bedrooms each featuring their own en-suite bathrooms.

The house comprises of several rooms including a main bedroom, a room for the maid with an attached bathroom, and a guest room. Following Emirati customs that value separate social spaces, the interior areas are divided accordingly to accommodate such preferences. To maintain privacy, there is also a separate entrance for the majlis - which is reserved for male gatherings. On the upper floor, you will find additional private spaces designed for family use such as a TV lounge, study area and multiple bedrooms including the master suite.

Your real estate agent will inform you that the yearly rent for villas ranges from approximately AED 110k to AED 400k, and can be paid using four cheques as specified in the tenancy contract.

Rental Trends in Al Khawaneej

In Al Khawaneej, there are two sub-communities where villas can be rented - Al Khawaneej 1 and Al Khawaneej 2. These rental properties come in configurations with anywhere from two to six bedrooms. Yearly rental prices for these villas are diverse, ranging between AED 110k and AED 400k. For example, a typical annual cost for a two-bed villa is around AED 160k while the price range for three-bed villas falls between AED 110k and AED 150k per year. Meanwhile, the average yearly rent of a four-bedroom villa in this area is currently priced at around AED166K.

Families requiring more space may consider a 5-bedroom villa in Al Khawaneej, which is available for rent annually at prices ranging from AED 150k to AED 400k. Alternatively, renting a 6-bedroom villa in the area would cost approximately AED 165k per year.

Most Popular Communities in Al Khawaneej

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Based on the statistics, properties for rent in Al Khawaneej 1 and 2 are equally popular. In terms of housing options, Al Khawaneej 1 offers primarily 4 to 6-bedroom villas which come equipped with several amenities including master bedrooms, outdoor kitchens, laundry facilities and more. On the other hand, Al Khawaneej 2 provides villa units ranging from sizes between 5,000 sq. ft. to as much as 15,000 sq.ft. These spacious homes also come furnished with attractive features such as swimming pools and gardens in addition to ensuite bathrooms and a maid's room alongside designated parking spaces for residents' convenience.


Al Khawaneej, being a less congested location compared to other central areas of the city, offers no difficulty in finding parking spots. Private parking is available with houses, and guests can utilize the abundant space surrounding the properties. The public areas are equipped with sizeable parking grounds featuring large bays.

Public Transportation in Al Khawaneej

In Al Khawaneej, public transportation does not have designated routes. However, you can find various bus stations along Al Khawaneej Street (D89). Additionally, a few bus-stops are available on the intersection of D89 and D50 on Al Amardi Street. The 11A and 11B buses are ideal for traveling to the lively Gold Souk in Deira or reaching the Al Awir area.

If you're looking to take the metro, Etisalat Metro Station is only a 15-minute car ride away. Similarly, within a 15-minute drive in Mirdif community, you can find the Uptown Mirdif Taxi Stand.



There are numerous supermarkets scattered throughout Al Khawaneej, Dubai. Along Al Amardi Street, you'll find Lafi Supermarket, Emi Bay Mini Mart and Weld AlFegir Grocery. For larger shopping options in the area, there's Zam Zam Al Madina Supermarket, Kohaj Supermarket and Al Ttay Supermarket to choose from - as well as a handful of other mini-marts and grocery stores dotted around the neighbourhood. If you're looking for hypermarkets instead, you can head to Arabian Centre where both Lulu Hypermarket and Union Coop are located nearby.

The Etihad Mall is home to a Hypermarket that can be reached in 13 minutes.


Al Khawaneej boasts an abundance of mosques that authentically showcase Emirati heritage through their architecture. Among the options available to Muslim residents within the area are Abdullah bin Rawahah Masjid, Yousef Abdulla AlJaziri Smart Masjid, and Masjid Alharamain. Additionally, there are numerous other mosques situated throughout the residential area for easy accessibility.

In addition, the Deira neighborhood is home to various churches, which may take approximately 30 minutes to reach. These include Winners Chapel International Dubai, Fellowship of the Nations and All Nations Tabernacle. For Sikh residents seeking places of worship, Gurudwara Al Aweer and Automech Gurudwara are available in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area which are roughly 25 minutes away. Alternatively, Hindu temples like Shiva Temple, Shree Krishna Haveli and ShrinathJi Temple can be found in Bur Dubai.

The locality is situated at a distance of 35 minutes by car.


The community has a range of learning facilities for young children, including Basateen Kindergarten situated within the community. Creative Nest Nursery and Crystal Valley Nursery are located 15 minutes away. Additionally, there are some institutes that offer religious studies in Al Khawaneej.

In Al Khawaneej, there are a number of schools like Ajyal International School, Otbah Bin Ghazwan Boy’s School and Al Athba School for Girls. In the adjacent community of Al Mizhar, several educational institutions can be found including Al Mizhar American Academy School, Mirdif American School, Arab Unity School, GEMS Founder’s School and Al Mawakeb School. These schools are conveniently located towards Al Khawaneej 1 and can be reached within 15 minutes or less.

Within a 25-minute commute, individuals can access two prominent centers for higher education. These options include renowned universities affiliated with the University City of Sharjah or global institutions located in Dubai International Academic City.


Al Khawaneej Health Centre, situated close to the intersection of Al Amardi Street and Al Khawaneej Street, offers a range of general healthcare services. Additionally, there are several other clinics in Al Khawaneej such as O2 Pharmacy, Medcare Medical Centre and Erada Centre for Treatment & Rehab.

The Aster Hospital in Al Qusais is the closest medical facility, about a 20-minute drive. Additionally, the area houses Thumbay Hospital Dubai and Zulekha Hospital. For pet owners seeking veterinary care, they can check out the Dubai Municipality Veterinary Section located on the outskirts of Al Khawaneej and Mushrif Park.


