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Al Jaddaf, also known as Al Jadaf, is situated in the western part of Dubai and forms a integral part of Bur Dubai, an historically significant neighborhood located alongside the Dubai Creek. Aptly named "The Rower," this area was once a hub for dhow construction. At present, the waterfront section of Al Jadaf remains devoted to shipyards and is currently engaged in building a colossal dhow that aims to set a new global record.

Located in a strategic position between Dubai Creek and the Business Bay Extension, Al Jaddaf enjoys excellent connectivity to important locations such as Downtown Dubai and Business Bay. This area is effortlessly accessible through main roads and a metro line, ensuring convenient daily commuting for residents. Additionally, Al Jadaf boasts prominent landmarks like Zabeel Stadium, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Latifa Hospital, along with various apartment buildings and hotels.




Al Jadaf benefits from a central position in Dubai, ensuring an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Notable attractions in the vicinity comprise:

The second stage of Dubai Healthcare City project, along with Al Wasl Football Club and Latifa Hospital, comprise the majority of the western area in Al Jaddaf, Bur Dubai. On the opposite side, towards the east, dry docks and Culture Village can be found alongside Dubai Creek. This location is advantageous for individuals seeking reasonably priced rental properties and investment prospects due to its close proximity to Dubai's bustling business center.

Properties in Al Jaddaf

According to user-generated feedback on the Bayut website, Al Jaddaf is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Bur Dubai. The housing options in Al Jaddaf vary greatly, ranging from 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for sale to studios and 3-bed units for rent, as well as family apartments. Sizes of these properties range from compact 400 sq. ft. studios to spacious 1,900 sq. ft. units. Additionally, there are furnished rental options available for those who need to move in quickly.

There are also residential units available in Al Jadaf, although they tend to be more expensive compared to other choices.

Rental Trends in Al Jaddaf

The rental options for studios in Al Jaddaf, which vary from 400 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft., generally have an annual price ranging from AED 30k to AED 45k. While prices may appear elevated in this area of Dubai, when taking into account the long-term expenses of housing, Al Jadaf proves to be a reasonably suitable location for singles, couples, and families alike.

If you're looking for a larger living space, you may want to consider renting a 3-bed flat in Al Jadaf that spans approximately 2,000 sq. ft. These units are available for an annual rent ranging from AED 75k to AED 90k. Alternatively, Ayedh Tower offers 4-bedroom apartments at a cost of around AED 130k per year.

Sales Trends in Al Jaddaf

Potential investors have the opportunity to purchase freehold apartments in Al Jaddaf, which offer a lucrative rental return. The cost of 1-bedroom apartments in this area ranges from AED 550k to AED 930k, with highly sought-after developments including Binghatti Gateway and Binghatti Avenue. For those interested in acquiring a 2-bedroom apartment, be prepared to spend between AED 780k and AED 980k. Certain apartment complexes boast waterfront-facing balconies, and prices may differ depending on the project's location and the views offered by each unit.

ROI in Al Jaddaf

Investors in Al Jaddaf can anticipate lucrative returns on their investment. The highest recorded ROI stands at 6.7% for a three-bedroom flat, with an average price of approximately AED 1M. Meanwhile, one-bedroom apartments offer a solid 6.3% ROI, and two-bedroom units provide a respectable return of 5.6%.


Situated centrally in Dubai, Al Jadaf is a hub for various high-quality hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. This vibrant city never fails to provide tourists with an abundance of entertainment and recreational choices. With numerous leisure attractions nearby, Al Jadaf has become a popular destination for staycations. Noteworthy accommodations in this area include:

Located on the banks of Dubai Creek, Palazzo Versace is an upscale hotel that boasts a 5-star rating. With its distinctive design and luxurious facilities, it entices a considerable number of tourists. Notably, this prestigious establishment frequently plays host to renowned celebrities and esteemed professionals. Additionally, within the Al Jadaf area lies another prominent lodging option offered by Marriott, known for its exceptional hospitality services. Furthermore, individuals seeking more affordable accommodations can find well-appointed serviced apartments like Marbella Homes in close proximity.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Jaddaf

Driving in Al Jaddaf offers a convenient and stress-free journey due to its excellent road and transportation network. Additionally, residential developments typically provide designated parking areas either underground or on the streets, allowing residents and visitors to effortlessly locate an available spot for their vehicles.

