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Al Karama, a well-established neighborhood in Dubai, is renowned for its mix of residential and commercial offerings. Derived from the Arabic word "Karama," meaning "dignity," this area boasts a prime location along Zaa'beel Street, which serves as the primary route through the central district and hosts various commercial establishments. Notably, Al Karama stands out as one of the city's most easily accessible destinations.

Situated near Dubai Creek, Al Karama in Bur Dubai boasts a distinct atmosphere and is characterized by its numerous low-rise residential complexes. It stands apart from the typical perception of Dubai as a city dominated by towering skyscrapers. Despite covering just a small area of 2 km, Al Karama accommodates countless residents, making it one of the most densely populated regions in Dubai.

In the neighborhood of Al Karama, there are numerous consulates, official establishments, and the renowned Zabeel Park which acts as a divider between this area and the primary Sheikh Zayed Road that leads to the Trade Centre. Moreover, located on the outskirts of this community is Burjuman Mall, an ancient shopping destination in the emirate that has recently undergone renovation.




Al Karama in Dubai is more than just a cluster of concrete and glass skyscrapers. It features spacious public boulevards and a consistent presence of low-rise buildings along the roadsides. Noteworthy sub-communities within Al Karama include Wasl Hub, Sheikh Hamdan Colony, and Karama Centre. Being one of the most densely populated areas for apartment rentals in Bur Dubai, this community is fully equipped with reputable hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment venues that cater to its residents' needs.

Al Karama, while not a tourist destination per se, has gained recognition for its affordable shopping options. The area is dotted with numerous second-hand stores and gift shops. As primarily a residential community, the nearby Zaa'beel Park serves as one of the main recreational hubs in Al Karama. This beautifully landscaped park boasts various play areas for children and invites families to enjoy its lush green spaces and barbecue facilities for a rejuvenating day out.

The area is renowned for its diverse range of restaurants. The community, mainly comprising expatriates from various Asian countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, and India, relishes a wide variety of oriental cuisines that evoke feelings of home. In addition to Thai, Sri Lankan, and Chinese authentic dishes, some establishments in the locale also serve delectable Arab delicacies. This culinary diversity truly characterizes the vibrant food scene in this multicultural neighborhood.

Al Karama is predominantly characterized by residential flats available for rent, while there is also a significant presence of commercial real estate in the area. The neighborhood caters to numerous residents and offers various housing choices within its harmoniously arranged low-rise buildings. Thanks to its vibrant cultural heritage and reasonable rental prices, the demand for rental properties in Al Karama is notably high, resulting in swift occupancy. Nevertheless, it should be noted that compared to other parts of Dubai, furnished apartments are relatively uncommon in this locality.


You will also need to purchase your own furniture in order to establish your living arrangements.

In Al Karama, tenants can find a variety of flat options including studios and 1, 2, or 3-bedroom units. The studio apartments range in size from 300 sq. ft. to 610 sq. ft., while the sizes for 1 and 2-bedroom flats fall between 700 sq. ft. to 1,800 sq. ft. The larger 3 BHK units are even more spacious with an area size exceeding 2,000 sq. ft.. For more information on rental trends in Al Karama, please refer to the provided details.

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Renting in the vicinity is accessible to individuals from various income brackets, as it offers affordable options. For instance, a studio apartment in Al Karama can be rented for AED 25k, while the average cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment is around AED 49k. Those seeking more spacious living arrangements might consider 2 BHK flats in Al Karama priced as low as AED 40k annually. In contrast, opting for a 3-bedroom apartment would require an annual rental payment of AED 86k.

Rental Trends in Al Karama

All of these apartments offer top-notch amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and designated play areas for children when it comes to fitness and leisure. Additionally, most residential buildings also provide essential features like private car parking, round-the-clock security, and maintenance services.

On the contrary, commercial properties in Al Karama primarily consist of rental shops and offices. The office sizes vary considerably, ranging from 500 sq. ft. to approximately 7,000 sq. ft. Naturally, the rent prices depend on the size of the space, but on average, renting an office would typically cost between AED 30k to AED 80k per year. Similarly, rental prices for shops in Al Karama fall within a range of AED 26k to AED 800k per year.

