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ALDAR, a prominent real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, has established a thriving community called Al Ghadeer. Situated on the boundary of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this area is home to both low-rise residential buildings and villas. It presents an ideal solution for those who wish to reside in Abu Dhabi while working in Dubai. However, if you prefer shorter commutes, note that Al Ghadeer is located at a distance from some significant districts within both emirates.

The development of residential neighborhoods in the town has led to a surge in the need for properties, particularly newly built apartments. According to the Abu Dhabi Annual Market report for 2020 by Bayut and dubizzle, Al Ghadeer stands as one of the favored localities for those seeking reasonably priced apartments in Abu Dhabi.

Al Ghadeer by ALDAR is a highly desirable community in Abu Dhabi due to its valuable residential and commercial properties, despite a minor decrease in apartment prices. The area has proven to generate significant returns on investment for investors.




In Al Ghadeer, residents relish complete privacy in the midst of landscaped gardens and low-rise constructions. One side of the area is occupied by apartment blocks whilst modern villas complement the other. The development contains a total of 14,408 residential properties, comprising 11,785 maisonettes (also known as flats), 449 villas and 2,174 townhouses.

Al Ghadeer is a community that prioritizes eco-friendliness, boasting five distinctive blocks with unparalleled amenities. Among these offerings is The Field, which consists of mini agricultural plots available for rent to those who enjoy growing their own crops. Additionally, residents can find fresh organic produce at the retail center known as The Market. Meanwhile, The Shed serves as a trading hub where various farming tools and equipment can be purchased. Finally, The Hub is an F&B outlet providing delicious food and beverages to patrons.

Local food items are available for purchase by residents. The Studio, which serves as a training center, is also on the list offering workshops and awareness programs about sustainability and personal farming.


The piece of land that combines different types of properties is a great option for both renting and buying. Those who are in search of contemporary houses with cost-effective prices would find rental units in Al Ghadeer to be a perfect fit. The townhouses and villas are grouped together, offering options ranging from 2 to 3 spacious bedrooms, designed as per the demands of residents. Each unit has an energetic feel with multiple stories built using modern-day architecture. On the first level, there is a capacious living area linked with an equipped kitchenette.

In addition to that, the house features an extra area for laundry, a powder room and living quarters for domestic staff. The upper level typically boasts a breezy outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace with scenic views of the stunning community lights, lakes and gardens. Additionally, the bedrooms are generously proportioned and come complete with private bathrooms en-suite and fitted wardrobes.

The residential units are classified into two kinds - terraced and building units. These offer a variety of apartments such as studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom ones that have been constructed using superior furnishings like premium timber wood for doors, double-glazed glass for windows, and marble for counter-tops.

Rental Trends in Al Ghadeer

For families on a budget, renting in Al Ghadeer is a viable option with various affordable choices available. Studio apartments can be found for under AED 20k annually, while 1 BHK apartments start at just AED 28k per year. These options are ideal for singles, professionals or couples and cover an area of 450 sq. ft. to 700 sq. ft.. If you require more space, there are also larger 2-bedroom apartments available for rent in Al Ghadeer ranging from AED38k to AED65k yearly.

Bayut's market research has identified Al Khaleej Village and Al Waha as the top areas for renting in Al Ghadeer. If you are interested in leasing a fully-equipped private house, 2 to 4-bedroom villas are available for rent. A 2-bedroom villa can be rented annually for AED 75k. For a 3-bedroom villa, rental prices range from AED 90k to AED 105k per year in Al Ghadeer.

Nevertheless, you can secure a townhouse with 2 bedrooms for lease in Al Ghadeer at an affordable rate of AED 48k per year.

Sale Trends in Al Ghadeer

According to market research conducted by Bayut, Al Ghadeer has consistently yielded the highest return on investment for apartment purchases in Abu Dhabi. This suggests a potentially promising future for properties in Al Ghadeer.

Al Ghadeer offers studio flats with a living space of approximately 398 sq. ft. that are priced at AED 290k, while 1-bedroom apartments range from AED 380k to AED 750k and cover an area of around 600 sq. ft. to 700 sq. ft. For those looking for more space, the sale price of a terraced unit or non-terraced unit for a 2-bed flat in Al Ghadeer starts at AED 600k depending on the covered area. Meanwhile, prices for the larger units like the three-bedroom apartments start from AED817k and go up till AED915k in Al Ghadeer's residential community offerings which vary by size and location of the property within this development project based on market conditions at any given time!

For AED 1.06M, a villa with two bedrooms is available for purchase. In Al Ghadeer, the cost of a three-bedroom property ranges from AED 1.25M to AED 2.1M when sold. For AED 2.2M, a four-bedroom villa can be acquired.

Al Ghadeer offers a range of townhouses for sale at varying prices, starting from AED 534k and going up to AED 2.1M. Those looking for larger properties with independence can consider investing in the 2-bedroom townhouses that start at AED 800k. Alternatively, the price range for a 3-bedroom townhouse is between AED 1.1M and AED 2M.

At the top of the list for highest returns are studio apartments, with a rate of 7.9%. Following closely behind at 7.2% are one-bedroom flats and two-bedroom flats come in next with a return on investment of 6.9%.

ROI in Al Ghadeer

According to Bayut's data, a property that has two bedrooms can produce an impressive rental yield of 6.4%. Alternatively, opting for a three-bedroom house may require a slightly higher initial investment, but it has the potential to generate equally attractive returns of 5.3%.

Al Ghadeer is currently in the process of being built, with a few sub-communities already finished such as Al Khaleej Village and Al Waha. When it comes to residential choices, Al Khaleej Village offers the most extensive selection ranging from apartment complexes to villas and townhouses. Meanwhile, over at Al Waha, there are various apartment buildings that provide commercial areas on their ground floors. If you're considering purchasing property within Al Ghadeer, these two options rank among the best ones available.