Public Transportation in Al Jaddaf

Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah are two prominent locations in Dubai, known for their iconic presence and luxurious offerings.


Supermarkets in Al Jaddaf

In Al Jaddaf, residents have access to a variety of shopping options for their daily groceries. Alongside supermarkets, there are duty-free shops, convenience stores, and minimarts within the community. To stock up on monthly grocery needs, one can visit New West Zone Supermarket. Moreover, other nearby options include Real Mini Mart, Spring Green Mart, W Mart, Yahya Mini Mart, among others.

Mosques in Al Jaddaf

Muslim residents in Al Jaddaf have the convenience of praying at the community mosque, situated close to the dry docks and Creek Metro Station. Furthermore, several other nearby mosques are available for prayer within short distances throughout the community. Additionally, an alternative prayer area is also provided at Al Wasl Club.

Other Places of Worship in Al Jaddaf

The Christian community has the option to attend City Hill Church in Al Jadaf. Alternatively, they can choose other nearby churches located in Oud Metha, which are just a few minutes away. For those who prefer driving, Dubai City Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, and several others can be easily reached within 12 to 15 minutes.

In Bur Dubai, there exists a multitude of temples that cater to the Hindu residents residing in Al Jaddaf. For their convenience, the Shiva Temple stands as the nearest option available.

Schools near Al Jaddaf

If you have toddlers and young children in your family, they can attend Dazzle Kids Nursery, conveniently situated close to Zabeel Stadium. There are also alternative choices available in the nearby communities.

The top two nurseries are situated in Al Garhoud and can be easily accessed within a 10-minute drive. Additionally, there are other noteworthy schools located near Al Jaddaf.

Al Jadaf, a nearby location, hosts not only two renowned schools in Dubai but is also the residence of Swiss International Scientific School.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Jaddaf

In the vicinity of Al Jaddaf lies Latifa Hospital, which was founded in 1987. This renowned facility holds the distinction of being one of the largest maternity and children's hospitals within the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, there are alternative nearby options that can be readily accessed during instances of medical emergencies.

These options in Dubai Healthcare City can be easily accessed within a short car ride. The upcoming phase of Healthcare City will be situated near Al Jaddaf area.


Al Jadaf, situated on the banks of Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai, enjoys seamless connectivity with various districts across the city of Dubai.

Zabeel is situated nearby, connected to Al Jadaf by a complex network of highways and main roads. Dubai Festival City can be easily accessed in a short 12-minute drive towards the east. Additionally, the community enjoys convenient proximity to both Burj Khalifa and Business Bay.



Malls in Al Jaddaf

Just 7 minutes away from Al Jadaf, Dubai Festival City Mall can be easily accessed through Al Khail Road. This shopping destination offers an array of retail shops and food and beverage outlets. Additionally, it is known for housing a massive IKEA store.

Restaurants in Al Jaddaf

If you're seeking dining options, there are conveniently located restaurants in Al Jaddaf that you can easily access.

In addition to these options, there are nearby restaurants like Solo Dubai, Hyatt Restaurant, and Mazaraa Kitchen that can be conveniently reached.


Throughout the day, residents relish exquisite vistas of the waterfront. For an idyllic beach excursion, Jumeirah Beach Road is a splendid destination. The renowned Jumeirah public beach holds immense popularity for its abundance of thrilling watersports activities. Additionally, one can indulge in delectable culinary experiences at the various beachside cafes, bars, and restaurants situated in this area.


Located just a short 9-minute car ride away from Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, the mesmerizing wetland reserve brimming with diverse animal species, lies the enchanting Al Jadaf. Within this serene sanctuary, flamingos gracefully steal the limelight. Furthermore, nature enthusiasts can also explore the captivating Dubai Garden Glow, an immersive thematic park and garden that can be conveniently reached within a mere 10-minute drive.


When it comes to outdoor activities, Al Jadaf offers numerous sports facilities. It houses the renowned Al Wasl Football Club and Zabeel Stadium. Additionally, there are several playgrounds for children and family parks in close proximity. Furthermore, an onsite gym is available at the Al Wasl Club.


Prospective buyers searching for villas or standalone properties might not encounter many choices in Al Jadaf. The region is better suited for individuals seeking to reside within tight-knit communities. A diverse selection of apartments of varying sizes, ranging from studios to one to four-bedroom flats, are available for purchase in Al Jadaf.