Within the locality, there are various sub-communities comprising of residential buildings with moderate height. Prospective tenants can explore the highly favored communities in the vicinity prior to finalizing their decision.

The most popular community in Al Karama is the Wasl Hub. Developed by Wasl Properties, it covers a total area of 170,000 square feet. Out of this, 60,000 square feet is dedicated to retail shops, restaurants, and cafes while the remaining space caters to the residential community. The hub offers spacious apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms along with generous parking facilities and various amenities.

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The second-most popular community in Karama is the Karama Centre, a bustling commercial hub that offers rental shops. Following closely are recently developed projects such as the Karama Shopping Complex, Hamsah A Building, and Wasl Topaz, which provide contemporary amenities.

Situated in an ideal location, where one can relish breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of their expansive suites, several hotels in Al Karama occasionally provide highly economical family packages. These establishments present exceptional opportunities for expatriates to host their long-distance relatives who come to visit. The hotels located in Al Karama include:

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel is a top-notch 5-star establishment conveniently situated on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street, across from the Burjuman Centre and just a short stroll away from the Dubai Metro. It boasts close proximity to numerous business establishments in the city. The hotel offers 385 luxurious rooms with VIP amenities, as well as a fully equipped business center. Notable features include complimentary parking, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an exclusive nightclub. Additionally, guests will also discover

A lavish feast capable of hosting a maximum of 220 attendees.

Ramee Royal Hotel, a 4-star accommodation situated on Khalid Bin Waleed Street, presents a variety of well-appointed rooms. With over 100 furnished options available, including 96 standard rooms and six luxurious suites, the hotel provides excellent amenities for its guests. Depending on your preference, you can choose between smoking rooms, non-smoking rooms, or family-friendly accommodations – each equipped with a mini bar and flat-screen TV. Additionally, the hotel boasts an array of exceptional facilities such as a rooftop pool and a sports bar featuring a spacious dance floor and an impressive 55-inch flat-screen TV. Five other distinctive areas are also present within the premises

There are exceptional theme-based dining establishments available in this area, as well as a beauty salon, sauna, fitness room, massage facility, laundry facility, and complementary private parking.

Regent Palace Hotel is a three and a half star hotel situated on World Trade Centre Road. This establishment offers affordable non-smoking rooms and high-end luxury suites. Catering primarily to businessmen, the hotel provides a business center, executive suites, and conference facilities. Each room includes a dedicated seating area for private meetings, as well as standard amenities such as room service and a minibar. The hotel also boasts an outdoor pool and fitness center for guests to enjoy.

fitness center

In the vicinity, you can find several average 3-star hotels that offer a comfortable stay. One option is President Hotel, housed in an Italian-style building and boasting spacious accommodations with 60 serviced rooms. Another choice is Fortune Karama Hotel, which features 130 suites and deluxe rooms with the added perk of a balcony overlooking a swimming pool. Conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, this hotel also houses RASA Restaurant known for its authentic dishes from Goa, Kerala, and Mangalore.

Due to the high population density, parking can be a problem in Al Karama. The rising number of property owners has made it increasingly challenging to find parking spaces. While some buildings provide basement parking, older ones do not offer this convenience. As a result, residents often have to rely on street parking, which can be difficult due to the limited availability and competition with visitors for those spots.


Due to its advantageous location in the city center, commuting to and from Al Karama is convenient. Residents can easily access the community through the ADCB and BurJuman Metro Stations, which provide connections to various important areas of the city. For those living on the outskirts of the neighborhood, reaching Al Karama is also possible by taking a short walk from Oud Metha Metro Station. Additionally, there are numerous bus routes available in the area, making public transportation an accessible option for individuals without private vehicles.

Public Transportation in Al Karama

In Al Karama, there are numerous supermarkets available to meet the everyday needs of residents. Close to the Emirates Post office and adjacent to Karama Park is Lulu Supermarket, while across from Zabeel Park in the community area stands Lulu Hypermarket. The Karama Centre also offers valuable goods, and seafood enthusiasts can visit Al Karama Fish Market located opposite the large Spinneys supermarket.