Most Popular Communities in Al Ghadeer

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Individuals seeking Al Ghadeer floor plans have access to a range of 2D and 3D layouts for each building or community in Al Ghadeer on Bayut's official website.

Al Ghadeer Floor Plans

Parking is a non-issue for Al Ghadeer inhabitants and their visitors. Numerous apartment buildings provide designated spots, while villa and townhouse dwellers can also take advantage of allocated parking areas in either an enclosed garage or the surrounding compound. Locals tend to stroll along the well-maintained paths within the township, with driving being more suitable only when travelling beyond its limits.


The transportation system in the community has been a hot topic lately, following the announcement that Aldar and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have finalized a deal to bring supersonic transport to Al Ghadeer. This technology will allow passengers to travel at speeds of 1,200 kph with ease, making commuting between Dubai and Abu Dhabi an affordable option once it is fully operational. Until then, taxis or private vehicles are recommended for those traveling from the area as Al Ghadeer is located far away from major cities.

Public Transportation in Al Ghadeer

The distance from the heart of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The residential area of Abu Dhabi's suburbs is gaining popularity among locals and expats alike. Aldar, one of the property developers in the region, is providing exceptional amenities to meet this demand. The company has also launched several new projects such as schools, clinics, and hospitals to enhance the quality of life for residents.


The retail outlets on ground floors of Al Waha and Sabil apartment zones make up the majority of the commercial space in this independent community. Additionally, there is a community supermarket situated in Al Ghadeer called "Al Ghadeer Baqala" where inhabitants can purchase everyday essentials.


Similar to other residential areas in the United Arab Emirates, Al Ghadeer Masjid serves as the community mosque. While there are no current churches or Hindu temples in the area, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara in Jebel Ali, which are approximately 30 minutes away, can be visited if desired.


Al Ghadeer has limited schools, but a new one called Al Ghadeer International School will soon be available to the community. This school plans to follow the British curriculum and provide education for approximately 1,500 students. Additionally, British Oak Montessori Nursery is now established in Waha Building. Both of these educational spaces are safely accessible by well-maintained walkways just like other commercial areas in the vicinity.


In the past, residents had to travel a significant distance to access hospitals outside of their community. However, Medicina Pharmacy has recently opened within the area and provides a wide range of medicinal products and equipment. Despite these advancements, there is still a shortage of clinics in the vicinity, with the closest hospital being approximately 25 minutes away at NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai Investment Park.


Al Ghadeer Community benefits from its proximity to neighbouring Emirates as it lies on the border. Among the nearby areas situated beyond Dubai's border are Downtown Jebel Ali and Dubai World Central, which serve as hubs for commercial activities. Al Ghadeer Community also has other adjacent neighbours such as Dubai Waterfront and Technology Park. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi's Ghantoot area is in close vicinity.


Currently, Al Ghadeer does not have any shopping malls available. However, locals often make a trip to the Ibn Battuta Mall which takes approximately 30 minutes to reach. For those looking for a newer option, The Outlet Village is located at a distance of 20 minutes by car. Alternatively, Sapphire Mall in Dubai Industrial City is situated just 10 minutes away and provides a convenient alternative to avoid lengthy commutes.




The food scene in Al Ghadeer is evolving, with a few cozy local cafes already having established themselves as popular morning destinations for the residents. Nearby dining options include New Creek Restaurant, Metro Falcon Restaurant, San Marco Restaurant, and Maruf Desert Cafeteria.


Al Ghadeer is a contemporary oasis situated in the desert, with numerous parks available instead of beaches. Picnickers who wish to spend their day by the sea can visit Banan Beach. If you prefer spending quality time with your family on long drives, then Saadiyat Beach Club in Saadiyat Island is an ideal destination only 50 minutes away by car. Another popular spot for picnicking and BBQs is Jumeirah's public beach which also has playground facilities available.


Dubai and Motiongate Dubai, offering a range of entertainment options for residents in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Al Ghadeer is conveniently located off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, making it an easily accessible residential area. Popular attractions like Last Exit, which offers themed food-truck dining experiences, as well as the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club are only a short drive away. For those looking to explore further, the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is just a 50-minute drive away, while Burj Khalifa in Dubai can be reached within 45 minutes. Additionally, nearby Dubai Parks and Resorts features three unique theme parks - Legoland Dubai, Dubai Motiongate and Bollywood Parks - providing endless entertainment possibilities for all residents.


Motiongate and Bollywood Parks Dubai are two amusement parks located in Dubai.

Al Ghadeer is a community that never lacks excitement due to its abundance of green walkways and parks with running paths, creating a family-friendly environment in residential areas. Additionally, residents have access to exceptional facilities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, local cafes and sports centers.


Al Ghadeer does not currently hold community events due to its incomplete occupancy. However, when all residential spaces are occupied, it is expected that the area will transform into a tightly-knit community eager to celebrate any special occasion with enthusiasm.


Al Ghadeer presents a favorable choice for investors seeking promising real estate opportunities, offering a variety of options. With the anticipated post EXPO 2020 interest in the area, there is potential for increased value in Al Ghadeer's developments. It should be noted that living in Al Ghadeer Village may require having your own car due to its distance from Dubai and Abu Dhabi city centers.



For all those investors looking for good opportunities in the real estate market, Al Ghadeer makes for a preferable choice with a variety of options. Post EXPO 2020, there is expected to be a lot of interest in the area, which will boost the value of the developments in Al Ghadeer. One thing to consider before deciding on moving to Al Ghadeer is that the area is located far away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s city centres. Having your own car would be preferable when considering to live in Al Ghadeer Village.