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The locale of Al Hudaiba boasts numerous amenities including hotels, malls, consulates, and attractions. Its noteworthy feature is its close proximity to Drydocks World in the Al Mina area. This community is favored by young expats due to its range of reasonably priced rental apartments available. Residents have access to essential lifestyle necessities such as education, healthcare, and recreational activities all within reach.

The area is conveniently situated in the city, adjacent to Al Jafiliya and Jumeirah 1. Pearl Jumeirah and Al Mina are located to the west of it, while several Bur Dubai communities including Al Raffa, Al Mankhool and Al Karama are situated towards its north.




Although not the most sought-after residential area in Dubai, Al Hudaiba stands out due to its significant position on the map. Its central location puts it near several prominent landmarks and commercial centers in the city, while also granting residents easy access to Jumeirah's pristine beaches and resorts. Commuters will appreciate its proximity to waterfront areas, as well as direct accessibility to Dubai Maritime City thanks to Sheikh Rashid Road (D75).

Al Hudaiba is known for its affordable rental properties, which mainly consist of apartments and a limited number of villas that are often occupied. The community's prime location makes it an ideal choice for professionals working in Bur Dubai or the nearby dry docks to the west. With easy access to great hotels, restaurants, and resorts, Al Hudaiba offers a vibrant lifestyle that caters to singles, couples, and small families alike.


In terms of available properties, the primary option in Al Hudaiba is apartment rentals. These apartments typically consist of 1 or 2 bedrooms. As an example, a standard 1-bedroom apartment will usually include two bathrooms and around 890 square feet of living space. However, there are also larger variations available with floor spaces ranging from 900 to 1,205 square feet for a one-bedroom unit.

Rental Trends in Al Hudaiba

There is a range of prices for renting in Al Hudaiba. The cheapest 1-bedroom flat available will cost around AED 40k annually, while the most expensive unit demands AED 53k per year. Anyone looking for a more affordable option might consider smaller studios in the area. Some 500 sq. ft. studio apartments are available for approximately AED 34k per annum.

In Al Hudaiba, you can rent a 2-bedroom flat for a minimum of AED 55k per year. The floor space of these apartments ranges from 1,276 sq. ft. to 1,550 sq. ft., and they typically have three bathrooms. Rental rates will differ depending on the amenities provided by each building as well as the size of each apartment. Some examples of buildings in the area include H1 Building, Al Hudaiba Building and Bin Dhaen Holding Building Hudaiba that you may want to consider checking out.

Gated communities often include villas, which are not frequently up for rent. A small selection of 2-bedroom villas in Al Hudaiba cover an area of approximately 1,624 sq. ft. These properties typically command an annual rental fee of around AED 82k.

Popular Buildings in Al Hudaiba

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Based on feedback from our website users over the past year, H1 Building has emerged as the top choice. The location of this project is excellent, being in close proximity to Ramada Wyndham Jumeirah and a variety of restaurants and mosques. One standout feature is the terrace garden situated at its heart. It offers both 2-bed and 3-bed apartments in H1 Building.

Located slightly away from H1 Building is Al Hudaiba Building, which is the next sought-after option. This residential complex features flats with one or two bedrooms that span between 800 sq. ft to 1,300 sq. ft in size. The minimum rent here starts at AED 50k, while Al Wasl Block A is a mere stone's throw away from Ramada Wyndham Hotel and boasts units with two or three bedrooms starting at AED 59k.

Hotels in Al Hudaiba

There are a few hotel options available in Al Hudaiba. One of them is Ramada by Wyndam Jumeirah, which boasts a 5-star rating and is located on Mina Road, approximately 2.9 km away from Jumeirah Public Beach. Nearby options include Jumeirah Rotana and Chelsea Plaza. Additionally, you can visit the nearby Hilton Garden Inn, which is a 4-star establishment situated in Al Mina. Here, visitors will find Sky Garden - one of Dubai's top shisha lounges.


When it comes to parking in Al Hudaiba, residents of apartment buildings are often provided with a covered spot. Otherwise, they may need to use paid street parking.

Public Transportation in Al Hudaiba

If you are curious about the state of public transportation in Al Hudaiba, it is essential to note that there is no metro station situated within its confines. The nearest metro station, Max Fashion, can be reached via car and is 2 km or a 6-minute drive away.

Within the community borders, numerous bus stops are located. To access Max Fashion Metro Station directly, commuters may utilize Bus F12 as a feeder bus. Alternative routes include Bus C14, C01, C10, 28, 93 and 15 to connect to other areas of the city. Additionally, riders can take advantage of Bus X13's route which encompasses various stations in Al Hudaiba district of Dubai.