Karama attracts residents from various corners of the globe, resulting in a diverse blend of cultures within one community.



Muslim residents in the area have convenient access to the Al Karama Grand Mosque, which is located near the Lulu Supermarket. In addition, the Oud Metha Mosque and St. Mary's Catholic Church are within a short 9-minute drive from each other. Furthermore, Oud Mehta boasts several other churches like St. Matthew's Chapel, The Dubai City Church, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church for those of different faiths to attend.


The Shiva Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, and Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir with an attached gurudwara are the closest temples in the Bur Dubai district. They can be found to the north, near Dubai Museum and the souk area.

The reason why Al Karama is considered a suitable place for families is due to the abundance of educational institutions and schools in the vicinity. Within the immediate area as well as along its borders, parents will discover several nursery schools available for their young children, such as Cambridgeshire Nursery, British Orchard Nursery, and Chubby Cheeks Nursery.

Also recognized as an educational zone, the neighboring area of Oud Mehta accommodates St. Mary's Catholic High School, Dubai Gem Private School, and GEMS Winchester School for individuals seeking British academic program choices. The Indian High School adheres to the National Curriculum of India while Lycee Francais International implements the French curriculum.


In the vicinity of Al Karama, you will find two universities. The first one is Al Dar University College, which can be accessed by crossing Dubai Creek. The second university is Canadian University Dubai, located just an 11-minute drive away from Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Karama benefits from the presence of numerous healthcare facilities in and around the community. Rashid Hospital and Metropolitan Medical Centre can be found near the Oud Metha Metro Station, while American Hospital Dubai is located nearby next to the Iranian Club Dubai. For alternative options, Aster Hospital Mankhool near Al Raffa or International Modern Hospital are just a short 6-minute drive away.

Al Karama houses a plethora of clinics, including the Aster Clinic Karama (UMC), Al Raas Private Medical Clinic, and the New Apollo Polyclinic. Adjacent to this area are other healthcare facilities like Kaul Clinic, Aster Clinic, Star Poly Clinic, Lifeline Medical Centre, and Primacare Clinics. These clinics can be conveniently reached by a short drive in the Burjuman and Al Fahidi neighborhoods nearby.


Al Karama is located adjacent to Oud Metha and in close proximity to Bur Dubai. While Deira and its surrounding areas are situated towards the east of Al Karama, vibrant neighborhoods such as Al Satwa, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina can be found towards the west. Downtown Dubai and Business Bay are easily accessible within a short 15-minute drive from this community.

Al Karama is renowned for providing an abundance of recreational amenities. Al Karama features various well-known markets, including Al Karama Market, Karama Centre, and Gift Tent Karama.


Regarding shopping malls, there is a plentiful supply of them in Al Karama. Within the community, residents have the convenience of various options to choose from. For those seeking great deals, they can visit establishments such as Al Attar Shopping Centre, Al Karama Old Market, and Ansar Gallery.




Burjuman in Al Karama is a traditional shopping mall situated at the outskirts of the neighborhood. It is highly preferred by residents and visitors alike due to its extensive range of retail stores and dining establishments. The mall also offers diverse entertainment choices, including Vox Cinemas, Magic Planet, and 12 Cinemas.

Al Karama is renowned for its extensive dining choices. Whether you prefer laid-back outdoor eateries or upscale establishments, Al Karama has something to cater to every taste. Popular restaurants in the area include Ravi Restaurant, Saravana Bhavan, Rasoi Ghar, Biryani Royale, and Swades Vegetarian Restaurant. Additionally, there are numerous other options nearby such as Aryaas Gourmet, MTR 1924, Blue Ginger, among others. Noteworthy restaurants in Al Karama also include Chowking, Kebab Bistro, Kerala Kitchen and Canara Restaurant.

