Al Khaleej Village - Abu Dhabi

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Al Ghadeer, a burgeoning real estate project in Abu Dhabi by Aldar Properties, is taking form near the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Despite being located on the outskirts, this community is designed to function independently. Within Al Ghadeer, there exists a developed sub-community known as Al Khaleej Village. It provides an array of residential properties that cater to families of varying sizes and income levels while maintaining high standards.


  • Next to Saih Sheib – Al Fayah Truck Road (E75)
  • Close to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road (E311)
  • Features a wide mix of properties such as apartments, villas and townhouses
  • Offers complete security and around-the-clock maintenance services
  • Close to numerous recreational amenities and leisure landmarks



The Al Khaleej Village sub-community comprises villas, townhouses, and low-rise apartment blocks. Being a part of a self-sufficient development grants the sub-community with numerous shared amenities and facilities.

Similar to other parts of the master community, Al Khaleej Village permits residents to have domestic pets including birds, fish, cats, and dogs. The area features numerous well-maintained outdoor green spaces that are ideal for walking your pets. These spaces are illuminated by solar-powered lamps and offer beautifully landscaped walkways, themed gardens and parks, playgrounds for children, as well as a communal center.


feature that adds convenience for tenants. The townhouses in Al Khaleej Village come with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, providing ample space for families. As for the villas, they offer even more luxury and privacy with their spacious layouts and private gardens. Whether you are looking to rent or buy a property in Al Khaleej Village, you will find various options to suit your needs and preferences. From cozy studios to expansive villas, there is something for everyone in this diverse community.

The kitchenettes in the studios for rent in Al Khaleej Village offer ample storage space within their wooden cabinetry. These rental apartments cater to singles and have a maximum cost of AED 40k per year. Couples may consider the one-bed apartments, while families with small children can choose from the 2BHK or 3-bed flats. The annual price for a 2BHK terraced apartment can reach up to AED 65k.

400;"> start at 85,000 AED, while three-bed townhouses can be rented for as low as 95,000 AED. The payment terms for townhouses are flexible and can be made through multiple cheques. Whether you choose a villa or a townhouse in Al Khaleej Village, you will find comfortable and spacious options to suit your needs.

The annual rental prices in Al Khaleej Village vary between AED 62k and AED 105k. Let's take a brief glance at the costs of some other rental properties available in the area.

When it comes to investments, there is a diverse selection of residential options available in Al Khaleej Village. Freehold villas and townhouses are among the attractive choices for buyers. Alternatively, smaller families can consider purchasing apartments in Al Khaleej Village for a home within a well-maintained and secure area. The prices of these properties vary accordingly.

Those who wish to purchase 1BHK apartments can anticipate prices ranging from AED 480k to AED 600k. Meanwhile, the cost of Al Khaleej Village two-bedroom flats is approximately between AED 600k and AED 1.6M. The price range for available 2-bed townhouses starts at AED 880k and goes up to AED 1.6M.


Security guards regulate entry to Al Khaleej Village, as in every part of Al Ghadeer. Getting around near Al Khaleej Village is effortless, whether inside or outside the boundaries of Al Ghadeer. Its proximity to the intersection linking Abu Dhabi and Dubai grants residents who regularly travel between both cities a significant benefit. To ensure safety, the master community has implemented a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour for roads and access-ways.

Parking facilities in Al Khaleej Village differ depending on the type of residence. Townhouses and villas have convenient parking options such as carports and driveways right in front of their houses. Alternatively, apartments come with designated spots exclusively available in the basement parking area for residents to utilize.



Al Khaleej Village is currently being planned to encompass all necessary facilities. As an example, The Market, a commercial space within the village, will serve as a platform for both residents and visitors to buy and sell freshly harvested organic produce and handmade products. At present, the nearby supermarkets around Al Khaleej Village consist of Wheatfields Gourmet Grocer & Café along with some local corner shops.


In order to pray, Muslims have various options available in the vicinity. Al Ghadeer Masjid, located near Al Khaleej Village, serves as the community mosque where prayers can be offered. Another nearby option is a mosque situated just five minutes away by car, next to ENOC petrol station. Additionally, Adnoc Mosque is also accessible within an 11-minute drive for those seeking an alternative place of worship.