Al Hudaiba, a smaller community in Dubai, offers numerous options for daily shopping needs at various supermarkets. These stores include Talal Supermarket, Choithrams and Baqer Mohebi Supermarket. With standout features such as weekend deals on fresh produce and meat available at Talal Supermarket, the convenience of Choithrams located within Ghazal Mall, and the wide selection of fresh vegetables and meats found at Baqer Mohebi Supermarket - all three offer great choices for shopping in Al Hudaiba.

For those who favor Carrefour Supermarkets in Dubai, there is a 24-hour store available at Hana Center near Chelsea Plaza. This is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive departmental shopping experience. Additionally, nearby options comprise Almaya Supermarket, Your Choice Supermarket and West Zone Supermarket.


Individuals from religious communities will discover that the majority of churches are located within Oud Metha, approximately a 10-minute distance. A dozen churches can be found in close proximity to one another, including prominent choices like St. Mary’s Catholic Church, St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral and Holy Trinity Church.

Additionally, the Hindu community in Al Hudaiba has easy access to several nearby places of worship such as the Shiva Temple, Shree Krishna Haveli and ShrinathJi Temple located in Bur Dubai, which can be reached via a quick 5-minute drive. Other religious sites situated in Bur Dubai include the Sikh Gurudwara and Sindhi Gurdarbar for those belonging to the Sikh community.

Al Hudaiba has two prominent mosques. The Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is situated close to the Consulate General of Sri Lanka, while the other mosque can be found behind Carrefour Market. Moreover, if you are able to travel by car for about four minutes, you will reach one of Dubai's most magnificent structures - the Jumeirah Mosque. It boasts stunning architecture, an enchanting atmosphere and a vast capacity for worshippers. Furthermore, it stands out from other mosques in UAE as it offers tours to non-Muslims too; thus making it an essential destination for tourists visiting Dubai.


Al Hudaibah Awards Building, Block C is where the Dubai Early Childhood Development Centre (DECDC) is situated. This center caters to children with special needs and their families through an early intervention program that encompasses all aspects of development and education. Additionally, DECDC provides training sessions and awareness campaigns for the community.

Close by is the Special Needs Future Development Center, which caters to children with special needs. Nevertheless, of all these educational institutions, Ambassador School appears to be the most well-liked due to its emphasis on delivering excellence in academics. It has been recognized for being an outstanding performer in various subjects such as mathematics, biology, computer studies and commerce.

Additionally, Al Hudaiba boasts a variety of educational institutions. Locals can select from two nurseries: Dubai Gem Private Nursery and New Dubai Nursery. Furthermore, the Ambassador Kindergarten is also a noteworthy nearby alternative.

Additional schools in the vicinity of Al Hudaiba include New Academy School situated in Al Raffa that implements the American educational program and Ambassador School located in Al Mankhool which adheres to the Indian curriculum.

For those seeking further education opportunities, Al Garhoud is home to both Al Falah University and The American College of Dubai.


Al Hudaiba has approximately 6 to 7 medical clinics, with the most renowned one being GlobeHealth General Clinic. This particular clinic provides a range of healthcare services encompassing gynaecology, dentistry and general health check-ups. Dr. Ali Jafar Clinic (Surgical)-DUBAI, Najmat Al Shatea Polyclinic and Real Smile Dental Clinic are other well-liked alternatives present in the area.

If you are curious about reliable medical facilities in Al Hudaiba, then rest assured that two options are available. Belhoul European Hospital is the nearest hospital situated on the first floor of Dune Center Building towards the south region. It is a private hospital equipped with advanced technologies and modern amenities. Another option is the International Modern Hospital located at the northern edge of this community. This large tertiary care hospital specializes in providing specialized treatments using state-of-the-art facilities.


Located to the west of Al Hudaiba lies Al Mina, a community that is home to Drydocks World. This area is right next to Port Rashid and offers a range of marine and offshore maintenance services.

Adjacent to Al Hudaiba lies the community of Al Jafiliya, which houses several consulate offices and a metro station. To the north lie two sub-communities in Bur Dubai: Al Mankhool and Al Raffa. Traveling south, you will come across peaceful villa communities - Jumeirah 1 and Al Badaa - that boast numerous amenities. All around Al Hudaiba are thriving neighborhoods within Dubai.




Although Al Hudaiba doesn't have any malls, the nearby Al Ghazal Mall on 2nd of December Street at the intersection of Al Hudaiba and Al Badaa is a decently sized mall with several retail stores. You'll also find some cafes and restaurants here. It's convenient for those who don't want to go too far out. If you're looking for a place to buy essential items all in one location, head over to the Al Hanaa Center in Al Hudaiba.

By venturing a bit further down south, you'll have an abundance of community malls to select from in Jumeirah. These include Palm Strip Mall, Jumeira Plaza, Mercato Mall, Town Centre Jumeirah and additional options as well.