China Bistro, located near Park Regis Hotel, stands out as one of the highest-rated dining establishments in the region. This casual eatery offers a diverse menu of Asian delicacies encompassing Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. Guests are particularly fond of their signature dishes like Nasi Goreng, Khao Suey, Fish dishes, Sushi rolls, Dumplings varieties and an assortment of mouth-watering Noodles recipes. As for Indian cuisine enthusiasts seeking exceptional flavors nearby, Maharaja Bhong reigns supreme. Esteemed locals highly recommend trying their Amras Puri appetizers followed by Palak Paneer or Farsan entrees. For those who prefer plant-based options on the menu can indulge in Rajhasthani and Veg Thali platters that guarantee a delightful vegan-friendly experience at Maharaja Bhong.


If you're searching for a caffeine boost, there are plenty of amazing cafes to explore in the vicinity. To satisfy their craving for tea and coffee, locals often choose from a variety of options such as Filli Cafe, The Bhukkad Cafe, Al Khawater Coffee, FnS Cafe, Shakespeare & Company and Jus T Cafe.

Even though the beach is not nearby, individuals living in the neighborhood or those simply passing through can explore numerous public areas located along the Dubai Creek. If one desires to embark on a day trip, there are multiple open beaches situated close to Jumeirah and its surrounding communities.

There are several options available, all within a 20-minute distance. These include well-known beaches like Jumeirah Public Beach, Umm Suqeium Beach, and Kite Beach. If you head towards Sharjah, you will come across Al Mamzar Beach.


open spaces for walking and jogging, as well as cycling tracks. Additionally, there are various leisure activities available such as boat rides on the park's man-made lake. Overall, Al Karama offers convenient access to an array of landmarks and recreational options, with Zabeel Park serving as a beautifully landscaped green space right at its doorstep.

The park features paved walkways and jogging tracks that wind through the beautiful gardens. Visitors can enjoy a run surrounded by nature and pause to relax on the numerous benches scattered throughout. Zabeel Park also offers various other attractions such as The Dinosaur Park, Dubai Garden Glow, boat rides, Zabeel Cricket Ground, a flea market, and many more exciting options.


Dubai Garden Glow, situated near Zabeel Park, presents a captivating array of artistic experiences with its Dinosaur Park, Glow Park, Art Park, and Ice Park. Adjacent to it lie Creek Park and Al Karama Park. Additionally, the neighboring area is home to Dubai Dolphinarium, a mere 10-minute journey away. This esteemed venue frequently showcases mesmerizing dolphin shows for visitors to enjoy.

If you're seeking a change from the exciting activities and prefer engaging in a more athletic pursuit, consider visiting the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club located on the opposite side of the Dubai Creek.

In the vicinity of Karama, numerous parks are available. One can encounter Karama Park within the community, while nearby lie the expansive Creek Park and Zabeel Park. These larger parks offer a plethora of activities and facilities for visitors to relish, just a short drive away.

Al Karama in Dubai is a vibrant community filled with cutting-edge gyms and fitness centers. Located within the enclave of this neighborhood, there are numerous top-notch gyms like Champions UAE, Eagle Gym, Body Fitness, Power Gym, and Ichiban Fitness Club to mention just a few.


To get some well-deserved personal time, you can visit any of the spas located in Al Karama, such as Perfect Match Spa, Magic Spa, or Golden Sun Spa.

One could claim that Karama is a communal affair as it is always alive with bustling activity. The community wholeheartedly embraces every festive occasion. Numerous ongoing events cater to both adults and children within the Burjuman Mall. Likewise, Karama Park hosts family-friendly gatherings.

Residing in Karama offers numerous advantages; however, due to its predominantly apartment-based layout, it caters more to individuals and nuclear families. Nevertheless, before considering a relocation to this district, it is essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Al Karama. Although the area boasts excellent connectivity with its road infrastructure and public transportation options, congestion during peak morning and evening hours can result in parking challenges and traffic issues.


One could argue that Karama in itself is a community event since the area is constantly buzzing with activity. You will see every holiday celebrated to the max in the community. There are many on-going events in the Burjuman Mall for both adults and children. Family-friendly events will be found in Karama Park.


Living in Karama has many benefits but since the area mainly consists of apartments it is suited for singles and small families. However, if you are planning to move to this neighbourhood, you should take a look at the pros and cons of living in Al Karama. While the area is well-connected through its road network and public transportation system there still is a parking and traffic problem at peak hours in the morning and evening.