Located south of Al Khawaneej 1, the area is bordered by Wadi Al Amardi which also has a strong agricultural focus. To the west, Al Mizhar shares similar characteristics as a villa community, but with more modern amenities. Nearby lies Mirdif to the southwest and Sharjah's industrial developments across the northern border.




At present, there is no all-inclusive shopping centre nearby. However, plans are in progress for a mall to open in Al Khawaneej. The joint venture between Nakheel and Al Nasr Cultural & Sports Club will result in the development of this three-floor shopping complex equipped with various establishments such as restaurants, shops and entertainment outlets. The ground floor will feature about 700 parking spaces as well. Expected to be the pride of Al Khawaneej, the shopping complex would encompass a supermarket, anchor stores, kids zone, food court and fitness facilities.

There is a facility that includes both a central location and a cinema.

Currently, locals have the option to drive to nearby shopping destinations, such as Arabian Centre and Etihad Mall which are only 13 minutes away. Additionally, City Centre Mirdif is a larger mall located 20 minutes away while the distinctive Mirdif 35 lifestyle destination can be reached in just 15 minutes. These malls provide an array of top-notch amenities including dining options, retail stores, grocery shopping opportunities and entertainment options like cinemas, children's play areas and arcades.


The dining establishments located in Al Khawaneej offer an extensive variety of choices, providing a pleasurable experience for their customers.

The Last Exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit Al Khawaneej, a food truck park, offers a variety of dining options both outdoors and indoors. For burger enthusiasts, Big Smoke Burger, Krush Burger, Crave Too or Mooyah are highly recommended. Alternatively, for light bites and refreshing beverages, Cupagahwa, Il Cafe De Roma and Saddle Cafe are great choices. To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, head to DOH or Ice Cream Lab.

Surrounding the atmosphere with a comforting scent, Al Khawaneej is also home to numerous coffee shops and espresso bars such as XO Coffee Boutique, Gossip Café, Grind Coffee, and Roastery House.

Additionally, those residing in the area can indulge in a delectable selection of waffles, pancakes and crêpes at Grain. PWR offers an array of acai bowls and poke bowls, while individuals seeking American cuisine can explore Angus Burger. If one prefers gluten-free, paleo or vegan alternatives, they will discover I Healthy Foods and Café situated in Al Khawaneej 2.


Al Khawaneej is a community situated at the city's edge, and within half an hour by car, visitors can reach the lively beaches around Al Khawaneej. Jumeirah Beach and Al Mamzar Beach are two popular public beaches in Dubai that sit on its coastlines. These two destinations are regarded as some of the best beaches in Dubai due to their various visitor amenities such as jogging tracks, workout equipment, and numerous food and beverage establishments available for guests.


Life in a secluded area is often thought to be unexciting, however, Al Khawaneej Walk defies this expectation. The inclusion of the Yard near Last Exit Al Khawaneej offers an exceptional recreational experience. This suburban retreat contains various attractions including Dubai's inaugural love lock bridge named Promise Bridge, pony rides, a farmer’s market, a wishing well and unique seating areas.

Situated near Al Khawaneej is Mushrif Park, a top-notch public park in Dubai. This green space boasts an impressive quantity of Ghaf trees, with over 10,000 present throughout the grounds. Visitors can partake in various activities within the park including utilizing barbecue areas, playing sports on designated fields, enjoying children’s play areas, bicycling along tracks and swimming in pools. Notable features to explore at Mushrif Park consist of an astronomy centre, a theatre and an international village displaying 13 traditional houses from around the globe.

Located at Mushrif Park's Gate 1, Aventura Park is an outdoor recreational area with thrilling activities such as zip-lining, tree surfing, and rope climbing. Due to its open-air setup, it operates exclusively during Dubai's cooler winter months.

The Quranic Park is a recent addition to the region and stands out as the initial park of its kind. It provides an opportunity for individuals, regardless of religious affiliation, to gain knowledge about the various flora and miracles mentioned within the Holy Quran. In addition to this educational aspect, visitors can also explore other features such as the Cave of Miracles which highlights information regarding prophets or take in the natural beauty found at Glass House containing plants and trees that are referenced in the sacred text.


In addition to the parks previously mentioned, inhabitants have the opportunity to explore Al Khawaneej Pond Park. This location is ideal for individuals interested in biking or engaging in physical activities like walking, running or jogging near the center pond. Furthermore, towards the southern area of Al Khawaneej lies a plethora of equestrian-themed attractions such as stables, horse jumping arenas and training academies. Additionally, there are other notable places nearby like Desert Equestrian Club and UAE Football Association grounds awaiting exploration.

In Al Khawaneej, Khalifa AlJaziri Gym is available while Fitness 360 and Rise Fitness Boutique can be found in Al Mizhar. For beauty services, one can visit 86 Beauty Lounge in Al Khawaneej or Urban Look Gents Salon in Al Mizhar.


The Yard is a popular spot in the vicinity where several community events are held annually. For those who are passionate about cars, Mancave Dubai located in Al Khawaneej 1 is an ideal place to network with fellow enthusiasts.


Al Khawaneej, being situated on the outskirts, lacks adequate facilities such as educational institutions, medical centres and shopping areas. However, a brief commute can lead residents to the contemporary inland regions that offer an abundance of these amenities.

The area lacks public transportation, so individuals without personal vehicles must depend on taxi services.


What is the meaning of Al Khawaneej?

The Al Khawaneej locality derives its name from the water wells present within its vicinity.

How far is Al Khawaneej from Dubai International Airport?

The Al Khawaneej to Dubai International Airport distance measures 16.3 km, which can be covered in approximately 16 minutes by car using D89 route.