Within an 11-minute drive from here lies Dubai Mall. This shopping center offers not only a wide range of stores and eateries, but also boasts some highly enjoyable places to be entertained. Amongst these are the spectacle of the Dubai Fountain show or KidZania, where children can stimulate their creativity in a miniature town setting.

In addition to ascending the Burj Khalifa, take in the various types of creatures at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Another unique attraction within this mall is piloting an Airbus A380 simulator.

If you're looking to unwind with friends or a partner, consider catching the newest releases at Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall. For those feeling courageous, there's also Hysteria - the mall's infamous haunted attraction.


Al Hudaiba boasts a vast array of dining options, with approximately 17 restaurants located in the immediate vicinity. A diverse range of culinary delights from various parts of the world can be enjoyed here. Popular choices include Chin Chin, renowned for its delectable Asian dishes; Truck Adda, an Indian restaurant; GAGA Burger, serving American cuisine; and Al Mallah - a Lebanese establishment that is widely regarded as one of Dubai's top shawarma spots. The neighbourhood is also home to some excellent Korean eateries including Manna Land.

In the vicinity of Al Hudaiba Awards Building, you can find several buffet-style dining options like Lal Qila, Bar B. Q. Tonight and others. Among them stands out Grand Barbecue as an exceptional Indian restaurant in Dubai that specializes in North Indian cuisine with excellent quality and variety.

Al Hudaiba offers a vibrant nightlife and a high quality of living, ensuring an enjoyable and eventful weekend. The area boasts several exciting options for residents to explore, including the Scottish-themed pub named The Docks situated within the Ramada by Wyndham Jumeirah Hotel. This venue has a laid-back atmosphere with outdoor seating, as well as offering happy hour specials. Additionally, the Capitol Hotel houses other licensed establishments such as Xanadu nightclub and Olympic Sports pub that are in high demand among locals.

The Al Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C is home to some of the top shisha lounges in Dubai, such as Club and Czar Club. Among these is Shisha Lounge which stands out as a premier destination for shisha enthusiasts.


duty at Jumeirah Public Beach, making it a safe place for swimmers. In addition to this beach, there are other options in the area for those who want to enjoy the sun and sand. Within close proximity to Al Hudaiba are several stunning beaches that offer different amenities and attractions. For example, there is a beach with watersports activities or another one known for its picturesque views of the city skyline. Regardless of which one you choose, you will be able to experience Dubai's beautiful coastline while enjoying various food options and relaxing on the sandy shores.

It is important to fulfill your responsibility in order for you and your loved ones to be able to enjoy a secure swimming experience.

An alternative choice would be the private beach area of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai located near Al Mina. The Beach Club at this resort is a well-liked spot, particularly on weekends, but entry does come with a fee.


The Al Hudaiba Awards Building stands as a prominent structure in the vicinity, comprised of three extensive edifices that accommodate various establishments such as commercial outlets, office spaces, and retail shops. Adjacent to the building sits a fountain with a statue depicting a sinking ship - an attraction widely frequented for leisurely walks during sundown hours.

Al Hudaiba is situated in close proximity to several cultural landmarks, including Union House - which can be found just outside the community. This significant location was where the documents for the unification of the United Arab Emirates were signed and forms part of Etihad Museum. The museum boasts an impressive collection of traditional items and cultural displays, as well as a library, educational centre and events venue.

Although the community doesn't have any golf courses, the Dubai Creek and Golf Club is a mere 15-minute drive away. The club boasts three distinct courses: the Par 3 is an ideal option for beginners or those wanting to work on their short game; professionals love playing on the large Championship Course, which spans across 18 holes at par 71. For those seeking a fun day out, there's also #minigolfdubai course that welcomes players of all skill levels and ages.


Al Hudaiba does not have any parks, but a quick 5-minute drive to the neighboring community of Al Mankhool will lead you to Al Mankhool Park. This particular park is highly recommended for those seeking shade and comfortable seating options, perfect for parents who want to supervise their children while they play.

The expansive Zabeel Park is situated in close proximity, just a 7-minute drive away. It offers an array of entertainment options and various amenities, catering to both children and adults, making it a perfect destination for leisure activities.

The Al Hudaiba district is home to several well-known fitness centers such as the Al Bawasel Gym, V.I.P. Gym, and First Choice Body Fitness Club.

In addition, Al Hudaiba features beauty salons such as Station 10 Beauty Salon, Beauty Lady Salon and Bodyline Ladies Spa catered towards women. For men's grooming needs, there are establishments like Salsa Gents Center, Solitaire Gents Salon & Spa and Casanova Gents Salon available for visitors to attend.


In general, Al Hudaiba is a small community that is surrounded by neighboring areas like Al Satwa, Al Jaffiliya and Al Mina. Residents can easily access public transportation and metro stations in nearby communities, eliminating the need to own a car. However, finding villas in this area can be challenging and it may not suit families with many members.