There are no churches open to the public near Al Khaleej Village within a 70-kilometre radius. However, if you travel for about 45 minutes towards central Dubai, you will find St. Mary's Catholic Church and Bible Baptist Church.


In nurseries, there are various choices available.

There are several schools located near Al Khaleej Village.

British Oak Montessori Nursery is conveniently situated in Al Ghadeer, just a short stroll away from Al Khaleej Village. By adhering to the Montessori curriculum, this nursery offers education across six distinct domains: sensorial, practical life, mathematics, language and literature, creativity, and physical activities. In contrast to Little Woods Nursery and Kinderville Nursery in Dubai, both of which are located farther away and necessitate a minimum travel time of 20 minutes.

Scheduled to commence operations in 2020 within the Al Khaleej Village community, Alghadeer International School will serve children at the preschool level up to Year 12. Presently, Dovecote Green Primary School stands as the nearest alternative for residents of Al Khaleej Village. Situated in Jebel Ali, it can be reached by a 25-minute drive and adheres to the British Curriculum with a teaching staff trained in the UK. Alongside its academic offerings spanning from FS1 to Year 6, Dovecote Green Primary School offers an extensive selection of extracurricular activities.

The University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) is conveniently located just 25 minutes away, making it easily accessible for higher education. As the first university in Dubai Investment Park (DIP), UoBD offers undergraduate degree programs in various fields including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Additionally, students have the option to pursue further studies at institutions like Synergy University and Trinity College London with just a half-hour drive along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11).


A few medical establishments near Al Khaleej Village include:

minutes. These hospitals provide a wide range of medical services including surgeries, emergency care, intensive care units (ICU), maternity wards, and specialized departments for various medical conditions. Some renowned hospitals in Jebel Ali include Mediclinic Ibn Battuta, Life Medical Center, and Saudi German Hospital. With their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced healthcare professionals, residents of Al Khaleej Village can rest assured knowing that quality medical care is just a short distance away from their doorstep.

In the realm of medical facilities, several establishments provide quality services in en. Notable examples include the Medical Fitness Services Centre, Karama Medical Centre, Al Shifa Al Khaleeji Medical Centre, and Aster Cedars Hospital—all contributing to the healthcare landscape in minutes.


Nearby regions adjacent to Al Khaleej Village consist of:

Located on a 20-minute distance towards the south, KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi) is the emirate’s first free zone trade project that was launched in 2010. Adjacent to Khalifa Port, KIZAD has been seeing a significant inflow of foreign investments, subsequently supporting the nation’s economic growth. Another nearby key area is Downtown Jebel Ali. It lies across the border towards the north, approximately a 19-minute drive away. Downtown Jebel Ali is a developing mixed-use community in the southern region of Dubai. 





Residents in the vicinity of Al Khaleej Village have the opportunity to enjoy a complete and satisfying shopping experience at conveniently situated malls.

  • Sapphire Mall
  • The Outlet Village by Meraas
  • Ramla Mall

Located in Dubai Industrial City, Sapphire Mall is conveniently located just a short 10-minute drive from Al Khaleej Village. Designed to cater efficiently to residents in the southern region of Dubai, this recently opened mall is also easily accessible for those living in Al Khaleej Village. With a variety of nearby shopping options, one notable store within the mall is Al Madina Hypermarket which offers a diverse range of products including groceries, electronics, clothing, and household items.

The Meraas Outlet Mall, situated just 15 minutes away, is a shopping spot worth considering. Its medieval-style European marketplace design sets it apart as a distinctive discount mall where you can find a range of top-notch brands and designer items at fantastic prices. Some notable labels available there include DKNY, Armani, Adidas, Calvin Klein and Roberto Cavalli. For those willing to travel a bit longer (25 minutes), the Ramla Mall in Dubai presents itself as another alternative.


Al Khaleej Village residents have multiple dining options nearby to consider, including:

  • Popeyes
  • Last Exit
  • P. F. Chang’s
  • Grills & More Restaurant

There are several coffee houses situated close to Al Khaleej Village.

