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Strategically situated between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Jurf is a sought-after development nestled along the stunning Sahel Al Emarat Coast. Offering breathtaking views of the landscapes, this community serves as a tranquil escape from metropolitan living. While providing plots and freehold villas for sale, rental options are not available.




Jiwar Alqasr provides a plethora of amenities for both its residents and visitors to enjoy. This unique community features a health clinic, boutique hotel, town centre, and other lifestyle offerings that seamlessly blend modernity with tradition. Guests can immerse themselves in an Arabic-inspired way of living and experience something new during their stay.

Properties in Al Jurf

In Al Jurf, the properties primarily consist of villas that are available in various configurations ranging from 2 to 7 bedrooms. Additionally, residential plots are also available for purchase. The size of these villas ranges from 2,000 sq. ft. to 8,900 sq. ft., while the plots can be as large as 17,000 sq. ft.

The contemporary design of villas in the UAE is influenced by its legacy. These residences boast top-notch amenities and provide a tranquil living space. Certain villas even feature exclusive shorelines, personal outdoor spaces and an expansive veranda that exposes breathtaking vistas of the community.

Sale Trends in Al Jurf

En: Those interested can purchase villas in Al Jurf with prices varying based on the number of bedrooms. A 2-bedroom villa costs around AED 2.1M, while a 3-bedroom villa ranges from AED 2.3M to AED 3M. For those seeking larger homes, a 4-bedroom villa can be bought for approximately AED 3.3M, and a more spacious option is available with the cost increasing to about AED6.6M for a 5-bedroom villa.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Jurf

Parking is readily accessible in Al Jurf, with every villa having its own designated area. Those visiting can utilize the street's available space.

Public Transportation in Al Jurf

There are limited choices for public transportation in Al Jurf, but buses offer a viable travel option for residents. One such bus is the E400, which serves the area.


Supermarkets Near Al Jurf

When it comes to nearby supermarkets in Al Jurf, the Ghantoot Palace Grocery can be reached within a 15-minute drive. As the community remains under construction, other retail options are situated at a slightly further distance. Among some of the well-liked choices are Suncity Supermarket, Sand Marco Supermarket, and Grandmart Warehouse - all located approximately 20 minutes away from the area.

Churches, Temples and Mosques Near Al Jurf

Within close proximity of the community, there are various mosques such as ADNOC Mosque, Prayer Room and the Mosque of the Mother of Ali Mohammed. These places of worship can be conveniently reached within a 15-minute timeframe.

At present, there are no nearby Hindu temples or churches in the vicinity. It takes approximately an hour of driving to access two religious establishments- St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and A Christian Church in Dubai.

Schools and Universities Near Al Jurf

There are multiple schools in close proximity to Al Jurf. The closest options include Alsamha School, Al Sameeh School, and Al Reef Girls School for Basic Education; all of which can be reached within a 15-minute drive. Delhi Private School, Dubai British School, and Nibras International School are also nearby, but require approximately a 40-minute drive to reach.

British Oak Montessori Nursery and Little Woods Nursery are located in close proximity to Al Jurf, with the latter being a 30-minute drive away.

Clinics and Hospitals Near Al Jurf

The medical facilities near Al Jurf are quite distant, with Grand Infinity Medical Center, Max Medical Clinic, and Access Clinic all requiring a 30-minute drive to reach.


Al Jurf is situated outside the city centre, with one boundary adjoining the coastline and the other adjacent to Al Ghadeer community.



Malls in Al Jurf

If you're searching for shopping centers close to Al Jurf, then the well-known Ibn Battuta Mall is roughly a 30-minute drive away. It's recognized as the largest themed mall globally and showcases courts based on India, China, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia. The mall provides valet parking services and boasts various retail outlets alongside options for dining and entertainment.

The nearby emirate of Dubai also boasts The Outlet Village as a well-liked shopping spot.

Restaurants Near Al Jurf

Numerous dining establishments in the vicinity of Al Jurf enjoy widespread popularity. One such establishment is Live Well DIFC, which can be reached through a 12-minute drive. It is an informal eatery renowned for its nutritious meals.

A 15-minute drive along Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road will take you to other eateries, such as Ghantout Hill Palace Restaurant, Brasserie on Zero, and Al Saha Restaurant.


Travelling to beaches close to Al Jurf typically requires an hour-long journey. The distance from the development to Saadiyat Public Beach and Yas Beach is approximately 55 minutes. Additionally, it takes about an hour to get to Jumeirah Beach in the adjacent emirate of Dubai.


In close proximity to the neighborhood lie numerous landmarks and places of interest, including Bollywood Parks Dubai. This renowned amusement park is situated just a short 23-minute drive away and boasts an array of thrilling rides set amidst a backdrop reminiscent of iconic Bollywood film sets. Ideal for families, visitors can also enjoy live performances and stunt shows inspired by classic Bollywood movies.

Both Motiongate Dubai and Legoland can be reached in just 25 minutes by car. Motiongate Dubai is a park that features rides and shows with a Hollywood theme, whereas Legoland is another popular theme park that caters to enthusiasts of the iconic Lego brand.


There are several fitness options in the vicinity. The Sports Complex, Golden Tulip Al Jazira is just a 15-minute drive and offers various sports activities. Another option is Vogue Fitness which can be reached in 25 minutes by car.

Men have the opportunity to undergo a grooming experience at Star Blue Beach Gents Salon, while women can visit Rerotti Hair & Beauty Salon or Rabab Nails, both of which are approximately 20 minutes away by car.


Al Jurf Abu Dhabi provides a plethora of amazing properties and facilities, yet it is located quite far from the city centre. Furthermore, currently there are restricted public transportation options available in this area.

FAQs about Al Jurf

Where is Al Jurf located?

Strategically situated in close proximity to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.