  • Wrap That Café
  • Oasis Café Speciality Coffee 724
  • Il Cafe de Roma

Popeyes, a fast-food establishment in Louisiana with a location near Al Khaleej Village, can be easily reached by driving for 19 minutes down Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road (E311). In Dubai, one of the well-liked spots for food trucks is Last Exit at Jebel Ali South. This destination offers various dining choices such as burger shops, pizzerias, vegetarian options and cafes. Notable eateries at Last Exit are Hardee's, Operation Falafel, Urban Seafood and Starbucks. Additionally, there is a popular Asian restaurant called P.

F. Chang's offers a delightful selection of dishes, including genuine dynamite shrimp, Mongolian beef, Singaporean noodles, and chicken lettuce wraps.

Wrap That Café is a delightful coffee spot conveniently located within a brief stroll of Al Khaleej Village. Adjacent to Al Ghadeer's primary entrance, you will find a juice shop as well. For those seeking an alternative, Last Exit offers the delectable Italian café option known as Il Cafe de Roma in the form of a food truck.


Jebel Ali Beach, also known as Banan Beach, is the closest beach to Al Khaleej Village and can be reached in just a 25-minute drive. This beach is ideal for those who enjoy camping by the sea. While it does require an entry fee, Jebel Ali Beach has a relaxed atmosphere and provides various activities for visitors. On Wednesdays, you have the opportunity to participate in oceanfront yoga classes or enjoy a barbecue party at any time of day. Kite-surfers and jet-skiers are particularly fond of this popular beach near Al Khaleej Village.


- Al Khaleej Village is surrounded by several leisure options and notable landmarks.

  • Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club
  • Jebel Ali Beach Hotel
  • Dubai Parks and Resort

Located approximately 14 minutes away, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club is situated on a vast expanse of 300 hectares of grassland. This prestigious club boasts top-notch facilities for both polo and equestrian sports. Notably, it stands as the sole royal club in the UAE that frequently welcomes the public to partake in various events. Dubai Parks and Resorts, owned by Meraas, presents an array of exciting attractions. Among these is MotionGate Dubai, established as the largest Hollywood-themed amusement park in the emirate. The park encompasses four distinct Hollywood zones: Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, and Smurfs Village.

EN: This entertainment destination provides an engaging experience centered around popular animated films, such as Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, The Smurfs, Kung Fu Panda, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Additionally, Legoland Dubai is another themed attraction within the park that showcases over 15,000 LEGO models. Visitors can enjoy interactive rides, embark on thrilling quests, and participate in other exhilarating activities.


Al Ghadeer provides various outdoor recreational facilities and amenities for leisure activities.

  • Breeze Park
  • Waha Kids’ Play Area
  • Tennis court

There are numerous green spaces with a diverse range of recreational parks in close proximity to Al Khaleej Village. Lake Park and Breeze Park, both beautifully maintained landscaped areas, are conveniently within walking distance. Additionally, other themed recreational spots such as Oasis Park, Cloud Park, Forest Park, and Waterfall Park are also available. Two well-designed play areas for children include Waha Kids’ Play Area and Sabil Kids’ Play Area. Residents can keep fit at the fitness club named Waterfall Clubhouse located in Al Ghadeer.

Additionally, Al Khaleej Village offers numerous swimming pools and a tennis court in close proximity.

Those interested in desert-based activities can become members of MX Academy Dubai, which provides instruction for pursuits like motocross, dirt-biking, and dune bashing. Additionally, desert enthusiasts can experience the exhilaration of go-kart racing at Jebel Ali Kart Track. Conveniently located within a 25-minute radius from all these amenities.


Once Al Ghadeer reaches its full development, residents can anticipate a plethora of events. Nevertheless, numerous family-friendly activities have already been organized, including the Superhero Community Day and the Spooky Community Fun Day.


Al Ghadeer's Facebook groups, namely Al Ghadeer Community and Al Ghadeer Village, serve as the primary platforms to discover a wide range of community events and information pertaining to amenities in the area.


Around half an hour away, there are a few facilities like schools and hospitals. The distance to commute to these amenities is quite significant. Nevertheless, according to Al Ghadeer's infrastructural blueprint, residents can anticipate the inclusion of numerous amenities within the community as the development advances.


  • Located inside Abu Dhabi’s eastern border with Dubai
  • Al Maktoum International Airport is accessible in approximately 20 minutes
  • It will take less than an hour to reach Zayed Sports City and other areas in Abu Dhabi city